Hey yo I’m Cain I go by he/ him pronouns. I’m really bad at holding a conversation but I love talking to people. I live in the Central US timezone .

someone said to post triggers so eating disorders, flooding, self harm, 


I’ve been trying to find the words all day
I feel like I have a poem stuck in me
I just can’t find the impetus, that emotional trigger to make it flood out

Sometimes when I’m driving in town, the mountains are out
Or I see a sunset, or the flowers blooming
And I think that I could die right then and be happy
So content with life, pure bliss that for one second
I have no regrets

Why don’t we talk anymore?
I thought we had a good thing going
It wasn’t perfect but it was something
And now, I text you out of obligation
Not because I’m actually interested

And fuck you for making me feel this way
It’s not just cat scratch scars I have on my wrists now

Why can’t I be happy?
When I’m not trying so hard to be the gay I want to be
I actually don’t feel that terrible
Yeah, I get lonely but I have books and Netflix
And ever so slowly am I making friends
And it’s not even trying to be GAY
It’s just my quest to find a guy I can be myself around with

I want to lie on a couch and be alone together
I want to get us out of the city on the weekend
I want to dress up for brunch and get eggs Benedict
I want him to restock the TP in the bathroom
I want to be tucked in when he walks in on me napping
I want everything I have in my family and in my friends
I want him to complement me but be his own person
I want faults and foibles and fuck-ups and frustration 

And maybe once upon a time
I wanted that with you
And now all I can expect from you
Is that our burning bridge
Lights my way 

Maybe you can’t man up
But a Boy Scout is trustworthy
And I’m done with your shit

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ok im in no way supporting kahel but you guys rly need to be careful w how you talk abt underage sex work. ik its probably not what you mean to do but it sounds a lot like youre blaming kahel for being groomed and convinced by (1/2)

adult sex workers, and as a CSA victim it makes me feel so unsafe to think that someone’s blaming a child for getting sucked into abuse by literal predators. im sorry im so flooded with triggers now i hope that made sens e (2/2)

We are sorry for the misunderstanding and allowing ourselves to be given the wrong information and taking them as the correct. That is not what we meant to do. As a csa victim myself, I absolutely understand where you’re coming from and why you’re upset with all that we have recently posted. Please understand that we are more concerned for the fact that adults are telling this to a minor, no matter the relations they have to that minor. - LR

I would be lying if I said I don’t think about you from time to time. Hope all is well, truly. I think I’ve needed to at least write this out because it’s probably the closest thing to closure i’ll get or at least that’s what I think this is. idk. I just feel like I at least need to say something I was never really good at saying before, which is that I am sorry, and I recognize the error in my actions and how tunnel vision my train of thought was back then. I don’t think you ever got that apology you deserved, and I know it’s been years but it’s something I feel I at least need to put out in the open for my peace of mind. The reason I felt like I needed to leave home is because everything around me reminds me of you, from stepping out the house seeing our hold HS it triggers a flood of memories and emotions that I felt I needed to remove myself from in order to grow a bit more. 

Not that I don’t cherish those memories, because I do. We practically grew together, our paths just seemed to go separate directions but regardless, I am who I am because what you taught me, and what our relationship taught me. I am forever grateful for the love and support you gave me, and the patience you had to stay by my side. You were always smarter than I was, and I think you understood the reality of our situation a lot more than I did. I even remember you telling me, I wouldn’t understand your experience away from home until I did, and I do now. I never meant for us to end on a negative note, and I hope you continue to stay true to yourself. You have a wonderful future ahead of you, and I wish you and your family nothing but the best. 



Sen. Sessions: Trade Deal Could Trigger Flood of Illegals

Opponents of granting the Obama administration broad authority to negotiate a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, led by Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, contend that the White House will try to use the deal to trigger a flood of new immigrants.

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Heavy rain triggered flash flooding in Manhattan, Kansas, on May 4. The National Weather Service reported that more than three inches of rain fell in about a four-hour period. Kansas State University police urged people to stay away from campus due to the flooding. This video shows a man in an orange basin floating down a street. Credit: Instagram/amelia_layton

Why are we reading less these days

I just came across an excellent article on 3tags about the reasons why there is less and less reading being done in an online and electronic world.

It boils down to the scientific fact that every time we see something new it triggers a little flood of dopamine to the brain (pleasure charge) and if this happens often enough it will create a neural pathway that we prefer rather than getting into a…

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Why Consider A Mold Inspection San Francisco
By Stella Gay

While molds have their role in nature, on the other hand, when they grow in large numbers, they present many risks. Dealing with molds when the infestation is small makes it easy to eradicate them. Molds will grow in areas where there is excessive moisture and poor ventilation. By seeking for a mold inspection San Francisco, you will be able to discover the locations in a house where the microbes have grown.

The more time you take, the bigger the risks of experiencing damages and health problems. Molds help in many ways such as converting grapes to wine, medical breakthroughs such as penicillin, and in decomposition of organic matter. But the same microbes can be dangerous when they invade homes.

Water damage such as flooding may trigger multiplication of molds often resulting to damages that cost homeowners a lot of money. Moreover, if the plumbing fixtures are leaking, they may encourage molds to grow. It may not be easy to see molds, and at times, you may confuse them with soot or other forms of debris. A visible sign of molds no matter how small it is could indicate a bigger problem.

Before eliminating molds, you have to consider inspecting and testing the environment to find out which areas are invaded. It provides you with the right information on scope and level of invasion when you conduct an inspection. Because these microbes are able to grow in hidden surfaces like crevices or down the basement floors, they ought to be inspected properly.

The ceiling, wood planks, furniture, clothes, and paint provide food for the microbes. As they feed on these materials, they multiply and increase in number. The damage caused by molds could be costly considering that the floors, ceiling, and paints may have to be restored. If you have water damage problem like flooding, it may be a sign that you need your premises inspected.

Dust may also cause allergic reactions. The health of your family is at risk when molds start growing. In a couple of hours, you may have a home invaded heavily. Molds growing in structures are a concern to every landlord and homeowner. Cases of lawsuits being filed over non-disclosure of mold presence have been common.

Before homeowners sell their properties, they should disclose more about presence of molds. Similarly, landlords also need to inform tenants if there are molds in premises. Molds are a main cause of dry rot or shrinking and deterioration of wooden structures in homes because of recession and death of mold colony. They affect the quality of air families breathe and may affect the value of a home.

It is not possible to do away with molds since they are part of nature but what you have to do is provide conditions that prevent their growth. Technicians experienced in inspecting and eradicating molds can assist you begin controlling these microbes. They will inspect all the surfaces and the possible areas where colonies of molds could be growing.

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Why Consider A Mold Inspection San Francisco

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Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms - Roundup of Tropical Storms:

No current tropical storms.


Tanzania - A landslide in Tanzania’s northwestern district of Kahama has claimed the lives of at least 19 gold miners on Thursday night.

Kenya - More than 100 homes in Mutiswa, Makueni county, were on Thursday night flooded following heavy rains. Last week, the roofs of 98 houses in Kavuthu were blown off by strong winds during a heavy downpour.

Texas, USA - Torrential rain triggered flooding on the streets of Houston and sent spectators fleeing from a circus south of the Texas city, officials said on Saturday, as the storm system headed east toward Louisiana and neighbouring states. A severe weather system followed the heavy rains on Saturday afternoon; four tornadoes were reported in Colorado and one in central Texas, according to the National Weather Service.

Torrential rain floods Houston before heading toward New Orleans

Torrential rain triggered flooding on the streets of Houston and sent spectators fleeing from a circus south of the Texas city, officials said on Saturday, as the storm system headed east toward Louisiana and neighboring states. The heavy rainfall followed a front that built up along the Gulf Coast, causing moisture to accumulate along it, said Mark Paquette, a meteorologist with Up to five inches of rain fell in some parts of Houston on Friday and into early Saturday. Water accumulated in streets with poor drainage and caused flooding, Paquette said.

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms - Roundup of Tropical Storms:

No current tropical storms.


India - Record rain in Chennai. The city was bracing for the hottest part of the year and had a sudden swing in weather on Wednesday, a rarity for April. For the first time in 70 years, Meenambakkam received 103.2 mm rainfall.

Kenya - At least three people have been confirmed dead after flash floods in Mandera swept away a Nairobi-bound bus. 

Kazakhstan - Floods in Karaganda Oblast in Kazakhstan have affected 1,760 houses in 35 villages. A sharp rise in temperature caused melting of snow and triggered flooding in the Semey and Ayagoz districts. All of the residents of Aksu village in Shet district and Zhastlek in Bukharzhyrau district have been evacuated.

Utah, USA - A windstorm in Salt Lake City has claimed the life of a person and injured 25 others. Low visibility from blowing dust caused many crashes on Interstate 80 leaving a person dead and injured 25 others. Salt Lake City also recorded its largest snowfall with 15 inches of snow.

Brazil - A Sao Paulo suburb has been hit by severe flooding following heavy rains. Houses were destroyed and whole districts turned into rivers. The country’s southeastern region is experiencing its worst drought for 80 years but the floods – the latest of several this year – will do little to alleviate it. Across the state thousands have had to leave their homes because of floods and mudslides.