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Why do you love pete so much

I’ve been wanting to post this for so long but I’ve never had the guts, so here goes!! This is going to be a really long answer please prepare yourself… 

  • I love Pete because he is legitimately the best person ever, he’s so down to earth, humble and has such a great sense of humour. Also he sticks up for everyone he loves and he’s loyal as fuck.
  • I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to some of his lyrics. I know they’ve helped me through so much and they’ve helped so many other people as well. Also Pete loves that, like whenever people ask him what it’s like to know you’ve saved peoples lives he says it’s awesome and he was saved in the process as well, what an angel. (tweet)
  • I don’t want to sound like really cliché and emo, but some of the stuff he says really makes me feel better. Especially quotes like this one which is probably my favourite quote ever, also Here’s To The Kids, I mean okay I know everyone takes the piss out of that because yes it’s emo but honestly I love that quote so much because I’ve lived a life of being misunderstood by pretty much everyone and it’s just nice to know someone /gets/ you. Also more recently in a tumblr post Pete wrote ‘Fall Out Boy has always been about inclusion. If you don’t fit in anywhere, you can fit in here.’ This is SO important to me because I’ve always felt like I don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve always had a lot of friends but I’ve still felt uncomfortably different, so it’s nice to feel like I belong somewhere.
  • He’s had a really long history with depression and bipolar disorder, it got to the point where he tried to kill himself in 2005 and that is probably my favourite thing about him (which sounds ridiculous, I know) but the fact he was at absolute rock bottom and tried to end his life but managed to get over that and managed to get through his depression no matter how serious it was is just downright the most inspiring thing, and although I’ve never been in a similar situation I know there are many people across the world who’ve been helped through their depression thanks to Pete.
  • Furthermore, his parents got separated when he was younger, he mentions it in this video as it being his worst childhood memory and this is a thing that’s helped me personally. My parents split when I was younger and it really effected me, so it helps knowing your favourite human on the entire planet went through something similar and still ended up okay.
  • He does so much charity work, he’s such a good person for example in this picture he is giving a homeless man a bag of food just because he felt like it, Pete pls……

  • He’s also been working with Invisible Children since 2006/7 like the main thing being shooting the ‘I’m Like a Lawyer’ music video in Uganda to try and raise awareness of the whole LRA/kony situation. He also took part in a campaign called Displace Me, where 65k people across the USA slept on the streets in makeshift camps and shelter type things trying to recreate what the LRA camps are like in Uganda to help try and raise awareness of what its like for the kids there.

  • Leading on from the depression/bipolar point, he spoke about his experiences and difficulties for the ‘Half of Us’ scheme, helping people everywhere with depression and suicide basically making people feel okay to not be okay and make sure they know they’re not alone. This is awesome because he managed to speak about his serious personal problems to try and help other people which not only is very difficult (because imagine how hard you find it talking to friends/family about your issues, imagine telling the world), but also a very good use of his power as a high profile public figure. (if you haven’t seen it you should really watch his videos)
  • Additionally, he took part in Larry King’s Disaster in the Gulf telethon trying to raise money for the Mexican people affected by the oil spill on the Mexican gulf, answering calls and accepting money from the people who were donating:

  • He is a supporter of Unicef, and ages ago he took part in a campaign trying to raise money for Haiti after the disaster there due to the earthquake. (you can read about that here if you want)
  • Fall Out Boy took part in the PSA for to try and raise awareness about global warming and trying to make people do something to prevent it from happening. (video)
  • Pete is a supporter of LGBTQ+ and took part in the ‘No H8′ photo campaign, a campaign aiming to end homophobia, transphobia etc.
  • Additionally, Fall Out Boy made their views about gay marriage very clear in their latest music video ‘Uma Thurman’. (Pete wrote in a tumblr post ‘We hope you can support the hidden message at the end of our video’). You can read about it here.
  • Every single person I’ve spoken to about meeting Pete have said he is lovely to fans which I wouldn’t doubt for a second because he always does random acts of kindness to fans. For example, you might not remember but he does stuff like he dressed up as the Easter Bunny and gave the queueing Fall Out Boy fans pieces of chocolate. (video
  • Also, he’s good to fans because he never denies people a photo. Look this photo was taken like a while ago and look at all the shit hes carrying and he has Bronx (his son) with him as well, but he still stops and takes a photo like no other celebrities would do that, well not many anyway.

  • Basically this post about one of his book signings made my heart explode.

  • On the subject of his book I don’t know if you’ve read his book Grey but it was the most EMOTIONAL thing I’ve ever read. It explains his life so much and lets you inside his head. It explains loads of Fall Out Boy lyrics so you should definitely read it because it made me love him 900x more than I already did, which was a lot. It has a lot of good quotes, including: ‘I wonder if killing yourself is the only thing you can control in your entire life, and that’s why it’s a sin. Because you’re beating God at his own game.’ (the book is quite dark)
  • He is a really great dad and loves his sons Bronx and Saint more than anything. He stated in the past that having children is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him because it helped him become less selfish as he believes in his 20s he was ‘the most selfish person alive’ (I disagree, look at all the stuff you’ve just read!) but he appreciates his children for developing him as a person. Also, Pete was heavily depressed again in 2010 following his divorce with Ashlee Simpson and has said Bronx is a main reason he pulled through it. Basically he’s as dependent on his children as they are on him.

  • He’s helped loads of musicians make it, for example Panic! at the Disco (another favourite band of mine), Cobra Starship, Travie McCoy/ Gym Class Heroes, etc.  through his record label Decaydance and collaboration with Fueled By Ramen, so basically he’s enabled other musicians to achieve their dreams through his fame, and has therefore helped a whole lot of other people. (e.g people who are inspired by Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco)
  • One final thing, he really fucking loves Fall Out Boy fans.

A main point to remember is he is a super famous rock star who has been absolutely trashed by the media and the internet and pretty much everyone who isn’t a Fall Out Boy fan, yet he’s stayed true to himself and still as lovely as he was when Fall Out Boy started, if not lovelier. Keep that in mind because I can assure you there are not many celebrities who have experienced the same attention, fame, media backlash and abuse that Pete has who has stayed a lovely genuine person that he always has been.

Looking back over the past 8 years of loving Pete and Fall Out Boy, it’s amazing to see him grow as a person and become a better version of himself every day. The point is that people (myself included) thought Pete wouldn’t make it past 27 because he was so sad and so hooked on drugs and 7 years later he’s got his amazing band back, the best friends ever, two incredible sons and a beautiful girlfriend. I swear to god if that doesn’t give you hope in life nothing will, I am so so so proud of Pete Wentz.

also tweets like thisthisthisthisthisthis and this make me cry because he’s my favourite person ever

And when he’s not being inspirational and wordy he’s a complete sweetheart (pic) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (video) (video) and also just (video)

Okay to summarise:

  • His life has been shit at points
  • He got through that shit
  • That makes everyone feel like they can get through their own shit 
  • He’s a great humanitarian and does loads of charityowrk and makes the most of his impact on society by raising awareness to issues/fundraising events
  • He’s so LOVING to his friends for example Gabe, Brendon, Patrick, Meagan
  • He’s never been phased by fame or hate from the media and has always stayed true to himself.

Pete Wentz, I love you forever. 

Okay so I’ve been out of the loop for a looooong time (like years, because I had this shitty friend who made me feel like crap for liking anything even remotely related to mcr) but I’m getting back into it and I’ve found your blog and I’m super confused about all this Gerard hate that a bunch of your anons are talking about??? Like, why? How is that even a thing? I don’t understand and I’m super confused. Please help?

Admin response:

Okay sit tight, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me to explain the whole thing in general. Theres a small summary of it in our “about us” page:

“…there has always been a negative bias in the fanbase towards him. Even in the predominant fandom ship, “Frerard”, Gerard takes the blame in almost every situation. Band breaks up? The Gerard Way tag gets filled with a million posts talking about how Gerard didn’t care anymore. Frank writes a vague, angsty poem? People start bitching over Gerard’s “abandonment” of him. Even I would admit, this may not be the case in every single situation. But you must also admit that the other members of My Chemical Romance have gone virtually blameless compared to him.

Some days, nothing even has to happen. Some days people just dig up something old and pick at that.”

All of that is basically what this blog has always been about defending against. More specific examples of this is the way the fandom likes to “tease” Gerard, often with comments about his looks and body/weight, and tries to pass it off as “endearing” (when really, they would never say such a thing to anyone else). You can find examples of some of that here

Also the way Frank is either held on a pedestal or babied, while Gerard is put down in comparison. There has been this annoying trend where people seem to find trouble complimenting Frank without talking about how Gerard is shit. This seems to have surfaced quite a bit as of late due to Gerard and Frank being separate artists and thus, being pitted against one another for awards and polls. And example of one post like that can be read here

Even aside from comparison, a double standard has become more and more noticed within the bandom where Frank and Gerard can literally both make the exactly same mistake, however Gerard would be condemned for it while Frank would not. There’s a post with examples of that here

Something that is not included in that post, but still a recent and relevant example, is the fact that a member of the band Twenty One Pilots recently came under heavy “bandom fire” for not tweeting the hastag #lovewins upon gay marriage being legalized in America. People accused said member of homophobia, etc, and from what I could gather, there are no other previous instances that would lead people to believe that he was a homophobic person. 

However Frank also did not tweet the hashtag, despite being online and tweeting other things multiple times on the same day. People had made photoset after photoset of the #lovewins tweets that the three other former MCR members had made, so it can’t be said that it wasn’t noticeable. And I cannot actually prove this, but I’d still be willing to bet without a doubt that people would have given Gerard shit for not tweeting it, had he not. Considering that Twenty One Pilots and MCR share a lot of the same fans, it makes sense, no?  

Still no one said anything, and the people who pointed out that no one had said anything about it were largely ignored. When a fan finally did address it, they stated, and I quote “I wonder why Frank didn’t tweet #lovewins? Probably because love didn’t win for him.”

So basically, even in this case, where Gerard did everything right – it’s still somehow his fault. 

Oh, also others (who also happen to typically be Frank fans) have picked up this lovely habit of alluding to the fact that they have “inside information” as to why Gerard is a bad, baaaad man and why Frank was the victim of the break up and Gerard’s… erm, treachery. An example of that can be found in this post. (Scroll down to the twitter DM conversation. You really have no idea how many times I and my friends have had similar conversations). And I don’t want to get too much into this subject because that goes into some personal quarrels that wouldn’t be relevant to you all anyway. 

But just know this – anyone who claims they have “inside information” about the break up can get in fucking line. Because there are a ton of stories out there, and a lot of them conflict with what a lot of these “fans” have alluded to. Trust me, you’re not that fucking special. And no, you probably don’t know as much as you think you do. 

Its just been a build up of little things like this. 

I don’t give a shit what Frank does or doesn’t do. I myself have never been offended by any of the “offensive things” he does. No, I don’t care that he made that abortion joke. No, I don’t care that he writes songs about school shootings and killing hookers. No, I don’t care that he used he N word. No, I don’t care that he told everyone that he wished death on anyone who has reblogged or shared pictures of his children. In fact, having a relatively dark humor myself, I probably relate to Frank more than I ever did to Gerard. 

I’m just really fucking tired of these people going after Gerard for what he did say, what he didn’t say, how he looks, and at what intervals that he fucking breathes – I’m tired of these people going after Gerard for the decisions he made for himself, that he had every fucking right to make

And then those same people letting others like Frank and Bob slide for the same or worse. See, a lot of my qualms in this bandom don’t have to do with what Frank, or Bob, or whoever “did”. 

Its the double standards thats my problem. Don’t crucify Gerard what you would praise Frank for. Don’t burn  Gerard for misgendering someone once  when you shrug of a racist comment that Bob made. Don’t throw him rude comments on twitter, and pass it off as endearing teasing, if it isn’t something you wouldn’t tell anyone else you don’t know. Because that there is the bottom line: you don’t fucking know him. 

And people keep forgetting that. 

I’m sorry. I kind of went off on a tangent there. Theres actually so much more, but maybe we should stop. I’m literally getting riled up writing this, and I think you at least get the gist. If I cursed a lot, I wasn’t cursing at you, asker. I was cursing out of general anger because this shit literally makes me SO fucking mad (if you can’t tell). Anyway, I’m going to try to end this on more positive note. 

In conclusion, yes, I agree that once upon a time, Gerard was this very distant person. It was easy to draw negative conclusions about him before the break up. But nowadays, he really puts a lot of effort into connecting with his fans, yet people still condemn him for everything from the break up (a big reason he stopped to focus on getting sober for his family) to his weight (he’s since revealed he starved himself during Danger Days) to basically his wanting to succeed as a human being? 

Its fucked up and we want it to stop.

You may or may not agree. In my years here, I’ve encountered people who have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about, and people who know exactly what I’m talking about. If you do agree though, you’re always welcome to come hang out with us. ;)