You know when you have experienced something so amazing/so profound that you just desire for everyone to have that experience? The 2013 Presbyterian Youth Triennium Production Team is meeting today. For the first time. The sense of excitement I have for these people is overwhelming. MY heart is filled with joy. I can’t help but think back to October 2008…when I met my team for the first time. Even though I had attended the Triennium in 2007, I didn’t come to realize my place in the Presbyterian Church until I was on the planning team. It was just amazing. I met some of my best friends on this team. I had never waited in airports so long before, I had never experience group cry sessions in the airport before. Design Team made me realize how much I love the PC(USA). I wouldn’t have worked at Highlands last summer if it weren’t for this team. One of the people on the team had worked there the summer before, so I had him be a reference for me. It worked out well. Freshmen year of college I even had a joint birthday party with one of the members on the Design Team because our meeting started on April 17. The day after our birthdays. This has been my favorite birthday in recent years. Being able to celebrate my birthday with 30 other Presbyterians. Dream come true.   The Speaking of that. Why is the PCUSA so great? There are so many areas to be involved in. If one has a passion for social justice they can find a place. Social justice. Camp. Youth Ministry.Prison Ministry. Because of Triennium Design Team I have found my passion. Camp/Youth Ministry.  I hope everyone will join me this weekend in praying for open hearts and open minds for the team as they meet this weekend. Luckily, I know 2 people on it, one I have the privilage of going to church with…so hopefully I can live vicariously through them.

Y'all. Can i just mention again how much I love being Presbyterian? 

Let me explain.

I decided to go to Mississippi after my camp adventure in Colorado ended. It wasn’t really that planned out. I couldn’t afford to fly home out of Jackson though, so I’m flying home out of New Orleans instead…about 2 hours from Hattiesburg…where I will be staying with one of my friends next week. Originally he was going to take me, but then he had to rearrange his school schedule…

luckily…..Presbyterians are like one HUGE family….we all know SOMEBODY who can help somebody out…so I contacted some of the people I know at the Presbyterian Center in Kentucky….I was on the PYT 2010 Planning Team so i kind of know some people there…not very well…

But now instead of driving to NOLA on Wednesday, I am driving there Tuesday, and I have a place to stay with some Presbyterians in New Orleans.

 I talked to lady on the phone today, and she is really excited to have me. She also has Triennium connections, which is great.

I prayed for answers, and the Lord provided. Thanks be to God!