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Wedding Series: Fittings

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A/N: I hope this part isn’t too confusing. I wanted to show both sides of the story in this…again this is one of those parts that move the story along. 

     Nate smirked as he spotted the bag that held your wedding dress. His eyes glanced up the stairs to see if you were truly busy. Once he continued to hear the water running, he tiptoed towards your dress. Nate reached out to grab the zipper, slowly sliding it down. A glimpse of white lace could be seen through the slight opening, but before Nate could open the the bag even more, his hands were slapped away. “HEY! YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THE DRESS YET!” you shouted, zipping the bag back up and glaring at Nate. 

“I can’t wait until the wedding day the anticipation is killing me,” Nate said, giving you a puppy dog look. “Please let me see it,” he pouted, only earning a shake of head from you. “We’re all getting fitted today, so there’s no sense in hiding it from me,” he argued. You laughed at his words, eyes rolling in their socket.

“We’ll be in different rooms,” you reminded him, “I’ll see you later and don’t try to send one of the guys in to snap a picture.” You patted him on the shoulder and kissed his cheek. Grabbing the dress from off the hook, you went to place it in the car. Nate sighed at what you had said, but a smile on his lips. He had gotten a glimpse of the dress and from just the bit he saw, Nate knew you’d look stunning in it.

     It probably wasn’t a good idea to schedule everyone’s fittings on the same day. According to the maid of honor and best man, it would have been a good idea to kill two birds with one stone. Now as you were ready to actually get the fittings done, you realized this plan didn’t work. The room was packed, Sam bickering with one of your bridesmaids and you on the verge of a headache from being annoyed. “Alright ladies and gentlemen, please quiet down!” one of the tailors shouted. The room went quiet all eyes staring at the person that was talking. “Ladies, you’ll be in room two with three of my associates, while me and the rest will be working with the males in room one,” the tailor said, pointing at a door to the left. You nodded at his words, clutching to your wedding dress as you and the girls went to said room. 

This had to be the second time you’ve worn your wedding dress in months. If you had tried it on at home, you’d have risked either Nate or Swazz seeing you. Now as you were back in the dress, you felt the same sensation you had when you first tried it on. You now of course could tell that it needed altering in a few places. “I love this dress on you,” Kaylan commented, waltzing out from the bathroom in her bridesmaid dress. 

“Thank you, but it is a bit too snug at the waist,” you mumbled, letting out a huff of air as you fiddled with the dress. You stood up on the slightly raised floor, so that one of the tailors could get a good look and see what exactly needed alterations. “Sydney…Alisha, how are the dresses fitting?” you questioned, turning to look at your reflection in the mirror. They weren’t there when the bridesmaid dresses were chosen, so you really hoped they liked it. “Please give me feedback!” you exclaimed, when you didn’t hear them reply.

“I’m hoping the weather is nice because this dress is strapless and short,” Alisha said, face scrunched up as she said the words. “Are we allowed to wear a cardigan with it?” 

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,” you mumbled, knowing she didn’t mean any harm, but adding a cardigan would throw off the whole dress. You sat down in one of the chairs, slipping on the heels you had planned to wear with the dress. You stood back up, getting in position so that the tailor could get back to working on the dress. Just from the look on your face, everyone could tell you were having a bridezilla moment. Frustrations from both work and partially planning a wedding was finally getting to you. You noticed this change too. Closing your eyes and sucking in a deep breath, you calmed your annoyance. 

“There’s only a few things we have to fix, but overall the dress is good to go.” You let out a sigh of relief, nodding at the tailor’s words. “Bridesmaid dresses need touching up,” she continued on. 

“The bust of Lisa’s dress needs to be changed, silk bottom is uneven for Sydney,” another one of the tailors listed off.

“How long will it take to have them done?” you questioned, “The wedding is in two months.” Just saying the words out loud made a shiver run down your spine. It was coming up quick and you would soon be walking down the aisle.

     The guys were having a different experience than the girls. Their minds running off track and the topics ranging from any to everything. Nate stood still as the tailor worked on pining his tux. “I saw a tiny bit of Y/N’s dress today,” Nate told everyone, interrupting the conversation the guys were having. 

“That’s bad luck man,” Sam commented, shaking his head at what Nate had just said. He was lounged out on the couch, waiting for his turn to be worked on. 

“I know, but the suspense was killing me,” Nate sighed, “All I saw was a piece of lace that’s it.” His lips curled up at the ends as he tried to imagine what the whole thing looked like. John, already knowing what Nate was thinking shook his head.

“None of us are going to do that. You have to wait until the wedding day to see it,” Swazz said, pointing a finger in warning at Nate, who looked at him shocked. 

“You don’t even know what I was going to say,” Nate argued back, earning an unconvinced look from Swazz. Johnson laughing at the interaction. “Fine, I’ll wait…I mean unless Jack or Stew could sneak into the next room and take a picture for me.

“There’s no way I’m doing that,” Stew chuckled, taking off his jacket and turning to the side so that the tailor could continue working. “Besides I’m pretty sure if Y/N spotted any of us in that room, we’d all be dead.” Nate left it at that, knowing each of them had a point. The buzz of the room settled down after that. The tailors telling them who’s and what tuxedos needed fixing. Nate’s enthusiasm about it all had been through the roof. Knowing in just two months you would officially be Mrs. Maloley.