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Okay so 112: why are you bleeding? with James and Thomas back in London

aaaaaaaaa i love them. i’m sorry this took so long. pre-relationship london flinthamilton fliclet. can you believe they’re in love already !!! 

It’s a quiet night. Miranda has gone out for the evening and so Thomas has sequestered himself in his study, pouring over a proposal. It is mind numbing work but he refuses to be defeated by it, even though he is at this point painfully aware of the fact that the words on the page have long ceased to register in his head. The clock in the hallway chimes midnight and Thomas presses the heels of his hands into his eyes, pushing on undeterred by trifling necessities such as sleep. 

It’s a quiet night, until James stumbles in through the door. 

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: It weighs you down. With weight comes momentum. Be an emotional sumo wrestler.

Taurus: Fear the improperly constructed ikea bookshelf. Those who can make working furniture with no instruction are not to be trifled with. Who knows what they could do.

Gemini: A pestilence of violins.

Cancer: The modern world has given birth to a new breed of arcane. You must be careful.

Leo: A common metal wastebasket worn as a helmet makes excellent defense against slashing weapons. This information will be critical.

Virgo: I asked a star for your fortune but all they did was recite the entire script of the godfather II really really fast.

Libra: Death is a gift. A shit gift, but a gift.

Scorpio: Hyperawareness will only show you things you really shouldn’t see, things you cant really comprehend. Not many last long like that.

Ophiuchus: The familiar is safe, comfortable. There is kindness to perfectionism. There is greater adventure still in failure. Do another shot.

Sagittarius: What? Are you just gonna lie there and wait for another steamroller? 

Capricorn: Get up early, get donuts for breakfast, watch a hardware store burn down while you finish your coffee. Who knows what the day has for you.

Aquarius: You are there, ever fleeting.

Pisces: Your guardian may be a twisted broken thing, but it protects you all the same. Do it a favor and dont look directly at it. Its shy.

I just looked up the definition of trifling and its sooooo funny. “unimportant or trivial”. like we as Black people, as Black/African americans, culturally have rewritten the definition of the word. we usually use it for shadey, messy, no shame. fuck standard american english lol. i feel like occasionally we–and maybe i’m talking for myself–will use it for insignificant, which its a synonym for, so we ain’t wrong.

  • The Bible: *Is the inerrant Word of God, and makes the same consistent, unambiguous statements regarding sin across multiple translations, and in the original source languages*
  • Some Theology Major™ on Tumblr: Oh don't you see it doesn't *really* mean that, its just mistranslated and subject to historical bias! It doesn't REALLY say those things!

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Chat noir + Alya + gossip + excited! Please and thank you

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Chat Noir’s jaw dropped. Even with that mask covering half his face, Alya could see the red staining his face, creeping down onto his ivory cheeks slowly like a spreading wine stain. “No,” he said carefully, and his voice hitched at the end of the syllable. “No, she’s not. What on earth gave you that idea?” He looked nauseous. 

Amazing. Alya could scream.

Instead of screaming, she gave him a soft grin. Something reassuring to lure him into a false sense of security as she carefully stepped between him and the club’s exit. The akuma was gone, and he hadn’t even used his trump card to defeat it, so he was in no danger of a forced detransformation anytime soon. Therefore Chat (who famously adored both her and her blog) had no excuse to duck out of this impromptu interview without confirming the suspicion that he was hiding something.

“It’s not really my idea,” Alya answered belatedly. She reached over the bartop, where the employees were too busy cleaning up the mess the akuma had made of their bar to notice Alya steal a handful of orange slices. “Someone posted it on the blog about a week ago, and it spread like wildfire. Even the major news stations have begun to speculate. Surely this isn’t the first you’ve heard of it.”

“No,” he said. “It’s not. But it’s still ridiculous.” Chat looked directly into the camera lens and rose his voice to say, “For everyone wondering, and you can take this as my official statement on the matter: Ladybug is not pregnant.”

“Uh-huh. So where exactly is she then? What is she doing? It doesn’t really seem like her to just go on a months-long vacation from being a superhero. We’re all worried about her.”

“I told you,” he scowled. “I’m not at liberty to answer that. And the weekly videos she posts on your blog should be enough to placate any fears, don’t you think?”

“Videos shot from the neck up,” Alya pointed out. “Suspicious, isn’t it?”

“No,” he ground out. “No, I really don’t think it is. Y’know, Alya, one of the reasons I like you is because you’re usually above all that gossip stuff. But this is starting to feel like a tabloid interview.”

The jab rolled right off her shoulders, and she pointed one of her orange slices at him. “Tabloids aren’t concerned with the facts. I am. The fact is, no one has seen Ladybug in person for almost four months. Yes?”

Chat Noir crossed his arms, and it took him a few moments to realize that she wasn’t asking rhetorically. “Yes,” he agreed reluctantly.

“Except for you. Yes?”

“Yes,” he said, growing increasingly exasperated.

“So you can see why some people are a little angry with you, and wary of the secrecy, right?” Not that she was. But, there were some of the more avid Ladybug fans that wanted Chat Noir’s head for this.

“Yes, yes, and so what? What is the point of–”

“And you agree that Ladybug hasn’t shown herself below the neck in one of her ‘hello Paris’ videos in almost three months, yes?”


“And the baby is yours, right?”

YES, ALYA, the baby is–”

“HA!” Alya crowed so loud and spazzed out so suddenly that everyone in the bar jumped and looked at them, and she almost dropped the camera. Chat paled so quickly it looked like he’d been shot.

“O-oh shit. Shit. Oh my god, you sneaky little– Alya, please don’t air this.”

“Sorry, kitty, but this is a livestream.” She turned the camera toward her face and gave her audience a giddy laugh. “That’s right, you heard it here first folks! There’s nothing at all to worry about. Our bug is happy and healthy and fine. She’s just pregnant, that’s all!”

Fifteen minutes later and four miles away, Marinette Dupain-Cheng stared at her computer screen as the rerun of the interview finished playing, with fury turning her face from pink to red to purple. Seeing this, Tikki slowly backed away on the desktop, then flitted off all at once to take cover. A hormonal Marinette was not to be trifled with. 

The sound of the sliding glass door opening behind her sent the rage into a whirlwind. She wheeled around to find him standing there with the most frightened smile she’d ever seen. Good. “Hey, babe… Funny story…”

“You better start running,” she said.

I've only got one complaint about the Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded Edition

Why no jewel case? The card board is cute and all but I’m looking for my stuff to be protected and every time I remove a disc from the pouch I promise you I believe it’s getting scratched in some way. Like why weren’t the pocket lined with like a cotton/felt sleeve? That way the discs were safe? And the DVD? Y'all really just slid it in the same pouch with the jacket? That’s stapled? I emailed Prince’s official website about that mess when I preordered it.

          little reminder that;

  • talon was established, years before overwatch. thus they have been active, and advancing for more than about 50 years.
  • talon has control over the media. examples being during the train heist. talon was far from discrete from their appearance and actions upon their advances, coming in with multiple choppers, agents that made themselves perfectly out in the open to witnesses, and showing no remorse to killing innocent passengers. however, the blame still managed to be put on jessee mccree, who was at first, discrete of his own appearance as a stow away passenger until he intervened. after the whole event, mccree was reported as the one responsible for the train heist, thus putting the blame on him over talon. another example being, is during the assassination on mondatta. instead of there coming to blame of a unknown sniper, the suspicions came to lay upon tracer.
  • talon may also have control over world leaders. there has been no implication thus far that world leaders have spoken out about talon, or demand for their down fall. they rather seem silent over the organization, which could be understandable due to fear that they may be the next to be assassinated. talon was also able to fly one of their airships, within the heart of london, and a high regarded facility within russia, without any sort of detection from the military nor any sort of guard. once more world leaders seem to be silent over such happenings.
  • talon has stolen powerful artifacts; thus implying that they are after power. something big, to their ultimate end.
  • talon seems to want disruption between humans and omnics to continue to be shaken, judging by the assassination of mondatta, who was one of the figures for human and omnic spiritual equality.
  • talon has the ability to build empires. upon interactive voice lines between widowmaker and hanzo, she says that “talon can restore your family’s empire.” so not only are they able to do such, but the have the resources to do so, such as legions, weaponry, and connections.
  • talon is organized and structured powerfully. this is not only implied by them being able to advance and survive for more than about 50 years, but they have the technique, planning, and ability to heist a train going at fast speed, invading ancient ruins within greece that are surly highly guarded; considering there is something there worth talon to make an appearance, and able to cause an assassination of a omnic to was highly guarded from blocks around.
  • talon has the ability to completely shape a person to their design. this given the fact that they were able to brainwash amélie, wife to an overwatch agent, into a killer to which murdered her own husband.