trifle chan

Think you can catch me??

Since trifle chan is a transmute type I figured she would have all kinds of things in her arsenal.This is probably her favourite fighting style.

It’s called “accelerate shard” and it’s style very similar to MMA, focusing on speed and her devastating strength (one of Trifle chan’s greatest ability is her jager-like strenght) 

With her magic trifle chan transmutes surrounding magic into shards that cover both her hands and feet, which are then used to increase her speed while she brings in the heavy blows with her natural strength. Simple magic yet brutal in combat. 

A great mode when she’s cleaning up shop in the GDA city. 

askubeandco-deactivated20141210  asked:

Hello! You seem like a really cool dessert! Ahhh, I really like your outfit! --Sopapilla

Why thank you for the compliment , I not sure if I would call myself “cool” but it was very sweet nonetheless.

Oh you like my outfit , I made it myself , the skirt is made out of thin titanium and the frills out of rosemary and thyme very useful for warding off bad spirits. 

Umm to be honest I really love your hair!

I doing the gemsona fusion challenge with t-chan, but of course this is just a rough ref so far.

her gem is Morganite

 which is closely connected to love and powerful emotions hence the use of hearts and red. Her weapons are twin war-hammers which can change size/length,with ribbons that can extend and contract and the point of the hammers used to inject liquid love into the victim. 

I’ll fill out that form thingy later for this. (with new ref.)