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Never Again-Spiderman Imagine.

Request: Can you please write me a peter imagine with 41 & 8? I want it to be sad but also happy at the end. Like the reader doesn’t know he’s spiderman then at the end they get back together? But whatever is fine, you’re the writer 😸 Thanks!

A/N: I’m sorry I’ve been taking so long with requests, but I’m really excited about this one!

41-“I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you again.”

 8-“Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing. You knew you were breaking my heart.”

 Warnings: Angst, depression, tears.


 4 weeks. That’s how long it’s been since you’d last seen Peter. You called, texted and even went over to his apartment to check on him. When May answered she had a pitiful look on her face, saying Peter wasn’t home although you could see through her lie. It hurt, knowing Peter was deliberately trying to avoid you. He wouldn’t even talk to you at school, he’d just throw his head down and walk away whenever he saw you. The worst part was, you didn’t even know why. Maybe he finally realized that he was too good for you. That you are nobody compared to the billions of other girls on this planet. 

 Your eyes sting from lack of sleep and you can feel yourself getting weaker. You spent most of your time locked up in your room doing nothing but sit there staring at the wall, or the ceiling, or the lamp. It didn’t matter. You just felt numb. You’re mom was concerned and even tried to convince you to move on, “Not all relationships last sweetie.” she had said to me, “You’re going to push through.” she had encouraged, although her tone held doubt. He didn’t even break up with you. And that’s what you hated. You were still dating him, and he didn’t even have the courage to properly get rid of you. You curl up in a ball on your bed, doing your best to ignore that little voice in your head that seemed to hate you so much. You stared at your window, reminded of the constant memories of Peter showing up on your fire escape. You never knew how he got up 20 stories of stairs, but he shrugged it off as his “amazing ability to do athletic stuff.” you laughed slightly at his dorkiness, which turned into a slight sob. You hid your head into your pillow as the tears came down, and you let yourself fade.into unconsciousness as the cries echo through your room. ——————————————————————– 

 You wake up to the sound of tapping on your window. You dismiss it as your imagination or maybe a bird as you try to let yourself drift back into slumber, but the tapping (more like knocking) won’t suffice. You freeze, trying to tell yourself it’s just a bird or a pebble falling from an upper floor, but you knew the truth.

Peter always did the same pattern. The same three knocks. You held back a tear from falling down your face as you tried to convince yourself you were making it up, just hearing it so you could see him in some way. But the knocking continued.

Slowly and hesitantly, you pulled your comforter off of your frail frame. It was instinct, walking to the window like you had countless nights before, ignoring the coldness of the floor causing you to shiver. 

It was only now you noticed it was night, you had slept for a long time. 

As you make it to the foggy window, you can make out your boyfriend’s frame, crouching down as he knocks on your window. You pause at the glass, staring out and making out his saddened face. he doesn’t deserve to be sad. i should be the one who’s sad. 

Without thinking, you unlatch the window, letting yourself come face to face with your brown eyed boyfriend for the first time in weeks. The two of you hadn’t been this close in proximity for a while, and it almost made you gasp. Peter said nothing. You said nothing. Silence took over as the two of you stared deep into each other’s eyes. 

You wanted to hug him, kiss him, hold him and forgive him, but you knew what he was really here for. This is it, he’s going to break up with you.

After what felt like hours, Peter finally cleared his throat, his Adams apple bobbing nervously, “C-can I come in…please?” he asked, his sweet voice invading your ears. Before you knew it, you were moving out of the way, your (E/C) eyes trained on the floor as you forced yourself not to look at him.

Seeing him here, back in your room like the countless nights you would binge watch cheesy rom-coms hurt like hell, and you didn’t want to look back up into his doe eyes and break down in front of him. He didn’t deserve your tears.

As Peter stood in front of you, his eyes trained on the far wall, refusing to face you, he spoke, “I think we should break up,” he said, his voice hoarse and breaking at the end, almost like it hurt him as much as it hurt you. You were expecting the words, but you didn’t expect it to physically pang your chest. You felt heavy, like the world was pushing your shoulders down. You wanted more than anything to sob, to fall down and scream, but you couldn’t move. 

“I-I’ve been thinking it for a while,” Peter continued, his words getting more and more stern as he went on, “I couldn’t face you for a while but Michelle convinced me to tell you, it’s only fair.” he spoke, his words cold as ice. Each thing he said was like a knife to your chest. Were you angry? Sad? Relieved? Hurt? You didn’t know, you didn’t know what you felt, just…empty. 

“Why?” You managed to squeak, your voice hardly audible, although Peter heard you. He tensed, almost like he was hoping you wouldn’t ask that question. “B-because–” he struggled, taking a deep breath. Why is this hard for him? I’m the one whose heart is being ripped out of there chest. “Because I don’t love you anymore,” he said confidently, finally turning to face you. 

You looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes were hollow, empty, his face showing no sign of remorse or regret. He meant what he said, at least that’s what you told yourself.

As you said nothing, Peter made a move towards the window, but as he got closer, you blocked his path. He gave you a confused look, then averted his gaze, “No,” You barely managed to mumble. He didn’t move, almost like he was expecting this, “(Y/N)…” he began, “No Peter, tell me the real reason.” You said, looking up at him, “What did I do?” You asked painfully, a lump forming in your throat. He looked at you with shock, “Nothing!” He answered immedietly, catching you off guard, “Then why?” You asked, a tear falling down your cheek.

“I-I have to go,” He mumbled, attempting to move around you, but you blocked him once more, “No Peter, I’m not letting you leave until I understand!” You practically yelled, all of your pent up emotion finally pouring out of you. “I-I can’t (Y/N),” he said, a tear falling down his cheek. Why is he crying? you asked yourself.

As an instinct, you wiped the tear from his face as he automatically leaned into your touch, his eyes closing momentarily as he tried to savor the moment. “You can’t keep lying to me Peter,” You mumbled, tearing your hand away, “I deserve to know the truth!” You exclaimed as he turned away. He threw his hands into his curly hair, gripping his head angrily and grumbling to himself as he paced. 

Before you knew it, he kicked the lamp off of your nightstand in anger, making you jump in shock, “Can’t you see I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you!” He said, turning to face you and immedietly going silent, as if he let something slip.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, studying Peter as a silent message to continue. He sighed, “I-I can’t hurt you (Y/N)..I care about you too much.” he mumbled as he sat on your bed, his head in between his hands.

You sat next to him, keeping a distance as you still were uncomfortable and hurt by this beautiful boy, “You’re hurting me now Peter,” You laughed bitterly, “Can you not see that?” You asked in disbelief as he looked up at you momentarily, before training his eyes on the floor and thinking about your words. “I-I never meant to hurt you–” He began before you scoffed, “Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing.” you say, looking down at Peter, “You knew you were breaking my heart.” He looks up at you, his chocolate eyes filled with regret and hurt, making you want to hold him close until you saw that beautiful smile once again, but you held your ground. 

“I would rather you be safe without me, than in danger with me,” he spoke softly, convincing himself more than you. Once again, you furrowed your brows, “How could you put me in danger Peter? You’re the least dangerous person I know,” Peter laughed bitterly, “If only you knew–” 

“Knew what?”; you interrupted, gaining anger. He sighed, “Tell me Peter,” You demanded once again, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me,” You practically begged, another tear slipping from your (E/C) orbs despite your efforts. “You can’t help (Y/N)” he sighed.

You placed your dainty hand onto Peter’s. He glanced down at your touching limbs and intertwined your fingers together, a motion that was all too familiar. “Tell me,” you asked softly.

He shook his head, “I-I can’t,” he struggled as you sighed, “Why not Peter?  Just tell me!” You demanded, “You don’t understand,” he said, getting angry, “Then make me understand!” You exclaimed, “I’m Spiderman okay?!” He yelled, as you both froze.

You stared at Peter as he caught his breath, looking at the ground, “I-I’m Spiderman…and I can’t risk  hurting you.” he says, making you finally breath, only then realizing that your breath had been held. 

“I-if anything happened to you I–” he choked out before you shushed him, getting up from the bed and wrapping your arms around the damaged boy. He responded immedietly, wrapping his strong arms around your smaller frame and pulling you impossibly close. “I’m not going anywhere Peter,” You whispered as you patted soothing circles on his back. You felt him sob slightly as he whispered, “I love you.” You sighed in happiness, a smile making its way onto your face, “I love you too Peter,” you mumbled, burying your head into his chest.

He stroked your (H/L) (H/C) hair, humming contently. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again,” you scolded, “And don’t think I’m not still mad…cuz I am.” You told him, making him nod, “Yes, be mad, please do,” he encouraged, “I deserve it.” he smiled against you. You smiled as well, “Yeah you do you plant.” He laughed slightly, “Did you just call me a plant?” he asked in fake disbelief. You shrugged against him, “Maybe, got a problem with that.” he laughed slightly, “Not at all, I just missed you.” he hummed as you smiled, “I missed you too Parker.” 

The two of you stood there in silence, soaking up each other’s presence that you’d missed so much, not caring about anything else as the world disappeared, and it was just you and Peter.

“Oh, and Pete?” You asked as Peter hummed in acknowledgment, “You owe me a new lamp.” You say, laughing as Peter cringes. 


A/N: I feel like I kind of made this more like Andrew Garfield Spiderman than Tom Holland Spiderman so…sorry if it feels that way haha. I hope you enjoyed it! Love you all! <3

  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Yes,” Oliver replied defiantly, clearly frustrated with having to repeat himself again. “He’s 100% not a Death Eater.”
  • The boy still looked at Marcus warily and Marcus tried his hardest to not let it bother him
  • Having the Flint family name weighed on his shoulders had always been a burden 
  • The scarring name of You-Know-Who followers sentenced to life imprisonment Azkaban
  • Their faces were hazy in his brain
  • But he remembered a woman’s untameable curly black hair and a man’s piercing grey eyes
  • The features he’d inherited
  • He remembered their voices promising they were leaving to make his life better when he was five 
  • He remembered holding onto their legs and begging them not to leave
  • He remembered promises of them coming back 
  • He remembered crying when his Grandmother told him they weren’t coming back
  • He grew up with resentment for them
  • Grew into a cold and angry person
  • It was exactly what he didn’t want to become but it was a result of no affection growing up
  • His Grandmother was a cold witch no different from his parents 
  • The blood purist views were drilled into his brain 
  • Views he was still working on overcoming
  • But thankfully not so much he felt the need to join the dark side’s ranks
  • But being devoid of any real love as a child had lifelong lasting results
  • Oliver understood that
  • Getting affection from him was foreign but Oliver was patient
  • Public displays were still difficult but he allowed Oliver to squeeze his shoulder when the kid walked off
  • But that accusation wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last
  • Even after helping Oliver and another kid carry bodies of the deceased
  • He had to prove he wasn’t his parents 
  • Even to himself
  • “C’mon,” Oliver said and he let his lips brush against his cheek. “You can watch my back as I lead the fliers.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do either an imagine or /4 where your little daughter is a total daddy's princess and you get upset that she likes him better and you make up the end? xx

Here you go, lovely :) I made it an imagine with Cal because daddy!Calum gives me life

“Shhh,” you whisper as you gently rock your daughter in your arms.

You’ve been trying to put her down for a nap for the past thirty minutes, but she just keeps screaming. You’ve tried feeding her, changing her, rocking her, and now you’re just pacing around the nursery with her as you beg her to stop crying.

You hadn’t thought that parenting would be this difficult, but right now you’re almost frustrated to the point of tears. 

“Baby, please stop crying,” you plead as the first tear rolls down your cheek. “Please.”

You hear the door downstairs open and close and you feel relieved. Calum is finally home from the studio, so maybe he’ll be able to rock her for a few minutes while you go get yourself together.

Calum hears the screaming coming from the nursery, so he quickly makes his way to the room and his face falls when he sees the both of you crying.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He asks as he walks over to where you’re standing. He places one hand on your shoulder and his other one gently rubs your daughter’s patch of curly, black hair. “Why are my girls upset?”

You shake your head slowly as you gaze down at your daughter. “I’m trying to get her to nap, but she just keeps screaming. I’ve tried everything, Cal. Why am I so bad at being a mother?”

He gently takes your daughter from you and cradles her in his strong arms.

“Shhh, little one,” he coos. “Tell your mommy that she’s an amazing mother, will ya?”

A sad smile finds your face as you listen to Calum speak to your daughter. The voice he uses is so gentle and unlike anything you’ve ever heard from him before.

It only takes Calum a few minutes to get her to quiet down, and soon she’s sleeping peacefully in his arms. He turns to smile at you, but you just stand with your mouth gaping open. You’re partially impressed, but partially hurt that your daughter seems to love him more than you.

Calum rocks her for a few more minutes before he carefully places her in the crib. He turns on the baby monitor, and the two of you exit the room, leaving the door cracked slightly in case she wakes up again.

You have several tears falling down your cheeks now, and when Calum notices he quickly guides you to your bedroom. He sits down on the bed and pulls you into his lap, cradling you much in the same way that he does with your daughter.

“(Y/N), why are you crying?” He asks softly.

You sniffle a few times before looking up at him. His expression is worried and you give him a small, reassuring smile.

“I just don’t understand why she doesn’t like me,” you whisper. “You can get her to calm down and smile and laugh, and all she does around me is scream.”

“Hey, now,” he says. “She loves you, okay? Don’t ever doubt that for a second.”

“Then why does she only ever smile around you?” You ask, still feeling a little hurt.

He shrugs. “She’s a daddy’s girl, I guess. And I’m going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts,” he says, chuckling softly.

You laugh quietly. “Okay well I hope the next one’s a boy, because I need a mama’s boy in the house.”

“Next one?” He asks, looking at you hopefully.

Calum’s always wanted more than one kid, but you were adamantly against it. In the past few months since your daughter was born, though, you’ve been starting to come around to the idea.

You shrug. “I guess two wouldn’t be so bad,” you admit. “But we’re stopping there.”

His smile grows impossibly wider as he hugs you tightly against his chest. “I love you so much.”

You’re about to lean in for a kiss when you suddenly hear the familiar crying coming from the nursery again. You stand up and look at Calum.

“It’s your turn, daddy,” you say.

He gets up and walks into the nursery. You follow behind him and stop in the doorway to watch. He picks your baby up out of the crib and gently rocks her before leaning down and kissing her lightly on the forehead.

“Daddy’s here, princess.”

As Long As You’re Happy -  Part 2

 A/N: So I guess I’ll be doing a part 2 :)

Trigger Warning: Slight racism :/

Part 1

     To summarize the rest of the now worst beach day ever, beating the time I was stung by a jellyfish once then got rained on, it was torture. Of course Stella and Luke continued to go at it for most of the time, so I tried spending my time in the ocean away from them, but that failed since they felt the need to follow wherever I went. It was already sundown by the time we actually left and I couldn’t be happier. I was finally in my apartment away from “them” and can finally be free. 

     I decided to take a shower to get rid of some of the stress from today. Sadly, it barely worked and the thoughts were still stuck in my head. Still can’t believe it, but I should’ve expected much. What were you thinking!? Of course he’s never going to feel the same. Get the hell over it now. “Ughh!” I yell in frustration.

     My thoughts were cut short by a knock on my door just as I finished changing into my pajamas…well more like shorts that were completely covered by my over-sized t-shirt, that kind of just appeared. When I opened the door, I was greeted by the sight of Luke. What’s he doing here. “Hey,” he smiles. He realizes my confused expression and walks in, closing the door behind him. Then he clasps his hand to together and looks at me, “You must be wondering why I’m here so late,” he starts and I slowly nod in agreement. “Well it seemed you’d not been yourself today, and if I weren’t mistaken, you were avoiding me,” he explains with a worried expression. “Why?” he questions and looks into my eyes directly, looking for answers. “Why? There was nothing wrong to begin with really,” I nervously chuckle. How do you not know? “Now why are you lying to me?” he says, catching my fib. I avert my gaze to the floor, feeling a bit guilty.  “L-listen, I really don’t want to talk about it right now, it’s not important at the moment and never will be,” I choked, the situation unbearable to speak about. He suddenly walks closer to me and pulls me into a bone crushing hug, “Is it because I invited Stella?” he asks. “Maybe,” I mumble in his chest. Well that’s part of it. “I’m sorry, it should’ve been just us today,” he apologizes and looks down at me. “It’s fine Luke, really,” I say and try to push him away a bit, but he just holds on tighter. “No it’s not, and I’m gonna repay for it with a movie night filled with relaxation,” he proclaimed. “I choose the movies,” I spoke and managed to get out of his  grip and walk over to a shelf where I keep my movies. He laughs and goes to my bedroom where I assume he’s changing into a more comfortable outfit of sweatpants and t-shirt he keeps here.

     By the time he comes back to the living room, I’m sprawled on the floor covered in blankets and surrounded by couch pillows, ready to watch Lilo & Stitch. Luke walks over and lays against the couch next to me and pulls me onto his lap to cuddle. “I missed this,” I admit and snuggled my head in the crook of his neck and turned my attention towards the movie. “I did too,” Luke agrees and smiles at the thought. 10 minutes in and Luke’s phone rings, but he doesn’t hesitate to answer it. “Aren’t you going to answer it?” I wonder. “Nope,” he states and presses decline on his phone. “What if it was someone or something important, Luke? You know better than that,” I scold and shake my head at him. He giggles and takes a deep breath, “ You sound like my mum,” he exaggerates and rolls his eyes. “Well someone’s gotta keep you in line,” I sass back and return to watching the movie.

     Once the movie finished, I yawned loudly and rolled off Luke’s lap to lay down properly. Luke does the same and pulls be into him, now in a spooning position. That is until his phone rings for the tenth time tonight and he just groans in annoyance and turns it off. “Are you sure you should’ve just answered the phone?” I repeated sleepily with my eyes closed. “I’ll deal with it tomorrow,” he replies and returns to his position.


     I’m awakened by 6 or 7 loud knocks on my door, causing a minor headache in my sleepy state. I grab my phone to check the time and am blinded by the brightness of it. 7:55 AM… who the hell is knocking like a maniac at this fucking early? Let me sleep. I sigh as I carefully unwrap myself from Luke’s arms, which makes him groan a bit turn to the other side before settling again. I yawn and stretch my body a bit, hearing a couple of cracks from my knees and elbows. That’s what I get for sleeping on the floor. Slowly and tiredly, I walk to the door and open it without asking who it is, and boy….do I regret that. “I know Luke is here,” I hear a girly and snobby voice. “Please don’t be Stella, please don’t be Stella,” I plead quietly while raising my head to see the one and only…Stella. Great. “Okay, first of all, how do you know where I live, and second of all, why are you here?” I interrogate, a bit on the grumpy side since I’m definitely not a morning person and am not looking my best right now. “I don’t have to explain myself to you, all I know is that I’m looking for Luke, he hasn’t been answering my calls,” she ends up explaining anyways. You just explained though. “Well to answer your question, yes, he is here, he stayed over…,” I trail off. “Well I mine as say this now so I don’t need to, hopefully, see you again, so I’ll say this once and only once,” she starts. “Stay away from Luke, I noticed the way you were looking at him like you were so hopelessly in love,” she pipes up at the “hopelessly” part, “but everyone knows you’ll only be a best friend to him so I don’t even know why you’re trying, and not to be racist and all, but I don’t think you guys would look good together anyways, you get the point. I mean you’re hair is all knotty and you look dead right now,” she laughs cockily. Excuse me it is probably now 8 AM, I am not gonna wake up like Aurora did in Sleeping Beauty with a face covered in perfect make up. “Okay I’m gonna need you to leave before I fight you,” I say, glaring at her. “Huh, typical. Anyways..I’ll leave and just handle Luke when he comes by my house so I can show him a ‘surprise’ tonight,” she winks while saying surprise and I grimace at the statement. Stella then turns around, walking away confidently down the apartment stairs and towards her car. I then close the door and quickly lock myself in my room and lay down on my bed face down. Way to start off my day. I stifle my sobs in my pillow hoping to not wake up Luke.


     Negative thoughts were running throughout my head like a marathon. Of course he wouldn’t like me. It’s been 8 almost 9 years, what makes you think he’ll like you now? You aren’t good enough. We wouldn’t look good together would we? If I were just a different person. If I didn’t have curly hair maybe. My thoughts were interrupted by a door opening and I immediately tried wiping away any evidence of me crying and sat up properly on my bed. “Hey, I didn’t see you when I woke up – ” he cuts himself off, inspecting my current state. Quickly, he walks over towards me and wraps me in his arms. “What’s wrong?” he asks concerned. I stay silent, not willing to speak about the conversation with Stella earlier. “(Y/n), tell me,” he says more sternly. “Nothing Luke. Nothing at all, just drop it,” I fire back. “I just think you should leave…now,” I ended. When I look up I see the once concerned Luke now hurt a bit and he lets go. “A-Alright I guess,” he stuttered and stood. I watched as he exited the room and soon exited my apartment. Nice going.

Part 3?

A/N: Sorry it took so long, I was a bit busy. I hope you liked! it! ~Chiara <3

'You're my Special Angel'

Hi guys!

Here’s another one shot!

Hope you enjoy!

Send comments and Requests!

Love Olivia xx

It wasn’t hard to figure out just how tired Taylor was feeling at the moment. She has had an extremely long day with work and sorting out things at the studio and Kenzie’s behaviour wasn;t helping at all. She had picked her up from daycare earlier since Adam was away, which meant she was on full-parent duty, and Kenzie had decided today she wasn’t in the best mood. 

She was bringing Kenzie back downstairs after having her bath and was dressed in her striped pyjamas. “Do you want to watch Tv Kenz?” Taylor asked. Kenzie shook her head and nuzzled it back into Taylor’s neck. Taylor sighed moving towards the kitchen to clean up. She settled her on the kitchen countertop while Kenzie refused. “Your 3 years old Kenzie, a big girl, I don’t think I need to carry you around everywhere, so no.” Taylor argued, beginning to wipe down the bench.

Kenzie instantly began crying and reaching back for her mommy. Taylor shook her head and sighed. She tried to ignore Kenzie’s behaviour but honestly, it was a challenge for Taylor. Kenzie began choking on her cries, making Taylor give up. She went to the little girl and lifted her in her arms. “Kenzie, please stop crying baby.” Taylor said, rubbing her back. “I..I..I.I” She choked out.

Kenzie had been one of those kids who had been really sensitive about everything. She never wanted to be far from Taylor and Adam at any times. She got bad anxiety as well, which was hard for Taylor to see for a three year old. She tend to worry about many things and often at times felt like things weren’t right and something was gonna happen, when nothing ever did. They had been taking her to a psychiatrists weekly to help her with the problem and it had lifted a little. 

“There’s nothing to be scared about sweetie, mommy’s here.” Taylor calmed the little one down. She continued to sob into Taylor’s chest. “I..I..want…da.daddy..y.” Kenzie cried. Taylor sighed knowing how much herself and Kenzie missed Adam. He would be home tomorrow after a gig in Mexico but it was still to long. “I know you do hunnie, he will be back tomorrow.” Taylor cooed, tempting to calm her down. “I want him now!” Kenzie cried louder, her tears spilling all over Taylor’s shirt. 

“He’s not here Kenz, you have to try and calm down baby.” Taylor said, a tear fallen from her eye at just how stressed she was. “I’m here beautiful.” Taylor muttered kissing her princesses head. Not that Kenzie had a favourite between Adam and Taylor, she just had this real close bond with Adam “No. No!” Kenzie sobbed, pushing away from Taylor’s chest, giving her no other choice than to set her down. Taylor put down the toddler who ran off crying out the kitchen. She sat down on the stool trying to catch her thoughts together. 

She really hated seeing Kenzie this way and sometimes couldn’t help but angry at the little girl for crying so much, although it was the anxiety creeping over her daughter’s true personality that was the problem. She could still here the little girl’s loud cries from the living room but opted to give her space for the time being. She didn’t want to get angry at her little girl but she was stressed too and it was already really late.

Kenzie came back in a few minutes later, tears dripping out of her eyes and her face red. You could see she was on the verge of crying again but tried to hold it in for her mommy. She went to stand next to Taylor who had her head in her hands. She tapped on her mother’s legs, trying not to speak without crying. “What is it Kenz?” Taylor muttered, not moving her face. Kenzie tapped on Taylor’s legs again. “Mo..mommy..up.p” Kenzie managed to say. “No Kenzie, you had your chance in my arms, your a big girl now. I’m not putting up with your behaviour.” Taylor said sternly, making eye contact with the blonde, curly haired girl. The psychiatrist had specifically informed both Taylor and Adam not to baby Kenzie when she was acting like this. If she was playing up, she had to be punished. 

“Mo…mom..momma” Kenzie began to cry again. Taylor ignored her, hoping to send the message to the little girl. But the connection had failed, the little girl continued to stand there and ball her eyes while Taylor tried to focus on other things. “MOMMA!!” Kenzie screamed at the top of her lungs and then continued to cry. Taylor had had enough and turned to look at her daughter, anger written across her face. “Bed. Now.” Taylor said, hoping off the stool and taking the girls hand. “NO! NO!” Kenzie cried, trying to detach her hand from Taylor’s, but her grip was way to strong. The toddler gave up once again and changed to a new tactic. She refused to walk and instead drop to the ground leaving Taylor to drag her. 

Once she felt the dead wait pull through her hand she figured out what Kenzie was trying to pull. “Mackenzie Teegan Wiles! Stop this crying! You are going to bed!” Taylor shouted. Taylor was never someone to raise her voice but she had beyond had enough of this crying and just wanted to go to bed. Taylor sat on the floor, her had towards the ground and refused to move. Taylor shook her head, picking up the little girl and holding her tight in her arms. “I’ll be good momma, stop!” Kenzie bawled. “It’s too late for that hunnie.” Taylor said, walking up the stairs and towards the direction of Kenzie’s room. 

She walked into the toddler’s room which had been decorated soft pinks and pastel colours for her. It was one of Taylor’s favourite room in the house, especially in the mornings when she finds her little angel in there. But right, Kenzie was acting as far from an Angel. She placed the 3 year old on her toddler bed and tucked her in. Kenzie refused to get under the blankets and instead sat there pouty-lipped. “I wanna sleep with you momma!” She sobbed. “Sorry Kenzie, you’ve blown your sleeping time in my bed. Your in here tonight.” Taylor said, walking towards the door. Normally when either one of herself or Adam were away, Kenzie always slept in their bedroom. “No Momma! I scared!” Kenzie continued to carry on and hop off her bed. “No! Pweease”  Kenzie jumped at Taylor’s feet with her arms up. Taylor shook her head and carried her back over to the bed and kissing her goodnight. “Stay here.” Taylor told her before shutting the door. Once she closed it, the little one began to cry louder. Taylor walked back down to her and Adam’s room and changed into her pj’s. She turned on the baby monitor which had a camera and monitored Kenzie’s behaviour. To what Taylor expected, she was crying really hard and was rolling in her bed. Taylor put the monitor beside her and went on her phone till Kenzie fell asleep. 

Kenzie was pretty much still very awake once Taylor started to hear her dry-reaching. Normally Kenzie never goes this far in crying. It rarely happens, only when she’s been crying so hard and has no more energy left to continue, she will begin to vomit on her own tears. Taylor quickly race’s out of her room and down to Kenzie’s room. The door handle, was higher than most so that Kenzie couldn’t escape. She barged straight into the little girls room and finding the little one still bawling on her bed. “Mommy!” She cried, reaching her hands up. Taylor raced to her little princesses’s aid and held her on her lap. “Mommy’s here Kenz.” Taylor soothed the crying 3 year old. She was gripped onto her mother so tight that if she let go, she would be taken away.

“Can you breath for me bubby.” Taylor told the little girl which had her breathing hitched. “Like this, listen.” Taylor said, beginning to breath slowly. “Ready, together baby.” She said again, helping to get the girl’s breathing stable. “That’s it. I need you to calm down.” Taylor calmed her down and rubbing her back softly. “Everything will be alright, I promise you.” Taylor whispered, kissing the girls head. She hopped up from her position from the bed and made her way back to her room. Forgetting what she said before, she wanted her little Angel by her side tonight. 

She slipped under the covers, holding the still sobbing toddler on her chest and lied down. “Shhh baby girl.” Taylor whispered. “Do you want me to tickle your back?” She whispered, earning a nod from Kenzie. One way to calm down Mackenzie and Taylor was stupid enough to think of it before was to slowly and softly tickle Kenzie’s back, to sleep. It was very calming and had gotten the idea when Kenzie found Adam giving Taylor soft tickles down her back to make her fall asleep after a long day. Now it was stuck. 

“Let’s get your shirt off baby.” Taylor said, sitting the little girl up and peeling off the sweaty night top from the little girl’s sweaty body. She had really worked up a sweat from all that crying. She lied back down on Taylor’s chest, hugging her mommy close and waited for the sensation of her mother’s fingers tickling her back. She calmed down almost. immediately when Taylor began to softly tickle her. “I won’t let nobody hurt you, won’t let no one break your heart. And no one will desert you, Just try to never grow up,” Taylor sang softly after hearing her breathing get back into order. She smiled to herself, finding her little girl sleeping peacefully on her chest. 

She turned to lamp off and held tightly onto Kenzie, continuing to tickle her back. “Your my special Angel Kenz.” She whispered and kissed her forehead goodnight.