tried to make it smaller

oh my god

okay so I asked for Ladybug DVD volumes 2 and 3 for Christmas, knowing that vol3 was only available for pre-order at the time. Today it came in the mail and I was stoked bc this one has the origins and also supporting the show and whatnot. So it’s here and I love it.

On the box packaging is this sticker and as I read it I go “huh, what’s a door hanger?” thinking it’s a mini poster or something with some string or whatever to hang on a nail or hook on your door like a room sign or letter like cool that’s awesome, was not expecting a free poster hooray.

I open the DVD case and folded in half just sitting on top of the disc, not even in the tab things in the case front, is thIS THING LIKE WHAT YOU HANG ON A HOTEL DOOR TO TELL THE STAFF IF YOU’RE IN THERE OR NOT


okay whatever not hanging that on my FREAKING DOOR but still cute

and then I got to thinking. wait a second. don’t these things always have some sort of “leave me alone” saying on one side?? and if for whatever reason this side has nothing written on it then…


the moral of the story is support the shows you like and sometimes you get fun surprises like this bc marketing is always looking for the next hip new thing

like door hangers


So it’s Tummy Tuesday I know but please bare with me…. there’s a bit of a story with these.

I wanna thank @valykas for posting something a few days ago that really hit a nerve with me. He posted some stuff about body positivity and being called out for basically not having the right to promote it coz people thought he was too hot etc. After a chat with him it made me realise that up till these pics I’ve always tried to find the right angle to hide my belly or make it look smaller. I’ve posted what I thought people wanted to see and not necessarily who I actually am.

People of all shapes and sizes have the right to be or not be happy with how they look.

I might lose followers coz of these pics and this rant but it’s me, plain and simple. Sorry for going on 😔



I haven’t drawn my gemsona Cat-eye in so long so have some sketches

art © riu-sen | more art

I am whitewashed.


I am a thirteen year old American Born Chinese, and have been influenced by the white culture all of my life. My elementary school years (grades 1-6) were not very diverse, and I spent most of my time with the popular white kids. At times, I wanted to be them. I envied their supposedly beautiful blue and green eyes, and perfect noses. I admired the freckles that dotted some of their faces, and the exotic blonde and red hairs on their heads.

I was exposed to all kinds of media: at home, in the movie theater, on the freeway, at school, and even out of the country. I wanted to be pale, like them. I tried to make my nose smaller, to look sharper and higher. I even wanted to live the “real” American lifestyle- the one with the soccer moms, hanging out with friends at In-N-Out, and crushing on boys at sixteen.

I wanted it all, and it made me feel more insecure about myself that I had ever been. Whenever I was exposed to Asian media, my subconsciousness compared them to the white celebrities that I knew of in my mind, and instantly judge that book by its cover. I instinctively looked up to my white peers, and longed to be their friends. I even told myself one year that I should make more white friends.

From my first year of elementary school to my third, I was occasionally called “China” or “Asia,” and my non-asian peers would pull the corners of their eyes into slits to tease me. I was faced with several stereotypes, and asked racist questions, like, “You must be really smart. Do you have a tiger (super strict) mom?” or “My father says that all the products that come from China are bad-quality. Is that true?” These questions were not considered racist at the time amongst the student population, for we all did not know the true meaning of racism, but they still hurt.  

I recently transferred to a considerably more “asian” community, with over 60% of my school’s population being asian. I am still white-washed, though, even if it pains me to admit it. I still long for white recognition, though it is not fully present in my mind. I still want to be part of that white community, though my heart and conscience say that “it isn’t right. It’s racist. It’s not good.” I still have to tell myself, everyday, that everyone is equal, and that I should treat everyone equally– not only on the outside, but on the inside, too… but the back of my mind questions these beliefs. I still don’t fully believe those words… and it will take me a long time to do so. 

I am whitewashed, and I believe that many of my peers are, too.

(all is unedited and completely non fiction)

SW: Thank you for this honest submission. There are so many people who sympathize with your experience and intimately know what you are going through and are thriving. 

However, you are not whitewashed. You are becoming cognizant of the illusion that you are worthless. You are not and never will be worthless. As you have noted in your post, you lack self-esteem and are working to undo a long exposure to whiteness and white supremacy. None of this is your fault - you are no less than anyone. Our society is a lie, it’s nefarious in categorizing and stratifying people superficiality and for imposing disgusting forms of oppression. You are awakening from and slowly rejecting the indoctrinated, poisonous delusion you’ve been forced to accept and live through. And that is so wonderful. Please congratulate yourself because that is a huge step towards inner peace and your personal development of maturation. 

You are already off to a great start. Your journey to self-acceptance and love will be emotional, fun, long, and at times exhausting, but it’s a fulfilling, gratifying, and necessary experience that will change you for the better and will help you learn to not just tolerate, but fiercely embrace yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

You are young, going through the growing pains of being a teenager, coming into your own and figuring our yourself your identity, and starting the process of discovering your purpose in life. As you know, this will take time. That is normal and okay. None of the disparaging thoughts you have about yourself will ever diminish the greatness that you already are. Always know that you are a Divine, Strong. and Beautiful Chinese girl making her way in this world one thought, one feeling, one action at a time.

We, at StopWhitewashing, celebrate you and commend you for this submission. We wish you well and hope the best for you and your future.  

I love Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane, but Sleepy Hollow just isn’t the same without Abbie :(

Crane’s reunion with Jenny was touching though. ❤️

i kinda just wish that the show would continue with a Crane and Jenny partnership (with no romantic aspect ofc!) instead of introducing all these new characters, though I think I already like the two at the agency (i already forgot their names).


reasons orphan black is the most amazing thing to ever amaze [1/?]: felix + helena being precious af in 2.10 by means which have never yet been tried.

Helena. Did you burn down the fish people’s ranch?

It got easier, didn’t it? To be quieter. Less opinionated. To fold yourself up and tuck yourself neatly away. To fit into the glove box of the wrong person’s car. You thought you took up too much space, didn’t you? You tried to make yourself smaller, lighter, more compact. You wanted to be the world or nothing at all.
—  How That One Person Changes You (k.p.k)

This is something what my sis recorded me in the beginning of this month when TMNT movie came in theaters gotta love Raphael’s little “jolt” <3 Though I don’t know what the hell happened since in my phone this video is crystal clear etc. but when I moved it in my laptop it isn’t even near as clear anymore… But please, try to enjoy anyways!

If the gifs won’t play, go to my page! They should work there and if not, then I make these gifs smaller. Fuck, took me 3 tries to make these damn gifs work. Tumblr’s gif system sucks ass at times…

time travel gencloud au

wow, i didnt expect this to be so long - over 3k words!! this is only my second foray into ff7 fanfic, and is by far the angstiest, most self-indulgent thing i have ever produced with my own two hands. if it wasnt clear before that my favourite genre is h/c, i think it will be now
this is set initially post-DoC, where Genesis becomes the newest threat post-Deepground and Cloud is forced to kill him at the Planet’s request to save the world (which im pretty sure is where they were going with that sequel hook anyway). im not entirely satisfied with it, especially Cloud’s dialogue which gave me a lot of trouble, but im just gonna post it lmao

One last task for the planet, Aerith had called it, appearing in his dreams with her typical brand of afterlife-induced mysticism and cryptic statements. One last task, and after this the Planet would have nothing more to ask – not from him nor from anyone else. While that sounded slightly ominous to Cloud, he had very little left to lose from accepting her offer. His boots clicked against the stone floor as he slowly advanced towards Aerith’s pool of water, still safely ensconced in the church and surrounded by more flowers than ever before. 

The flowers swayed as a gentle breeze blew through the church, their colours illuminated by the sunlight streaming through the derelict wall. He slowly lowered himself to sit by the side of the water, mindful of the fragile blossoms. His reflection stared impassively back at him as he gazed into the depths, and he was struck by how weary he looked. Years of defending the Planet had cost him dearly, and while he was still young in years the emotional toll could be seen in his worn features. 

I wonder what he say, Cloud thought suddenly, but scoffed at the thought almost as quickly as it had appeared. He had delighted in his vanity, going so far as to maintain Cloud’s looks almost as though they were an extension of his own. At least, he had before, before Cloud had-

Shaking his head to divest himself of such thoughts, he began unbuckling his gear. He couldn’t afford to go down that road – Aerith had told him that he would have to ‘just let go’, whatever that meant, and Cloud doubted that dwelling on his mistakes was going to help. He laid First Tsurugi reverently on the edge of the pool, so that there was no mistaking where he had gone. 

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Angel (WarrenWorthington)- Wings

Request: Can yo do an imagine with Angel? Like, you have a similar mutation to him, only that yours can adapt to anything (like they can become rock solid or metal like his, etc.) Thanks

Hello hello. Sorry these requests have taken so long. Hopefully I start to get back in the habit of writing now! Again sorry but I hope you all enjoy :)
It’s been a while since I’ve written so I’ll admit this isn’t my best.

~Much love, Ive

You soared above the buildings. Your wings becoming more powerful the higher you flew. You were oddly proud of your mutation, the way your wings would change depending on your surroundings. If you needed to you wrap them around you and they’d turn to metal and act as a shield. The hardest part was hiding them, when you let them stay in their natural state they were dark black feathers, kind of like a raven. You tried to make them smaller but it hadn’t worked, you could turn them into rock or metal so why couldn’t you make them smaller?

You’d been flying for so long now. You needed to land soon, you were exhausted. You flew past the city in hope that there wouldn’t be as many people around to notice you and your mutation. A big field caught your eye, the grass was slightly yellow but it’d have to do. You angled yourself and started to decline into the field. Usually you had your landing nailed but there was something wrong today, instead of landing perfectly on your two feet you stumbled and rolled along the prickly grass, your wings suddenly becoming more fluffy and soft to cushion your fall. You’d been flying for so long it was probably exhaustion that caused you to fall. You stood, brushing the dry grass off you and your wings.

“Whoa!” You heard a small voice from close by. Your head shot up and looked for the person who had spoken. A blonde boy about your age caught your eye but what stood out the most was his huge metal wings. You stared at them, they were beautiful, he was beautiful. “Nice wings.” He smiled as he took a few steps towards you.

“Um thank you.” You stammered, feeling a little shaken form your fall and also slightly embarrassed, “I normally land better than that.”

“Your wings… they changed-“

“Yeah, they do that. Are yours always metal?” You tilted your head to the side, wanting to get a better look a them.

“They are now, they used to be feathered like yours… but it’s a long story. I’m Warren by the way.”

“Y/N,” You introduced yourself, “I’ve got time, I’d love to hear about your wings.” I smiled, wanting to spend more time with him.

“You sure?” I nodded, “Well then Y/N, take a seat.” He gestured to the grass and you plonked down, he sat beside you and started to speak, telling you this amazing story that you wouldn’t have believed if you hadn’t been a mutant yourself.

“That’s amazing.” You breathed out when he was finished. He blushed a little, and dropped his gaze to the floor.

“Y/N, I know this is a little weird but… but can I touch your wings?” He asked, looking little embarrassed. No one had ever asked that before, people usually called you a freak but Warren was different, “Sorry, I just…” He stammered after you hadn’t replied.

“No, just no one has ever wanted to. I mean, of course you can touch them.” He reached a hand out and stroked the black feathers. His hands were soft against your feathers and having him touch your wings felt much more magical than anything else.

“They’re beautiful.” He smiled, “You’re beautiful.”

pixxelshade  asked:

Diana and her nervous or bad habbits?

She has a bad habit of hugging people too hard. She doesn’t mean to hug so tightly and even tries to make a reminder for herself to be more gentle with smaller creatures. But if she gets too excited, well, brace yourselves for a possible spine crushing bear hug from a giant bat monster. 

dont-forget-to-keep-dreaming  asked:

But like Adam and Ronan cuddling tho who do u think is the small spoon?????

hmmmm that’s an interesting question and honestly, i think it’s a tie??

  • like, okay, adam tends to sleep curled up. it calms him down, but also he’s used to it from too many godawful nights spent curled in on himself in his tiny bed at the double-wide, trying to make himself as small as possible so his father’s anger would stop leaving marks (perhaps next time he’ll make a smaller target, perhaps if he tries hard enough he’ll disappear)
  • obviously sleeping curled up means that ronan’s the big spoon, because he curls himself right around adam like he wants to shelter him with his body (which, to be fair, he does); he buries his face in the soft hair at the back of adam’s neck, taking in the smell of shampoo and forest and boy, and listens to adam’s breathing even out like he’s comfortable and at peace, like ronan’s safe for him to be around instead of something with too many edges to cut himself on, which always makes ronan fall asleep with a small, awed smile and his heart beating just a little too fast
  • but then other nights, when adam’s feeling less tired or more curious or just a bit electric and restless, he likes to go to sleep tracing ronan’s back tattoo with light, steady fingers. he loves the way that it makes ronan shiver (and try to hide that he’s shivering), and he loves even more the way ronan shifts incrementally closer to him, until adam has no room to move his hands anymore, so instead he traces the ink with careful lips, on ronan’s neck and down the slope of his shoulder
  • on those occasions ronan lies very still and lets adam learn him in all the ways no one has before (and in all the ways he knows he won’t want anyone else to learn him ever again); he closes his eyes and focuses on the feeling of adam’s beautiful, clever hands on his bare skin until they both fall asleep, with one of adam’s hands spread palm-down between ronan’s shoulderblades and the other one held tight in ronan’s own hands, over ronan’s heart
  • b a s i c a l l y they switch it up a lot but the common denominator is that whenever they’re sleeping together they both sleep super well regardless of who spoons who ♥