tries to get used to it

random klance stuff (consider it a sequel of this post):

  • they have a very long, intense conversation about what life was like at the garrison. they talk about the subjects they disliked, the one they liked etc. at some point the convo takes a sudden turn and keith gets more personal as it continues. “i was always on my own i never tried to open myself up and i’m genuinely sorry for it. who knows maybe..maybe we could have been friends back there, maybe…maybe something more.” cue lance smiling because this boy
  • when they come back to earth i imagine keith sort of awkwardly standing to the side while the other paladins all approach their families until lance comes up to him like “keith we’re your family never forget that. by the way…. my family would love if you….spent some time with us….ya know ahahaha….because we’re friends!!!” and keith accepts gladly ofc. *at lance’s house* “aw is this the guy you had a crush on??”
  • sometimes they’ll try to prank each other but it’s pretty tame compared to actual pranks. lance, holding the space phone in his hands recording keith while he’s eating some food go: hey keith
    keith: lance…what are you doing?
    lance: HA YOU’RE ON SPACE CANDID CAMERA! SMILE! btw you’ve got some food goo on your cheek
    keith: *giggles uncontrollably*
  • a moment when one tells the other “thank you for believing in me” followed by one of those kisses where one is surprised at first, but slowly mets into it
  • lance rants with red (bc they become buds along the way) about keith sometimes although the conversation always ends on the soft side. “keith is cool but don’t tell him i said that” “lance i’m literally behind you i can hear what you’re saying” lance: *jumps*
  • they’re on a mission and have to sleep very close to each other and lance notices that keith talks in his sleep and lance teases him the next day because he mumbled something along the lines of “today’s the day of me and lance’s wedding” cue keith blushing furiously (he doesn’t deny it though)
  • keith makes lance comb his hair in the morning because he finds it extremely relaxing, and while he’s at it, he often tells him about his day or things from his childhood and lance is very pleased to hear his stories
  • after they start dating, keith puts a little picture of him and lance in the black lion, right next to the screen so that he can be reminded of something that’s very important to him everytime they go on missions
  • “lance is irreplaceable, end of the story”
  • lance asks keith if he got to say goodbye to red bc he’s the only one who can understand what it’s like to leave the lion you were bonded to and keith says “no, but i know she’s in good hands. no one could do better than you” while smiling softly at him
  • they confess their feelings at the same time, but both are ready to admit that they should have said it sooner
  • sometimes they’ll team up to do something goofy, like that one time they involved hunk in making “good luck pidge” videos
  • keith finds something to give to lance as a gift and to lance it’s like the most precious thing in the world “i know it’s nothing specia–” “are you kidding me? i’m keeping this forever!”
  • lance: *wakes up keith in the middle of the night* do you think a transformer could beat voltron? keith: go back to sleep babe
  • an incovenience: *happens* keith: the guy i like wouldn’t treat me like this lance: well the guy I LIKE wouldn’t treat me like this either! (they’re talking about each other)
  • you know where keith says there’s no time for this? this time he says it because they have to go on a mission and they can’t cuddle
  • they gotta do the “looking at each other from a distance sadly” at least once where both are about to say something but get interrupted with the classic “am i interrupting something” followed by a “ok i’ll leave you two alone” l: “were you going to say something?” k: “uhm well i…hope you have fun”
  • when! are! we! gonna! see! keith! blush!
  • i lowkey want a “do you trust me?” scene with them
  • lance: keith don’t do it
    keith: ok
    lance: oh my go— wait…babe
  • after they start dating keith would often cheer on lance when he’s about to do some of his sharpshooting tricks
  • keith and lance met at the garrison with the classic “books that fell off trope” and y’all can fight me on this
  • keith: we had another bonding moment! you cradled me in your arms!!
    lance: nope, don’t remember, didn’t happen :/
  • a diplomatic party where keith gets extremely distracted by lance throughout the whole thing and he actually confronts him about it. “dude what the hell has gotten into you today???” “sorry i was… i was looking only at one guy in the room the whole time.”
  • *team plays would you rather* keith: would you rather me kiss lance or have lance kiss me
    “keith that’s not…how the game works”
  • *discussing something* “yeah sure and i’m not cute” “but you are” “exactly“ “ok you got me”
  • lance would be super in love with keith especially during the very first days of dating when he can see him in the morning, hair all messy, and he would still think he’s the most beautiful boy he’s ever seen
  • *keiths voice*: if you remember the bonding moment clap your hands
  • they have a discussion where they decide not to talk to each other and use their friends as a way to communicate. “hey shiro CAN YOU PLEASE TELL LANCE to stop looking at me? his eyes are pretty and it’s distracting”
    “hey hunk TELL KEITH that i ABSOLUTELY do NOT feel the same. like at all.”
    hunk and shiro: we get it you like each other
  • keith asking lance on a date for the first time but trying to be subtle (he fails at it though) “so… y’know….i like spending time with you…a lot...we’ve gotten pretty close and you’ve basically stuck with me and saw me at my best and at my worst…i wouldn’t mind if we…did it more often?” “oh? sure? we can do something all together! there’s this planet with a beach th–”
    “no,no…i meant…just the two of us this time?”
    lance: *blushes* oh—-OH
  • they’d sure as hell acknowledge that they’re a power couple and would be proud of it
  • “hey beautiful” “uh?”
    “i was..talking to red, actually. but you’re beautiful too”
  • keith: I DON’T LIKE LANCE OK
    shiro: no one said anyth—
  • keith: *is telling a plan*
    lance: where you lead, i will follow you anywhere
    keith: aw thanks lance that’s so swee–
    keith: are you….are you seriously…..
    lance: yep;)
    keith: i love u with all my heart
Jungkook Texts × How do I make it up to you? Part 3 × Angst 🌧

Part 2.

For this there is a phone conversation so make sure you read all of it!

“Hello? Y/N are you okay?” Taehyung asks as he hears soft sobs from the other side of the phone. 

“ I’m not Taehyung” she confesses.

“What did Jungkook do?”

“Look Taehyung, i-i don’t want you guys to fallout because of me… You don’t need this to I just need to get over myself. I’m losing him because of my feelings it’s my fault” she tries to say as she can feel Taehyung’s angry words.

“This isn’t just about you and him, he’s just neglecting all of us and his own job for this one girl… this isn’t right at all!” 

“Besides you don’t deserve this Y/N” he says as she remained silent.

“I think I just need to stay away from him for some time. I really wanna be happy for him I’m still his friend”

“Offcourse, I’m here for you” and with that the phone conversation ended.

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(Recency au) does tony ever have a moment where he gets so mad/upset he confronts someone in the heat of the moment? Or would he be too timid? For example if he stumbled upon someone harassing a maid or a cook or a child? Would he confront the person and panic later or just let Natasha handle it? If he does confront them, how do Steve, bucky, Sarah, clint, and Nat react?

Tony typically just swallows his anger down and tries to keep people from seeing how upset he is. (He thinks showing he’s upset is weakness, because Obadiah would use it against him by saying that he was hysterical or too emotional to make decisions.) A lot of times he goes to his room and breaks down in angry tears. And then he comes to the Rogers kingdom and things aren’t… bad? He doesn’t have anything to really be upset about politically. The Rogers are doing their best to assimilate his people, trying to keep money funneling into that part of the country so there’s no food shortage. And even if he did, he’s a political prisoner; he doesn’t get to be upset. (This isn’t even remotely true and Sarah will eventually ask him for opinions on how best to help his people but he doesn’t know that yet.)

Of course, nothing’s going to stop him from protecting a child or a servant. He loved his servants. He loved Jarvis. The nobles would be nothing without the people serving them and it made him sick to his stomach how Obadiah and his flunkies treated them like trash.

This is how Tony first meets Justin Hammer.

He hears them before he sees them, a bunch of soft, frightened ‘nonono’s and 'shhh it’ll be okay’s. As if he hasn’t heard that before. As if Tiberius hadn’t done the same thing to him. He rounds a corner and sees one of the maids pressed up against the wall, hands curled into fists by her head where they’re being held by her wrists. He can’t see the man. He doesn’t care who it is though.

Tony shoves him off, slapping at him when he tries to resist. “Get off! Get off! Get off of her!” Hammer snarls and tries to grab at him but Tony is an expert hand-dodger, so he grabs the maid’s hand and flees, partially in terror because oh shit he just slapped a duke. The maid whimpers out some thanks and apologies for bothering him but Tony hushes her, using his thumbs to wipe away her tears, tells her it’s okay, he won’t let Hammer touch her again.

“Won’t let who touch her?” Steve asks, and Tony and the maid scream and scamper away again. “…What the fuck,” Steve whispers, scratching the back of his head.

(Tony does eventually and shame-facedly explain what happened when Steve asks at their next date. He is terrified when Steve lets out a snarl and nearly flips the table. “Steve… doesn’t like Duke Hammer,” Bucky explains as Steve paces back and forth, shouting, nearly foaming at the mouth about how much he hates Duke Hammer and ‘why won’t Ma let me just kill him?!’ “I wish you’d told us so we could have confronted him.” Tony hunches his shoulders, because he hadn’t thought of that, whispering, “I’m sorry…” Bucky leans his chin on his hand and sighs. “We’ve suspected for a while, but the servants are too afraid to come forward. Do you think the maid you talked to would-?” “No,” Tony admits quietly, because the maid–the maid had been too ashamed. Bucky sighs out a quiet ‘damn’ and rubs his brows, trying to stave off a headache. “WAIT,” Steve gasps. “WAS THAT HAND PRINT YOURS.” Tony flushes brightly. “U-uh…” “You’re amazing, Tony,” Steve coos, taking Tony’s hands gently and pressing a kiss to the back of his left one. “Slap Hammer whenever you want.” “Steve!” Tony squeaks, blushing darker. “Don’t say things like that! You’ll get in trouble!” “The hell I will,” Steve coos, and then grunts when Bucky jabs him in the side chidingly. “Ow!”)

((Tony admits to Sarah what he’s done, ready to face punishment even though he’d do it again in a heartbeat. “BAHAHAHAHA,” Sarah laughs, clutching her stomach, and walks away without another word. “Neither of them like Duke Hammer,” Bucky explains to him when he notices Tony’s shell-shocked expression. “And yet she won’t let me kill him,” Steve mutters sourly. Tony squeaks. Steve’s… kind of terrifying whenever he talks about Hammer from then on.))

Toys and Things (Part II)

Part I

When she saw the unquestionably bright pink color of what Rick was holding, Michonne’s heart stopped. Her vibrator. How the hell did it end up in his hands?

The heat rose up her neck as she stared at him mortified, his face reflecting the same emotion. Tension crackled in the air of her small bedroom as they remained locked in a staring contest of red-handed shame.

Finally, he looked down as he hastily tried to stuff the object back in its bag, mumbling out an incoherent apology. “Sorry, I was just–”

She tightly knit her brow, demanding an explanation, “Why…where’d you get that?”

His eyes shot up at her. He couldn’t tell if she was angry or embarrassed. He cautiously replied, his voice hoarse with unease, “The bathroom counter.”


After she’d finished using it during her morning shower, she’d cleaned it off and placed it back in its bag, intending to return it to its hiding spot in her drawers. Already late for her turn on watch, she’d thoughtlessly left it behind on the counter. She winced in embarrassment. This was on her.


Luckily the kids or Daryl didn’t find it but the last person she’d wanted finding it was standing right in front of her. Little did he know, he was the reason she’d brought one home in the first place.

Since Carl’s accident, her and Rick had spent a good amount of time together. She gave him the support he needed and he would attentively listen to whatever it was she decided to share with him. Naturally, as the days turned into weeks, they’d developed a new kind of bond, an intense bond with a side of awakened physical attraction. It was the kind of bond that necessitated a release every now and then.

So, on the last run, she volunteered to go with a mission in mind. When she found it, she’d done her best to be discrete. Fortunately, nobody noticed. Until now.

She delicately cleared her throat. “I-I’ll…I’ll take that.” She gestured toward the cinched, black bag.

Rick studied her carefully, remaining frozen in place. He knew she wanted it but a question still lingered. He couldn’t give it back until she cleared it up. “It doesn’t work.”

Horrified, she looked up at him if he’d just told her he was going to keep it forever.

He uneasily shifted under her stare. It took a second but it finally hit him: she was probably wondering how he knew. He could already see her imagining him handling her intimate item like some sort of a pervert.

He squeezed his eyes shut. “I-I mean, it doesn’t have any…it doesn’t turn on.” He held it out, fully comprehending how much of a fool he’d made of himself, refusing to meet her questioning gaze.

Tentatively, she walked toward him. Hastily taking it from his hand, she swept passed him, and threw it in her drawer. She remained still with her back towards him, her breath short and fast.

After a moment, she turned around, hoping that having it out of sight would make it all go away. But there he stood at the foot of her bed, still awaiting an explanation.

Mustering the bit of dignity she had left, she simply stated, “I don’t need it to.”

They stared at each other, feeling something change between them. They were on unfamiliar territory, territory in which they both knew she didn’t need vibrations to reach her peak.

The new information took a matter of seconds to sink in and finally shift the established relationship between the two future warrior lovers.

Well, how ‘bout that? I’m already working on a part three. And thank you to @richonnelandfill and @can08writer for the lovely requests for an update. Hope you enjoy the buildup!

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Who of the fakes does the grocery shopping? Is it a mess? Do they even BUY groceries??

Oh, Jack 100% if you want any kind of resemblance at actual Grocery shopping. Sometimes she just doesn’t have time to, so she tried to get help & it went as anyone would have expected. 

- Geoff tried once but he literally wen to the gas station  & bough nothing but seeds, (sunflower, pumpkin, etc), a pair of sunglasses that have a bottle opener on the side handle & some pretzels.

- Ryan it seem like he didn’t even try, he bought plants, plants, plants & plants, Diet coke, plants, & some plant food.

- Speaking of not even trying Ray literally didn’t want to get up from the couch that he tried to use some app to do it for him. Except the person just took all the money & when asked about it he just shrugged and said “Oops.”

- Jeremy, well to be fair Jeremy seemed like he was really trying to do right by Jack & actually tried. But somehow he got roped into betting all the grocery cash against some guy, he did not win. So that ended quickly. 

  “It was for a MONSTER TRUCK Jack!!!!!” 

- Mica has never gone, but anything she needs always ends up on Jacks list?? Which is weird considering Jack makes the list herself??

- Matt came back with a car full of nothing but candy, cakes, cookies, other pastries, etc. Just because thats all he eats ! 

- Lindsay just buys cat food, they don’t have cats?? They don’t even have neighborhood cats?? Also she likes buying in bulk with the help of coupons but its never stuff they need, or eat. 50 cans of sardines?? Lindsay why????

- Micheal & Gavin went together once for some godforsaken reason. They came back with one cucumber & 1 8 3 Watermelons … . 

- Trevor, well Jack tried to get his help once because he figured if anyone could do it it was Treyco, Jack did so much as to write him a list that went as follows, 1) Toilet paper 
2) Cans of soup
3) Bananas
Etc. Which he followed to a T, literally. Basically this [X]

Jacks big sigh is heard throughout the whole neighborhood.

anonymous asked:

hi, i couldn't find this on your FAQ (but feel free to just link me the answer instead of typing a full one), but my best friend just transitioned & I support her and her new pronouns, but another one of our friends keeps misgendering her on purpose and using her birth name. I can tell it makes her uncomfortable, but the friend keeps doing it, and whenever I correct him he just says "chill, it's just a joke". I've tried sending him information links but it's not getting to his head, any advice?

Kii says:

So, first of all, I would recommend talking to your friend and making sure that she’s okay with you continuing to correct this other person. If she is, I would recommend you and her giving him an ultimatum: either use her correct name and pronouns, or he’s not welcome in your friend circle anymore because he’s being disrespectful and hasn’t responded to corrections.

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how was it meeting rachel for the first time ? describe itttttt

It was so nice and exciting and like when she first knocked on our hotel room door I was so scared I didn’t answer
And like before we met I was pacing back and forth and hyperventaling like I was so scared
And like her family loved me and she had the cutest little dogs and cats and I just wanted to stay forever (her parents literally told us to move there and that there’s a house near them for sale didjdjr I was ready)
And her mom laughed at all of my jokes so that was really nice
Going to the ocean with her was fun bc she kept getting worried I was gonna drown bc I don’t know how to swim and I was neck deep
And she tried on a really hot dress and I got salty and everyone was like ???? And I was like um,,,
And she put her legs on me as some point and I passed out and had an out of boy gay expirence
And when we went swimming I kissed all over her back and arms and neck and face and she carried me around
And then she had me sit in her lap and she put makeup on my sunburn and she kept worrying that she was gonna hurt me
And we quoted vines the entire time
Meeting her just felt like… it felt like coming home

I swear, Utapri is one of the strangest franchise ever.

I mean, STARISH was normal, otome idol boys. But then they get lovely senpais named QUARTET NIGHT and we have a count that uses magic and a robot whose brain activity is somehow connected to a comatose human’s? I THOUGHT THIS WAS REGULAR IDOL OTOME.

Like even the seiyuu’s themselves talk about how strange QN is. In banpresto lab with Morikubo-san, SuzuKen tried to explain to Ohsaka Ryouta the rest of QN and he was just “????”


“You were right to think it wasn’t your place to say anything, Tudor, and it certainly isn’t your place to get protective of me.” Rummaging in her handbag for her keys, even though she could see that Henry already had his own gripped in his hand, she carried on her voice gaining a shrillness. “You’re not my dad, not my brother, my boyfriend, or hell, even my friend. You’re my flatmate. So do me a favor, and back off.”

modern-au Lizzie moodboard, from FLATMATES by @essequamvideri24​ (and HAPPY B-DAY MY DEAR ♥♥)

Feeding enrichment - I believe a varied diet for hedgehogs and tenrecs (omnivorous insectivores) is very important. In order to make their diets more interesting and challenging I always try to come up with different ways of feeding or new types of food. It doesn’t have to be hard - it can be as easy as scatter feeding for example - but it’s always fun to try out new things.
Sometimes the food itself already provides a nice challenge. Today Bowie the common tenrec got a young giant African land snail (Achatina fulica, white jade colour variety) for the first time. As soon as I offered the snail her natural instincts kicked in and she immediately tried to get the “meat” out, eventually simply cracking the shell with her strong jaw (not pictured in the video). Here you can see her use her front paws and teeth to get to the edible part of the snail. I suppose it tasted good as she was very eager!

Lucky To Have Been Where I Have Been

This is the tenth part in my Chris Evans x Reader series that I have named “Song Lyrics For The Win.” I’ve tried to get lyrics from songs that I can then use as the title. Preferably a lyric pair that can be split into 2 one shots.

Pairing: Chris x Reader
Words: 1029
Parts Nine, Ten, And Eleven are from “Lucky” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz; song suggestion given by @bradygabrielle-blog

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.
A/N: If you think of a set of lyrics, send ‘em in.
A/N: I don’t have any other parts after this….so…you gotta send some ideas in.
A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.

Chris’s Point Of View 

           “You’re thinking awfully hard over there,” I said, looking over at where Y/N was curled up on the couch. I had just walked in from working out for a little while.

           She shrugged, “I guess.”

           “What’s wrong, Baby?” I asked, walking toward her.

           “Just been thinking about what happened to get us where we are,” she said, looking up at me.

           “What do you mean?” I asked, sitting on the arm of the couch.

           “You found me walking off the elevator crying because my jerk ex just wanted me to be a booty call when he got bored with someone else,” she said.

           I blinked at her, “It’s not that I forgot; just not something I guess I think about very often,” I said, “What got you thinking about that?”

           “He called.”

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Okay, so I tried about a billion of these card sets. For many, I was frustrated because I didn’t know in which form they wanted to answer (kanji, kana, english) and would get it wrong. The upside, though, is tiny cards gives you the chance to click “I was right” so it counts when you got it, just not in the form it was expecting.

This deck has been the best so far of the ones I’ve tried. I think ones where the card doesn’t have tooooo much writing are going to be the best so I don’t run into the aforementioned frustrating wrong responses.

I’m still using memrise and obenkyo (obenkyo has been a fave, I should post about that more) but tiny cards is very user friendly and happy to use. Happiness is important.

insanewallaby  asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your art. I love to draw as well but I can't seem to get the flow of the body right. All of my stances or positions of people look super ridged and forced.

So, the fix this the answer is simply that you have to practice unfortunately! But what I tried doing when I originally struggled with this was to refine the sketch layer, rather than making a line art layer over the sketch to trace it. If you are more used to traditional materials this might help you a lot. The other thing I’d say is not to be to exact with actually drawing anatomically correct people, focus more on whether the pose flows well… that might see backwards but it’s more fun and almost always looks nicer in the end.

Honestly the thing that gets me is that there are almost no words to describe non-straight, non-cis identities that were not, at some point or another, used as slurs. All four letters of the One True Acronym (/s) are reclaimed slurs. 

The only way to ensure that people don’t identify as slurs is to make new words to encompass those identities, and guess what! People tried to and you mocked them until those terms became unusable. so. 

Here’s the beginning of jazz up & down!

First, I’m just walking - empty, energy level 0 - with his super high value toy to the yard. He used to spin in circles, jump, pull, tug, try to take the toy, nearly knock me over, etc., while I tried to do this. But now he picks up on my energy level and, while still expressing he wants the toy, understands we’re not playing yet. Eventually, he sits down politely.

Then I do the jazz up by suddenly exploding my energy level to like, idk, 7? 8? It could be higher, but man it’s fuckin’ hot out.

Then I suddenly bring us back down to a 0 by asking for a down. He calmly lays there, not even a whine.

I reward him with the Wubba in the end by tossing it into the yard.

This was the first round. The follow up rounds I mostly varied the reward by throwing it and then releasing him with a ‘free’ command instead. I also jazzed him up a little bit longer. Oh annnnd put myself at an energy level 0 BUT waving the toy around.. he read the energy instead of the toy, stayed sitting/laying!


If you play competitive and you are around 2400-2700 rank, watch out for this player:

He is throwing just for fun. Told my friend he wants to get to bronze after my friend asked what was wrong with him (was playing Mei and blocking us every time we tried to get out of respawn), and also told my friend he has another account where he is diamond so he doesn’t really care if you report him or anything.

If you play competitive and you see this player, GET OUT OF THERE. Like, before the game starts, leave, do your team and yourself a favour and just leave the game. Because otherwise you are gonna have a bad experience and lose a lot of points.

anonymous asked:

honestly i really appreciate that the mcelroys have tried to get better from their old content and be more aware of who may be listening. i have a hard time focusing on full episodes of mbmbam but when i draw ill put clips of it on from youtube and set it to autoplay and at one point in one of the clips from around episode 40-60 they used the r slur. and while thats disappointing i know theyre not like that now and theyd never say that cuz they try to be aware and polite to all audiences

mhm mhm and it burns so much to just hear that from them because yeah it’s from nearly 6 years ago but it’s still them, you know? but i’m glad they keep it up because yeah they were shitty people but they did grow and they don’t want to erase that fact that even them aren’t perfect

After the The End

  • Okay but imagine after The end Jordan starts making plans on how everyone will survive together
  • Since he is King of strategy™ he gets together with Chris to start making a plan and lists of people to be put in houses/apartments surrounding the museum that have been cleaned up
  • Each household has a mix older kids and young kids/babies , to make sure everyone gets taken care of
  • Chris using his stories and lists to find out who’s best suited to put into a “family” together
  • Those who do the same type of work are put together , so like gardeners or like chris’ librarians
  • Imagine akkie and will ending up in the same house with babies to take care of
  • Or Ed and kyle with the kid and Sam (though that was already happening in the tower )
  • Jordan tries his best to keep boys and girls in separate houses(fine for some *akkil*) but it doesn’t really work out most of the time
  • And before you know it everybody has there own little family , and watches their little ones grow up and the kids are just happy again

When my mom tries to “comfort” my anxiety it just makes it 10 billion fucking times worse because she’s the one who’s always saying it’s just a made up thing for attention and I’m full of crap and just trying to use it to get out of shit. Plus she literally only ever tries to “comfort” me when I’m embarrassing her from panicking lol fuck my life I hate this