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Can you do a tutorial on how to do the trapsprings(springtraps) head at different angels

Alright! Let’s do this! Before we get into it though, I’d just like to say that this is how I like to draw, this isn’t the ultimate guide to drawing trapsprings or anything! Experiment with styles, find a drawing process that works for you! (and use reference because believe me, drawing from memory all the time isn’t always the way to go)

First step is pretty chill^

I had a bit of a hard time showing the thought process behind this one, to be honest! Since the way I draw is a bit stylized, it doesn’t look exaaactly like Springtrap from the games. I could do a tutorial on that too? I should just make 80 tutorials, huh? Yeah I’ll try and do that^

Seriously feel free to break any rule in this guide^

Drawing the ears is actually really important for indicating the direction he’s facing and the angle the head is at. For complex perspective, the rectangular prism thing really helps to draw them! ^

The way I drew the mouth here was a bit closer to the games than I sometimes tend to draw. You don’t have to draw the lines to split the head up, you can draw it stylized. I just thought that this way worked better for learning to draw the head at different angles

I tried to draw up a few different angles for you guys to look at, all the steps are colored like in the first one. I didn’t wanna make this post toooo long, so they’re all just on one picture. (ok the one on the bottom left is atrocious and I am very sorry about that)

So yeah there was another vague tutorial on drawing The Sproing, hopefully it was at least a little bit coherent and can help some people out. Maybe making an actual video of the process could be cool, who knows, might do that…

Thanks for the ask, have a nice day/night!

I am ALL for “everyone thinks we’re dating -and oh shit maybe we kind of are” obikin aus. Like imagine anakin trying to kiss padme and she just /goes off/ on him bc how dare he try to cheat on obiwan?? and with her of all ppl and ani is just standing dumbfounded and before he can explain to her that they aren’t dating she stomps off, so obviously he goes and tells obiwan about it like “lol padme thinks were dating” and obiwan tells him about how yoda tried to give him dating advice earlier and they both just don’t get it??? Like sure they spend 99% of their time together and live together and are domestic af, but why would anyone think they were dating?? Of course there isn’t any unresolved sexual tension between them hahaha! Definitely not! And basically i just want to see these losers taking way toooo long figuring out their feelings while everyone else gives them way too much credit and assumes they already have


Please have a look if you love Daesung… You’ll love him more! <3 

(PLEASE credit me if you want to take these out… All words and translations and pictures are by me. Thank you :D)

The concert started out with the band jamming to the nice beat and Daesung appears from the bottom of the stage and the first song was Sunny Hill. He wore bright red suits, which kind of surprised me because he was wearing simple white jacket last year. Him in red was so bright and shining!

The first day I could kinda feel his nervousness through his voice but he looked happy to see the full venue ;)

During the first short MC before singing his new single Rainy Rainy, Dae says

“Last year’s tour concept was DISCOVER and I have discovered everyone’s love. So this year is D’SLOVE, which means that I want to give back the love I received. I have also decided to make my original songs this year and this Rainy Rainy is a song that is perfect for the rainy season in Japan now.”

Before singing the new cover songs Dae says

“Last year everybody requested what I should sing and decided to sing them but this year, I won’t listen to anyone! I will sing songs that I choose!” and he sings ‘Furui Nikki’ originally by Wada Akiko which is a very old song hahaha



On Day2, there was a powerful fan guy near the stage and Dae kept teasing him. The guy did his best to sing and Dae decides to give him his water that’s on the stage. Then he says

“I always pick on guys like this but I am not gay!!” hahahaha

Then there’s a break and they showed a video of Dae spending his holiday at Hokkaido. THIS WAS SUPER CUTE.

He just goes out in the snow and makes snow angels and goes to have fun doing various stuff there (the DVD that’ll get released with the new Album will have the entire video of this they said. Can’t wait to watch them!)

Dae talked about making the Japanese version of Try Smiling saying “We chose to make this because the shacho(CEO) suggested we should make this and put it in the new album.  If he didn’t suggested it, it never happened.”


During MC Daesung sometimes does this random things like, “Okay I’m so tired. Let me take a break for 15 seconds. Turn the lights off!” and just lays down on the stage and does sexy moves… He is toooo cute!

 The second day, he starts showing off his muscles. haha

Here’s the long MC… I’ve recorded it and tried to be accurate on my translation so take a look… He is just too sweet T_T

“I’m so happy to be singing. It will be almost 10 years since I debut and last year, I went through the toughest tour schedule in Japan. I was very tired physically and mentally, but I was able to go through it by getting the power from the fans. I really just want to appreciate. I’ve been singing for 10 years but I still get nervous on stage. My job is to sing for everyone and even when I’m exhausted and losing my voice, when I see everyone, my voice comes out. When I’m on stage, it feels like I’m making the performance with all of you, including the band, chorus, staffs, and the fans. The moment when I feel everyone’s feelings and heart, I am just very very happy. It’s the most precious treasure for me. The schedule of preparing the tour again must have been very difficult for the staffs and also the fans. And I really want to keep making new, fun memories. Let’s keep them happening.

I have been recently thinking about my job, singer. The best part of being a singer is being able to look at the past pictures and videos and recall the good moments. Even when the time passes or when we feel tired and sometimes forget those good moments, we can look back at those videos and all of us can feel close. I want to be everyone’s friend who you can feel close and always in your heart even when we are far apart. Thank you and please keep supporting me.

As you know, my throat isn’t strong and there are so many things I am not good at. But when I wake up every morning, I always appreciate that I am able to be a singer and sing. Thank you so much.”


There’s another break and shows a video of Dae introducing the merch again… so, so cute… This will be in the DVD hopefully. 

ENCORE IS SO MUCH FUN. Dae even sings Fantastic Baby… ALL THE PARTS!

and here’s this chain again…. Guitarist Susumu-chan is crazy haha


After singing so much encore and re-encore, Dae says

“My final song will be what I sang for the opening last year. I don’t usually use the phrases in this song in real life but it really shows my feelings so I chose to sing it to show my love to you all.”

He sings “Utautai no Ballad”.

He really sings his heart out and after singing the part “There is something I’ve always wanted to tell you. It’s short but listen… I love you”, He looks at us and says, “thank you, I’m so happy” TEARS.


I bet he’ll do new things throughout :D



1. Hinoataru Sakamichi

2. Zenryoku Shonen

3. I Love You

4. AI

5. Rainy Rainy

6. Samete, Nemure

7. Furui Nikki

8. Seesaw Game


10. Aitakute Ima

11. Try Smiling

12. Yume no Tsubomi

13. Baby Don’t Cry

14. Joyful

15. Hello


Look at me Gwisoon

Fantastic Baby

Zenryoku Shonen


Utautai no Ballad