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WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3

“Mundane World” - Alec Lightwood

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REQUEST: Alec and (Y/N) are dating but she is human and he visits her at night to make sure she is safe and she introcuces him to human things such as Netflix and video games.

(Y/N) and Alec Lightwood made a surprisingly cute couple. Alec, who was a shadowhunter, always hated mundanes. He never considered them as inferior, but he has always found them quite helpless and confusing. He never understood them or their lifestyle or why they were so fond of such things as Twitter or TV reality shows. Obviously, mundanes didn’t have to worry about demons or th battle against evil, but Alec thought that there were more important things to do in life than sit on a couch and watch a football game.

This is why everybody was surprised to see Alec get on really well with a mundane. (Y/N) and Alec met at a bar in town one night. Alec was on a mission with his sister, Isabelle, and (Y/N) was just having a few drinks all  by herself. Alec had accidentally spilled a drink all over (Y/N)’s shirt as he pushed someone out of the way. He was such in a rush to leave the bar – which was way too crowded with mundanes to his displeasure, that he hadn’t noticed that (Y/N) was yelling at him, until she voluntarily spilled her own drink on him.
“What the hell?” Alec had shouted as he turned around to face a very angry-looking girl.
“Newt time, you’d want to be more careful and apologize!” (Y/N) has yelled back at him.
“What did I do?” Alec asked, confused but still angry.
“You’re being a jerk!” (Y/N) had said before storming out of the bar.

Then, a few days later, Alec and (Y/N) bumped into each other again, but this time, the atmosphere was a lot more at peace. (Y/N) had apologized to Alec for her behaviour in the bar.
“I was having a bad day and, well, I was a bit drunk.” (Y/N) had explained to him.
She had offered him to go get some coffee and, to his own surprise, Alec had accepted. Since then, they were always hanging out together. Alec had told her that he was a shadowhunter and, oddly, (Y/N) didn’t seem surprised.
“I had a friend once, she was a shadowhunter too. I could tell you were one by the runes on your arms.” (Y/N) had told Alec.
“People usually think they are tattoos.” Alec shrugged.
“People are usually blind. They only see what they want to see.” (Y/N) had said.

(Y/N) was sat on her bed when she heard footsteps downstairs. She grabbed the first thing she found and held it in front of her, ready to defend herself. But the person who opened her bedroom door was no murderer or kidnaper, but her boyfriend, Alec Lightwood. Alec looked at his girlfriend, who was holding a lamp in her hand.
“What the hell are you doing?” He asked, puzzled.
“I thought you were a intruder!” (Y/N) said, putting the lamp back down on her bedside table.
“And what were you hoping to achieve with a lamp? Blinding me?” Alec asked, slightly amused.
“Oh, shut up.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “I wish you would stop using a rune to unlock the front door. Normal people knock, you know.” (Y/N) stated.
“Normal people are boring.” Alec shrugged.
Alec sat down on the bed next to (Y/N) and kissed her forehead.
“I was just checking on you. Is everything OK?” Alec asked.
“Yes. You know you don’t have to check on me every night, right? I can defend myself.” (Y/N) said, she sounded confident.
“Yeah, I saw that. That lamp looks pretty lethal.” Alec said, sarcastically.
“Shut up, will you?” (Y/N) laughed as she threw a cushion at Alec. He laughed too but then looked serious again.
“It’s just that now that Valentine is back and everything, I’m worried about you.” Alec declared, concerned.
“I’m fine, Alec. Plus, I’m not gonna wander around the streets at night. I have a date with Netflix tonight.” (Y/N) smiled.
What?” Alec said, angrily.
“What?” (Y/N) asked, confused.
“Who’s that guy?” Alec was furious.
“What guy?” (Y/N) aked, perplexed.
“That Netflix guy? The guy you said you’re going on a date with!”
(Y/N) bursted out laughing. Alec still looked furious.
“You think it’s funny?”
“No, babe, listen.” (Y/N) tried to stop laughing. “Netflix isn’t a guy. It’s a Platform to watch movies and TV series.” (Y/N) eplained.
“But you just said something about a date.” Alec said, confused.
“It’s an expression. What I meant to say was that my plans for tonight are to watch movies on Netflix, see?” (Y/N) turned the TV on and the screen read ‘NETFLIX’.
“Oh.” Alec felt a little embarrassed.
“I would never go on a date with someone else than my adorable non-mundane boyfriend.” (Y/N) declared.
(Y/N) kissed Alec’s lips and then looked at him.
“Do you have plans for tonight?”
“Not really.” Alec shrugged.
“Would you stay with me then? We can cuddle and Watch Netflix together.” (Y/N) said.
“I’d like that.” Alec smiled and laid down on the bed, holding (Y/N) tight against his chest as they watched ‘FRIENDS’ for the rest of the night.

“I like Netflix, after all.” Alec told his girlfriend, halfway through their ‘FRIENDS’ marathon.
“Welcome to the mundane world.” (Y/N) smiled.
“I mean, as long as it’s not a guy who is trying to steal my girlfriend.” Alec added.
(Y/N) laughed and kissed Alec passionately.

Xander in the Spring Heroes thing must be incredibly weird from Kiran’s perspective (I mean, even weirder than it actually is)

Because by this point, Chrom, Lucina and Camilla can all be in your army, so you’re friends with them and you’re kind of used to them enough for the bunny thing to be funny and not horribly jarring

But all you know about Xander is that he’s a serious guy who’s tried to kill you three times because the kid he basically adopted for no reason told him to

And then he shows up in a bunny outfit wielding a carrot and being all like “SPRING IS HERE” like how do you reconcile that with what you know of him so far. What is happening. Is he still trying to kill you? Are you, the more-or-less helpless summoner, going to get murdered by a giant carrot? Is that how you’re going to go? Or is this his way of saying that he doesn’t want to kill you any more? Either way I think if I was in that situation I’d be a little bit afraid.


First, can people please quit the ‘and Disney’s patting themselves on the back for this’ thing? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard people say that.

Disney never did what they’re accused of. They didn’t even say a word about it on social media or in the press, as far as I’m concerned (correct me if I’m wrong, I might be.) They weren’t even behind the idea of making LeFou gay.

The movie’s director and Josh Gad were. It wasn’t even in the script in the first place. It was just Bill Condon, a gay man whose long-time partner is a producer of the movie, taking that decision (be it to make LeFou gay or roll with Josh Gad’s interpretation, I admit I’m not sure how it happened exactly), letting Josh Gad do his thing, and then hoping Disney would be okay with it. I don’t care what you think of Disney in general, I’m personally not a Disney fan in the first place, but I care about misinformation.

Because it was Bill Condon, in an interview with a gay magazine, deciding he wanted to reveal it and being happy about it because he’d tried to include diversity in his movie. Not Disney. And what did he say about the ‘gay moment’, that wasn’t included in the Internet article? (it wasn’t the full version, if you wanted to read the whole thing you had to buy the magazine) That he was anxious not to overstate it, because “it’s a moment - it only lasts five seconds.” He never tried to pretend the scene would be huge.

Do you know who patted Disney on the back as if they were behind that decision? Do you know who ignored the full article to make their own, and by doing so did exactly what Bill Condon didn’t want to happen, and spread misinformation everywhere? The media.

Do you know who didn’t do a tiny bit of research that didn’t require buying the magazine before getting all mad and hateful? You all.

I’m tired of your negativity. I’m tired of you all shitting on the movie without even seeing it because you heard the 'gay moment’ is a three seconds scene. Shitting on LeFou without even giving him a chance because all you see is his animated counterpart (and god, did I hate the animated LeFou, and still do,) even though with a little bit of research you would have known he wasn’t going to be portrayed like a villain and an actual fool in the live action.

Besides, there’s more than that ‘gay moment’ at the end. LeFou really is gay and it’s there for the whole movie, as it should be. He’s not just thrown in a guy’s arms and whoop, surprise, he’s gay! Except the Gaston scene, it was subtly obvious that LeFou was gay, which I think is accurate given the time period (by that I mean he’s not going to openly tell everyone who wants to hear it that he likes men–particularly in that village)

Then, LeFou wasn’t funny because he’s gay. He was just funny. And gay. To be honest sometimes Lumière and Cogsworth felt more like comic relief characters than LeFou did.

That’s for the people who haven’t seen it and decided they wouldn’t. Now, about those who have seen it. I honestly can’t believe how many of you are like ‘there’s only one gay moment and it was shit and his gayness was played for laughs’ when… no? There’s more? Did we see the same movie?

And then, there are all the people saying LeFou is a homophobic stereotype.

Let’s be honest here, the only scene in which you could argue he was a flamboyant gay stereotype was the ‘Gaston’ scene. Yeah. That one over the top musical number. In which LeFou was confident, happy and adorable and didn’t give a flying f*ck what people thought of him. And guess what? No one in the movie ever mocks him for it, ever even reacts to him being flamboyant. Not even that asshole Gaston. I personally thought it was an amazing moment.

So… we’re going to do a LeFou scenes recap.

Introduction: LeFou’s funny, not because he’s gay but because he’s pretty much insulting Gaston and Gaston doesn’t notice. It’s basically shown he’s more clever and more reasonable than Gaston. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Arriving in the village: he just gets off his horse and tells the Bimbettes who were gushing over Gaston that it’s never going to happen. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Conversation with Gaston after ‘Belle’: he’s got a funny line, but it has nothing to do with him being gay. Then, he does a little head move and a sort of humming sound before following Gaston, that’s true. It could be interpreted as LeFou trying to imitate Gaston, or him acting towards Gaston the same way Gaston acts towards the Bimbettes. Either way, are you really going to hate on him for that little thing?

Mirror: he’s being his little sassy self. Nothing to say until the 'me neither.’ Probably the only moment that could be considered as 'gay for jokes.’ He wasn’t more ridiculous than Gaston a second before, though.

Already talked about the Gaston scene above.

After the ‘Gaston’ scene: “LeFou you’re the best, how is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” was basically a ‘I’m gay and I have a crush on you’ moment, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen the movie eight times, and no one ever laughed. Because it’s not funny. The tone of the moment, the absence of music… that scene clearly touched on the ‘LeFou is gay’ subject, probably in the most direct way in the whole movie, but wasn’t played nor shot as something funny. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

In the woods: LeFou’s once again funny in this one, but because of how he deals with Maurice’s babbling about the Beast and the castle, and with Gaston’s anger. Funny lines, funny expressions easing the oncoming darkness of the scene. Again, it has nothing to do with the fact he’s gay. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

In the tavern: for the second time LeFou shows he has a conscience and questions Gaston’s actions. He’s not comfortable with what has been done and will be done in the scene. There’s nothing funny about him in that scene. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Mob: once again he tries to talk some sense into Gaston. Nothing funny here, at all. This is the most serious LeFou gets. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Castle battle: LeFou is back to being funny at some points (‘you must be his grandmother’) Also he knows how to give a good punch, you go boy. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

Ending: just some dancing. Nothing stereotyped about him nor his mannerisms.

So, yeah. This is what makes some people call LeFou a “homophobic stereotype.” Two tiny, not even five seconds moments at the beginning of the movie, out of everything else that was absolutely fine, and yeah, an over the top musical number.

I’m not saying LeFou is perfect representation. But it’s a start, and not a terrible one, by a gay director who had nothing but good intentions. 

Listen. LeFou doesn’t die. LeFou doesn’t end up heartbroken. He’s not a villain. We’ve got a smart, sassy, confident canon gay character in a 1 billion dollars Disney movie, who goes through actual character development, taking him from worshipping and admiring Gaston because of their years of friendship and his loyalty and love for him, to questioning Gaston’s actions, to trying to confront him, to switching sides and being hinted at getting the boyfriend he deserves at the end.

Isn’t that enough for a first? I mean, believe me, I want a gay princess or a gay prince as well. I want a queer Disney story. We’re not there yet, but we will be. And it starts with characters like LeFou. 

To those of you who are/were upset by LeFou’s character: I’m not saying you have no right to be. This is how you feel. This post isn’t for you, but if it helped change your mind, great! But there’s being upset or upset and angry… and then there’s just being angry bordering on straight up hateful. Too many people are just bitter and angry and spreading useless hate, including people who haven’t even seen the movie. I think that’s a shame. LeFou is a good character. They’ve done a wonderful job reinterpreting him, and he and the movie don’t deserve any of the hate they’re getting.

I guess I’m done here. This is what I wanted to say. I love LeFou, I love what they did with his character, I’m hopeful for the future of queer characters in Disney movies, and I’m not going to be sorry for it.

ps: don’t bother with anon hate, I won’t answer and I’ll immediately block you.


Aiden x Reader

Requested By Anon

AN: I’m sorry this is so long and weird and rambling, I wrote it at 2am and I just kept going anyway enjoy xD

Warnings: Mentions of half naked werewolves, possessive werewolves, licking?

“Hello Sweetheart.” A vice drawled and you turned to glare at Aiden as he lent against your locker.

“I’d love to stay and chat but… I don’t want to.” You hummed and pushed away from your locker, heading over to where Liam and Brett were waiting for you.

“Such an ass.” Liam growled and glared at Aiden who looked you over before heading in the other direction.

“Don’t see why Scott doesn’t just get rid of him.” Brett added as they walked to the field and you shrugged.

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Bob Morley Imagine: Secretly


Summary: Reader and Bob are secretly dating. However, their characters just got together on the show and on a conference everyone teases them about it. It makes them, especially reader, feel uncomfortable. So reader confronts the cast members about it and Bob unintentionally reveals that they are dating which makes cast freak out.

Word count:1353

Originally posted by love-is-equal66

I couldn’t decide if this con was disaster or the best time of my life. It was the first con when I and Bob were a couple. The problem was that no one knew.

We had decided to keep it a secret. In fact I didn’t know why, but it was Bob’s idea. He thought that it would be better because it would prevent us from getting various kinds of reactions from fans. Because this fandom could be really harsh towards the actors and make our lives a living hell.

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Got7′s Reaction to you wanting to do face masks together

I hope you enjoy the reaction!! @okayysunshiine


*He would definitely do face masks with you and would probably like the fact that you also cared for his skin.*

Y/N: *puts the face mask on him and then laughs* “You look funny.”

BamBam: *gif* “So do you!”

*Then you two would probably laugh at each other and then take selfies.(#relationshipgoals xD)*


(A/N: Ignore the caption that it has XD)

*Yugyeom would think you were joking but then when he sees you approach him and try to put it on him, he’d get serious.*

Yugyeom: *gif* “Really? You’re going to do this to me…”

Y/N: “Yes.” *puts the face mask on him*


*He’d say no from the start and would stop you every time you tried to put it on him.*

Youngjae:*gif (pretend that you’re touching his face instead of his nose xD) “Stop… I don’t want too.” *laughs at your attempt to put it on him.*


*JaeBum really wouldn’t want to do it but you would put it on him anyways.*

JB: *gif*

*But after a while of having it on, he’d like it because it felt refreshing.*


*He would look at you and not say whether or not he wanted to do it so you put it on him anyways.*

Jinyoung: “Umm…Okay?”


*He wouldn't mind at all doing face masks with you but would joke around to much and probably ruin it.*

Mark: “Jagiya! Come here and give me a kiss.” *chases you around trying to put some of his face mask on you.*



Talk with Got7 is OPEN!! And requests will be open soon!! So be ready with your requests :)

Too Many Secrets

Pairing: The Avengers Team x Reader

Warning: Swearing // Dirty Secrets

A/N: I was watching FRIENDS the other day and got this idea from one of the episodes. But I changed it by a lot.

“Oh no, some of still have secrets.” Tony shakes his head as you roll your eyes.

“Aside from things we’ve done before coming here, but as a household we’re pretty open with each other.” Sam shrugs.

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Joining The Team Pt 1 (Avengers X Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, Violence, torture


Request: Can you please write an Avengers x reader fic, really angsty? Thank you x

Originally posted by wakandaentertainment

Fury had put you on the team very recently. But they had yet to actually meet you. They had never heard your voice, seen your face, or being within the same building of them. But they heard rumours.

They heard the story. The story that stuck. That story being how you came to be here. You were a product of HYDRA, almost a stray child. You were given training, but apparently it was worse than what they gave Nat. You felt no sympathy, nor empathy, no feelings. No soul. However your job was special. Your missions were to get people to confess or to spill secrets. You would kidnap them, lock them away, and then do unspeakable things to them. Days later HYDRA had information that none other than a certain missing person knew, who was found dead just days later as a mutilated corpse. They say Fury had actually found you when he found your torture room and in the midst of getting a man to confess. He had been lucky enough to shoot you to be subdued and that’s how you got here. They said that that’s why you were yet to be introduced- you were healing and fighting back.

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All Eyes On You (Zico x Reader)

As y’all can see i’m slowly coming back! This is based on the song by nicki minaj,meek mill and chris brown- all eyes on you,requested by anonymous. Enjoy!

Originally posted by welldonezico

Are you here lookin’ for love?
Got the the club goin’ crazy
All these bitches, but my eyes on you
Is you somebody’s baby?
If you ain’t, girl what we gon’ do?

Zico had managed to make a name for himself and for his group. He was talented and a hard worker, a young man making more money than people that are twice his age ever did, he was proud of what he has achieved in such short amount of time.

Although money, articles, shows and tours could not fulfill his one wish, which was to find love.He thought he had but that woman was not the right one. She was great, he was hooked, but the relationship slipped away too easily, he was sad but he knew that he was not what she needed and neither was she, some people were just not meant to be.

That was when you came in the picture. He knew very well who you were, you were a very famous rapper in the US and Europe, you were biracial, a beautiful Blasian woman. You had just signed in dean’s company joombas and Hyuk took it upon himself to introduce you to some of his friends.

He was left in awe when he saw you in that electric blue dress as you proudly walked to them in the club and hugged Hyuk. He introduced you to them and Zico took a little bit of an extra time at holding your hand.Soon the liquor started flowing and you and Zico got a bit closer.

“It’s a big step coming here in Korea, what did your boyfriend say?”

“I have a boyfriend? I didn’t know that”

You joked and gave a giggle. Mission succesfull, he knew for sure you were single

“Choose and pick, get the right one
All these chicks, got to like one
All these hit you, got to like one
All these bittles, Got to like some
All these models, got the right one
What you gon’ do? Hide or run?”

Soon you and Jiho became very close to eachother. You spend more time with each other, most of it at the studio since you decided to debut as a Korean rapper with a song that he will feature in. The song was going amazing and the chemistry between you was flowing and growing stronger everyday.

“Try to focus on the you like ‘all eyes on YOU, kind of leaving a breath to that word”


You agreed and put your headphones back in. You trusted Jiho, he was a very skilfull producer and you knew he had the best interested, also you kind of had a crush on him.

You came out of the booth and finally wrapped up the song. You were so happy when you heard it, it was very nice smooth song, also you couldn’t help but hear how nice Jiho’s voice went with yours

“Should I post a sneak peek of the song?

”“No, let’s just take a pic of us two and post it"You nodded and opened the camera app with the fron camera. Zico slid with his chair to you and brought his face closer to your. You took what felt like a hundred of pics and then looked for the right one.

"Choose the right one. The guys that think have a chance with you have to see it”

“What do you mean?”

You questioned him without taking your eyes from your screen, looking closely to every pic thinking if it’s the right one.

“Cause I can’t have guys hit on my girlfriend”

That’s when your eyes snapped to him. Jiho was just evilly smirking at you.

“Don’t look at me like that, I put it out there, now it’s all eyes on you”


I got him in the back of that back, I think he catchin’ feelings
Now it’s all eyes on us, and it’s all eyes on trust
And if them bitches wanna trip, tell 'em they tour guides on us”

It was the first time Jiho was so open about his personal life, he didn’t feel the need to hide how he felt. He had to hold your hand wherever you went, he was happy.

Also, the tabloits were extremely happy about this, they could see the money rolling up from this. They tried to take you down, everyone had their eyes on you two, waiting for one of you to do a mistake and blow it out of proposion.

"Are they serious? Are they ever going to drop it?”

You said but still smilling. This was funny to you, you couldn’t care less about what articles or the so called “fans” said about you or him ort he relationship. Jiho was epickly impressed by your courage.

“Aren’t you a little bit upset?”

He asked laying in bed. You smilled and crawled at the bed next to him and hugged him, feeling the warmth of his body made you feel at such ease

“No cause that’s what they want me to do. If I get upset or you get upset, we will start fighting and then our trust will be ruined which will end in a break up. Our trust is what keeps us going, if they want to do this then go ahead, but I won’t let them take you away”

Something Keeps bugging me about the whole Blue Sect arc.

As of Chapter 127 we’ve lost Agni, something that I think caused a lot of heartache in the community and has given rise to a lot of theories, all of which have a lot of valid points. The only thing is, I feel like I’m missing something here. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m looking far too deeply into this, but it seems a bit odd, and kind of coincidental, that both times that something big has happened in regards to Ciel’s backstory (in earlier cases it’s from the readers learning about what happened to him that night) and in this case Agni may have discovered something about him that he didn’t want known.

The thing is, and again I can only stress that this is instinct and guts telling me this, that I feel like something is not right with what we’re seeing here. Much like what happened with Count Cain where there was a huge misdirection until the very end of the story where in a big reveal happened and made everyone double take. Now I don’t know if Yana is pulling that off here, but given the similarities to Count Cain, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to pull something similar off here.

My reasoning for questioning all that we’ve seen and all that we know comes from some images that keep bugging the heck out of me in relation to Blavat and what he wears.

I guess I have to start back at the beginning with the whole issue of How Blavat knew who Ciel was, and work from there because all the pieces are not quiet fitting yet.

It’s been theorized that Blavat knew about Ciel through the word of various people (Undertaker, John Brown and even an unknown Shinigami have come up) but two sets of people have not been spoken of, and I do think they deserve mention. The S4, formerly P4 and Viscount Druitt. Now this might seem odd of me to point them out but we do need to look at them as a possible unintentional (in the form of the S4) and intentional (Druitt) leaker of that information to Blavat and in the case of Druitt, someone that seems to have the moxie to help work on this. But I’ll get to him in a second, let’s start with the P4/S4.

We know that the group somehow came into contact with Blavat, although no one outright explained how. Given the fact that the last time when they were in trouble Redmond contacted Druitt who had them get in contact with Stoker, this could be an easy way to believe that Blavat let them become who they were for the groups. Keep in mind that if Druitt did tell Redmond about Blavat, then it could be easy to see him finding easy pickings with the boys who were feeling low and guilty about their crime.

Now if Blavat showed the kindness to them that they needed at the time, then it’s not beyond the realm of reason to believe that any one of the boys, probably even Redmond himself, could have easily spilled the beans on Ciel and Sebastian. After all they were there when Undertaker and Sebastian fought and had a full view of that. Consequently we know for a fact that Greenhill does know about Ciel and Lizzy’s engagement due to Edward, as we’ve see in the Weston arc.

So taking that into account Blavat could have easily surmised upon Sebastian and Ceil coming in: 1. who they were based on the knowledge he had from the S4; 2. could have easily figured out that Ciel was Lizzy’s fiancé and ran with that, and 3. figured out that Sebastian wasn’t exactly human. He never outright called Sebastian a demon, only that he was a black hole, and this he probably got from hearing tales from the boys regarding events at Weston. Remember what was said, Blavat is very good at reading people, and for all Sebastian’s skills, he showed a “tell” in his reactions to what Blavat said was right. This was all he needed to get people excited and throw Sebastian out.

Now let’s say it wasn’t the boys (although I have a high guess that it was) that informed Blavat, then who else knows enough about the Watchdog to at least give us info about him to Blavat. Well, I point to Viscount Druitt. You might say, “But he’s a comic character and we haven’t seen him in a long time.” This is true, we haven’t but we have felt him in various ways.

The last time we officially saw him was in the Atlantic Arc where he was on the boat and we learned that he was part of the Phoenix organization. A group, mind you, that was created probably under the guidance of the Osiris group we’ve heard of. Both names are about beings that are rising from the dead, and what is the Blue Sect doing, keeping people from dying. This is, I think, something important that we keep forgetting about.

We know from facts that Druitt is not a man of scruples. Hell he was having a human trafficking party and was willing to cut up Ciel to sell his parts to bidders. Not only has he shown himself to be an idiot, which I think is more a ruse to keep people from figuring things out, but he’s also been shown to be mixed up with the Aurora Society and through them, Osiris. Now that might be a slight hint of something but there’s a lot more.

Going back over the chapters I noticed a pattern with Aleistor Chambers, or Viscount Druitt. Every time something weird comes up in regard to Ciel, save for the Witch arc (and I’m not 100% sure he didn’t have some influence there), the circus arc (which I have to wonder if one of the groups that Druitt was selling to may have been the same group that tried to kill Ciel), and the murder arc, he’s been involved in some form or another. Be it in a funny way (Curry Arc as a judge) or a more direct and serious way (his actions caused trouble for Ciel and Sebastian in the Atlantic arc) he has been there and influencing things in his own –odd –way.

This brings me to some facts that I noticed. Firstly we know that the Blue Sect is being supplied a good form of money. We’re assuming that it’s coming from the Lords, but what if it’s not. Given the setup of the rooms, we can see that not all of them are well off. We also know that Polaris –who has the most common room –is a butler and someone in the serving class rather than the upper class. If these four lords were really well off, wouldn’t they have better rooms?

So, assuming for the moment that the money is not coming from the Lords to fund this operation, then who would have the time or the money to set this up? Well while the Aurora society is gone, technically, the Osiris group is not, and we know very well that Druitt is alive as we’ve seen his image showing up on the Shores of the States. This, I think, actually should be looked at given that Osiris said that it wanted to see what happened and the ship was heading for the states (making me think that there are some members there and not only in England). If Druitt is still in the states –or even if he’s come back –he would still be well off enough to help with this set up since its well within his means to.

We’ve seen that he has the cash to throw lavish parties, as seen in Chapter 7 when he got hold of Ciel. Given the size of the event that’s happening, he’s probably not the only one supplying the event, but…basing on what the Queen indicated, that there are various classes attending, then it wouldn’t be hard to believe that the owners of shops donate the food. So if he’s not having to pay for the food for all those people, then it actually saves him money if he is behind the bulk of this.

We also have to consider that the music hall had to be purchased by someone, and that large amount probably wasn’t picked up by Blavat, so again someone like Druitt could easily do that. Not only that but the room that Ciel has to go in is certainly lavish in the ways that the count likes, and we have seen that he’s certainly one that likes the lavishness of life.

He’s also the only one that seems to want to be linked with Rome, and given the costumes that the boys wear it’s hardly a surprise.

 Also, if you think about it, who else would be willing to pay for such outlandish outfits? It fits right into all his weird looks.

Furthermore there’s other clues that indicate that Druitt may have a hand in this. 

Going back to the earlier chapter we see Ciel was taken into the back room in a secret wooden door that lead to a room where Ciel points out that there’s a “sweet” (“strange?”) smell, and then passes out into sleep. He wakes up later in a cage trapped by Druitt. 

Now, in Chapter 113 Ciel notes that there’s a strange smell in the air, and the last time that that happened he fell to sleep. The last person to pull that trick off on him…Druitt.

We also know that Druitt is not dead, nor gone, as we saw he was placed Christ like, on a cross. Foreshadowing into the religious iconography in the Blue Sect, perhaps? I think that he’s probably assisting in some way. We also shouldn’t forget that he’s a doctor among other things and would have a working understanding of the medical items that we’re seeing being used on the various people. If he is working with Blavat, then why? Well it could be his own ego, but I think there’s more to it. Back in Chapter 59 we saw him get serious, and he seemed very dangerous in that moment.

So why would he tell Blavat about Ciel or Sebastian. Again, he saw it all. Back when they were on the ship he was “passed out” during the fighting, but given the situation I don’t think that he didn’t miss a thing. 

Considering that he did indicate with a wink that he recognized Ciel later on “cock Robin” it’s not hard to believe that Druitt could have done his own digging and gotten info on Ciel and given it willingly to Blavat. After all Ciel did help wreck what he felt was his plans and so forth, so there is that.

Now do I think that Druitt is the mastermind behind everything? Not really, at least not yet, but he does seem to have enough skills to at least be a part of it.

The other thing that’s bugging me in a large way is the religious aspect and the way Agni died. Why target Soma of all people?

See the thing is that the Queen is right now in charge of India, the death of one of her Allies sons would not go over well with the people there. People, who, at that time, were very much starting to become less willing to have peace. So how would his death in the end benefit her? I don’t think it or Ciel’s would.

We know that she did punish him for his actions during the circus arc, but she never set up for the murder of anyone that was innocent. The guy that she had killed was directly working with her Grandson whom she’s going to be going to war with in the near future. The Blue Sect is working in direct opposition to what she wants. They’re, as Sebastian pointed out, winning over people’s hearts and thus their minds. This is something that she doesn’t want. The Queen needs her people to be on her side.

She noted that the people would be dealing with business deals, religious activity and war. If anyone can come in this means that there could be a German spy there. If there is one or someone who has sympathy to the Kaiser then that would not help her at all because, like the German diplomat that she had Gray kill, there’s a chance that it could benefit him and thus allow Germany to take control of things. This she cannot have for not only her kingdom, but her own personal life as well.

So then the question is, who’s benefiting from the Blue Sect? My mind goes to Osiris as a whole, but I don’t know enough about them. But again Druitt comes up as a possible suspect here. He would not only gain power, but given his need to have an empire for himself, it wouldn’t be surprising, given his morals that he would offer up the UK whole sale if he could be Cesare himself.

The other thing that caught my attention was the number of knives in Agni’s back and the stars on Blavat’s outfit. The whole arc has been hinting at religion as part of the theme. Religion and liberties are two very big things that hit people in the heart and the mind. Given how the Sect operates, almost like a cult, it was odd to me that while there was a feel of Catholic like hymns and such there wasn’t any Christian iconography (crosses, doves, angels, lambs) things that normally would connect to the normal catholic aspects.

However there are hints of Hinduism that revolves around this story. The set up very much runs counter to the idea of the class system, important to both Indian and British societies at that time (and still is in some cases). Yana made it clear that all walks of life are welcome at the event, something that surprises Edward as dance halls are mostly for common folk. Later via Sebastian we learn through two of the evening ladies that songs are a great way to get an idea across to the common folk. It’s also important to note that the set up for the food is laid out in a way that all can partake of it, another hint at both catholic and Hindu views of things depending on the sect.

Now one thing I have to note and this is very important here, the color blue. Blue in Hinduism is connected to bravery, manliness, determination, and the ability to deal with difficult situations, a stable mind and a depth of character. 

Lord Rama and Krishna are two very well know religious figures in Hinduism who were colored blue as an honor for their actions.

Using the color blue would then denote in regard to the blue star that this was a person of the highest cause and position in the ranks.

There’s more there too. These ranks are divided up into four groups: Brahmin (priestly), Kshatriya (defense), Vaisya (agriculture and business), and Shudra (menial labor). We’ve seen that the four lords seem to embody this. Sirius doesn’t speak up when talked to by Blavat but we know that he or she is seen as the highest member of the group. Second one to speak is Canopus, who probably represents the defense, this followed by the twin voices of Vega (and the Vaisya –or wealthy commoner –covers merchants in Agriculture and business, showing a set of twins to represent those two aspects) and then Polaris (a butler as the lower class or the labor).

If Blavat is a priest or a Brahmin to the sect then that would explain the clothing that he wears all the time. His outfit is pulling from various religious organizations, but the thing is he’s wearing an outfit that’s a lot like Agni and Soma in visual similarities.  This has me wondering why there is so much connection to the Hindu aspect of this story. Well given what just happened I would hypothesized that this whole arc is a set up for Soma going forward and using hindu symbolism could be a part of it.

One thing to note about the four casts is that they each represent some part of the body. Preists are the head bring wisdom and knowledge (something the songs that Blavat wrote seem to indicate that Sirius does), Canopus is the arms (allowing for fighting much like Lizzy), Vega (given that there’s two) could be the legs (and agriculture and business were two of the driving forces in England at the time the story takes place) and last Polaris the most common, this is technically the intestine but in this case I’m going to assume it indicates the internal organs (if you view Polaris as the butler then his actions is to make sure all the other parts run and are well fed but does so behind the scenes).

Then there’s the thing that I finally figured out why it was bugging me. The stars. Each one is eight sided and I started to wonder what that could indicate. In Hinduism there’s a star known as the Star of Lakshmi, which represents Ashtalakshmi, the eight forms, or kinds of wealth, of the goddess Lakshimi. This also represent eight elements. 

“In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: “Earth, Water, Fire, Ether, Spirit, Intelligence, and Ego are my 8 separate energies.”

Every single star in the Blue Sect has eight, including the ones of the doors to the four lords.

The only issue that falls with the eight sided star is that there’s a ton of esoteric meanings, too many to mention here (including ones about aliens). There’s also the story related to Chinese tradition about the eight pointed star.

In Chinese tradition, the eight pointed star was a way to concisely depict the entirety of the Universe. It was believed that the Sky Emperor T'ai-Yi resided in a palace at the center of Heaven, at the top of the eight pointed star’s axis, from which he ruled the eight divisions of Heaven.

These stars are known to denote life, from birth to death.

I know this might seem rambling, but I tried. I’m just having trouble seeing all the pieces fitting. There’s also the fact that Agni and Soma are both hindi names for Sun and Moon and the seven knives in Agni’s back have a number of meanings in Hinduism including: Seven stars that are a group known as Sapta rishid, and then there’s the Seven Promises, and Seven Reincarnations, as well as the seven worlds of the universe and the 7 Chakras.

In essence by killing Agni (Sun) that means Soma (moon) has nothing to light it way right now, and Soma has to become his own light.

Apologies for the wall of text. 

Expecting With A Malfoy

Request: Hi could I request a Draco x pregnant reader story? Where Draco is extremely protective, possessive, and you can just tell he worships the reader? Sorry if this isn’t that great, it’s just that it’s been stuck in my head for ages.”

Summary: You’re pregnant, and Draco is treating you like you’re the most fragile thing in the room. This new side of him is quite foreign to you, but you can’t say you’re complaining.

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 1,232

Warnings: None, just really fluffy.

A/N: I absolutely love this request, because it’s different and sweet! I just really love writing Protective-Father!Draco, it’s absolutely heartwarming! I hope you like it, love! If you ever want to request anything, feel free! My ask box is always open! xx

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Draco had been designing your baby boy’s room for the past month, and he had started to worry you. He wouldn’t come out of that room unless he heard you trying to bustle around the house, scurrying out of the room to help you with whatever you needed before you could get your hands on anything.

“No, no, no!” He would shout, holding out his arms to stop you from moving anywhere, gently placing you back down on the couch. “There we are. You just relax, love. Let me. What do you need?”

You would continuously insist that you need to get off this damn couch you’ve been stuck on for what you felt were ages, but Draco would just shush you with a kiss upon the lips and forehead, demanding that you let him do all the work.

“Let me do it, please. You don’t need to strain yourself any more than you have already, I’ve got it!” 

You placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling at him. “Draco, I haven’t strained myself one bit today-”

“Then let’s keep it that way, shall we?” He would insist, placing another chaste kiss to your lips before tending to your every need.

When your mood swings would arrive, Draco would be completely understanding, bringing you into his arms and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

One time you even threatened to leave him all because he wouldn’t stop giving you the apple pie you had continuously asked, as idiotic as it might sound. He was shocked at your outburst, but he knew it was just the hormones, so he ignored it and continued to take care of you.

“We’ll get through this, love. I promise.”

Whenever you would try to take a peak into your soon-to-be baby boy’s bedroom, Draco would shoo you away, running out of the room and shutting it immediately, looking over at you with baby blue paint on his pale cheeks and forehead. You would grin at the sight, adoring it.

Draco always loved to speak to his son through your tummy before going to bed. He would usually place both of his large, pale hands on the side of your bump and crouch down so he’s eye-level with his soon to be son. He would whisper all the things he would teach him, how to control his magic, or how he can cook french fries in the oven.

You would giggle at how cute Draco would act when speaking to his baby boy, and he would look up at you with a certain sparkle in his eye. Then he would go on to say how good of a mother you’ll be and to treat you right.

“Make sure to cherish her for as long as you can, okay? She’s amazing, trust me. She’ll put you to sleep with just her voice. You’ll love her. Maybe not as much I love her, but you’ll love her, nonetheless.”

And whenever Draco would finish his speech, he would always look back up at you before slipping a kiss upon your bump, sliding back up to pull you into his arms.

“We’re going to be a great family.” He would state with a large amount of confidence in his voice, causing a jovial laugh to escaped your mouth.

You would look up at him with a gleam in your eyes that made his heart skip a beat and his chest swell. “Yes we are.” You would coo before moving up to place a kiss upon his lips.

His eyes would flutter close at the contact, and he would bring his hand up to lace his fingers through your hair, deepening the kiss only so much more. He would hum against your lips when your hand started to play with the small blonde hairs on the back of his neck, running your fingers through his hair momentarily.

Whenever you two were in public, possibly shopping for baby clothes, Draco would pick out the most corniest ones, claiming that your son would look like the most handsome man in them. You would chuckle and shake your head, demanding for him to put them back where he found them.

“That’s bloody hideous, Draco! Put them back!”

Draco would pout, but place them back on the shelf, nonetheless.

Whenever you would feel contractions, Draco would immediately be by your side, rubbing the small of your back comfortingly.

“Love? Love! Is it coming, is it happening?!” He would sputter in worry, holding your hand as you bent down to hold one hand on your knee.

You would try to catch your breath, but Draco wouldn’t let you, insisting that you go with him to the hospital.

“Come on. There we are. Let’s go. We’re going to the hospital right now.”

You would stop his from taking you, assuring him you were fine and that it was just contractions. He would still insists, muttering under his breath, but whenever you kissed him after you catch your breath, he would stop complaining almost immediately.

“I love when you kiss my worries away.” He would whisper against your lips, causing you to giggle and him smile.

“I know, I can tell.” You would tease, bringing him closer to you.

And when he was finally finished, Draco would let you come into the baby’s room so you could see the final masterpiece. You would gasp, covering your mouth as tears slowly started to trail down your cheeks. Draco would look at you, proud of his work, and cradle you to his chest when you started crying.

“It’s beautiful.” You would whisper, admiring the little ornaments he had placed above the crib he had built himself.

A chuckle would escape his mouth, the sound vibrating against your ear. He would just rub your back soothingly, looking around the room with utter joy in his expression.

“It is, isn’t it?”

When your water had broke, Draco started to panic. He had no clue as to what to do, but you had instructed him as best you can, and soon, you were on your way to the hospital.

“It’s actually going to happen…” Draco would whisper to himself, squeezing your hand as his eyes began to water. His chest would tighten whenever you let out a scream, and he tried his best to wish the pain away and focus on helping you through this.

The moment you two walked through the birthing room, tears had started to cascade down Draco’s cheeks, making you laugh at the sight.

“It’s not funny, Y/N, this is a serious moment!” He would spit, but you could sense the teasing tone behind his words. You would just smile, wiping his tears away and assuring it will all be alright.

And it surely was alright. You had finally given birth, and you were blessed with your beautiful baby boy, Scorpius Malfoy. Draco made sure to take real steady care with him once he was ready to be picked up, and he couldn’t help the tears from falling down his face.

He couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest man alive. He was blessed with two amazing people, his wife and his son. And in that moment, he knew he’d do everything in his power to protect you both, promising to himself that no matter what happens, he will always be there for the both of you.

And indeed he was.

Especially With You

||| Thanks @what-is-human for the idea! |||

VIXX x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1,453

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“What, are you scared or something?” Taekwoon asked.

“Pff yeah, like I would get scared.” you lied.

“Then it’s settled.” Wonsik added coming in with a big box.

“What’s that?” you asked. “But never mind that, isn’t it like dangerous you know to go camping in this season?” you continued.

“Are you trying to make excuses not to go with us again?” Jaehwan questioned you.

“No of course not, why would I do that.”

“I don’t know why but she’s obviously scared.” Taekwoon stated.

“Wonsik why are you taking everything out of my fridge?” you asked him ignoring Taekwoon.

“Are you planning on not eating anything while we are there?”

“But why are you taking my food? How long do you even plan this camping trip to last? Do you really need that many?”

“Well we figured since you’re going we might as well take yours.”

“That doesn’t explain anything and when did I tell you that I’m going?” you were starting to get annoyed. This happened every time all of them got together. They decide on some stupid idea then come barging into your house dragging you along with them.

“I don’t think you have that many choices because we already got the van and took your food, so…” Jaehwan added.

“Ugh fine, let me get ready.”

“You have 5 minutes.” Taekwoon told you.

“5 minutes you have got to be joking.”

“Just hurry up the clock is already ticking.”

Trying to hold in your frustration you practically slammed open the door to your room. You thought about taking some warm clothes and when you were getting changed Hongbin came into the room without notice.

“Y/N do you have any pots we could borrow?”completely ignoring the fact that you’re half naked.

“What the fuck Hongbin, do you even know what knocking means?”

“Oh sorry but still do you-“

“Are doing this on purpose? Get the hell out of the room!”

“What, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked.”

“What!?” you could feel your cheeks starting to burn.

“Oh! I made you blush! How cute!” he started laughing. You took your pillow and threw it at him.

“Get out! And find those pots by yourself!”

“Woah! You’re scary when you’re angry! Fine I’m leaving.” he said exiting to the hall and closing the door.

A few minutes later you were ready to go. You went to the living room and saw that now Jaehwan was the only one there.

“Everybody went to get the van.” he told you standing up and taking your backpack from you. “What happened there?”


“Is Hongbin giving you trouble again?”

“No, he’s just being and idiot.” you stated. “Let’s go.”

Jaehwan just gave you a quick look and followed you through the door. They weren’t lying when they told you they got a van.

“It’s huge!”

“That’s what she said.” Sanghyuk added.

“Hello to you to.” you said punching him in the arm. He got into the far back of the van, you, Hakyeon and Taekwoon sat in the middle, while Wonsik, Hongbin and Jaehwan sat in the front, Jaehwan being the one driving. He started the engine and you were beginning to reconsider your idea of actually going.

“You know what, I remembered that I have something to do, so you guys have fun.” you smiled opening the door when suddenly Hakyeon pulled you back into your seat and closed and also locked them.

“I think it’s a little bit late for that. We should get going before she tries anything else.” he told Jaehwan who finally drove out of your apartment’s parking lot.

“You know, I think it would be even better if you sat in the middle.” Hakyeon stated, standing up as much as the car’s roof let him. He got into the space between your legs and the front rows seats, hovering above you, his face too close to yours. You looked at him from the bottom up when your eyes met his and you started blushing.

“What?” he asked. “What did you just think?”

“Nothing.” you said, quickly getting into his seat.

“Hey now, don’t be like that. Tell me.” he begged. “Hey! where you blushing just now?” he asked, pinching your cheek.

“No, I’m not.”

“She’s blushing a lot today for some reason.” Hongbin laughed from the front seat.

“Shut up you! Ahh I’m going to sleep.” you said taking out your travelling pillow and positioning it on Taekwoon’s shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I think you’re the most comfortable to sleep on.” you spoke putting your head on the pillow. Taekwoon just looked at you.

“Okay, whatever.” he said.

“Hey why do I have to sit in the back alone?” Sanghyuk asked.

“Because you’re the youngest.” Hakyeon stated.

“No I’m not. Y/N is younger than me by a whole month.”

“It’s somehow scary sitting in the back alone.” you mumbled.

“What did you say?” Sanghyuk asked getting closer to you.

“I said it’s scary sitting in the back alone!”

Sanghyuk stared at you for a while in surprise and then started laughing loudly.

“Haha, what a crybaby!!”

“Ugh. I ought to better not talk with any of you.” you said making yourself comfortable on Taekwoon’s shoulder and closing your eyes. You don’t remember when you fell asleep but you woke up in the car alone, a blanket on you. You looked around and saw that the boys were building the tents outside. You stepped out of the car and went to help them.

“Look who decided to show up.” Wonsik told everyone.

“Why are there only three tents?”

“So you could sleep with me.” he smirked.

“No way am I sleeping with you.”

“This one over here has enough room for three, while the other two have enough for two, so either way, you’re gonna have to sleep with somebody.” Jaehwan said.

“I say we do rock-paper-scissors and whoever wins gets to sleep with Y/N.” Sanghyuk suggested.

“Why do you get to decide for me?” you were about to ask but they already started playing. Hongbin won.

“I guess I can keep you all to myself tonight” he joked to which you just rolled your eyes.

You decided to start the fire instead and before dark you were all ready. You ate your dinner and were now roasting marshmallows over the fire.

“You know, I heard a bunch of people disappeared in these areas.” Hongbin started.

“Are you serious?” you gulped.

“Of course, the last one disappeared just yesterday.”

“Stop joking like that, it’s not funny.”

“I never said I was joking.” he looked at you with a serious face.

“Hongbin, stop. She’s scared of camping as it is.” Jaehwan said.

“No I’m not.”

“Yeah right.” Sanghyuk laughed.

“Why don’t we talk about something else instead.” you tried to change the subject.

“Okay then. How about we play truth or dare?” Hakyeon suggested. “I start. Y/N what did you think about back then in the car?”

Everyone looked at you.

“Okay I’m going to sleep.” you told everyone standing up.

“Hey, stop avoiding the question!”

“Are you going to sleep without me?” Hongbin interrupted, trying to make an offended expression.

“Yes I am.” you stated and went to tent, everyone following you with their eyes.

“What’s up with her?” Taekwoon inquired.

But before anyone could answer his question you came back.

“Back already?” Wonsik asked.

“Well you know I thought since we are all here maybe I will stay for a bit longer.”

“You’re scared, aren’t you!?” Sanghyuk laughed.

“Oh come here you! You look so cute when you’re shy.” Jaehwan said pulling you to the bench and putting a blanket around your shoulders.

You talked with them about everything and nothing and before you knew it, it was already way past midnight.

“Maybe we should go to sleep.” Taekwoon suggested.

“I’m going to be here for a little while longer, the fire calms me down somehow.” you told them.

“I will meet you in the tent then.” Hongbin winked.

As they all went their separate ways you grabbed Hakyeon by his jacket sleeve.

“Could you maybe stay with me?” you begged. He looked at you with warm eyes.

“Of course.” he said, sitting next to you. You decided to share your blanket with him and now both of you were sitting silently by the fire.

“You know, I might come off as a bitch sometimes but I actually really like spending time, like this, with you guys.”

“I know.”

You put your head on his lap.

“I wish moments like these would last forever” you whispered.

Hakyeon looked down at you.

“Me too.” he said stroking your hair. “Especially with you.” he thought to himself.

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A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

  • Ruby: Man, I never thought Weiss would be the jealous type. *Ruby said to Blake as the two walked down the streets of Vale together.* At least not when it came to me and Penny.
  • Blake: In all fairness, despite what Weiss may say, You are her best friend and now that you are spending more time with Penny since you two started dating she feels left out. *Blake pointed out, remembering how Weiss's voice could be heard from Ruby's scroll along the entire café they were at.*
  • Ruby: Whaaaa? I Spread tons of time with Weiss. Sometimes even against my will. *Ruby said before letting out a sigh.* Sigh, I'm kinda envy you and Yang.
  • Blake: Envy us? Why? *Blake asked rising an eyebrow at her young friend.*
  • Ruby: You two never get jealous of others when you hang out with other people. That is so awesome!
  • Blake: Hahaha, Ruby. It's not that impressive. Yang and I just trust eachother and know that we don't have any reasons to become jealous. Though Yang can be a bit overprotect when people can't take no for an answer. *Blake laughing, Smiling a bit with her last statement as Ruby puts her hands together as if she was praying*
  • Ruby: Rest in piece Drunken birdy faunus guy. At least Yang made you fly. Huh? *Ruby suddenly stopped looking across the street.* Oh speaking of my sis. There she is. How is she with though. *Ruby pointed out, squinting her eyes to try to recognize the people she is with.*
  • Blake: *Blake Stopped and followed Ruby's gaze to indeed see her girlfriend sitting at an outside bar with a few people.* Oh yeah. Yang said she be hanging out with some old friends. *She thought to herself as a smile slowly formed on her face at the site of Yang's laughing face before Ruby said something at immediately caught her attention.*
  • Ruby: HAH! That's Ico! Oh my god I haven't seen him in years! *Ruby gasped with a giddy smile.*
  • Blake: Ico? *Blake asked trying to figure out which one of Yang's friends she was talking.*
  • Ruby: *Ruby stared at Blake for a second before lightly palming her forehead.* Oh right. You never met him. *Ruby then pointed to the a the guy with hyena ears and hairstyle talking to Yang making her laugh.* That's Ico. The Hyena Faunus. We used to hang out all the time. He ways told the best joke and is kinda the reason why Yang makes such bad puns.
  • Blake: Ah. I see. I guess we should thank you him for that. *Blake said with a bit of sarcasm, watching The other Faunus lean towards Yang, brushing some of her hair away t whisper something in her ear, surprising Blake that Yang would allow him to do so only to be more surprised and shocked with Yang blushes and laughs harder as she joking shoves him.* They seem... Close. How could you two never mentioned him.
  • Ruby: Oh Well. It's only been like four or three and half years since He and Yang broke up and he moved to Vacuo to Shade Academy. I guess it never came up.
  • Blake: Oh I see. I'm surprise he didn't come to the vi-Wait WHAT!? *Blake began innocently before whipping her head around toward Ruby so fast she could have got whiplash, a shocked expression covering her face.*
  • Ruby: *It was at this moment Ruby knew. She fucked up.* Oh, uh, Yeaaaaah. Yang and Ico... Kinda... dated...
  • Blake: So you mean that guy, *Blake said pointing to Ico, who is laughing patting Yang's lap after Yang told a joke, making the cat faunus grit her teeth.* Is Yang's Ex?
  • Ruby: Uuuuuuuuh... Yes? *Ruby quietly muttered pocking her fingers together.* B-but it was a mutual break up! They weren't even that serious.
  • Blake: Oh... Okay then. As long it wasn't a bad break up and it was seirous. *Blake mutter, feeling ridiculous for feeling worried as she watches Ico place his arm around Yang's shoulder and he leaned over to to tip glasses with the girl next to Yang.* Is he always that clingy though? *she asked with a frown.*
  • Ruby: Oh yeah. At least they are at a bar and have their shirts on. Hehe, Man Dad was piiiiiishit. *Ruby laugh before realizing what she said and tried to stop Blake was her sister's girlfriend quickly marched across the street.* Blake! BLAKE! WAIT!
  • ~~~
  • Yang: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Man, Ico. That was hilarious. Hahahahaha!*Yang laughed as she banged her fist against the bar, Wiping a tear out of her eye.* Hehehe, Oh boy. Seriously though. I can't believe your wife let you do that. *She said hand her ex back his scroll.*
  • Ico: Hehehe, Oh she focken loved it. And it got her rock hard to later at night as you can see. Hahaha. *Ico Smirked looking at the pic of him and his wife on a muddy bike with a very noticeable bulge under Ico's wife bathing suit, taking a swig of his beer.* Mmm, So what about ye, ya sun dragon? Hey you managed to hook a keeper yet?
  • Yang: Oh I hope so. *Yang smiled dreamily.* I'm dating my partner and best friend, Blake. She is the best. She is so beautiful and has the cuuuutest kitty ears. Oh ahhaha And whenever she is annoyed she-
  • Ico: She star looking like at grumpcat.
  • Yang: Yeah... How did you?
  • Ico: Because I think she coming towards us wit yar sis lass. *Ico pointed behind Yang as he took another swig of his beer.*
  • Yang: Huh? Oh Hey BlakMMM? *Yang Yang started to greet after turning to see her girlfriend before she took hold of her cheek and pulled her into a heated passionate kiss, Moaning slightly as Blake's hand ran through her hair to pull her closer to deepen the kiss with her tongue.*
  • Ruby: Ew gross... Hey Ico. *Ruby frowned then smiled to her old friend.*
  • Ico: Wassup Rosey. You got taller. *Ico greeted back giving Ruby a quick hug as they watched Blake make out with Yang.* Yar sis scored big I see.
  • Ruby: Yeah She isn't normally like this.
  • Blake: *It was then Blake pulled away leaving a dazed, panting, blushing, and seemingly fainting Yang to lean against she.* Hello. I'm Blake. Yang's GIRLFRIEND.
  • Ico: Yea. Pleasure to meet ya. I'm Ico. Ya mind teaching me how to do that to me wife? Yar anniversary is coming up and i like to get the same efect on her. *Ico greeted back with a smirk as he pointed to Yang and laughed as Blake started to blush with an embarrassment.*
  • Blake: Your... wife... Oh god.
  • Ruby: Jealous is a funny thing ain't it.
  • Blake: Shut uMM!? *Blake tried to say before Yang pulled her into the same kiss and then lifted her up and headed out the door.*
  • Yang: Ihavetogo.ItwasniceseeyaIco.BYE!
  • Ico: Cheers *He smiled raising his glass before Looking At ruby with a serious look.* Are ya allowed in here?
  • Ruby: Yep and after seeing that I'm going need a drink.
  • Ico: A pint for the young las to wash away the site of har sistor gitting lucky, Please!

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what would fights with kim jonghyun be like?

  • depending on the scale of the fight, he’ll react differently
  • if it’s a small fight, he’ll be sorta laughing/unable to hold back his laugh because it’s pretty funny seeing you so serious it
  • he tries to take your seriously but it’ll just end up in hugs and cuddles and him be like “haha i’m sorry, sorry”
  • now when we upgrade the scale of the fight to real serious, he’ll probably on the verge of crying
  • has really red eyes and a flush face
  • voice would be borderline trembling because he feels really hurt about it
  • choked up in his tears
  • “d-don’t say that”
  • pretty weak during fights because he’s a weakhearted person in general
  • sniffles
  • you’d be the one going out the door or trapping yourself in the bedroom because jonghyun would be too indulged in his emotions to think of anything else other than the fight and you
  • in a real big fight, he’ll be the one pleading for you to not go and the one the apologize real fast
  • really hate fights
  • that’s why he gets so emotional during it
  • “is it not ok even if i say sorry to you a hundred times…?”
  • you would be the one feeling really bad throughout the whole process and ends up running into his arms because he looked like an abandoned, kicked puppy
  • “i’m sorry”

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Hey cutie! I just saw the video you posted of Chris with his dog and I had a fic idea. Actually I wanted to do it by myself but I just love your writing so much so: could you please do a fic with chris working out in the garden and then his girlfriend comes back from the walk with Dodger and he just keeps jumping around Chris. His girlfriend just laughs and then Chris is chasing her around the garden and they fall down and make out. I love your writing!!! 💕💕

It was a perfect fall day in California so I decided to take Dodger for a run after work. Staying busy while Chris is out of town is always important. The run eventually turned into more of a walk and we got back a little over an hour later. Dodger didn’t want to be inside even after our walk so I decided to go outside to lay around for a bit before dinner. Dodger ran out into the yard ahead of me, dashing to the back of the yard where he started jumping around and barking.

“Dodger, what are you barking at?” I follow him around a corner and am about to tell him to stop when I hear the unmistakable sound of Chris laughing. I peek around the corning and find Dodger jumping in circles around Chris, who’s getting licked in the face while he tries to pet Dodger.

“What are you doing home?” Dodger runs over to me when he hears me and allows Chris to stand back up.

“You sound like you’re not happy to see me” he teases while crossing to reach me.

“Shut up, of course I’m happy to see you” he gives me a kiss that would’ve deepened if it weren’t for Dodger licking Chris’ leg.

“Dodger stop” he whines and tries to push Dodger away. Dodger just gets excited all over again and starts jumping up on Chris. I step back so I don’t get hit while I watch them wrestle in the grass. I can’t contain my laughter for very long and once Chris realizes he stops and looks at me, his face suddenly turning serious. “You think this is funny?” he quirks his eyebrow at me. I shrug and smirk my response expecting him to let it go and keep playing with Dodger. Instead he stands up, a mix of a smirk and a glare taking over his features.

“Chris?” I automatically prep myself to run, waiting for his move. He doesn’t say anything else, just smiles and takes off towards me. I squeal as I bolt in the opposite direction. I’m able to jump out of his grasp a few times before he catches me. Maybe catch is the wrong word, it’s more like I get tackled. Chris has his arms wrapped around my waist as we both fall to the ground. My laughter turns hysterical as he tickles up my sides to make me squirm underneath him.

“Stop, stop!” I do my best to push his hands away and wiggle out from under him but fail as his hold on me tightens.

“Are you done being sassy?” he taunts as his fingers slow their movement against my sides.

“I was never sassy!” I shout incredulously.

“Oh really then what would you call it?”

“The laughing? I’m sorry I couldn’t contain my happiness from seeing my two favorite beings together again” I deadpan and glare at him. A smile takes over his face and I can’t help but smile along with him.

“I missed you” he tells me, accompanied with a quick peck. One of his hands moves up to cup my cheek while the other rests under my lower back. I move my hands up his sides and bring them behind his neck and in his hair.

“I missed you too” I whisper before pulling him back down. His tongue slips easily into my mouth and brushes past mine. His hand moves from my cheek to my hair, holding me in place as he nips down my neck. When he gets to the top of my breasts he starts kissing back up my neck, teasing kisses at the corners of my mouth before finally pressing against my lips again. I bite at his bottom lip and he lets out a low growl. I move so my knees are hooked around his hips and use my legs to pull him closer. He starts moving his hands up under my shirt and teasing around the bottom of my bra. One of his hands moves to squeeze my breast and I let out a moan, but it quickly turns into a squeal when Dodger came out of nowhere and started licking both of our faces. Chris immediately pushed him away but Dodger keeps coming right back.

“Come on Dodger” Chris whines when Dodger comes back and starts pawing at his arm. Chris buries his face in my neck and tries to cover my head with his arms. I can’t help but laugh at Chris’ failing attempts to cover me, but the laughter just gets Dodger going even more.

“I have a plan” he whispers in my ear before he stands up. As soon as he’s up Dodger starts running in circles and doing play bows. Chris pretends to chase Dodger which causes him to run a big lap around the whole yard. As soon as Dodger takes off Chris grabs my hand and pulls me along with him towards the house. He closes the door quickly behind us and looks out to see Dodger has stopped in the middle of the yard to look around.

“He looks so sad and confused” I coo at Chris.

“He’ll be fine. Now, where were we?”

A/N: I hope you like this! Being told that you like my writing enough to ask me to write something instead of writing it yourself is like the best compliment so thank you! 

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How would Romania, Turkey, Greece, Sweden and Russia react to s/o telling them shes pregnant

Romania: You didn’t think he could be more cheerful than he normally is but you were wrong. He could barely speak when you told him and he just sat there staring at you with his mouth open. After processing it he would tell you how excited he is to be able to tell the baby the stories and folklore he learned as a child to them and pass on what he knew to them. He would probably have the room made within the week.

Greece: This would be one of the few times you would see any expression on his face besides a neutral, tired one. He’s super excited even if he doesn’t completely show it. He would start discussing plans for the baby’s room right away.

Turkey: Ecstatic. He picks you up and swings you around all over the place but then puts you down immediately worried he might hurt the baby somehow. He would be talking a million miles an hour trying to ask questions and tell you things but it all just came out jumbled. You would have to tell him to ask things one by one and he would start but things for the baby immediately.

Sweden: His eyes would go wide and he would ask you if your serious cause if not it’s not a very funny joke, but when you tell him your serious he’s more than happy and can’t be happier that he’s gonna be a dad. Somehow he would manage to be quieter than normal while he tried to take in this news. He would tell Finland first and there would be a gift basket of baby supplies the next day, not to mention a few boxes of coffee.

Russia: He would cry. He’s going to be a father and you love and trust him enough to give him this opportunity and it would just overwhelm. You would just spend the day hugging him while he was emotional about having a child. He would tell Ukraine and she would go baby clothes shopping with you and most likely be the godmother.

-Mod Z

Tony Stark's Daughter-Part one

9 years ago- Readers POV

“Kiddo c’mon let’s go” my dad (Tony Stark) shouted up to me. Dad was taking me to some type of business meeting, I wasn’t meant​ to be going but dad couldn’t find a decent babysitter for me (all they wanted to do was sleep with him). So he decided to take me with him, on the grounds that I stay by his or Happys side so that I didn’t get lost.

“Y/N/N c'mon” he shouted again, and with that I ran down the stairs with my suitcase in my hand into the living room.

“I’m ready” I said excitedly.

“Good, let’s go” Dad said as he grabbed my suitcase “Geez kid what do you have in this thing”he joked as we reached the car.

Time Skip-Later that day

Dad was in one of his meetings and Happy was watching me just for an hour or two until the meeting had ended.

It was weird seeing Dad act all professional and serious, it wasn’t like how he was at home, he was always very chilled and funny when we were at home.

Everything was going fine until there was an explosion in the building next door, panic and shock ran through the building as people rushed out of the building we were in to see what was happening.

“Y/N/N stay with Happy, okay?” Dad said as he rushed out of the meeting and straight towards me.

“But dad-” I tried to argue, I wanted to stay with him..I didn’t want something bad to happen to him.

“No buts okay, go” dad said as Happy grabbed my arm lightly.

“What if you don’t come back?!” I shouted. That’s when Dad ran towards me and hugged me

“I’m always gonna come back sweetheart,” he whispered into my hair.

“Mum didn't…” I said quietly, she died four years ago (when I was four), she was murdered on the way to shops, that’s it she was just shopping and then some random guy stabbed her in the chest, she died on the way to hospital.

“Oh Y/N/N,” he sighed as he pulled away from the hug so that he could look at me “I promise you that I’ll come back okay; I promise” he said looking into my eyes before pulling me into another tight hug,

“Now stay with Happy” that’s the last thing he said before he ran into a room to get changed into his Iron Man suit. Happy picked me up and took me to the car.

But before we could get in the car, I heard another explosion, this one was louder, closer. And then men with guns appeared, they knocked Happy out first, I tried to run but that’s when everything went black.

Tony’s POV

I saved as many people as I could from the building and now the only thought was about getting back to my daughter and making sure she was okay.

I flew down to the car park (which is where I told Happy to take her),

“See I told you I’d come bac-” I began to say as I entered the car park,  but I was shocked by what I saw. Happy was on the floor, blood running down his face. I checked the car park, the entire car park looking for my daughter but she wasn’t there, so I ran back to Happy, hoping that he was going to tell me she was safe.

“Happy” I said shaking his body lightly.

“C’mon Happy, wake up” I said a little louder, which is when he started to wake up.

“Happy what happened?! Where’s Y/N/N” I said, worry filling my voice.

“They took her” Happy choked out.

“Who?Who took her!?” I said as my worry was replaced with rage and fear.

“Hydra” Happy said coughing on his words.

Hydra…Hydra took my daughter…

But i was going to get her back, no matter what…

Monsta X reaction to their s/o making a lot of 'dad jokes'

requested by anon~


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 “Babe, babe!”

“What is it? *looks up from his phone to see you widely smiling at him*”

“What time did the man go to the dentist?!”

“Oh… no. Babe, please don’t do this–”

“TOOTH HURT-Y! *laughs out loud while Shownu just looks at you with an exasperated look; only to have that smile wiped off when he raises his hand*”

“In a count of five, if i still see that you’re still here, I’m not gonna cook you my well-known kimchi fried rice later. 5….. 4– *sees you dashing off to your room while laughing out loud* THE NEXT TIME YOU GIVE ME ANOTHER JOKE, MAKE IT WORTH LAUGHING, ALRIGHT?! LOVE YOU!”


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Hey, honey, hear me out. *sits beside Hoseok and cuddles with him, only to see him giving you a look*”

“What is it this time, [y/n]?”

“So, there are three guys who have planned a night out with each other. *watches Hoseok nod his head and tells you to go on*. While they were nearing, the two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks. *insert your meme face here*”

“What? Wait…. what do you mean? *totally not getting it, trying to think what your joke meant* So you mean the literally walked straight into a bar?”

“*heaves out a sigh and stands up, leaving Hoseok dumbfounded, only to have him burst out laughing after seeing how bummed out you were for not getting the joke right away.*”

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Minhyuk, minhyuk *pokes Minhyuk on the arm while he continues to play overwatch*”

“*continues to play without ripping his eyes off the screen* What?”

“What is Beethoven’s favorite fruit? *still excited to see his reaction*”


“BA-NA-NA-NA-NAAAAAAAA! *laughs out loud only to see Minhyuk’s exasperated look.*”

“*closes his game and places a hand on both your shoulders* Baby, I love you okay but if you continue this… I don’t know anymore. *pats your head* Alright, run along now, I have to rethink my life’s decision now.”

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 “Baby, can you grab me that sauce on the cupboard? *glances to see you walking towards the cupboard with a big goofy grin, steps starting to get upbeat* Why are you such in a good mood, baby?”

“What did a three-legged dog say to the bartender when he walked in the bar? *gives Kihyun the sauce and continues to give him that goofy smile of his, only to receive a weirded out look from him*”

“What? *pours the sauce on the chicken*”

“’I’m looking for the man who shot my paw’ *wheezes*”

“Are you serious? *stifles a laugh as he continues to mix the chicken meat with the sauce* You know what’s going to be funny?” “What?” 

“Me flicking your head. *tries to ready his fingers, only to burst out laughing when he sees you running away* I knew it.”

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Baby, I was thinking… *draws random circles on his chest, making Hyungwon look down at you and respond with a mmmm* How do you tell the difference between a frog and a horny toad?”

“I don’t know. Why are you even thinking about that? Why the heck are you even thinking about that?? *looks at you weirdly*”

“A frog says, ‘Ribbit, ribbit’ and a horny toad says, 'Rub it, rub it.’ *bursts out laughing when Hyungwon gave you another look*”

“*heaves out a sigh and gently laughs* I’ll give it to you just this time since I badly need your cuddles right now… but if I didn’t, I would’ve kicked you off of this bed.”

“Teheee! Love you! *plants a kiss on Hyungwon’s cheeks*”

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Hey, [y/n], what do you think of this stanza? *shows you the lyrics that he has just composed*”

“It’s nice… *gives him a thumbs up and watches him continue jotting down possible lyrics* Hey, baby, what’s Forrest Gump’s password?”

“Don’t you dare start with those dad jokes of yours, [y/n]—–”

“1forrest1. *holds back your laughs as you watch him drop his pencil and looks at you with that look on the gif*”

“*stays quiet for a while before leaning in to look at you in the eyes* That… kinda makes sense…. but why the heck are you telling me this right now? You could’ve told me this awhile ago or maybe even later when we’re out eating some jjajangmyeon or something.”

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What is this? *trudges towards where you are seated with his phone on his hand*”

“What’s what? *looks at him confused*”

“This!!! *shows you the message that you’ve just sent him minutes ago with an exasperated look*”

“It’s another joke that I just remembered! *smiles at him*”

“Read it.”

“*reads what you’ve just sent him* ‘I asked my dad for his best dad joke and he said, 'You.'’ So?? It’s funny right?!”

“Oh my goodness…. I…. Let’s just say that this never happened. *leaves the room totally stressed out by your own joke.*”