Mr. Darcy

I think its kind of funny that so many girls are in love with Mr. Darcy. I admit I sometimes find myself breathless and starry-eyed when reading the book or watching Colin Firth emerge from the lake, drenched in water. But in reality, I would probably hate Mr. Darcy. He’s proud. He’s taciturn. He’s not the least bit silly. He could wipe the smile off of anyone’s face. It took most of the book for Elizabeth to find out that Mr. Darcy was in fact, not a total douche despite his outward appearance. Which makes me think that despite all the girls that say they want a Mr.Darcy or swoon whenever they see the name, it is not Mr. Darcy that we are in love with, but the way that he loves Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy himself is not a paragon of gentleness. He is not a Knight in Shining Armour. He is a socially awkward rich man who has a troubled past. He’s not sexy(although I can not deny that actors who have played him are).  He’s not sweet. But when he speaks of Elizabeth, we melt. Because he speaks with such power and such love that we forget that he’s awkward and we forget that hes proud and we forget that he has all the sexiness of a cow in labor. So when we say that we want a Mr. Darcy, I don’t think we actually want to marry Fitzwilliam Darcy. What we want is to find a man that loves us the way Darcy loves Elizabeth, a man who looks at us like Darcy looks at Elizabeth, a man who stands up for us against smarmy, flirtatious women who need to keep it in their pants like Darcy stands up for Elizabeth. 

I get a little annoyed when people say Mr. Darcy is their favorite Jane Austen character. I’m not saying I don’t love Pride and Prejudice. I do! But comparing Mr. Darcy who is a prideful, taciturn man who insults Elizabeth’s family and spends a good portion of the book sulking with the funny, upbeat, book-loving Mr. Tilney or the mature, moral, and clever Mr. Knightly makes Darcy look a little bit like a man who brought a couple of wilt roses to the table while other men brought five course feasts. I’m not saying Darcy isn’t a nice man; roses, even a bit wilted, are sweet. But he’s not the one that shines in Pride and Prejudice. He’s the chameleon who spends the book learning how to become a better person so he can love Elizabeth Bennett. Even if someone had only read Pride and Prejudice (and if they have, I really do suggest reading some of Austen’s other novels, especially Persuasion!), Mr. Darcy is not the star of the show. It is the lovely Elizabeth Bennett who is very intelligent but also very playful, who waltzes through the pages of the book (for she dearly loves to dance); She is the one that steals the limelight.

My cat, Muffin, died last night and my mom is taking it hard because she was very close to her. My brother emailed us with an idea that we should reach out to cat lovers and cat owners that we know and see if they could email her a little message of support. I thought this might be as good a place as any to ask for this since I post a lot of animal pics. If you feel like sending a message of support you can message me and I’ll pass it along to her. Pets have a funny way of becoming deeply intertwined into our lives, and it is always difficult to see them pass.

A note my mom included in the message she sent us about Muffin’s passing:  “She was a sweet thing. She would hear me pull in every day when I came home from work, and when I’d open the front door, she would be rolling on the rug in front of the door, waiting for her belly to be rubbed. Who needs a dog with a cat like that? This is one of my favorite pictures of her to share with all of you.”

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the How to Train Your Dragon 2 preview brags that it is better than Frozen and Brave? Like, okay, I really liked How to Train Your Dragon and I’m super excited to see the second one and I understand that they were trying to mention the two most recent big disney productions because that’s Dreamworks’ main competitor but still. It leaves me uncomfortable when a movie with a male protagonist brags about being so much better than two movies staring female protagonists. I’m not sure if the people who put together the commercial understood that this sentiment might come across (having studied enough about media gives me that sad sense that they were) but these commercials really do send subliminal messages to viewers. It especially bothers me that they bring Brave into it, because that is such a revolutionary piece for Disney; this beautiful, beautiful movie that shows a female protagonist who goes through the stereotypical male “psychological” storyline of growing up without turning her into a pretty piece of romantic candy.

I just read somewhere that Love isn’t longing and poetry. Love is sex and hate.



I am unsure whether you know what love really means. Cause I’m pretty sure that’s not it. I mean, I guess you can believe that if you want. But that kind of thinking usually leads to abusive relationships.

Also, I don’t know what you have against poetry. I don’t know about you, but any guy who writes me poetry, to hell with the rest. Poetry is frackin’ awesome.