“Clearly memory persists in some sense into the present. Once lived, the past does not temporally expire, even though the event itself may have ceased to exist. Instead, it stretches out into the present, resonating in such a way that personal identity and collective identity become reinforced. This gesture of reinforcement does not mean that memory is solely the province of mental content, however. Memory is not simply confined to our heads, as it were. While it is true that without our brains, recognition of the past would crumble, it is nonetheless the interaction between persons and world that provides the genesis for remembering. Things in the world activate our brains, directing us in different paths accordingly.”

Dylan Trigg, from “Scene and Surrounding” in Chapter One of The Memory of Place: A Phenomenology of the Uncanny (Ohio University Press, 2012)

Australia’s immigration laws are exceptional

No country in the world, especially not comparable countries such as the UK, Canada, New Zealand and the US, mandates the indefinite detention of children as the first policy option and then denies them effective access to the courts to challenge the necessity of their detention over months and even years…

34 percent of children detained in Australia and Christmas Island have a mental health disorder of such severity that they require psychiatric support. Fewer than 2 percent of children in the general community have mental health disorders of this severity.  We believe the rate to be even higher in Nauru.

Children are self-harming in detention at very high rates – over a 15 month period from 2013-2014, there were 128 incidents of self-harm amongst children.

During this same period there were 27 incidents of voluntary starvation involving children.

Children have been exposed to unacceptable levels of assault, including sexual assault and violence in detention. They often live with adults who are mentally unwell.

Children live in very cramped conditions where disease and fear spread quickly. On Christmas Island up to 4 people shared a tiny room of 2.5 x 3 metres

Leading this Inquiry has been a life changing experience for me… as I talked to a very young girl - as bright and eager as any Australian… she broke down in tears, not because her family had been killed by Al Shabaab in Somalia or because she is alone and scared, but because she has been denied an education for a year on Christmas Island.

—  Professor Gillian Triggs, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, releasing their Forgotten Children report on children in immigration detention

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Sorry if you've explained this before but I notice you sometimes break up words, injecting a '.' in the middle of them. Like 'trigg. er' just a bit earlier. Is there a reason for that?

((It’s so my posts don’t show up in the search engine on Tumblr when someone goes to look for something. Like say I mention “Gravity Falls” but don’t want it to show up in the search engine when someone goes to look for it. I just put in Gra.vity Falls so there, you can still see what I’m saying but it doesn’t clog the search. Don’t feel bad for asking either! I don’t think I’ve answered this before. But either way don’t feel bad for wanting clarification!))

quick body and anatomy studies with Eirik.

His ‘standard’ ( as in standard in his mind, aka unhealthy ) look is how you will usually see him. when his mind is more calm but still numb and neglectful and his mind is still getting in his way of daily tasks or life. He eats, but its still very little because most of times he isn’t in the mood to or too stressed to digest anything down, so he has visible bones but still has hints of muscles on his body, esp on his stomach area or legs since he works out too.

His ‘yikes’ look typically occurs when he is having an episode or something that him to relapse back to his eating dis.order where he stops eating at all and purposely starves himself.

The healthy one is when he eats more often and even goes to gym, but his super fast metabolism keeps from him to getting too much weight, too much fat or muscle mass, but he has instead lean, almost cyclist looking body with toned abs and arm muscles. It maybe doesn’t look like much but it’s way better and healthier than in the condition he usually puts himself into. This will occur when Eirik lives with someone who gives him an actual positive and not forceful motivation to improve his health and not neglect his body.

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  • Age: 23
  • Biggest fear: being alone
  • Current time: 4:00 pm
  • Drink you last had: water
  • Easiest person to talk to: harry shum jr probably i would bet
  • Favourite song: right now my favourite song is to build a home 
  • Grossest memory: its triggeing so i shall not
  • Horror yes or horror no: fuck no lmao
  • Jealous of people: yes anyone who is in any way friends with or related to matthew daddario
  • Killed someone: if only
  • Love at first sight or should I walk by again: i do believe in love at first sight yes
  • Middle name: gansey (this is not true but i wish it was)
  • Number of siblings: 1
  • One wish: to have someone be with me and actually want me
  • Person you last called: who remembers
  • Question you’re always asked: what do you want to do after you graduate
  • Reasons to smile: matthew daddario, harry shum jr, malec
  • Song you last sang: the hunt by ruelle
  • Time you woke up: around 7
  • Underwear colour: jokes on you im not wearing any
  • Vacation destination: im going to walt disney in june!
  • Worst habit: overthinking–is that a habit?
  • X-rays had: i had one like 45 years ago
  • Your favourite food: ice cram
  • Zodiac sign: cancer

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I BLAME YOU FOR THE MOST RANDOM AND ANGSTY DIAKKO DREAM THAT I'VE EVER HAVE. Your angst comic made me dream about Akko comforting Diana after a bad (and pretty random) thing happen to her dad, I can't remember much of it thought, anyway, I BLAME YOU FOR THAT