if there’s any star trek character that i want more appreciation for, it’s ilia, because she:

  • died trying to help chekov after he was hurt by the v’ger cloud
  • comes from a alien species that is extremely sex-oriented but she never lets that cloud her judgement or interfere with her job
  • which is?? navigator. she’s a fucking kickass navigator who can keep her cool almost as well as spock can even when there enterprise is being attacked by something that’s never-been-seen before
  • she must’ve been hella good at the academy to be assigned to one of the most famous ships in starfleet history
  • apparently deltans (that’s her species) can do trignometry and highly complex space math like humans can do multiplication tabels, so, like, damn
  • her memories of love and affection, when transferred to the ilia-probe, were so strong they broke v’ger’s programming
  • she has one of the most beautiful musical themes i’ve ever heard, and this version of it opens the movie
  • lastly, she is literally the ONLY PERSON CONCEIVABLE who can pull off that absolutely horrible starfleet uniform or the high-collar robot-probe dress, i stg 
protect // liam dunbar

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Chapter Two

I really find lessons boring. To be honest, I don’t really find the point of trignometry lessons. You study, go for exams, then get a degree and then, what?

Numbers and percentages on a report book shouldn’t determine who you are.

I tapped my pen against my notebook, staring blankly at the space in front of me, when the bell rang.

Class over. Next class, Chemistry.

I grabbed my bag and walked out the classroom.

“Okay, you all will require partners for this class. Your partner, who is seated beside you, will be the one you will do your experiments and your project with.”

I looked to my side and sighed. I got paired with that kid I bumped into earlier.

“Sophie, right?”

I turned back and took a glimpse of his /adorable/ face before putting my head on the table.

“Yes, it’s Liam, right?” I asked, head still on table.

“Liam Dunbar.”

“Great to know,” fake enthusiam filled my voice.

That got him to stop talking.

It was lunchtime, and I was seated with Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira and Malia, who were talking about the events that happened in Mexico.

About how aunt Kate was alive.

Derek, supposedly shrunk to his younger form, wonder how he looks like and how he’s like.

My mind started to wander again and honestly, I felt like falling asleep.

And I dazed off.

“Sophie! Sophie! Wake up, you’re late for class!” my eyes shot open and saw a Stiles looking down on me.

“So are you, apparently,” I groaned. I wish I don’t have to wake up anymore.

“You know me, I always skip class with the others. You, on the other hand, is your first day of school. You are not going to skip class.”

I closed my eyes again, “Coming from you.”


I showed him a tiny bit of a grin.

“I’ll go for the next class, for now, I just want to sleep and be invisible to the world.”

School was finally over.

In this 8 hours, I met two new people. Liam and Mason, who were both friends already. They seemed like ‘cool’ people.

I reached home and was greeted by the silence. It’s always the silence.

I went straight for my room, which Allison and I used to share. I slumped on the bed, reacting to its comfort.

Then my phone went off. Of course, someone had to message me in this time. I feel so 'popular’.

It was Scott, asking if I wanted to watch the lacrosse tryouts with Kira and Malia tomorrow.

I texted a brief 'okay’ back and reached for my book, which was half opened, thanks to the little rock I lodged in between the pages and continued to read.

Reading helps me keep my mind off things, it brings me to another world, where school and grades aren’t always the main priority.

School. Day 2, I survived. That Liam guy keeps 'bothering’ me with questions like 'what’s your number’, 'any hobbies?’, questions like that.

I honestly felt like bombarding him with my own questions and see how he likes it.

The thing is, whenever he talks, I usually look at his eyes. His eyes are mesmerizing, and there’s this 'glint’ that comes along with it whenever he smiles.

It’s kind of cute actually.

Our little 'chat’, which was more of him talking 95 percent of the time, didn’t stop at lunch like I thought it would. He sat beside me during lunch.

But his question, “Do you have any siblings”, crossed the line.

Memories of Allison, images of her filled my mind, and I felt tears coming to my eyes. I excused myself and ran straight to the toilet.

And let my heart out.

I really miss my sister.

hey guys, it’s marianne. thank you so much for reading this, it honestly means a lot. x


I found this at It’s from Aardman Animations of Wallace and Gromit fame, and features two cavemen searching for a mathematical answer to a question about a volcano. Who do they turn to? Why, Pythagasaurus, of course! Enjoy :)

So there are 6 main trig functions (well really 3 and one could even argue 2, but that all aside), you have: 
1. sin(θ) - sine
2. cos(θ) - cosine
3. tan(θ) - tangent = sin/cos
4. csc(θ) - cosecant
5. sec(θ) - secant
6. cot(θ) - cotangent = cos/sin

Now you want to evaluate them at t=3π/4, which is a special angle that you want to have the values memorized for at some point. But here they are:

sin(3π/4)= sqrt(2)/2
cos(3π/4)= -sqrt(2)/2 
tan(3π/4)= -1
csc(3π/4) = sqrt(2)
sec(3π/4) = -sqrt(2)
cot(3π/4) = -1