tried to not spoiler anything..

Small book things that prove Shadow Moon is precious

-Shadow Moon cheated on a coin toss so he would purposefully lose and have to buy a hitchhiker dinner (instead of the hitchhiker buying Shadow dinner)

-Shadow Moon left a dead cockroach on a motel floor instead of getting rid of it “out of respect for the dead”

-Actual quote: ”He [Shadow] drove over a big muddy river and laughed out loud when he saw that the name of it, according to the sign, was Big Muddy River”

-Shadow Moon does coin tricks whenever he sees little children to try and entertain them. It’s always his first reaction if he catches a kid looking at him

-Shadow Moon smiles to himself quite often when he is alone 

-When Shadow orders hot chocolate for himself he specifically asks for whipped cream on the top

-Shadow Moon felt proud of himself when he performed coin tricks for adults for the first time, as he always just practiced alone or in front of children 

-When Shadow arrived at his apartment and saw that there was a cat outside of it, he immediately bent down to pet the cat 

-Shadow Moon would go on walks alone and wave at the people (locals and tourists alike) he passed around town

-Shadow bought a bottle of Cabernet as a gift for someone because he had seen “life is a bottle of Cabernet” on a bumper sticker and it made him laugh

-Shadow Moon likes listening to the oldies radio station 

Since I’ve been traipsing around a different continent for the past three months, I haven’t even seen the rest of the season and the finale… but let me tell you what happens anyway after last night’s Apparent Clusterfuck:

As Dean Winchester stands next to his prone angel, morbidly fascinated by the ash wings burned into the ground around his feet, he feels completely and utterly numb. He’s only had the presence of mind not to step on them, an easy thing given the fact that they’re so bare of feathers.

Carefully, and still without thinking, the hunter lowers himself to his knees, brow furrowed and lip trembling as he attempts to process what is clearly right before him.

Castiel is dead.

Still, Dean can’t help extending a shaking hand. His fingers gently trace the curve of Cas’s cheekbone in a way he never would have allowed himself if the other was still breathing, and despite the fact that his mouth feels like sandpaper and he can feel Castiel’s skin turning cold he asks the question anyway:


Dean can feel Sam staring holes through his back, but that’s the extent of any response to his query.

“Cas, wake up.”

His voice is a broken croak, but Dean keeps speaking anyway, turning bolder and more desperate with every second that reality sinks in.

“Cas? Castiel, wake up. Wake up, Cas! Cas!”

He’s pawing at his angel now, vision blurring until he has to blink to clear it. He all but throws himself across Castiel’s torso to uselessly slap at his cheeks in an attempt to rouse him.

“You stupid son of a bitch, wake up! Wake up, Castiel! Don’t you dare leave me, don’t…”

Castiel is still motionless when Dean collapses against him. “Don’t go,” the hunter whispers pitifully into his angel’s neck. He squeezes his eyes shut and swallows a sob. “Please. I… Cas, I…” His heart is in his throat as he turns his head to press a light kiss behind the other’s ear, moving to put his lips against Castiel’s own for the first and last time. “…I love you, you dumb angel,” he murmurs. “So you gotta wake up. Cas. Cas, I love you, so you hafta…”

When nothing happens, Dean curls himself over his angel and cries.

Sam joins him after a time, crouching to put a hand to his shoulder and blinking back tears himself. Soon, though, they have to go. “Dean. Dean, we have to get out of here.”

“Sammy, I–”

“I know. It’ll be okay.”

But when they both turn away from Cas for the first time, God isn’t who they’re expecting to find. In all honesty, they’re not expecting to find anyone… and yet, there he is: Chuck, dressed in a robe and stained pj pants.

“You love my son?” Is all he asks, piercing gaze boring into Dean. Dean takes a step back as if to protect Castiel’s form from his own father, and that apparently is good enough. Chuck nods sagely. “I don’t play favourites, you know,” he says. “I did that once with Lucifer and it didn’t end well… but Castiel is, different. He’s everything I didn’t know I wanted angels to be. He makes mistakes. He learns. And yet every time I bring him back, he ends up risking his life for you.”

Dean holds his breath. Chuck sighs. “I love my son, I would give him the world if I could.” There’s a beat, and Chuck tilts his head to the side. “But we’ve both seen what happens when he has unlimited power. Besides, at the end of the day… I think he really just wants you.”

And then God is gone.

Dean is confused for only a moment before there’s a gasping breath from behind him and a hacking cough, Castiel sitting upright and flushed and so very alive that Dean can do nothing but throw himself to the ground. He tackles Cas in a kiss before the other has time to say a word, pressing him to the floor and putting everything he is into the contact.

When he pulls away, Cas is bright red and smiling with the approximate wattage of the sun. “Dean,” he murmurs, awed. “I’m… I mean, I…”

Dean presses a finger to the other’s plump lips. “I love you,” he says simply.

And Castiel moves to kiss him again.

AnY Chapter 146 Spoilers ➸

Below the cut you will find my personal (and very sloppy) summary of chapter 146 with some pictures. There’s uhh… spoilers and stuff (duh) so be careful XD

Was this chapter worth the secretary at my school finding Hana Yume in my bag, going “Oh my, look it’s Hana to Yume!”, pulling it out in front of the staff and saying, “I used to read this so long ago!” while everyone burst out laughing at us? You bet!

As I will no doubt say until the end of time, please take this summary with a grain of salt. First off, it’s not a word for word translation, it’s a summary, so expect my own personal flair and interpretation to be throughout. Second, and more importantly, I am not fluent in Japanese. I will try to make it clear when I am struggling and unsure, but take everything lightly, as a single kana can throw me off a true meaning and I will not catch more difficult phrases and wordplay. I’m still learning, so keep that in mind.

This aside, enjoy the chapter! I know I sure did ^ ^

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The Signs as Iconic Narumayo Scenes
  • Aries: Maya refusing to perform her first official channeling without seeing Phoenix again first
  • Taurus: Maya drawing a picture of Phoenix in what she thinks are her last moments in Farewell, my Turnabout
  • Gemini: Phoenix losing the drive to defend anyone after Maya leaves for Kurain and only agreeing to help Ema Skye out because she reminds him of Maya in Rise From the Ashes
  • Cancer: Maya sending Phoenix stacks of dvds to watch while in hospital during Turnabout Corner
  • Leo: The Gatewater boat ride cameo with Pearl in AAI
  • Virgo: Phoenix running across a burning bridge for Maya
  • Libra: "Well? How do I look?" "...Maybe you should quit being a spirit medium..."
  • Scorpio: Phoenix breaking down the door of the Channeling Chamber to get to Maya in Reunion and Turnabout
  • Sagittarius: "You know I would never desert you!"
  • Capricorn: Phoenix grieving Maya's 'death' in PL vs. AA
  • Aquarius: Phoenix shouting Dahlia Hawthorne out of Maya's body in Bridge to the Turnabout
  • Pisces: Going to watch the Berry Big Circus together with Pearl in the beginning of Turnabout Big Top

Small talk about Arrrgh and his intelligence.

I feel like Arrrgh is a lot smarter than other trolls give him credit for. Just because he doesn’t speak in long sentences or use long words doesn’t mean he’s dumb. In episode 21 he, a hulking brute, sneaks into Blinky’s library and was reading books to try to find out if there was a way to fix what was happening to him. Vendel tells him he knows of no way to heal him, but he reasons that maybe Vendel just doesn’t know the way yet and goes in search for a way to fix his problem.

I feel like Arrrgh chooses not to speak like that, or that maybe he just can’t, maybe what happened when he was a gumgum did something to him to make his speech off.
In any case Arrrgh is not dumb.


Apparently, Miss Cullen and Miss Hale have a presentation for us.

Feed the Movie. Starring and Written by Troian Bellisario. OMG. I don’t want anyone to think I’m really biased throughout the post due to my love for Troian as I wanted my opinion on this movie to be honest due to its nature, however I didn’t expect anything less from Troian. I have tried to avoid spoilers here too so sorry if I drop some - I’m a tad excited!!

- Troian and Tom (Felton) work so well together, it’s evident that these two have a connection / strong chemistry from the get go and they portray the sibling bond well
- The colour theme is very subtle and seems to be based on pastel colours which is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
- Ben Winchell portrays the loving and caring friend well and it is clear that his character also has great chemistry with Troian’s character (Olivia) and I particularly loved their scenes together as their bond is clearly strong, especially within the sex scene as it is clear that he cares for her stability more so than making love with her
- Some of the scenes were very hard hitting towards the end of the movie but were perfectly carried out in order to avoid controversy
- The scenes at the dinner table with Olivia’s parents made me extremely uncomfortable knowing that Troian must’ve experienced situations like this which I’ll get onto in a bit but it was difficult to put myself into her shoes due to the awkward manner
- I found myself a bit confused at some moments in the movie because I was unsure if Tom Felton’s character (Matt) had actually died and was just tormenting Olivia or if he was still alive to her idk but as the movie went on it became obvious that Matt was the voice controlling Olivia and her mental stability
- I was slightly worried that I would see Olivia as Spencer Hastings and that would take away from the sentimental value of the movie but I found myself relating Olivia more too Troian’s role in the 2010 movie Consent, which may be due to the overlaying of both movies considering the theme of incest
- I have just watched To the Bone on Netflix staring Lily Collins and although I thoroughly enjoyed it and has some similarities to Feed as both central characters follow the theme of anorexia, I was more touched by the portrayal within Feed which may have to do with my emotional attachment to Troian but the writing of Feed helped to show the profession of an eating disorder in more depth in my opinion
- I was slightly worried that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the movie truthfully and I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the content in depth but I was wrong, I was incredibly touched by Troian’s portrayal of Olivia from the start and I felt fully captivated within the story. As the movie went on and the story became more structured, I felt deep sympathy for Olivia as I could see glimpses of Troian’s life within her and it was heartbreaking to realise that Olivia’s eating disorder is based on Troian’s struggles and I think it was extremely brave of her to share her story in this manner when she knows that the media may be ready to belittle her and her movie. The way in which the narrative is told has been beautifully written, directed and portrayed by all of the cast as it addresses obscure themes that may bring up controversy within the media. The hospital scenes especially spoke to me as it was difficult to believe that an actress whom I have followed and admired for years has been through these situations and the intensity of them especially made them hard hitting
- We drastically see Olivia change towards the end of the movie due to way that an eating disorder and grief has controlled her life and it is clear that Troian put a lot of herself into portraying this
- The very last scene is really heartfelt and touching, however I thought that the last shot was quite abrupt - maybe allowing for another film as it didn’t seem like the end?
- Troian’s writing of this story is beautiful and I think the girl has done extremely well and should be immensely proud of herself for telling her story in the way that she did as I’m sure this movie will allow other young and old people alike to address disorders such as anorexia and anxiety and not consider them to be taboo, and hopefully allow them to have the courage to reach out for help

I’m so so so proud of Troian for all the hard work, time and effort she has put into this story. I think it just might be one of the most beautiful and powerful movies that has come out since The Fault in our Stars… what do you think?

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Haha, no I haven’t. The next issue of HanaYume with chapter 147 isn’t going to be out until the 20th here, and that’s the day I’ll likely be picking it up. 

BOOK REVIEW: All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater 

Release Date: October 10, 2017

Age Group: 14+

Genres: Magical Realism, Romance, Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Add it to your Goodreads TBR here.


I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review.

This is a long text post.

There may or may not be spoilers in this review. I tried not to spoil anything since this doesn’t come out until October, but then again, my definition of Spoiler often differs from others’. 

You can check out my original post on Goodreads here.

Also, I know about the drama circulating Goodreads regarding this book. I will not tolerate any hateful comments made regarding my opinion of this drama. 

First of all: 

I’ve read what I like to think is a good chunk of Maggie Stiefvater’s books and though I can appreciate that she has a magical way with words, I have never actually fully stopped to say, “Holy crap. That was beautiful.” This book had me doing that. A lot. I might even call it one of my favourite reads of the year so far. (It has been a good year for books).

In my very honest opinion, All the Crooked Saints is potential one of the best Stiefvater books out there. There are so many components to this book that it’s hard to fully even describe what exactly enthralled me so much about the story. The writing, the weirdness, the matter-of-fact reasoning behind the characters’ lives–it was all done so masterfully. This was truly a modern piece of literary art.

First, let me mention the elephant in the room: the use of Hispanic characters that has apparently become an issue with this book. I’m not Mexican, but I am Latina and I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with the book. The Mexican culture was not appropriated–the Latino concept of religion was flirted with in this novel, but a lot of the stories and mythology (I believe) were a creation of Stiefvater’s mind. I might be wrong, so you’re welcome to correct me (in a polite manner). But honestly, I just saw a story about kids who happened to be Mexican living in New Mexico and whose parents happened to speak Spanish. Frankly, I loved the whole concept of being able to read the Spanish sentences and grasping that extra layer of storytelling. I’m Cuban and if Stiefvater decided to write a story with kids who happened to be Cuban, I’d be all over it. For a world that begs for more POC in YALit, we judge non-POC authors harshly when they write characters that aren’t white, or stereotypical creations of the race they just happen to be.

Now that I’ve voiced my thoughts on that, back to the review!

In true Stiefvater fashion, this book is really weird, but in a beautiful way. The writing, at the beginning, felt very verbose but as the story progressed I began to appreciate it more. With every word and every sentence, Stiefvater created a more detailed picture of the world were miracles could happen. After all, it has to be a very magical world. 

One of the things that always made me feel not entirely invested in The Raven Cycle quartet was the writing because at some level, some of the lines connecting the storylines were occasionally lost on me. While I loved that series, I always felt like I was a step behind in understanding why it was so beautiful and so memorable. I finally understand with All the Crooked Saints. Something just clicked for me as I read and the magic of the writing made it really hard to put this book down. 

The Soria family is made up of peculiar people that together make Bicho Raro (Strange Bug, or Strange Thing–so fitting, imho) a very surreal place. I love the different kinds of people that inhabit this very tiny place in the middle of the desert. Everyone had a story to tell and because Stiefvater is a a fan of showing us different stories that all link up to the main story, we get to hear from a large portion of them. In my opinion, all of the characters in this book are cautionary tales of the imperfection of what it means to be human. We can all learn a little something from each character who is struggling with some aspect of themselves.

The romance in this novel is slow burning but wow, when Stiefvater finally gives it life, it’s a wondrous thing. You’re prepped early on for the potential for romance in that foreshadowing way that this author loves to use, but when it happens it happens like the very miracles that we are told about. There are many layers of miracles in this book that surpass the power of The Saint and of the eye, and the romance is a perfect example. 

My friend, who is an avid fan of Stiefvater, commented that she loves how some of the otherworldly and superstitious stories that Stiefvater included in this book were just stated matter-of-fact, like they just existed. I agree with her because this book makes the unbelievable believable, especially set in a time where anything could have happened. It also plays into the idea that magical and unknown things could potentially happen in very small and rural areas. Its small and remote location is one of the reasons why Bicho Raro was so endearing to me, so add a dose of magic and I’ll be adding it to my must-visit list. 

The use of religion in this book is much like the genre that Stiefvater appears to love to write: it is magically realistic, meaning that while religion is obviously a platform for this story, it isn’t really the message. I like to believe that the message is that while we search for miracles in the holy, it is us who come to terms with what we need to change in ourselves to truly get our miracles. If that makes any sense. 

I may or may not be rambling at this point. 

I think this is a must-read, especially if you’re a fan of Maggie Stiefvater’s previous books. This is such a well-rounded story that you will be aching for the next book from this talented author. The writing is beautiful and weaves a unique story. I don’t know how she does it, but she is a master of really using her gift for words to their full effect. 

Happy reading!

why do people think jack’s being sassy in the few clips we’ve seen of him. he’s not being sassy. he’s not being funny. he’s stating factual information which is being played as humorous. that’s why it’s funny in the first place. because jack isn’t trying to be funny.

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Do you think the implication is that Sawako and Kaz are going to take their relationship to the "next level" if she wants to stay at his place O_O

Hey @wanabeartist!! Thank you for your question! :)


Oh boy…haha! I just posted my translation of Chapter 121, so let’s continue under the cut to avoid spoiling people. Anyone who’s read the chapter or doesn’t mind being spoiled, feel free to join us!

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Bob ruffled her hair. Smile lines crinkled around his eyes. “Until then, my friends, tell the sun and the stars hello for me. And be strong. This may not be the last sacrifice you make to stop Gaea”

He pushed her away gently. “No more time. Go.”

House of Hades © Rick Riordan


Imagine: when Kaneki and the gang escape, they lay low for a couple days. Touka decides to take Kaneki with her on her visit to the hospital. (for the people who speculate Hide being the one in the hospital that Touka was visiting)

 It’s kinda long so under the cut….and I didn’t really edit it and I haven’t written anything in a while and yeah I hope it’s not too bad o(-( XD

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Disclaimer: I’m making the following rec with the full disclosure that I am very easily hyped, so this probably isn’t an impartial or super thorough review. Thoughts might change towards the end of the season, but 5 episodes in, I’m still just as excited as I was by episode 1, so here we go!

I’m enjoying Star Trek Discovery so much! I really feel like this is a Star Trek made for our generation, rather than our parents. I think most of us are fairly unwilling to accept a utopian society at face value; we want to dig beneath its surface, down to the roots and get a good look at how it treats the ‘non-model citizens.’

Centering this new show around Michael, “Starfleet’s first mutineer”, is a move clearly designed to give us insight into how Starfleet treats the elements of society it dislikes most. Observing the way her former peers treat her is very telling. It also lends weight to the history of “Starfleet as a military” vs what we always see, which is “Starfleet the impeccably clean utopian society of explorers” - I think they are developing towards the latter, very much so, but showing a Starfleet in transition is such an exciting move!

Like, holy shit, this is a Starfleet that can conscript in wartime. Holy. Shit. That’s not usually par for what will eventually become a utopia. That’s some heavy stuff.

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agreed, very good scene to play around with and shift focus on different things!

i really didnt do it justice, i couldnt settle on a good composition and bullshitted the bg as always buuuuuuut for a first thing drawn in some time i guess it will do o<-<

also i think this is the first time ive drawn vanitas seriously (maybe bc i dont like his skintight tiddy outfit lol)

thank you for the suggestion! i got several more, ill have something to do for some time <3