Y'all. Can i just mention again how much I love being Presbyterian? 

Let me explain.

I decided to go to Mississippi after my camp adventure in Colorado ended. It wasn’t really that planned out. I couldn’t afford to fly home out of Jackson though, so I’m flying home out of New Orleans instead…about 2 hours from Hattiesburg…where I will be staying with one of my friends next week. Originally he was going to take me, but then he had to rearrange his school schedule…

luckily…..Presbyterians are like one HUGE family….we all know SOMEBODY who can help somebody out…so I contacted some of the people I know at the Presbyterian Center in Kentucky….I was on the PYT 2010 Planning Team so i kind of know some people there…not very well…

But now instead of driving to NOLA on Wednesday, I am driving there Tuesday, and I have a place to stay with some Presbyterians in New Orleans.

 I talked to lady on the phone today, and she is really excited to have me. She also has Triennium connections, which is great.

I prayed for answers, and the Lord provided. Thanks be to God!

Just looked through all my summer 2010 facebook photos

I laughed a whole bunch,

and I realized that last summer was pretty super duper awesome… top shelf, if you will;

but I have to say that this was one of my most favorite parts:

External image

It was the last night of the 2010 Presbyterian Youth Triennium. we were tired, and hungry. So we commandeered a golf cart and drove it through the McDonald’s drive through.


Great night.