tried to go for serious and funny

i think its funny when folks talk to me about the freedom in their life to do what they want.  as if, me being a mother, has been such a huge burden or limit.  

and every. fucking. time. someone tries to pull this – it is always someone who has done so little compared to me.  like folks who have the money and free time and us citizenship, but havent even left the usa.  they reblog shit about palestine, but never been to the middle east (and are too scared to go).  

they need the space to do serious writing, but i just finished a book tour this year and am working on my next book (about my boring life being a mama)

they really need to focus on their performance art, but i’m doing paid shows and collaborations while my daughter helps with setting up the merch table. 

and i’m sure that these folks are going to do really amazing things.  im sure.  and there are times when i am happiest just hanging out with my kid at the park or not accomplishing anything.  2017 is the year where i have nothing left to prove.  

but i just think it’s funny…you know…for the past 10 years i have been told how much my choice to be a mother has limited me.  

and i think the secret is, the secret that a lot of artists already know, limitations make it possible to make great art.  deadlines, limited colour palette, limited resources.  some of the best writing ive done under gun fire.  some of the best visual art i’ve done with found materials from unwashed streets.  some of the best adventures ive done broke as fuck.  

limitations can make you or break you.  

mothering has made me and broken me and remade me.  

mothering has made me realize how precious my life is and how i dont want to waste it wallowing in self-pity and shallow pursuits.  

im so bored of people talking about freedom and pursuing freedom as if freedom is economic wealth or not being committed to anything.

art and revolution require commitment and discipline.  

its not a lifestyle.  no amount of money, prestige, the right friends, the right shows, the right teachers, the right apartment, the right address, even the right scene won’t create deep transformations.  

“Aww shucks Stanford it’s just a little cold.”

“Fiddleford you were shot by a death flower and put in a coma for six days. I’m actually rather worried that you’ve hallucinated a scenario where it’s a cold you’re staying in bed love.”

I was going to make this just a sweet fic where Ford takes care of Fidds where he just had a cold but than I was like. “Nah let’s make it something actually serious but funny and Fidds is just misremembering it completely. 

this happens cause @danvssomethingorother was talking about wanting Ford to take care of Fidds and I’m easily influenced so here yah go !

Seventeen Time 2: The Vocal Unit
  • Jeonghan: Hey guys, I'd like to talk about something serious...
  • Joshua: *ready to pray*
  • DK: What is it hyung?
  • Seungkwan: Are you FINALLY admitting that I'm the visual?
  • Woozi: You mean the visual shock?
  • Seungkwan: FIGHT ME
  • Woozi: *grabs his quitar*
  • Jeonghan: I'd appreciate if you'd listen to me for a sec-
  • Joshua: Treat your loved ones like you'd treat yourselves!
  • Seungkwan: *already running for his life*
  • Woozi: *tries to go after him but gets stopped by DK*
  • DK: *clears throat*
  • Woozi: .......
  • Jeonghan: .......
  • Joshua: .......
  • DK: .......
  • DK: *starts dancing Gangnam Style*
  • Joshua: *LOUD GASP that covers the swearing*
  • DK & Woozi: *run off to the distance*
  • Joshua: ....soooooo~
  • Joshua: What was it that you wanted to say?
  • Jeonghan: Oh, right
  • Jeonghan: Well, you see, uh, I'm gonna fetch the members our meal with Seungcheol this evening....
  • Jeonghan: And I was wondering....
  • Joshua: .......
  • Jeonghan:'s okay to hold your friend's hand "to keep yours warm", right?

I know the ‘talk’ between Percy and Vex is going to be seriously and everything but just imagined that Percy asks everyone about the resurrection ritual and someone, probably Grog, just blurts out “Vex says she loves you.” 

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I think this is one of my favorite scenes of Rick and morty. Not because it was funny but it was kind of serious. In this scene you can really tell that Rick cares a lot about morty. When morty comes out of the bathroom and tells Rick he wants to go home Rick knows something’s wrong, and he can tell even more so when jellybean steps out of the bathroom, beaten. When morty starts to cry Rick knows what happened to his grandson. ( this isn’t cannon but I think that Rick could tell all the signs from a past experience.) Rick tries to calm him down and tell him that he’ll complete the adventure with him. Which I thought reluctantly, Rick would’ve said “ yeah screw it lets go home” but he knew how much this adventure meant to morty and wanted to complete the task with him. I love Rick and morty so much. And yeah I know rick’s a bum but he still cares about his grandson…


“How is it going Tony?” Clint asked as Y/N tried to suppress a giggle behind him. The Bartons were Facetiming the Avenger after narrowly escaping the Tower. This was the biggest prank they ever pulled and they didn’t want to get trapped in the chaos.
“How do you think it’s going,” yelled Tony. “Several things have been lit on fire, Bruce has gone green twice, and now Sam is running in circles-” by now both Bartons were full on laughing, Clint to the point of crying.
“This isn’t funny guys,” Nat said in a serious tone, hoping on screen. Y/N and Clint stopped laughing.
“Sorry Nat,” the two apologized.
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So I went to a catholic school and once our religion teacher took us to the chapel and told us inside the chapel was a box and that inside the box was something wonderful, “the most precious gift god could ever give us” and then she made us go in one by one. 

I was super curious and when my turn finally came I looked down just to see a mirror sitting on a cushion and I know it was a beautiful message but the mirror was so small that all you could see was your eyes and up your nostrils and tbh I’ve never taken myself seriously so I found “the gift” really  funny and I wanted to laugh but I knew this was a serious moment™ so I tried to keep it together but THEN this guy came in and his face when he saw the mirror was something like

And I had to spend 40 minutes holding my laughter