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I want the K! EreMika please~

Meme: I want the K

Prompt: #3. Nose Kiss

*Hope you like this!


Mikasa wakes up each morning before the sun rises.

Her friends think it’s ridiculous but she pays them no mind. After all, it’s because of her odd habit that they get to eat a decent breakfast every single day.

At exactly ten minutes before five, she would stealthily walk out of her room (with her bath essentials in her arms) until she reaches the last door on the floor.

Mikasa would turn the doorknob as soundlessly as possible (hands still full of her things) and enter the boys’ quarters. Armin’s bed is the first one that greets her, followed by Connie, and then by Jean.

She would then tiptoe on her way until she stands before the last bed.

A smile would creep up her face as she watches the rise and fall of Eren’s chest – happy that he’s safe and here with her.


She would place her things on the ground as she kneels.


A gentle hand would brush his hair away and caress his cheek.


Her eyes would memorize his features for the nth time –


- before she gives him a kiss on the nose (her secret morning habit).

Stay by my side always. You’re the only one I treasure.

As soon as she finishes, Mikasa would exit the way she entered but not without a last peek behind.



(Thirty seconds after she leaves, Eren would touch the tip of his nose and grin.

Good morning to you too, Mikasa.)