tried to kill themself


A stand that is the living embodiment of The Discourse™
If the user does something that anyone of any ideology/side would dislike, it tries to convince the user to kill themself.

Power: A
Speed: A
Range: B
Durability: Infinite
Precision: E
Developmental potential: N/A

Title: I Stand Corrected

Genre: Humor/hurt/comfort

Time Frame: A few weeks after this–[link]

Warnings: Mention of blood, brief mention of suicide attempt

Word Count: 2428

It was a bright, dull and microscopically sterile of a place. Three things Edward Nigma hated.

Well, he hated a lot of things, but that particular trio in combination irked him far more profusely than if he had encountered them individually. And certainly not in living quarters he himself would have to exist in. But this was his current lot in life it seemed.

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bitterpanda314  asked:

how would the uf and us skelebros react to finding out their s/o has tried to kill themself before they met

UF Sans & US Papyrus

Both of them are glad you made them aware. They’ll keep an eye socket on you. They won’t ask why I think they both get it.

UF Papyrus & US Sans

Both of they just like their brothers will keep an eye socket on you. I think they would be the ones to ask “Why?” Though.

Hmmm favorite things about family reunions:::: being the dykey weird cousin who tried to kill themself a few times,,.,,,being talked n laughed about while my family thinks I can’t hear them from a table over,,.,,,,,my abuser coming without anyone telling me,…,,,,my abuser possibly coming high,..,,,; then the stomach aches I get from anxiety added to the mix..:;;;don’t forget the nausea:^))))))

  • the Neurotypicals: remember my ex girlfriend? what a psycho bitch, amiright? oh man, you're so random and crazy! i really need to organize my desk again, i'm just so OCD about it. my neighbor walks his cat sometimes, can you believe it? that guy is straight outta the looney bin! "gun control?" how about we just lock up those violent pyshcopaths instead? god, this thing i dislike is so retarded. sigh, my crush didn't like my status, i guess i'll go kill myself, lololol!! stop being lazy, sweetie :-) sometimes i have an intrustive thought unrelated to mental illnesses, since i don't have any, but because i am a human being and have a subconscious...o, be still my brooding insanity! grow up, you're just being a baby. can you believe that that homeless man is talking to himself? unbelievable. *posts b&w gifs of "tragically beautiful" self harm marks* did you hear about the kid who tried to kill themself last year? they so just did it for attention. you know, autism is related to vaccines and diet, Janet - you're not going to Whole Foods nearly enough. stressed, depressed, but well dressed! lol, potato taco waffleZ!! why did i say that?! o_0 i must have ADHD xD want to hear about my coma AU? all that worldbuilding was because protag was CrAzY all along!!! check out this scary costume! *pulls out a straight jacket with bloodstains*
  • mentally ill person: i have a mental illne -
  • the Neurotypicals: i am beyond uncomfortable