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(The following is purely fan-made content!)

Slurpuff is well known for it’s amazing sense of smell, thus it is beloved by bakers and pastry chefs alike. These chefs proceeded to experiment with the creation of the Whipped Dream treats which allow Swirlix to evolve. Using different combinations of ingredients in the Whipped Dream gave rise to a wide variation of Slurpuff forms. 

Standard (Meringue): Whipped Cream
Dark Forest Cake: Dark chocolate + Cherries 
Apple Pie: Pastry + Apples 
Trifle: Raspberry + Custard 
Pavlova: Passionfruit + kiwifruit
Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry + Sponge
Wedding Cake: Fondant + Cream

More variations, this time: Slurpuff!

I tried very hard to make them look delicious…..


Per anni, ogni mattina, appena aprivo gli occhi, mi trovavo di fronte mia nonna con una fetta di pane di quaranta centimetri su cui aveva sfregato un pomodoro fresco e fatto passare un filo d’olio. Per farla contenta io mi mangiavo la fetta. Dopo un oretta lei arrivava e mi portava una granita con la brioscia. Poi era la volta del pranzo (pasta al sugo con braciole o fetta di carne, pesca e melone ) quindi della merenda (brioscia con gelato nocciola, crema e zuppa inglese). Quindi la cena e il dopo cena con gli amici fatto di cornetti caldi alla nutella. Poi arrivavano le feste e le tavolate con gli amici o parenti in cui non si finiva mai di mangiare. Quando chiedevo ai nonni perchè mi facevano mangiare così tanto mi rispondevano che loro avevano patito tanta fame, ed io mi chiedevo “ Ma allora… perchè devo mangiare io al posto loro ?”. Non l’ho mai capito! 

For years, every morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I found  in front to me  my grandmother with a slice of bread  forty centimeters long on which had rubbed a fresh tomato and passed a little oil. To please her I ate the slice. After an hour or so she came and brought me a granita with brioche. Then it was the turn of the lunch (pasta sauce with pork chops or steak, peach and melon) then the snack (brioche with hazelnut ice cream, custard and trifle). Then dinner and the after dinner with friends made by croissants with Nutella. Then came the holidays and tables with friends or relatives you do not never ran out of food. When I asked to grandparents because I did eat so much they answered me that they had endured so much hunger, and I wondered “But then … why should I eat I in their place?”. I’ve never understood!

Manciati malanova chi m’aviti
apriti a bucca e tuttu ncaffudati
panza e stomacu fozza inchiti
ani, alivi, salami masticati
u gusti i stu crastu avanti sintiti
maccaruni cu porcu ammuccati
E nonni a fami scippava l’occhi
Allura ? ca: cacciofuli e finocchi

'My Mister'

My Mister- One Shot #230 


No visuals in this one. 

Alternative to ‘Beautiful Boy’

“Are we really getting this all on film?” you asked, with a hint of a smile, your words breathy and slightly labored as you looked over to see Harry with the video camera cupped in one hand and pointed at you, your hospital bag thrown over the opposite shoulder.

Harry smirked. “Just this part. I will film as much as you will let me. Until you start screaming at me.”

Harry had decided that because this little boy was, at least the last planned for baby, that he would document more of his entrance into the world than he had with the other kids. He’d filmed little bits of the first few hours of their lives, in the hospital. Wanting to capture all of their little noises, and wiggles and movements while they were still adjusting to life in this world that was far too bright, and a little bit scary, but that was okay, because they had their daddy and his strong arms they were snoozing in.

And he would be completely enthralled by them. Swearing that he saw them smile, or that he could already see their dimples forming. He would always introduce himself as their daddy, which you found endearing, kissing every inch of their faces, their hands, toes, anything his lips could reach, promising them that these were the first of many. And you always had to fight him for a cuddle of your own with them. But you didn’t mind. Maybe it was because he was the reason your knuckle on your fourth finger of your left hand hadn’t seen sun for a while. But you were pretty sure that the look Harry got when he held his babies for first time, -well, any point in their life- could bring peace to the ugliest of conflicts.  

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