You need a better car || Triggs

Tim drove up to the diner, and left his car idling. No one would steal it, they wouldn’t dare, not from Tim Riggins. He walked through the door and spotted Trinity rushing orders to her customers and checking her watching. He knew she was counting the seconds till she got off. Poor girl worked maybe more then he did, and she had a life. Well a little bit of one. She had Blake anyway. 

“I’d like to place an order.” He said smartly walking up to her. One of these days he was going to get hit for his smart mouth, but he wasn’t worried.


Hiii guys, so I used to be queerseamus, and I left tumblr for a while to get my head straight and to recover from a lot of things. All is well now, and I’m back!

Over my absence I lost lots of followers, and lots of blogs I’ve been following have moved/become inactive/are on hiatus, etc. Please, if you post 90% Harry Potter, reblog this? You’ll be helping a dork in need tbh.

Truddy has a bad case of beard envy for Trigg’s beard. Or just beard fever because he likes them. No he is not SWING THAT WAY, he just thinks the idea of hair on a man’s face makes him more mainly and therefore, cooler to him. And with anything he likes he can act a bit… Strange about it. o3o

He personally hates having hair on his face so he never could grow one for very long unless it was for a mission as Raymond (( a alterego of his.