tried to do this in color but it wouldnt work


i tried to figure out how to make the design for shadow in this au to be more obviously different than normal shadow and ended up drawing silver too? also there’s 2 silvers. don’t worry about it. also my pen pressure wouldnt work while i was drawing these so thats why theyre kinda bad-looking

the 2 silvers don’t actually have different eye colors i just thought it would be cool if his eyes changed color when he did the telekinetic-y thing, also the forehead quill things would fold down like that when he’s not doing the telekinesis thing which is actually something i remember seeing some concept art of (i think it got removed because it was hard to animate or something? i dont remember) also the weird headphone things might have also been from some different concept art but i dont entirely remember. i used to look at silver concept art a lot for some reason 

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So, I cant find spikeez anywhere near me, but I really, really want to make some spikey stim toys. Do you think that silucone tubes meant for repair might work for this? I know the price and color selection probably wouldnt be great, but texture is what Im ultimately going for

I actually tried normal silicone from Home Depot before I found out about spikeez, and it’s really a personal preference thing on if that’s an acceptable alternative. Normal silicone isn’t really made for spiking, so it turns out more globby than spiky, and the texture is noticeably different than the spikeez spikes, though I can’t put the difference of textures into words. I’ll post a picture of my attempt at hardware spikes so you can get the general idea and make an informed decision on if it’s something you want to try. The texture is still really interesting, so if you don’t care about the aesthetic of the spikes, I say go for it!