I jumped back into the world today. I spent a week logged out and became the type to point things out that reminded me of the game. So i figured I’d run to a few dungeons but i didnt have enough skill and kept dying. Afterwards, i went to the Root Town to watch a quick match at the arena with The Legendary PKK The Terror Of Death. I didnt know somebody had taken Alkaid’s place. It was such a quick match that i didnt really get to see his face. But it’s not often you See a B/W Adept Rouge like that so maybe if im lucky ill see him around.
Lucky for me i found a group of players who seemed very intrested in having an eighth party member. I went to grab a few Items and they had me meet them at The Chaos Gate.

After we put in the keywords, my eyes were opened to a new stage i hadnt seen since i prefered monster with darkness as an ability. The plain was green and sounded windy. The graphics matched my ears as i saw tall grass flowing in waves.
I walked up ahead to have monsters with higher lvl’s than my Character. The group took it out but turned to me with weird grins on their face.
“if your not able to protect yourself, what good are you to us?”
says a Gray Gorilla Tribal Grappler as he and his party all hold their weapons out as if they were still in battle mode. I wanted to see if there was another monster around me but i saw nothing behind me. Thats when i realised i was stupid enough to walk into a PK group alone. I closed my eyes to listen to their footssteps slowly coming closer and the wind barely covering their sinister chuckles. As I flinch and squint my eyes tightly. I open them and turn around to see and Orange Blade Brandier and a Black and White Adept Rouge arguing over who finished first.

I froze and silently let out a small voice “Haseo the Terror of Death?”