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What happened between harry and louis?

I think you’re referring to this gif, right? (It’s a small fragment of this video)

Someone pointed out that when they read Liam’s, Louis’, and Harry’s lips it looked as if Liam was saying “come on (you two?)”, Louis “piss off” and Harry “wanker”. 

I think one of two things went down if the lip reading was correct:

1) An argument of some sort happened? And it’s between Harry and Louis, in which Liam tries to be the mediator.

2) Liam said something both Louis and Harry don’t agree with, and it’s just them teaming up against Liam.

People are worrying and taking this as a Larry fight and that this means they’ve been broken up? But I personally think it’s normal for people to argue and have differences even if they love each other. So. 

** Don’t take my opinions as a valid source though haha. I’m just an 18 year old girl with a blog. I could be completely off. Anyone could be off. They could’ve said different things for all we know. What’s interesting though, is that 1DHQ included it in the video if it really was a fight.

Title: Potatoes

Character: Pietro Maximoff (Age of Ultron)

Request: “Could you do a Pietro x reader were the reader has anxiety and is really panicking at like the supermarket or something and Pietro tries to calm her down? I think that would be cute. Also if Wanda could be there helping too that would be amazing :3 tankachu my child”

Author: Mod Katie

Warnings: Anxiety attack featured.

You could feel a slight breeze behind you as you stared at the potato aisle. Did you want new potatos, or normal ones? 

“Hurry up, Y/N,” an accented voice said behind you, and you felt a slight weight on your shoulder as your boyfriend, Pietro, rested his head on it. “Surely it does not make a difference? They are just potatoes.”

Smiling, you shrugged his head off. “I think I’m gonna get new potatoes, anyway.” Placing the sack of spuds in your basket, you turned around expecting to see your boyfriend. 

However, while he was nowhere to be seen, a crowd was forming in the shop that you estimated was 10x the size of what it was when you entered the building. Feeling your chest tighten, you placed your basket on the floor next to you and leant back against the shelf.

Okay, deep breaths, you told yourself. In, out, in, out.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Pietro said, appearing far too close to your face. 

You gasped and pushed him back. “Don’t do that! We need to- I want to-”

Squeezing your eyes shut, you took a few deep breaths. “Leave,” you sighed finally. 

Pietro frowned, obviously unsure of what to do. “I will find Wanda.” He disapeared in a blur of silver.

“Pietro!” you called after him, to no use. Balling your fists, you rubbed your eyes harshly. You needed to leave, but there was no way you could push your way out through that crowd. Not on your own. 

Your eyes started to fill with tears as you slid down the shelf, towards the floor. Starting to sob, you curled into a ball. 

“Y/N!” a female voice called out, and you felt arms grasp your shoulders. “Everything is alright. We are here.”

Fingertips lightly dusted your temples, and suddenly you felt as though you were floating in water. Every piece of stress had been lifted, and your mind was clear. 

“Thank you,” you panted, opening your eyes to see Wanda smiling back at you. She stood up, and was instantly replaced by her brother.

“Y/N…” Pietro asked hestiantly, wiping tears from your cheeks. 

“Pietro,” you whispered. “I’m sorry for pushing you.”

“There’s no problem,” he said sincerely, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. Suddenly, he was holding your hands and pulling you up. “Come on, Y/N, let’s get home and eat those potatoes.”

I saw the most patient mother today. She had four rowdy boys and one of them was SCREAMING so loud throwing a tantrum that his throat had to hurt. He was upset that they were leaving the store early. She got down to his level, told him why they had to leave, and that his behavior was inappropriate and then she made them take a few deep breaths together. I felt ridiculous but I had tears because I see so many parents yelling/threatening and hurting their children that it was SO nice to see a parent that tried something different and had such a gentle approach. I told her she was a really good mom and that more parents need to be like her.

James was pretty artistic. He would trace abstract designs on paper while sitting idly and paint vases as well as diyas. He even had a wall near the kitchen which he had been allowed to use as a canvas and draw on as often as he liked. It had layers of drawings and finger paintings from over the years. This quality rubbed off on his friends. 

  • Sirius began sketching on discarded paper then folding them ten different ways to make new designs out of them, charmed them to change fold on its own accord so that the drawings changed with each motion and showed something else. 
  • Remus would sometimes stay up because his limbs were hurting and draw all night on napkins and spare parchment, pretty much any surface he found. 
  • Peter would practice hovering charms by balancing ink on paper, charming them into different figures, animating them because they amused him. 
  • Lily had seen James doodling into his notebook with avid attentiveness on more than one occasion. Out of curiosity, she tried it because it had been fun to draw as a child but never that much fun. Soon enough, she was painting on pillows and old cloth, cutting them and shaping them, and stitching up patterns.
  • 7th year, Lily started a game with James where she would use pencils to sketch whatever she wanted, for eg. a wolf. When it was his turn, he would add to it or erase a bit to completely change the image so the wolf could change into a drying tree with birds around it. They would alternate turns until one gave up and they played this game to death, every time they were bored.
  • James was hoping that if he were to survive, he might have time to share in artsy things with Harry, should the youngest Potter be interested. That, however, did not happen. 

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so like???? is everyone back??? (as a ghost at least)???? i'm pretty confused

all the ghosts might do something in the final battle I guess!

but esp all the “minor” ones at the end, I’m not really sure if they were just supposed to be examples of some of them waking up -since there are way more ghosts out there- or if it was relevant for it to be these characters in particular (I mean from the way it was set, the choice seemed kinda loose, I even suggested one of the character picks myself haha)

Anon:Did you do something different for the update art? It looks like your style but different? It might just be me being a derp but it looks different

yeah I tried to make it a bit more in style with the comic but also not too different eheh might also be due to the brush tho

Anon:i dont know if you are allowed to answer this, but did hussie contact you to draw it orrr???

yeah he did! last time it was Rachel, I don’t think it has to stay a secret skdnf

Anon:Did you know your art would he shown before the Omegapause? Or was this a surprise?

yeah I knew it would be the last update uvu I was told just few day ago tho

Anon:‘I’m not taking commissions now…’ NOW I KNOW WHY MISTER ANIMATION PROJECT! (Btw loooovee your art style!. I was like SUUUUUNNNNYYYYYY!!!!)

hAHa my commissions would have been closed regardless but in that moment I was very glad to have closed them

Birthday Sex (John “Swazz” Swift Imagine)

A/N: A huge happy birthday to our beloved JSwazz! This was an impromptu imagine as a small celebration. I hope you all enjoy, I tried to come up with something different. John feels are real! Let me know what you think xxx

*Not my image. I don’t know who put “best dad” but I dig lmao

July 20th. A day that will forever hold a special place in my heart. It’s the day my wonderful boyfriend John Swift came into this world, and changed it for the better.

This was a big one, it’s his 21st, and I knew I wanted to do something very special for him. Right now he’s out at the studio with Nate and the guys who were giving him a small pregame party before the real thing later tonight. I knew John would come back home to change and get ready, which is when I decided to give him his gift.

I ran around preparing everything that I needed, whipped cream, strawberries, champagne…

My phone dinged with a new text message from John.

J: Hey baby girl, I’m on my way home. Be ready for tonight xx

I smirked to myself, if only he knew how ready I was. I had left myself with just enough time to get myself situated before I knew he would be pulling up the driveway.

I removed my silk robe, and everything with it, except my garter belt, John’s weakness.

I crawled on top of our heavy wooden dining table, which was ornamentally decorated with the strawberries and chocolate.

I laid flat on my back, and carefully placed strawberries and whipped cream in all of the strategic places. My heart was pounding at the thought of John’s reaction, I knew he wouldn’t be expecting this. Although John was the quietest of the group, he had a dominant side like no other. The beeping of his car alerted me to refocus my attention, waiting for his entry.

“Hey baby, I’m home. Where are you?” I could hear him shout through the foyer, until he rounded the corner from the living room to where he could see me. His eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight of me, the birthday gifts he had been holding dropped to the floor.

“Holy fuck,” he breathed, running a hand through his hair.

“Happy birthday John,” I whisper seductively, motioning for him to come over. He complied, eyes never leaving my body.

“Baby girl, I don’t know what to say” he said astounded, resting his handles gently on my ankles.

“Don’t say anything. Just play with your present” I moaned, completely peaking with desire. John didn’t even respond, instead I heard his clothing hitting the floor. His large frame hovered over me, placing a quick tentative kiss to my lips. Within a single moment, sweet and loving John was gone, and hungry, lusty John replaced him.

His strong hands kept my wrists pinned to the table as he kissed and sucked down my neck and collarbones. He lapped the whipped cream and strawberries off of each breast. Groaning when the smooth skin underneath was revealed to him.

He licked his lips, giving me a sensual look through his eyelashes before he continued his attack down my body. I could feel the lip prints he left on my bare stomach, sticky from the cream on his mouth. Just as I was enjoying that sensation, his tongue began to work feverishly on the last area covered in whipped cream.

“Mmm, so sweet baby girl” he groaned.

He lapped and sucked like it was his last meal, spreading the cream around where he wanted it. Once he was sure he got it all off, he continued to rub and squeeze my body before I grabbed his hair.

“John, this is all about you tonight” I said breathily. In one fluid movement we had switched spots, he was flat on his back grabbing his hair tightly.

“Shit, I’m going to explode baby, please” he moaned, needy for my touch. I gently traced my finger along him, moving it to his prominent “V” lines. I took him into my mouth for a few minutes before deciding neither of us can wait any longer.

I lined myself up and gave us what we were both longing for.

“Oh my god,” he groaned, pinching my hips so tightly I could swear bruises were forming. I worked him continuously, matching his movements to give it to him just how he liked it.

His hands gripped and squeezed down my thighs until his hand wrapped around the delicate lace of the garter belt. He pulled on it tightly, running his fingers across the lace edges. He was close, and looking for anything to grab onto.

He reached for a strawberry and placed the plump end into my mouth, I bit down moaning at the taste, and John’s actions. The juices ran down my chin and his fingers as I sucked onto them, releasing a moan.

His eyes dilated at the sight and it was singled-handedly overwhelming enough that he came without warning.

“Fuck!” he groaned harshly. I collapsed onto his chest, both of us sticky and exhausted.

“Best. Birthday. Ever.” He breathed, running his hand up and down my back. I giggle at him, before kissing his lips.

“I still have to give you your present,” I say getting up and sliding off the table.

“Baby, I thought that was the present?!” he questioned.

“You didn’t think I wouldn’t get you anything did you?” I raise an eyebrow before running into the bedroom. I found the small leather box I had hidden in my underwear drawer and returned to the dining room.

“Here baby, happy birthday” I say kissing his cheek. As he fumbled with opening the box, I slid my silk robe back on and sat beside him.

“Babygirl,” he breathed astonished, at the sight of a solid gold Rolex. I had saved my money for months to be able to afford it, but John was so worth it. I knew he had been eyeing this baby for at least a year.

“Look underneath” I smile.

To the man with a heart of gold, all my love” he read aloud the verse I had engraved.

His eyes almost welled up with tears as he pulled me into his chest tightly.

“I’m so in love with you.”

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AU where Will lives in a house where local legend says it's extremely haunted and psychic Hannibal Lecter goes to check on the bae to see what's exactly wrong with the house but there's nothing going on and Hannibal asks the spirits why and theyre just like "idk hes too creepy even for me man"

‘The spirits are informing me that once one of them tried to rattle a chain outside of your bedroom door and you delved into a twenty minute extended metaphor on the difference of life and death being a rusty chain or something and it, and I quote, ‘kinda brought them down’.’

I’m laughing. Stydiots have never been more stupid than at the most recent ep.

It was baiting because you all cry like little twats. It isn’t going to happen. The next episode we see Lydia with Parrish.

Kira, a trickster, has tried to separate the pack starting with Scott and Stiles, the two strongest ones. Scott replies by sayin “it was obsessive” and how stiles “feels differently about Lydia.”

His best friend knows that he doesn’t like Lydia romantically anymore. Someone he rarely talks to or interacts with that doesn’t know him or how he feels assumes something wrong. His best friend says how creepy it was and inappropriate stiles old crush used to be.

You all really have some, selective blindness. It ain’t happening and I call it now that you are going to cry and curse the writers for baiting you. Silly stydiots.

I want to write this one fic, but English isn’t my first language...

…or The Basic Rules of Fic-Writing for Non-Native Speakers.

I’m writing this as a person who has both Been There and Done That, but I don’t claim to be any kind of authority on the subject. I believe that every writer is a little different, so I’d like to ask everyone who has something to add to do just that. This is an open list.

1. Your English is better than you think it is.

This is something that’s true almost for every person who ever tried to learn English. This tendency to underestimate one’s own language proficiency stems from how languages are taught in schools. Language education focuses on correcting mistakes, and so in the end it teaches people to be obsessed with mistakes. Yes, you make mistakes when you speak English. Yes, you will make mistakes in your fic. But guess what? You also make endless mistakes in your mother tongue, and you never even register it, because no one ever taught you to fixate on mistakes the way your English teachers did. Truth is, mistakes happen. It’s what spell checkers and beta readers are for. And if, in the end, there are a few mistakes left in your text, no one is going to care. Most people are here to do Fun Fandom Stuff, and not to be grammar police.

In my experience, if your English is good enough for you to participate in fandom (read/watch things in English, read fic or meta, talk to people on tumblr), it’s also good enough to start writing fic.

2. Find a beta reader.

It can be a native speaker, or maybe a non-native speaker who you feel is more proficient than you – whoever you’re comfortable with. There are two reasons to have a beta reader:

  • You need them to fix the things you can’t fix yourself (see: #1).
  • Knowing that you have one will take a huge weight off your shoulders, and let you channel the energy you spend worrying about your English into more productive things, for example writing.

Honestly, I think having a beta reader is even more crucial for psychological reasons than for actual editing reasons. At the very least, you will have a person who will assure you that yes, you’re good to go, and nothing terrible will happen when you post your story.

3. Let yourself start small.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of producing a huge wall of text in a foreign language, start with something small and low-pressure. Try a reblogging a prompt meme, or set yourself a goal of writing 300 words of something, or write a drabble for your friend’s birthday. You don’t have to write a masterpiece on your first try.

For the record, you also don’t have to write a masterpiece on your second or tenth try, or ever for that matter. You’re having fun with your friends, not trying to win a Nobel Prize for literature before you turn 30.

4. How to use a dictionary?

Using a dictionary for writing is a bit different than using it for school, and there is one neat trick I picked up over the years.

When we use a dictionary for writing, we usually do it for two reasons:

  • we don’t know a word in English, so we look it up in a Mother Tongue/English dictionary
  • we’re not sure if an English word we know means what we think it means, so we look it up in an English/Mother Tongue dictionary or in an English/English dictionary.

Whatever your reason or method, once your dictionary gave you the word you want to use, put it in a good online English/English dictionary (I usually use this one, but there are others as well) and double-check. By which I mean: look at the definition, but most of all at the example sentence given by the dictionary, and see how the word behaves. Where it should stand in the sentence? What prepositions it requires? How formal or informal is it? This simple step will save you a lot of suffering and confusion.

5. Punctuation and comma splice

This is something your English teacher probably didn’t tell you (or didn’t emphasize), because you never needed it for finals, but it’s super important if you want to write.

English has a peculiar, strangely strict way of ordering words in a phrase and phrases in a complex sentence. For you as a writer, the most important thing about this mechanism is this: very long sentences (containing, let’s say, more than 3-4 verb phrases) which are correct in some languages, are often not correct in English because, for reasons I won’t go into, English “prefers” shorter sentences. This is why your beta reader relentlessly replaces some of your commas (,) with semicolons (;) for no apparent reason. In English, a semicolon is basically what you use when you really should use a full stop (.), but you don’t want to. The error of using a comma instead of a full stop or a semicolon is called a comma splice. Reading up on it will make your life as a writer a lot easier, because it’s just a pesky little grammatical oddity that’s easy to learn, but once you’ve learned it, it will give you much better control over the rhythm and flow of your English. It will also make your prose much easier to read for people who read a lot of English in a daily basis, because this is what they’re used to.

Basically, if you have to pick one language skill to learn from a textbook before you start writing fic in English, do yourself a favor and learn how to avoid comma splice.

Now let me preface this first by saying I am 1000% here for body positivity and loving yourself. I think it’s really tops that there are people on here that support and encourage people to further accept and love themselves.  Unfortunately for all those really awesome people, there are some really shitty ones and this is where I begin.

I used to rail thin growing up (psych meds since you were 6 will do that), then after I got out of high school and stopped taking my medicine, I gained 60+ pounds almost instantly. I mean, I knew something was different, but it didn’t hit me until I caught two girls laughing at me in a store next to the small sizes. Yeah, pretty damaging. Anyway, over the years, I’ve tried a smorgasbord of different things to try and get my weight back down (diabetes, hypertension, etc in my family) to little or no success. One day, I say to myself, “You know what? FUCK IT! I’m a glorious chubby goddess just like everyone says on my Dash!” and posted some pictures I took at work. Not even 20 minutes later, I get a message saying that since I wasn’t “morbidly obese or actually fat/chubby” that I “wasn’t allowed” to be proud of my body. No onto my point…

I am so disappointed with the body acceptance movement. It’s called “BODY ACCEPTANCE” for a reason! That means EVERY and ALL BODIES, PERIOD. You can’t beg for your body to be praised and with the same hand tell a girl she isn’t worthy because she isn’t “x” enough. (Sound familiar???) You know, not just fat people have body issues? I know beautiful women that hate their bodies because it’s just “not right”, and they’re skinny, fat, bony, chubby, pasty, dark, pimply, everything. And you know what, every single one of them deserves praise for taking that step to love themselves, whether you look like Kate Moss or Mama June. If you aren’t going to accept EVERY body, then you aren’t “body positive” or “body accepting”, point blank.


Tried something different tonight. I’m not much of a runner but I decided to try out a scenic area park with a nice jogging/biking path that had multiple physical fitness stations along it. It was about 1.5 mile loop with 10 stops that included everything from pull-ups to squats to push ups, dips, sit-ups, and more. Pretty much a full body workout with cardio all wrapped into one. Worked up a major sweat in the humid 88 degree heat and burned a few extra calories swatting mosquitos off me at each stop. Made 2 laps and hit each station twice. Finished in about 40 minutes. It doesn’t look like it but I was so sweaty at the end I could barely hold the phone for that final selfie. Next time I think I’ll bring my bike along and hit up the mountain bike trails I noticed along my run.

One night stand gone wrong- Jack Gilinsky Ft. Sammy Wilkinson Imagine pt. 11

; Sorry for the late post, everyone! My day turned out a lot crazier than i thought it would.

And i am going out of town this weekend, but i will try and post one more imagine tonight and hopefully one tomorrow morning since i won’t be able to at all Saturday. 

I also tried something different for this chapter, so please let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated, and requests are open :) ;

Sammy’s POV

Y/N looked absolutely breathtaking, holding her two children. It’s like it was meant to be. She smiled at each of them, then looked up at G and I, giving us a lazy grin. She was exhausted, I know, we all were; but she just couldn’t stop staring at them. They were perfect. Brendan had hair as dark as Jack’s, and I already could tell Layla was going to be a little mini Y/N. I walked up to her and kissed her temple, brushing the hair back that was sticking to her forehead.

“I’m gonna go get the boys, alright?” I told her. She nodded, and leaned forward, wanting a kiss. I obliged and gave her a sweet peck on the lips. She was one strong woman, and I was so thankful to call her mine. I walked out of her room and into the waiting room. Nate, Swazz, and Johnson all stood up instantly at the sight of me and rushed over.

“How is she?” Johnson asked.

“How are the babies?” Swazz interjected.

“How was it being in there?” Nate asked, his question really getting my attention. He knew how tense it was being around G, especially being around him and Y/N, at the same time.

“Good, good, and fine” I said, answering all of their questions at once. “Do you guys wanna see them?” I asked. All of their faces lit up, and I motioned for them to follow me to her room. We walked in, and Y/N still had both of them in her arms; she was a natural. She gave all of the boys her famous smile as they crowded around her.

“Hi, guys” She said softly. I could tell her body wanted to sleep, but she was fighting the urge.

“Hey, babe. How are you feeling?” Johnson asked, walking closer and brushing the hair out her face that had once again fallen.

“I’m better now.” She said honestly. That’s one thing I loved about her; she always said the truth, no beating around the bush with her.

“And how are the little ones?” Swazz stepped forward and rubbed little Brendan’s head. Her face instantly lit up once she was able to talk about her babies.

“Great. You wanna hold him, Swazz?” She asked him. He nodded his head nervously, and then glanced at me, silently asking for my help to get him into Swazz’s arms. I walked over and picked Brendan up, placing him in Swazz’s cradled arms. Swazz relaxed once he had him in a comfortable position.

“Do either of you want to hold Layla?” She asked Nate and Johnson, who looked at each other, trying to figure out who would hold her first. Johnson stepped forward, and Y/N gently placed Layla in his arms. God, seeing her as a mother just made me love her even more; I couldn’t wait until it would be my children she was holding.

Jack’s POV

I watched Y/N place Layla in Jack’s arms, and I couldn’t help but admire her. She was already perfect at being a mother; but then again, there wasn’t much she wasn’t perfect at. She smiled at Swazz and Johnson holding her children, and then turned to me.

“Jack, will you hand me my phone?” She asked me, nothing but kindness in her voice. I nodded and went into her purse, grabbing it and handing it to her.

“Boys, get together. You too, Sammy. And you Jack, if you’d like” She said, directing us to stand in front of her bed. Jack and Swazz stood in the middle, with Nate standing next to Swazz, his hand on Brendan’s head. I stood next to Jack, while Sammy threw his arms around Jack and Swazz, putting his head in the middle.

“1, 2, 3” She said, taking the picture. She looked down at the picture, grinning widely. “My favorite people, all in one picture” She giggled. She flipped her phone around and showed us all. It really was a good picture; we all looked happy, and the kids looked peaceful.

“Alright, now the mama gets a picture with her babies” Johnson said, placing Layla back in her arms. Swazz came forward and placed Brendan on her other side. She glanced back and forth between the two of them, and I could see tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” I asked her cautiously. She looked up at me, her eyes glossy.

“I’m just surprised at how much I love them already. They’ve been here for 10 minutes, and I already can’t imagine my life without them” She said, sniffling softly. Sammy walked up to her, kissing her cheek softly and whispering in her ear, most likely saying comforting words. That should be me doing that…

“Alright, Sammy, get outta the picture” Nate said, trying to shoo him away. Y/N blinked her eyes a few times, getting rid of the tears, and looked up at Johnson holding the camera. A megawatt smile was on her face, and for the first time in a while, she looked genuinely happy with the situation.

“Can I get in a picture?” I asked her quietly. She looked shocked at my request, but nodded her head.

“Of course, Jack. You can get as many pictures as you want. I mean, they’re yours, there’s no denying that with Brendan’s hair” She laughed softly. I blushed and moved towards her, sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Why don’t you take Layla?” She asked me. I grabbed her out of her arms and cradled her in my own. God, she was perfect. How is it possible that someone so small can get you wrapped around their finger so quickly?

“Aw, look at the cute little family” Nate commented, and I saw Sammy glare at him, before turning back to us, his eyes small. I just sighed and smiled for the picture. Johnson took it, and I walked up to him, Layla still in my arms.

“Can I see it?” I asked Johnson. He pulled up the photo and showed it to me. It really did look like we were one happy family, and not in the fucked up situation that we were.

“Wanna send it to me?” I asked him. He nodded and soon sent it in a message. I heard my phone ding, indicating that I got it.

“Here, wanna hold her?” I asked Johnson, who quickly took her out of my arms. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened up the picture, saving it to my phone. I then opened up Instagram, selecting the photo.

Well, everyone. Say hello to Brendan and Layla, the two newest additions in my life.

I posted the photo, and I knew within minutes it would soon be trending. But I didn’t care; I just knew it was about time I finally told everyone what they had been suspecting. It had been pretty easy to hide things the past 8 months, but it was going to be near impossible to do that now.

“I hope you know that this isn’t going to change anything” I heard. I turned my head and saw Sammy. I sighed and put my phone away.

“What do you mean?” I asked him, getting pissed that he would say anything.

“The fact that Y/N had the babies now. It isn’t going to change anything” He reiterated to me. I stepped forward, getting closer to him.

“Guess we’ll just have to wait and see” He glared at me due to my comment, and I could see his nostrils flaring.

“What’s going on, you two?” I heard Y/N calling to us.

“Nothing, babe. I was just wishing him congratulations” Sammy said, lying through his teeth. He walked over to the mother of my children and kissed her lightly before bending down and placing kisses atop both of my kids’ heads. I was not about to lose Y/N to Sammy; not now, not ever.

it feels like its been forever since the last time I drew this guy uwu;;

I tried doing something a little different with his hair (arted it to one side)

plus I need to come up with a new reference for him xwx

Headcanon: What phones would the KBTBB guys own?

(I have thought about this far too much honestly)

Eisuke: iPhone 6Plus, Gold, it’s all about status, and having the newest model of the most popular phone is saying something about the owner.

Soryu: iPhone 5s, it’s all smashed up too, the screen has been replaced so many times from when he’s out doing his mafia work, but he doesn’t care, it works and that’s all that matters. Inui and Samejima are trying to convince him to upgrade.

Ota: Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, he needs something big and to draw one, you can draw on the iPhones, but the Note can use a stylus, something the iPhones can’t without the right apps and purchases. He probably owns a bunch of different tablets too.

Baba: Android, HTC, I don’t know, it seems like the phone that he would use, it kinda goes with his personality.

Mamoru: iPhone 5s, he tried having an Android phone, but it was to complex for him.


MC: She would have had a iPhone 4s before meeting the guys, she is just a maid and phones are expensive! But afterwords she probably upgraded to whatever phone she wanted thanks to the guys.

Ladies of Kirk: #6, Marlena Moreau.

Marlena Moreau is from a dangerous alternate universe where Starfleet is a warmongering empire. In this reality, Starfleet officers advance through assassinating their superiors, but Marlena uses her position as “Captain’s Woman” to protect herself. When Kirk accidentally ends up in this universe, he tries to fit in long enough to avoid detection and form an escape plan. But Marlena suspects something is different with him. She discovers his plan, and tries to threaten Kirk into taking her with him. But Marlena is quickly disarmed by Uhura, and is left behind to reinvent herself in the wake of Kirk’s influence.

Mirror, Mirror is a fantastic episode of Star Trek. One of the great things about this episode are the small details that differentiate the alternate universe from the normal universe: the Starfleet logo is a sword going through a planet, crew members give a Nazi-like salute, Spock has a beard, Sulu has a scar and the female uniforms are - amazingly - even more risque than usual.

Throughout all parallel realities and alternate universes, there is one constant: Kirk will always have a woman. In this case, an official “Captain’s Woman.” Marlena’s character is complicated. She’s cynical, scheming, and seems a little bitter about her relationship with Kirk. Her story is never quite resolved. Essentially she just gets left behind, to deal with her brutal reality on her own.

But I don’t worry about her. Any woman who can get that much volume in her hair can do anything, in my opinion.


“I am such a fan of the earlier ones. I’ve seen them so many times and to live up to my own expectations of what I would want to see after these incredible female actors, it’s scary. I tried to not compare myself to them, I tried to create something different which Chris and Tom helped me with. But it’s terrifying going into such a massive franchise and just trying to lean back and trust instinct, and trust the written word, and trust Tom, and it’s just trust, basically.”