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Are you at all worried that Johansson defending her character arc in AoU in will lead to the regurgitation of the sexism claims? She just had an interview Entertainment Weekly and I already see some fans riled up again on Twitter. I have a feeling people will chastise her for not following the fan-base's forceful feminist narrative. Idk sorry this is a lot.

I think that Scarlett is an awkward situation with everything that happened with AOU.  I honestly think she’s doing her best given the position she’s in.  It’s clear from her AOU interviews that she was NOT completely happy with her character arc in AOU, but marvel is her employer technically, and she has to have an ongoing professional relationship with them for future films, so she can’t publicly bash them and call them out on their shit.  

Personally, I do think Natasha’s character arc was very sexist, and Scarlett has dropped subtle comments that show she didn’t like it. That being said, if she’s going to overlook it and move forward with her character, there’s nothing wrong with that and the fandom needs to cut her some slack.  I think the majority of fans recognize that she’s not the person to blame, so hopefully they won’t get mad if she tries to be positive about Natasha’s AOU arc.

And though it shouldn’t be directed at Scarlett, fans have every right to be mad about Natasha’s storyline in AOU.  It wasn’t “sexist claims” or “the fan-base’s forceful feminist narrative” as you put it.  Female marvel fans did not have to “force” or go out looking for any sexism in AOU.  It was blatantly there. When I go to see a film that only already has ONLY one lead female character in a group of men, I should not have to sit through a story line that revolves around a girly crush and the functioning of her uterus.  That’s sexism. The end.