tried to make it look like concept art

Been wanting to doodle Linkle for a while! Now to finish some overdue work ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

I liked her earlier concept art with the longer gloves so I’m going to draw her like that simply because I can. Tried to capture some of Link’s adventuring spirit!

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HI, I just wanted to say you have a great site. I noticed you put up a number of art drawings and I am not sure if you have looked here but have you seen Matt Rhodes Concept Art for for Dragon Age? It has some great official concept art from Dragon Age 2 including Fenris and Merril. I would love to hear some of your comments on this. The first part is about Mass Effect but halfway down is about Dragon Age. Thanks again.

Hey Nony!

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. We went through quite a few Matt Rhodes posts (the man is everywhere!!) to find the one we thought you were talking about.  Anyone who hasn’t seen Matt’s review of DA2’s concept art is missing out.

All four of the Sisters Wyrd sat down together for tea and to talk about these designs.

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Could Zarmei become Canon? OKOK This seems really far fetched but like if you look at Mei’s winter spray she’s making a bear out of ice and snow. Zarmei ship name is called Ice bears and One of Zarya’s voiceline is “i want to hug you like big fuzzy Siberian bear.” So is she thinking of zarya when making the sculpture?
Arguably yes it is a panda but still it’s a bear!!!

Also if we look at Mei’s early concept art, you can see that her ice flamethrower which you could probably stick in your ass if you tried hard enough is actually similar to Zarya’s particle cannon in terms of the stuff at the bottom, the fairly sleek ends and the way it’s held is almost if not identical.

Furthermore, in the comic reflections, both women are on television and nonetheless beside one another and above so why are they next to one antoher and why couldn’t be beside zarya or something. The writers of the comic have also used the tv to forshadow that pharah is spending time with her dad in the comic so could this be symbolic?

On overwatch’s official twitter page, there was a post displaying each character through emojis and for zarya is a rainbow. Rainbows represent the LGBTQ community forshadowing that Zarya could be the next LGBT character canonically which also means that she and mei would have a chance of dating.

I’m not sure if it is farfetched or not but it is a lot to dwell on…

pokedexxy 16, fav steel

I really love skarmory in concept, but then its wings are just so dumb. Like how can it even get airborne with three long silly feathers sticking out of its shoulders? and like you cant even blame it on the rule of cool because its not. So I tried to make it look a little more bird-y, and I’m pretty fond of the result! pretty happy with everything about this really…


*throws Human-ish Bill design into the sea*

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wait. Wait. WAIT. Percabeth goes to WDW.


@lililibird​ and I had a big discussion about this so prepare yourself for a bunch of Percabeth Disney headcanons! ( @ishelmascarinas I feel like you’ll enjoy this. )

  • Percy loves Disney movies because he used to watch them all the time with Sally. Her favourite is The Little Mermaid, but his favourite is Finding Nemo. They watched Hercules a lot, too. Sally’s fond of Meg.
  • So Percy’s seen all the classics, and he thinks Annabeth looks most like Aurora but acts most like Belle (or perhaps a scarier version of Jane from Tarzan). 
  • One time he casually mentioned that someone (probably Grover) had told him he looked like Prince Eric, once, and ever after Annabeth teases him by calling him The Little Merman.
  • Chiron had movie nights sometimes when Annabeth was young and tried to show her some of the Disney classics, but she was too agitated to really focus and he was missing most of the movies from his collection anyway.
  • When Percy finds out she’s never seen most of the renaissance movies he makes her marathon them with him. Annabeth surprises herself by absolutely loving most of them.
  • She admires all the castles and looks up concept art and background art and prattles on about the skill of the animation technique, the switch from 2D to 3D animation, etc.
  • Percy promises he’ll take her to the parks one day and she just shrugs it off because that’s not what demigods get to do, it’s just not. But of course Percy keeps his promise because he’s Percy and he knows what promises mean to Annabeth.
  • Her eyes just light up when she sees the forced perspective of Main Street USA and Cinderella Castle for the first time and Percy almost cries because look how happy she is.
  • The forced perspective stuff is her favourite she literally just spouts off facts like crazy about the park and how strategically designed it is. She points out all the little design tricks like, “Hey, you see how there’s a trash can within 30 feet of us at all times? How genius is that?” and Percy just stares at her like ‘a literal parade of animated characters just walked past you and you’re talking about TRASH CANS????’ but obviously deep down he’s just happy that she’s excited, even if it is about receptacle spacing. 
  • She keeps going on about it and Percy’s fondly exasperated, like, “Can’t you just enjoy the magic?” and she turns to him with the biggest smile and practically yells, “This is me enjoying the magic, Percy, it’s all so incredible and knowing how it works makes it even MORE MAGICAL!” 
  • Percy actually swears to everything that the Disney magic is real because he hasn’t seen her act like a 5 year old… ever! She just throws herself into it wholeheartedly and it’s such a glorious time for both of them.
  • Percy on Splash Mountain and watching Fantasmic. *nods solemnly*
  • He rides Rock n Roller Coaster a MILLION DAMN TIMES. He has to be dragged away, literally. The two of them go on it over and over ask to sit at the front and then the back and debate over which was better (pro tip: it’s the back, it goes faster). Percy sings along to Aerosmith and Annabeth just screams.
  • They go on every ride. Annabeth is definitely a ride screamer, which is endlessly entertaining considering how tough she normally is. Percy makes a lot of inappropriate jokes about making her scream before remembering they’re at a family institution.
  • Maybe Annabeth surprises everyone by saying her favourite ride is one of the animatronic ones like Ariel’s Undersea Adventure because the animatronics are so impressive and also it makes her think of Percy and she’s so glad she gets to sit snuggled up with him in a clam shell singing along to some of his favourite songs.
  • Annabeth loves Celebrate the Magic. 
  • IMAGINE THEM AT THE WISHES FIREWORKS SHOW!!! THE AWE IN THEIR EYES, and afterwards they just stand there holding hands and Percy’s like, “Well, that just ruined camp fireworks for me forever.“ 
  • They meet all the characters and they’re so excited by it! Annabeth is on a mission to collect as many autographs as possible, she is out for blood and you can bet she’s going to have that book perfectly organised with autographs and matching photos a week after they get home.
  • Percy eats all the food. Every Disney-exclusive food, he tries at least once. He eats his way around the world at Epcot and it’s just amazing.
  • They stay at The Art of Animation Resort and good luck getting Percy out of the Finding Nemo pool with the underwater speakers. He runs straight in and uses his powers to turn the fountains onto Annabeth and he pretends to talk to the character statues until she’s falling over herself laughing. He keeps staying under for way too long, listening to the music through the speakers, and she keeps having to drag him up or hit him and remind to come up so the lifeguards don’t get suspicious. 
  • They deck themselves out in merchandise. 
  • They get a cliche but adorable couples kiss photo in front of the castle. Percy is all for it and even though she’s hesitant, he eventually goads Annabeth into it. She’s like “Fine but make it quick-” AND PERCY JUST STRAIGHT UP DIPS HER AND IT’S THE BEST CASTLE PHOTO EVER and Annabeth blushes for 9 days but she actually cherishes the photo so, so much for ever and ever amen.   

i built a house! really, really inspired by up concept art, i swear it’s GORGEOUS!!! 

this one is for the gang, because what more do i want than three gems in a balloon-propelled house? + i tried to make it look like serpentine’s laboratory was built into the mountain long after the house was built, which is entirely accurate, let’s be real.

So @cyberamethyst and I all discussed ANOTHER PATF au. They brought up this:
Just think of the old concept of “Wild Times,” ok….IT’S LIKE, LIKE, TIANA’S PALACE! 

Anyway, I drew this for them. Hehehe. This was practice really, but I still feel pretty good about it. I honestly got lazy near the end, but I tried to make it appealing still ^^;;;;

Hope you all enjoy this little tribute to what could have been “Zootopia,” and POSSIBLY a new au? However you feel. (This is not my AU! Do not credit me for this amazing idea!)

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Age of legends-

Something I was doing for Mito’s week… that one is for you, renaerys, since you liked that samurai AU idea back then, It took so long I almost forgot the concept of this one…  (lol)

I think I tried a “paintery” style in this one, not sure if I like it. It was difficult to make the armors, but Hashirama looks nice on some feudal lord kimonos :)


i tried to figure out how to make the design for shadow in this au to be more obviously different than normal shadow and ended up drawing silver too? also there’s 2 silvers. don’t worry about it. also my pen pressure wouldnt work while i was drawing these so thats why theyre kinda bad-looking

the 2 silvers don’t actually have different eye colors i just thought it would be cool if his eyes changed color when he did the telekinetic-y thing, also the forehead quill things would fold down like that when he’s not doing the telekinesis thing which is actually something i remember seeing some concept art of (i think it got removed because it was hard to animate or something? i dont remember) also the weird headphone things might have also been from some different concept art but i dont entirely remember. i used to look at silver concept art a lot for some reason 


So in the interest of actually using this, I’ll start reposting some old work and put some un-used concepts here. This one is of Elise’s different outfits in Archie Sonic Online.

Adapting Elise from 3D to 2D was..interesting. I still wanted her to look like Elise but I had to simplify the 3D design and make it fit the comics. I took cues from the Reboots version of Madonna and simplified the dress wherever I could. I tried to give her clothes hints of the original outfit in every incarnation.

Though for the sake of simplicity, the image in the top right is going to be her ‘new’ default outfit for the comics. At least when I do them. :B


Secret Project Process Week: TUESDAY

Kids! Or teens, actually. I don’t like doing character design. Often I’ll try to do a bunch of options, because that is what teachers/books/real designers say and what seems to make sense, but I usually keep coming back to my original ideas. I don’t have an Art Director to push me in different directions or encourage/discourage avenues of exploration. I sorted out the broad strokes for these guys a while back, now I’m just seeing how they fit together.

Speaking of broad strokes, I tried using a brush pen for some actual drawings, which is not something I’ve done much of. I like how it looks. Maybe I’ll invest in a decent real brush pen (portability is good).


Thank you everyone for the feedback! I know a lot of people liked the teal one (I did too, and that might be a color choice I’ll make later), but the shapes and colors of the blue variations of Sora really seemed to resonate with what we had in mind for her. The ‘ears’ on this seem to have more room for expression, and she does seem more alien and less like a digimon (I hope).

I mixed the two concepts together and tried to make more of a character illustration out of it, just messing around. Sort of looks like a watercolor? Not really though.

isn’t she just so fuzzy adorable tho

Day 24 - Favourite Kalos legendary: Yveltal

Even though I love Xerneas’s majestic beauty, a huge bird of death takes the spot for me. The design is just amazing and I love the concept. Yveltal is definitely a fearsome beast that fits its role perfectly. I quite like this design. Yveltal’s “hands” are pretty interesting. While I don’t think of them as real hands I didn’t want to make them just feathers either. In this design I tried to make them look more like spikes, claws, extensions of the bones in Yveltal’s wings while making them blend in the feathers in the wings. And instead of making the head pieces feathers I drew them as horns. But overall I think the Kalos legendary trio is one of the best legendary trios ever. The designs fit really well together, they aren’t too over the top and the concept is just so cool I can barely handle the awesomeness - especially since it’s rumored that they’re inspired by Norse mythology.