My observations watching… 3x1 Edition — Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow

I’m a little late with these, but here it is anyway. I need start saying that these shows are coming strong this season! So far, I’m really liking what they’re doing with each. I know it’s early and things can go to hell anytime between now and May, but if this keep up, then my faith and trust in the writers will be fully restored. 

Let’s get to the good stuff (spoilers after the cut)

SUPERGIRL 3x02 “Triggers”

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anonymous asked:

Why TFW do people whine about Horror houses and horror movies triggering them on this site? I mean, I know it has some stuff that could bring back trauma, but why in the HELL are they going into these haunted attractions and watching these films in the first place if they know it's something that bothers them. It's like they actively go out looking for a reason to complain on Tumblr.

Right? I’m not discounting the fact that these things can be triggering, but if you KNOW that you’ll be triggered, avoid it.

Why Use Image Descriptions ?

There are many reasons and they all boil down to accessibility for everyone. It’s massively helpful for those of us who are disabled, and has the added benefit of being helpful for those who aren’t.

- Allows screen readers and verbal descriptions for the blind and visually impaired.

- Transcripts of videos that allow the deaf, hard of hearing, or those with audio processing problems to follow along by reading rather than or in conjunction with listening.

- Lets people know what the picture/screencap/video/gif is if it does not load or are on limited internet.

- Helps those with visual processing issues process the image.

- Gives autistics and people with problems reading facial expressions,emotions, and other non-verbal cues a helpful way to tell what’s going on in the picture/video/gif.

- Typed transcripts are often easier to read than screenshots (which are sometimes impossible to read).

- Audio transcripts are useful for people who can’t play sound from their device.

- Allows for blacklisting software to work more effectively. If an image description is included for a gif, picture, or screenshot then the words are already included in the body of the post and it is more likely to be screened by the software for people who need it.

  • me: *stumbles upon something i kno w will trigger a moodswing or will cause me to split*
  • me: *checks it out anyway*
  • me, once ive been triggered: oh no ://// im so sad ://// why do i always feel like this ://// im so miserable :///
  • me, the next day: *stumbles upon something i kno w wi-

being scared easily doesn’t mean you’re weak at all

we get scared when we’ve learned that situations may involve danger

you’ve lived through things that have made your brain more precautious than others

don’t be embarrassed of being scared of loud noises or anger faces

that just means you’ve been hurt and you have lived through it

you’re so strong