tried to make it look like concept art

pokedexxy 16, fav steel

I really love skarmory in concept, but then its wings are just so dumb. Like how can it even get airborne with three long silly feathers sticking out of its shoulders? and like you cant even blame it on the rule of cool because its not. So I tried to make it look a little more bird-y, and I’m pretty fond of the result! pretty happy with everything about this really…


Could Zarmei become Canon? OKOK This seems really far fetched but like if you look at Mei’s winter spray she’s making a bear out of ice and snow. Zarmei ship name is called Ice bears and One of Zarya’s voiceline is “i want to hug you like big fuzzy Siberian bear.” So is she thinking of zarya when making the sculpture?
Arguably yes it is a panda but still it’s a bear!!!

Also if we look at Mei’s early concept art, you can see that her ice flamethrower which you could probably stick in your ass if you tried hard enough is actually similar to Zarya’s particle cannon in terms of the stuff at the bottom, the fairly sleek ends and the way it’s held is almost if not identical.

Furthermore, in the comic reflections, both women are on television and nonetheless beside one another and above so why are they next to one antoher and why couldn’t be beside zarya or something. The writers of the comic have also used the tv to forshadow that pharah is spending time with her dad in the comic so could this be symbolic?

On overwatch’s official twitter page, there was a post displaying each character through emojis and for zarya is a rainbow. Rainbows represent the LGBTQ community forshadowing that Zarya could be the next LGBT character canonically which also means that she and mei would have a chance of dating.

I’m not sure if it is farfetched or not but it is a lot to dwell on…

Been wanting to doodle Linkle for a while! Now to finish some overdue work ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

I liked her earlier concept art with the longer gloves so I’m going to draw her like that simply because I can. Tried to capture some of Link’s adventuring spirit!

i built a house! really, really inspired by up concept art, i swear it’s GORGEOUS!!! 

this one is for the gang, because what more do i want than three gems in a balloon-propelled house? + i tried to make it look like serpentine’s laboratory was built into the mountain long after the house was built, which is entirely accurate, let’s be real.

So @cyberamethyst and I all discussed ANOTHER PATF au. They brought up this:
Just think of the old concept of “Wild Times,” ok….IT’S LIKE, LIKE, TIANA’S PALACE! 

Anyway, I drew this for them. Hehehe. This was practice really, but I still feel pretty good about it. I honestly got lazy near the end, but I tried to make it appealing still ^^;;;;

Hope you all enjoy this little tribute to what could have been “Zootopia,” and POSSIBLY a new au? However you feel. (This is not my AU! Do not credit me for this amazing idea!)

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So in the interest of actually using this, I’ll start reposting some old work and put some un-used concepts here. This one is of Elise’s different outfits in Archie Sonic Online.

Adapting Elise from 3D to 2D was..interesting. I still wanted her to look like Elise but I had to simplify the 3D design and make it fit the comics. I took cues from the Reboots version of Madonna and simplified the dress wherever I could. I tried to give her clothes hints of the original outfit in every incarnation.

Though for the sake of simplicity, the image in the top right is going to be her ‘new’ default outfit for the comics. At least when I do them. :B


*throws Human-ish Bill design into the sea*


i tried to figure out how to make the design for shadow in this au to be more obviously different than normal shadow and ended up drawing silver too? also there’s 2 silvers. don’t worry about it. also my pen pressure wouldnt work while i was drawing these so thats why theyre kinda bad-looking

the 2 silvers don’t actually have different eye colors i just thought it would be cool if his eyes changed color when he did the telekinetic-y thing, also the forehead quill things would fold down like that when he’s not doing the telekinesis thing which is actually something i remember seeing some concept art of (i think it got removed because it was hard to animate or something? i dont remember) also the weird headphone things might have also been from some different concept art but i dont entirely remember. i used to look at silver concept art a lot for some reason 


A concept for a prosthetic arm for Tamlen I’ve been working on in the last days :D I’ve tried to make the whole thing look a bit like it could be a schematic done by Dagna (because she would definitely build an awesome prosthetic for the Inquisitor so he can fight on like he used to). Therefore the scribbly “notes” and arrows pointing to some of the most important features. I also did some research on real life prosthetics from the past and present (and I found some really cool stuff). This one was inspired by both, plus some magic :D

Overall I wanted to give the arm an organic and simple look, with some decorative elements that reflect the skill of its creators. Tamlen values good craftsmanship a lot, no matter if it’s practical and fitting armour, the elegant curve of a sharp blade or the delicate silver and golden ornaments on fine clothing or jewelry.

I’m still a bit undecided about the materials the prosthetic is made from. Either it’s mainly made from wood or alternatively ironbark. Wood is lighter and has a more natural, warm feeling to it than pure metal. Ironbark on the other hand is incredibly durable and Dagna would work together with clan Lavellan to craft the arm. Only Dalish know how to create things from ironbark while Dagna would take care of the conception, assembly and enchantment of the prosthetic. I liked the idea of their corporation a lot.

The three big circles on the prosthetic (one on the back of the hand, two on the arm) are places where runes are added to it to “power” it, e.g. make it possible for Tamlen to move his wrist or fingers. There’s also some lyrium embedded into the arm. I imagine the arm’s added functionality to be similar to any “normal” enchantment of a weapon or armour.

What was really important to me (because it’s important to Tamlen) is a high flexibility of the hand and fingers that comes close or is even equal with what a real hand could also do. By that (and with lots of practise and patience) he can for example pick locks again - or, even simpler, put on his armor or even just clothing with buckles, many buttons or lacing without the help of someone else. Although to him it’s probably also important to just be able to hold a dagger in his left hand again. The palm and fingers are covered with leather for a better grip and each finger comes with a metal fingernail. A little extra (that was originally Sera’s idea) is a tiny secret compartment in the arm, just big enough to hide a key or lockpick, maybe also a letter or just anything that could turn out useful in a difficult situation and/ or that could/ should be carried around secretly.

As I mentioned there is some lyrium embedded into the arm to activate it’s magic. One line that runs accross the palm was originally intended to just be decorative and mimic the natural lines that everybody has on their hands. Somehow it ironically also turned out looking a bit like the anchor, especially because of the slight glow of the lyrium. It seems like Tamlen will never get rid of his glowing hand… but this time he takes it a little more lightly :’D

I might color some of these concepts later once I’ve decided for a material. Or maybe I’ll make a drawing with Tamlen wearing this… anyways it was so much fun to think of this concept, I haven’t done something comparable in a while :D