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"Last month... you said you weren't quite fond of holidays like these, so... I jolted down on my calendar to visit on this 16th of March. I hope you don't mind I didn't call ahead or came any earlier –to be quite honest, I almost forgot still–, but I figured planning things out wouldn't be for the best," He patted his own coat, as if testing the leather. "This isn't the most romantic of things, but I brought some ordinary snacks if you don't mind spending the rest of the day with me."

               “ Ah, that…” To say he’s a little caught off guard by the visit is being generous – he hadn’t expected Kent’s company, but even more than that, the explanation behind it. He briefly recalls the feeling of guilt when Valentine’s rolled around, if only because he’d never had someone he actually cared about to consider for the holiday, or rather, lack thereof on his end. Going on a date afterwards was all fine and well, but he’d been worried about the integrity behind it. Still, even with that considered, he’d … figured White Day would go by without a word. To some level, perhaps that’s indirectly insulting, but it just hadn’t… crossed his mind. Some part of him mentally reprimands himself, of course. He knows he always comes off as an idiot when he slips into stunned silences like this, but … what else is he supposed to do?

          Normally, he’d always been irritated with anyone who brought it up even after the holiday had passed, but this is different, isn’t it? It’s different for him to think it, but he feels … Is touched the word? The gesture touches him.

     “I… didn’t expect you to do anything. I mean… No, I don’t mind, I’m just caught off guard. I, ah…” Maybe stunned silences are preferable to his shy babbling. He almost stumbles over air trying to move backwards and motion for him to come in, trying to discern whether or not he was blushing by pressing his hand absently against his cheek, but it’s useless. Warmth isn’t confined to his face; he can feel it blossoming in his chest and it’s incredibly distracting – but pleasant. In an attempt to hide those emotions, he forces a humorous chuckle, but it comes out cracked and his smile is a little too soft to be comedic. “It’s the thoughts behind the gesture that makes it romantic, regardless… You’re making me blush like an idiot, honestly. Don’t act like I’m going to turn you down. I’d spend the day with you even if there weren’t a holiday tacked onto it. Or, ah… a late holiday? … I mean, I guess it’s official to us.” He needs to shut up. Immediately. With that in mind, he falls into silence once more, gaze trailing awkwardly down to the floor, but he’s still smiling.

               “I… Thank you. The fact you even cared enough to – …”

          He presses his lips together, trying to stop the sentiment before he let it slip out. How did he end up becoming the most ridiculous out of the two of them? When he musters to courage to look back up, his eyes are a little brighter even through his telltale embarrassment. He’s not wrong, is he? Even if it’s a little bit off on the date, to them it may as well not be, so–

     “Happy Pi Day, Ken.”

Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them


Another “small” collection of shokunba onedraw entries

i draw these two way too much but im not ready to stop yet


Yobisute close ups - Kento

i ended up drawing Howl’s Moving Castle au for joseph’s birthday. 
this au is also great there will likely be more to come in due time hehe

(happy birthday joseph you will always be my fav jojo)

cineyear 2017

The Boss Baby
Detektiv Conan Movie 21
Digimon Adventure tri Chapter 1, 2 and 3
Fairy Tail “Dragon Cry”
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Goodbye Christopher Robin
Hacksaw Ridge
Hidden Figures
Justice League
Kingsman 2: The golden Circle
Manchester by the Sea
Little Pony the Movie
Pirates of the Caribbean 5
Beauty and the Beast
Spiderman Homecoming
Thor 3
Wonder Woman 


In an age of darkness, when the Earth was overrun with demons, and humans were powerless under their rule, humanity’s hope lived in a demon named Sparda. With a spirit unlike any other, and wielding the sword that bore his own name, Sparda eradicated the demons. And now, the legend of Sparda has been inherited by his son…

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6 with Luke :)

“No no no,shit no don’t cry-please don’t cry.” Luke pleaded as he tried to calm your 2 year old baby girl. You were on a business trip and he was all alone being a great father that he is. He tried giving her food, putting her to sleep, singing to her.. Nothing was working. He flopped on the bed with his baby on his back and sighed loudly, sad that his baby girl was crying and unhappy. He suddenly heard the little girl giggle. His eyes shot open at the sound, he looked down to see the baby playing with the back of his hair, just like how his wife/husband did. He smiled as he felt her tug on the small curls and laugh at how curly they looked. “Are you happy now bug?” He asked smiling. “I’m so glad you found something entertaining babygirl I think– Ow, ow that’s daddy’s hair baby, we don’t pull it too- OW”