Infinite Wisdoms In Bernard ‘ s Eyes

Advisors To Szars , Kings , Presidants , Prime Ministries , Shogunate

Bernard Is Not To Be Trifled With !!

With One “ Mlep “ Of Tongue , Bernard Comands “ Rulers “ Into Dispatching Armies Navies All Sorts Of Milytary , Bringing War And Famine

Bernard Gigles At Human Suferring !

With Ability To Take On Any Form , Bernard Is Great Trickter ( AsWell As Grand Oracle !!! )


Bernard Feeds UpOn DewDrops Of Galaxys Creation

Submit To Bernard , Find My Favour , And You Mite Get Questions Of Future And Cosmos Anwsered ( Because Bernard Sees All )


whenever my other cat wants something (food/affection/etc) she cant just approach me like a normal fucking cat no she just stares at me from various places around the house and when she does this I get a feeling in my body like my very soul is being ripped out of my fucking chest like I literally get shivers up my fucking spine and I always know deep down that when I get this feeling that im going to look around and im going to see her with that vacant dead eyed stare that will not stop until I find out whatever the hell she wants like why does she do this what the fuck is wrong with this cat


Magical Handmade Stone And Metal Crowns by Melissa Loschy

Melissa Loschy from Loschy creates inventive  handmade crowns for statement accessories. The magical tiaras are less feminine, but charming because of the ethereal and edgy looks they inspire. The bold crowns are made with blades, rough edged stones, with wood, filigree and fabric adorning it. Her process involves using image printed water resistant paper and crafting untraditional and intricate crowns inspired by nature, magic, history and witchcraft. 

There’s a rough pattern in their design, a strong helm of radiating blades, spikes and sharp edged plates adorned with jagged shimmering stones, delicate filigree in unconventional colors which makes them unique and a collection of statement jewelry not to be trifled with. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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