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Love will taste like malasadas…or malasadas will taste like love?

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A picture + short story in honor of the most precious couple of dorks ever, now canon.

Happy belated Amourshipping  day everyone! ♥

Hello everyone! As the year comes to an end, I would first like to thank all 600+ of you who have followed me! I have only had this blog for a few months now and it really means a lot that so many people have helped this blog grow. The Stranger Things fandom is one of the nicest ones out there and I wanted to make a list of the blogs who I love following and help make this fandom what it is! ♡

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music-anime-and-book-lover  asked:

Do you know any good overall Shinee blogs to follow? I love the group and I want to know who is a good option to follow.

 for starters i would definitely follow the other fy/update blogs:

and then theres like casual update-ish type blogs:

and then this is just a list of blogs that i follow?? lol: 

heres a list of onew biased blogs:

just once

They agree it’s a one time thing. She has barely touched her lips to his before his phone had started ringing. Ginny didn’t have time to gasp or tilt her head and open her mouth to him. None of the things that 16-year old Ginny Baker had promised herself she’d do if she ever found herself pressed against Mike Lawson. 

It was only meant to happen if he was going to Chicago.

But he’s not anymore.

So, it’s a one time thing. They’re teammates. Friends. No need to mess up a good thing with the unknown.

So, one fleeting, barely there, electric as hell kiss.


Except it’s not. Because Ginny Baker doesn’t let anyone or anything deny her what she wants. And she wants Mike Lawson (who has never cared about rule following, anyway. He tried chivalry, tried to save Ginny from himself and what they could be and the Fates decided his ass belonged firmly with Baker).

So that one time kiss turns into Ginny following him into the showers, long after everyone had cleared out (they’re horny, not dumb). Shower visits turns into Ginny pressed against the wall–hot and soapy and wet–with Mike Lawson sucking kisses into her neck.

They figure that once they’ve christened the shower, a kiss or two in her changing room wouldn’t mean much anyway. The thrill of someone entering, someone catching them, heightens their urgency, makes her soft cry of, “Fuck,” throatier.

Lawson’s got shitty knees, but it doesn’t stop him from kneeling in front of her and using his tongue, fingers, and lips on her. She comes with his name on her lips and her hands in his hair.

She knows they should talk about this–address what the fuck they’re actually doing. How it seems to not just be once at all and how Mike has begun crowding her space when men approach, how he asked her once in the quiet of their bedroom (dammit, her bedroom, not theirs) to please stop seeing Noah. She wants to fire back that they’re just fucking, that he has no hold on her. But she knows better. She knows she will meet him at every dive bar, answer every call, and have his back, no matter what. 

She kisses his mouth softly, once, twice, three times and presses her body to his, her head on his chest and sighs softly. “Only you.”

Mike knows they should talk to. He thinks about doing this whole thing the right way–flowers and chocolate and shit but then he thinks, Ginny Baker isn’t a normal girl. She’s everything. He knows he’s in deep. He knows she’s not there yet. So he waits.

So he pleads with her after every kiss, fuck, shared pizza and beer, and every game, “Just once more…”

Hannictober Day 8: Woods

Such a clear path through the thickets and branches that blanketed everything else- it was almost too good to be true.


Redraw of this:

It’s so embarrassing!! How did I even get followers back then?? Anyways, I saw some Romano and America on my dash that gave me a hankering to draw them and this just sorta happened…. I may recolor this properly someday but maybe not??


Top 10 episodes of NCIS as voted by my followers.


Irene: The ‘Irene’ I am showing is important, but I think ‘Bae Joo-hyun’, the foundation behind that, is more important. I keep worrying about how to live as a better Bae Joo-hyun. I always go up on stage nervous while thinking ‘I have to do better’, but I see our supportive fans’ stare at me, as if like they’re telling me “It’s alright, you’re doing good!”. I saw them supporting me, and then I realized that I’m not alone, so I was very happy and touched.

the yoga teacher/salsa instructor au gets even better if you imagine that eventually tucker sees that wash absolutely cannot get his footwork organized enough to lead, mostly because his partners are all learning their own steps too, so when they rotate partners tucker subs in as wash’s.

wash (being the super-suave dude he is) gets flustered and blurts out a high-pitched, “i thought you only danced with female partners–?” to which tucker smiles and smoothly says, “i go both ways,” and winks.

wash turns red from his shoulders to his ears but tucker laughs away the insinuation and puts wash’s hand around him, and starts to teach.

hey guys i just wanted to do a quick ff to celebrate reaching 1000+ followers, this will be a (somewhat) short post including most (if not all) of the blogs i follow. Thank you so much all of you for helping me reach this milestone after 2 years of running this blog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i love you all <3

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Made For Each Other - Part 18

[Parts 1-17] (at the very bottom)

This one is a little shorter than usual! I’m sorry about that, but I did what I could. Also, out of the couple versions I wrote of this chapter, this was the one that I liked best. Also, the end is in sight, my friends! There are only two more chapters and then an epilogue left for this story! The idea of that is super exciting, but it also makes me a little sad because I’ve loved writing it so much! Anyway, since we do still have a bit of story left, please enjoy this next chapter! :)

As always, I didn’t make nor do I own the gif I’ve used. If the creator wants credit or for me to remove it, all you have to do is ask! :)

After Isaac ran off, chaos ensued, making it almost impossible to follow after him. You tried anyway, needing to see him again – to know that he’s still alive, breathing, and that he’s going to keep his promise.

You keep replaying the image of Isaac saying those three little words to you again – after all this time, to keep you as calm and levelheaded as you can in a situation like this. Through the mob of people running in all different directions across the lacrosse field you eventually get turned around. You see a set of bleachers nearby and rush over, climbing them to figure out where you are on the field and what’s going on around you.

Once on the top bleacher, you look all around you, and what you see doesn’t make you feel any better about the situation because as you look towards the parking lot, you see Isaac’s battered and beaten body land right beside the last school bus. Before you can even think about it, you’re climbing over the railing of the bleachers and climbing down the outside of them instead of running back down to the front. It takes you a few minutes, but when you finally reach the edge of the parking lot, you can see Isaac’s motionless body huddled up in the exact spot you’d seen him land. You rush towards Isaac as fast as your feet will take you, the sound of your feet against the blacktop ringing in your ears.

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hey guys!!!! (alright i can’t edit for shit but i tried okay). anyways, i reached 300 followers and i know it doesn’t seem like much but honestly i never thought i would get over 50 followers so 300 is a lot for me. thank you sososo much to all 300+ of you that follow me, i love you all so much. if i forgot to put you in this, im so incredibly sorry and i probably just forgot cause im stupid af. 

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also special shoutout to abigail and radhika cause they have to put up with me on tumblr and in real life lmao sorry guys

again, thanks so much for 300 followers guys; i love and appreciate you all so much!!!!


‘Fancy’ plays softly in the background

Now that I’m done pretending like I know what I’m doing with photoshop, under the cut you’ll find a list of people I love seeing on my dash, consider very important to me and/or may possibly admire from afar.

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Okay so, @daveactualstrider has a coloring book tag in which they let people color in their lineart. I thought I should try my hand at it, because I had not colored anything in a while, and plus their art is quite nice. 

I hope you like it. :3c

Hello everyone! I recently reached a milestone of 1k followers, so I’ve decided to do my first follow forever! I want to thank every single one of my followers, I would hug each of you if I could ;;;; Because of this blog I’ve met so many amazing people who are all blessings to this earth. I never knew this blog would grow so big; my got7 blog was first a side blog but I felt so dedicated to it that I turned it into a main blog and I am glad I did. It’s been super fun to share my love for got7 and many other groups through this blog! Once again, thanks for all the love throughout my tumblr journey ^^ I LOVE YOU ALL!

Special shoutout to the GOT7 Editor’s Net ( @got7editors ), especially the LINE group chat! Each and everyone of you are adorable and precious <3 Everyone shoud check out our editors’ blogs because they are all such sunshines. 

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it’s so hard for me to tell people stories from this time period because it necessitates so much background information… but basically like three years ago i dated this guy and we broke up for stupid reasons and by the time we had an honest talk about everything, he was with this girl who would do (suffice to say) Manipulative Things whenever he tried to break off the relationship, & what followed was a fresh fucking mess.

anyway she made him give her all his passwords and stuff like two days into their relationship, and she would post statuses on his facebook all the time. she decided to post a really stupid/gross update on his page and when I saw it, I posted an update that just said “ew” and Ian commented “*electronic breakdown in judas*” w/o knowing the context. his friend was talking to me about it the next day and she told me that my exbf saw the status and he figured it was about the statuses that s*erra was making on his facebook until he saw Ian’s comment on it. so what he ended up doing was like. he went and he watched lady gaga’s video for judas and tried to interpret what it meant & how that applied to us. & it’s still the funniest mental image. picture a straight dude watching lady gaga roll around on motorcycles w beefed up men, with a perplexed look, muttering “what does it mean?” to himeself