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Have you ever been called an asshole? Ever been the one in the relationship with the upper hand? Titus Andronicus understands. I’m a sucker for a Titus Andronicus ballad, and on their new album “Local Business”, they add another great one to their catalogue. It’s a sprawling track whose first few lines are:

“It’s not that I wanted to hurt you, I just didn’t care if I did

It is not that I just forgot you, also, I forgot everything else

It is not that I do not love you, it’s just that I hate everyone”


titus andronicus - tried to quit smoking (takeaway show)

it is not that i do not love you, it’s just that i hate everyone

Last Year - Pt. 3 (Sam x Reader, angst, requested drabble)

MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on this fic! I’m so blown away by the response. It’s absolutely incredible, so thank you so much. I really hope this is a satisfying end! I might have to do a bit of an epilogue-type thing if people want, we’ll see how it goes. But thank you again for all the amazing support! Enjoy!! xx

Word Count: 3,350

Warnings: Implied past abuse


You’d tried to work things out. Sam had even quit smoking; officially this time. The two of you had moved into a place that was smaller, but closer to Elena and Nate. You’d gone to the pound to look for a dog to adopt but ended up backing out of it. You’d told Sam that it was because your place was too small, the two of you were too busy, that a dog wouldn’t allow as much freedom in your travelling schedules. The truth was you didn’t want to have one extra thing tying the relationship down.

You broke it off six months later.

And you’d tried, you really had. You’d tried to forgive him, tried to trust him again, but his fingers hadn’t felt as soft as they once did, as if spoiled by the knowledge that they’d touched another. You could tell he knew it, too. The way he would stay up staring at you when he thought you were asleep. You wondered if he was picturing her instead.

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