tries to be artsy

my recent bujo spread!! i tried to go for a more artsy kinda look idk but i really liked how it turned out!!

ig: oikawastudies

things pictured:
- tombow dual brush pen in 553
- crayola supertip in light pink
- muji gel ink pen (black) 0.38
- mt masking tape (i got it as a gift so idk where u can get it exactly sorry :/)

- notebook is moleskine large squared


[1/7]“The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It‘s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.”

Boyfriend Vernon

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  • “kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege”
  • intense teasing that would go both ways
  • rap battles ft. judge seungkwan
  • who always declared u the winner, just to annoy hansol
  • vernon switching to english to sweet talk you if the boys are around
  • “eww, hansol, that’s gross”
  • “oh, joshua, didn’t realize you were here. sorry, dude”
  • sharing beanies/jackets/hoodies
  • all of which smell like him
  • he tries to be artsy & send you pics of the places he’s touring or doing a fan sign at
  • but it’s usually photobombed by the guys
  • so you ring him like “why did you send me a blurry photo of minghao flexing next to a tree?”
  • “it’s called art, babe, look it up”
  • he calls you “babe”
  • and melts when you call him “babe” back
  • he’s too shy to do skinship around the boys so only when you’re in private, in his bedroom, will he brave a quick peck to your lips
  • only to hear seungkwan over dramatically make puke noises by the door
  • and see jun wink obnoxiously behind him
  • jeonghan makes you both keep the door open when u visit & go to his bedroom
  • “for safety reasons” he says
  • whenever you’re in his room tho it’s 99% of the time just for video game sessions
  • that end in one of you being bitter & giving the other silent treatment
  • sending each other memes
  • texting at 2 am became you’re still up, binge watching some show, & he’s just getting back to the dorm after practice;
  • “hey, wanna get ice cream?”
  • “sure?”
  • so in sweats & bare faced, the both of you wander around looking for 24 hour shops. you buy the worst kind of food, which is mainly just junk. but you force him to get something substantial too since he’s been dancing for hours. so he picks up a soggy sandwhich, & if you’re happy w that, he also gets ice cream, crisps & fizzy drinks
  • the healthiest of diets
  • being that couple that show up to christmas parties in matching shitty sweaters & santa hats
  • for ironic purposes, of course
  • not just bc you both feel festive as hell in that outfit
  • getting into group photos & refusing to smile
  • papa coups hates this very much :)
  • “why can’t you both just smile? why do you have to ruin every family photo ever?”
  • doing the “hotline bling” dance whenever you’re in the club, & the song is not even playing. you both wait for something like “anaconda” to come on then hotline bling dance in the middle of the dance floor
  • he’s picked up alcohol occasionally & you both hide out in his room, feeling bad ass & getitng more drunk off of each other than the can you’re sharing
  • better hope the others don’t find out though
  • you gonna be in big trouble if they do
  • makeout sessions that are mostly you two giggling or bumping noses
  • tumblr deep conversations while cuddling at 3 am;
  • “do you think the ugly duckling still felt ugly, even when he became a beautiful swan?”
  • “go to sleep, hansol, it’s too early for this shit”
  • he’s young & spent his youth as a trainee, so I don’t think that the relationship would be all that mature or experienced. it’s your typical puppy love. with awkward moments and shy kisses and the occasional petty fight. but it’s wonderful. for all his dumb moments, vernon cares so much for you & works very hard to show that, in his own, awkward way

Elsword Artbook 2016 - Concept Arts

I tried to look for ones not covered by babel and good god Lu THAT’S AN AWFULLY DETAILED CONCEPT ART FOR YOUR UNDERWEAR.

코그 은팔찌 채워주고 싶다 Rated E my ass

Raven 3rd Line  
Design Concept

Weapon Taker 
Intense and destructive, but an experienced mercenary who moves tactically. Raven during his mercenary days (Can feel his years of experience as mercenary. Veteran, Soldier. Stiff and rough personality. Analyzes situation and moves strategically)/ Remnants of Nasod modification: Hysteric under certain conditions. Human rage, hidden madness.

Veteran Commander 
Professional battle commander (mercenary)/ Nasod machinery to uses heavy artillery. Armor/ Nasod, Flame Core: Collision of power(???). Uses his inner rage as military strategy(??????)/ His Nasod arm design should feel like a flamethrower / Coat-style clothes fit for a commander, leader of Blackcrows 


It’s been approximately sixty-seven years since I received this request from @wingsdestiel but I finally decided to call it done. I saw a cool headcanon about Castiel’s wings being electric and I ran with it. Dean obviously thinks this is very cool and does shit like this to make his hair all staticky (it’s even funnier when Sam does it).


November 5th 1955, Hill Valley.

The date Dr. Emmett Brown invented time travel


From Hiro’s Journal- “Sunfire”

So. We’re still in the process of testing out Tadashi’s newly discovered abilities. He can generate flames through some sort of “bio-chemical process” even he can’t explain. He is able to produce extremely hot temperatures from absorbing  solar energy and radiation and from what we gathered, it surpassed 500,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Baymax’s thermal scan stated that it might not even be the maximum.

We needed to have 3 things for Tadashi’s suit:
To stand and adapt to the heat he’s generating.
To monitor his current changes in his physiology and biochemistry.
To be able to utilize his skills in martial arts and energy projection.


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Bachelors' High School Stereotypes

Fritz: that guy that always studies but still fails all his classes

Raeger: that guy that never studies but still passes all his classes

Mistel: gay theatre geek

Nadi: the guy who makes the substitute cry

Kamil: pretentious artsy kid

Klaus: undercover cop that tries to pass as 18 and be like the “cool kids”