tried to kill themself


A stand that is the living embodiment of The Discourse™
If the user does something that anyone of any ideology/side would dislike, it tries to convince the user to kill themself.

Power: A
Speed: A
Range: B
Durability: Infinite
Precision: E
Developmental potential: N/A

Title: I Stand Corrected

Genre: Humor/hurt/comfort

Time Frame: A few weeks after this–[link]

Warnings: Mention of blood, brief mention of suicide attempt

Word Count: 2428

It was a bright, dull and microscopically sterile of a place. Three things Edward Nigma hated.

Well, he hated a lot of things, but that particular trio in combination irked him far more profusely than if he had encountered them individually. And certainly not in living quarters he himself would have to exist in. But this was his current lot in life it seemed.

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A convincing blurb on why slytherins are GREAT

You may be thinking to yourself, “but aren’t slytherins sick, manipulative, lying bastards?” but I am here to tell you that you are wrong (and why). First of all, if you have gone thus far in life believing that all slytherins are inherently evil then I assume you are not very familiar with what it means to be a Slytherin, and that you didn’t pay too much close attention when reading the bools, if you read them at all. Some values of slytherin house include ambition (which is necessary for advancement in your own life and the collective life of our planet), resourcefulness, cunning (not a bad trait), determination, and cleverness. Now, rather than analyzing a bunch of characters that you probably didn’t pay attention to who are canonically good slytherins, instead, imma tell you about my mom. My beautiful mother, whom I am actually convinced is a God sent angel, is a slytherin. Without a shadow of a doubt. She checks all of the boxes. She was raised in a religious cult, was mentally and physically abused every day, was spanked for minute “transgressions” from the age of 3 MONTHS onwards. She graduated highschool at 16 and began working to save money so that she could get away from her home. She raised enough money to get a car but then her parents took it to pay off their debt. She married my dad when she was 18 so that she could get away. It quickly became evident that my dad was abusive and mentally unstable. My older sister, my twin brother and I had already been born so she stayed in the marriage. She had no college education and was a stay at home mom. We had one car that my dad took to work all day so we had to get around on trolleys and buses and by foot. We lived in a 2 bed house that was falling to pieces as more babies were born. (5 of us in total). The water and electricity were always getting turned off so we would walk to the laundromat, my mom with 5 little babies. During the summer we would haul water that was left in the above ground pool and boil it on the stove so we could wash the dishes. We grew a lot of vegetables and kept chickens because food was cheaper that way. My mom would sew us clothes and dolls and knit too. My dad refused to help around the house most of the time so my mom would be the one fixing the leaks and anything else that broke. She did the cleaning too, all by herself. Then, when I was like 9 ish, she decided she needed to get a job so that she could by the things we needed instead of begging my dad for $20 dollars to buy groceries. She began teaching at a preschool and taking child development classes at the community college. She cleaned houses, nannied, and taught at the preschool while going back to school. She finally began to divorce my dad when I was 12 but she couldn’t take us lids with her because she didn’t have enough money or a place to stay. She would come back every day to get us ready for school, to clean the house, to take us to the beach. She began taking care of a quadriplegic man and pursuing a degree in nursing. She was finally able to take me with her when I was 14, and got the rest of my siblings the following year. She found a condo and was able to rent it by telling the landlord she had 2 kids, there were 5 of us. She had to go to court and prove that she and my dad had been married under common law because there had been an error in the initial paperwork and technically they weren’t legally married. She struggled with alcoholism and had a stroke, forcing her to quit all of her jobs and school, she had finished all of the general sciences and was ready to begin the rn training. Ad her alcoholism worsened, she checked herself into rehab and quit, she’s now over a year sober. Both of my sisters attempted suicide (at different parts of this long story) and had been checked into rehab, my brothers both have awful anger issues. My mom got us food stamps and into government housing so that she could stay home and take care of everyone and make sure no one tried to kill themself. We get $30,000 a year in child support for a family of 6, that puts us under the poverty line in the US. (We live in socal so everything is super expensive.) Her fiance is the only thing keeping us afloat. She does love him, it’s not just for the money, but we all know we wouldn’t even be able to pay a month’s rent without him. My mom has worked hard her entire life to get out of the awful situations that she has been placed in. She is resourceful. She is ambitious. She is determined, she is clever. And she is a slytherin. Anyone should be happy, ecstatic, HONORED to be placed in the same house as my mother. And there are plenty more slytherins just like her. Don’t you dare say that slytherins are evil or I will fucking fight you with my bare fists of fury, I swear to god, you will feel pain.

Sincerely, a VERY angry Hufflepuff

anonymous asked:

I thought MacNamara was genderfluid in the reboot? That's what I heard when they first announced it

oh shit i didnt know that but like its still concerning as FUCK bc

1. the odds that theyll portray a genderfluid character well are already p low, considering that the character the chose to make genderfluid was the “dumb ditsy popular rich bitch thats a huge crybaby and tries to kill themself” in the movie/play/book (not sure about the book actually but the show is based off the movie so yeah) and they can still be reduced to the whole “gbf” thing i mentioned only in a different way than that.
2. idk much about the actor, but are they a cis dude? if so then Oh No. if not then Thank God. honestly this can make and break how the character ends up being portrayed.

it hasnt come out yet so dont take this to mean that its already bad im just sayin its really worrying 

wishingwellsandmagicspells  asked:

Im having a panic attack in the icu waiting room because one of my best friends tried to kill themself and I'm so so so scared and I'm gonna go visit them son and I don't wanna cry in front of their family or mine uuuugggghhhhhh

Aw gosh omg I’m so sorry I rlly hope that they’re gonna be okay and I’m really glad that they’re still here, it’s gonna be okay 💕

  • the Neurotypicals: remember my ex girlfriend? what a psycho bitch, amiright? oh man, you're so random and crazy! i really need to organize my desk again, i'm just so OCD about it. my neighbor walks his cat sometimes, can you believe it? that guy is straight outta the looney bin! "gun control?" how about we just lock up those violent pyshcopaths instead? god, this thing i dislike is so retarded. sigh, my crush didn't like my status, i guess i'll go kill myself, lololol!! stop being lazy, sweetie :-) sometimes i have an intrustive thought unrelated to mental illnesses, since i don't have any, but because i am a human being and have a subconscious...o, be still my brooding insanity! grow up, you're just being a baby. can you believe that that homeless man is talking to himself? unbelievable. *posts b&w gifs of "tragically beautiful" self harm marks* did you hear about the kid who tried to kill themself last year? they so just did it for attention. you know, autism is related to vaccines and diet, Janet - you're not going to Whole Foods nearly enough. stressed, depressed, but well dressed! lol, potato taco waffleZ!! why did i say that?! o_0 i must have ADHD xD want to hear about my coma AU? all that worldbuilding was because protag was CrAzY all along!!! check out this scary costume! *pulls out a straight jacket with bloodstains*
  • mentally ill person: i have a mental illne -
  • the Neurotypicals: i am beyond uncomfortable