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I have been for at least two months, trying to meet up with this girl I like. Every time something comes up that inhibits either her or me to not meet. As trifling as this may seem, I have recently felt an unusual surge of anger, towards the world and even God, which I know is unreasonable. But it makes me wonder when I'll ever get to see her again, and if God might be preventing me for some reason. Please, I just need prayer for hope and understanding in this point in time.

Hey there, dear. I know all too well how frustrating it is to want to see someone again and be unable to – I’m in a long distance relationship where things always get in the way of me and my girlfriend seeing each other. It’s okay to be angry about it. It’s okay to bring any emotions at all to God – God can take it.

A lot of the posts in our anger tag talk about how the Bible shows us a lot of instances of people presenting even their ugliest emotions to God – Jacob literally wrestles with God; the psalmists don’t hold back anger or hate from their prayers to God; Job complains that God has caused his suffering and demands a trial for God; and Jesus himself cries out asking why God has abandoned him on the cross. We do not need to be afraid to question God, to wrestle with God, to work through our emotions with God. If we are honest with ourselves and how we feel with God, God will help us find answers.

Personally, I am of the belief that God does not “control” our every movement – when free will comes into play, sometimes things just happen, without those things being a “sign” of any kind that God is causing or preventing something. It sucks that you’ve been unable to meet up, but it’s much more likely because sucky things are just a part of life, and not because God is working against you. 

Praying that you’ll be able to meet up with this girl again soon! <3


Lidon: “Servants? If none of you mind, I’m going to step outside for a while. I trust you can all take care of things here until I return?”

Marquise: “We’ll obey best as we can, Master Butler. Are you going to bring someone else back like last time?”

Lidon: “No, no, none of that. Can’t be trifled with that so soon.”

Marquise: “Then what is it for?”

Quartz: “Is something up?”

Lidon: “It’s for… it’s nothing you’d understand. Just make sure no one tries to break in or the apartment doesn’t burn down while I’m gone.”

Quartz, Marquise: “Understood!”

Lidon: “All right. Good.”


whenever my other cat wants something (food/affection/etc) she cant just approach me like a normal fucking cat no she just stares at me from various places around the house and when she does this I get a feeling in my body like my very soul is being ripped out of my fucking chest like I literally get shivers up my fucking spine and I always know deep down that when I get this feeling that im going to look around and im going to see her with that vacant dead eyed stare that will not stop until I find out whatever the hell she wants like why does she do this what the fuck is wrong with this cat