tried to do the poem

Brother, this is our long goodbye.
we walked till the Sun turned cold,
stood on that black dawn 
and sent a million boys back home.
now I know,
we’re forgotten, not forgiven
and when I say your name,
I say our long goodbye.

Jin and JK’s ‘Adult’ Poem

Moved On

I miss him
But I don’t
I want him back
But I don’t
I still “love” him
But I shouldn’t

I know he has moved on
And I should too
I can’t change the past
But I want to
I shouldn’t have these feelings for him
Yet I still do

He finally stepped up and grew
He found someone nice and new
I’m happy he is in a good place
With her bringing a smile to his face

I guess I have no more reason to hold on
It’s over, we’re done, he’s really gone.
I hope she’s good to him
I hope they’re great on a whim
As long as they are happy together
Then I’m supportive he’s met her

I want him happy
Now he is
I want hard truth
So here it is
He moved on
I’m no longer his

If you would (I wanna be your someone)

Let me yell in pain instead of watch you die. (I’m dead either way.)
Let me let me bleed and cry out, while you shout for help. (At least one of us will heal.)
Let me hold you on my shoulder while you cry. (Because I can’t just walk by.)
Let me wipe away your tears until your dry. (I’ll stay, no matter where we are.)
Let me feel you pain and not just your tears. (Because some things can’t just go away.)
Let me help you confront all you fears. (Because sometimes you can’t believe everything you hear.)
Let me watch as you succeed. (Two steps behind, ready to catch you if you fall.)
Let me smile while I see you laugh. (Because it’s the reason I can’t stop.)
Let me know when you need help. (So you don’t have to do this by yourself.)
Let me stay close to you. (Even though I know we’re through.)
Let me watch over you. (Because I still care about you.)
Let me watch as you move on. (Because you won’t stay there for long.)
Let me know that your ok. (Because I know I have to go away.)
Let me fight while you start over. (Because if I don’t I’ll just be some mindless soldier.)
Let me know that you had some crazy adventure and didn’t end up on a bench somewhere. (Tell me everything I ever did meant something.)
Let me know that you were happy, because I love you. Even if this sounds sappy.

Now seokjin is on ch+ and he’s doing uncle jokes and acrostic poems ;_; i love seokjin.. when he tried doing acrostic poems he started with joonie’s name. Married. So married heheh

  • Ludus is playful or uncommitted love
  • Philautia is self-love 
  • Eros is sexual or passionate love 
  • Agape is unconditional love
  • Pragma is love that endures

-Soukoku ft the 5 different kinds of love-


I love the constellations on your skin
Tracing my fingers over each point
Watching the shivers ripple down your spine from my touch

I love the star kissed spots standing in stark contrast
Pressing my lips to the brightest points

Days spent memorizing the patterns
Burning into my mind so I don’t forget
The most intricate map of you

I love the constellations on your skin

This is my original work do not use without my permission.

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My savior, I need soukoku angst. Bless me please.

There’s a stench in the air, laced within every particle.

There’s a tint to the sky.

Gallons of darkness pour over the ground, like mist from the aftereffects of a rainstorm. 

Dazai is waiting.

Waiting for movement.

Waiting for breathe.

He will find none. Not on a night like this.

It’s dark. Too dark.

With no ray of light.

The one chance he has to see

Is lying on the ground




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☆ for max or elmax?

☆ - happy headcanon
Since most of Jane’s romance training is from soap operas, she’s a bit dramatic when it comes to dating. When she’s not giving Max random rocks and other knick-knacks, she tries to do things like write poems, they’re always awful but Max loves them

the sand at the beach tonight is
melting under my feet; sunset and
sunrise and midnight in a breeze;
all the world’s a cocktail of wildflowers
and diamonds, sunbeams and
honey, love fluttering in the winds
like rose petals, like butterfly kisses,
like the way you smile, all sea salt
and forget-me-nots and blue in
the shades of eternity

forgive me, this all seems so very
fairytale, and we are much less than
happily ever after (or maybe we are more
than the stories could ever dream)
forgive me, i just wanted to map the
world upon your skin, the pacific
ebbing and flowing down your spine
and the atlantic a glow of sunlight
in your smile; the amazon bright on
your fingertips and the sahara buried
deep in your collarbone, a story
for our lonely starshine dreams

i think there are times when
even the northern lights
grow envious of the sea
—  treasure map nights
This is where we’re at: linked by
some invisible thing so when
we’re together it’s like a dance;
we slouch at the same angle
against the couch and sigh in
unison. Share a glass of water.
At night we flip back and forth
holding each other without
waking up. I hope we’re never
apart but if we are I know you’ll
find yourself laughing at a joke
I tell to someone else in a room
across the city and I’ll swear I
can hear the sound of you.
—  Rebeka Anne, quantum entanglement

Story time: 
Earlier I wrote a poem in my script, mainly to practice with it and learn it. 
Well, it took me 7 tries total to get the poem written out in my script without doing the wrong letter. 

My mom was going outside to do a fire so I went out cuz FIRE. 
Well, I brought my little note book that I had written this poem in out to throw the piece of paper that I had messed up on in the fire cuz, I mean I didn’t need it. 
Then I realized I threw in the actual poem. 
I wasn’t mad about it, it was just kind of like a “well, oops. I didn’t mean to do that, but maybe it’s for the best.”

Now I’m wondering if the poem will act like a spell, though? 
While I didn’t intend to burn the poem itself, I did write the poem for a reason and with some intention behind it.
And now that reason is REALLY released. 
To me, when I burn something like this (this is how I normally do my spell work), it’s to give it to a Higher Power, be it the Universe or whatever else. 

So, now I feel like, this was suppose to happen. 
I thought I had ripped out the other piece of paper, but I didn’t. 
And, normally I’d just write this off as foolishness, not paying attention. 
I don’t do that anymore, I’ve realized I can’t because it’s not the right answer. 
I was suppose to give this poem to the Universe, to let it go.

I put in a lot of work to write out this poem and get it just right. 
7 tries. There’s a reason it was 7 attempts before I got it right, I can see that now. 
7 is a lucky number, “divine”, higher truth, higher self, etc. 
So I take it as a high power wanted to ‘help’ me, and that’s why I threw in my poem. 

With hair that is far too curly.
But the way the sunlight shines through it and across my hands makes me want to build you a home. Constructed with the walls of my heart.
You have opened up my windows and let life flood every cobwebbed corner.

With hands like silk that wrap around my body and cocoon me in a glass house.
One where I can still see the storm but do not have to face it with fears of being struck down.
I could count my heartbeat by your lifeline. I survive on the breath you are finished with.

With lips like black coffee.
An addiction that I cannot get through the day without.
Wake me up, my love.
Settle me down, my life.

With eyes like fire opal that I lose my sense of time in.
Oh the number of people that have tried to contain you into one word.
One color.
One meaning.

Let me drown myself with your love. I have been too long in a twisted existence.
I have been too long running from the bright at base of your chest.

—  Moments like this, darling.
Boys and Lipstick

Hi, I’m a guy
I suppose I should specify
I don’t have male parts between my legs and I have bags of fat and milk on my chest
But believe me I’m a guy
I know it in my heart and soul

Hi, I’m a guy
And no I don’t fit into standards of masculinity
I don’t have girls hanging off of me
I don’t smell of manly mixtures of chemicals
I don’t have bulging muscles nor a “huge package”
But I’m a guy, believe me when I say

Hi, I’m a guy
And yes I wear lipstick
And I spend money on various shades
I have a thing for reds and purples
To match my not very flawless skin
I also wear eyeliner and concern myself with wings

Please believe me, I’m a guy
Why can’t you take my word for it?
Why am I not a man because I don’t fit your description?
Not all men have a penis and not all men wear suits
Some have a vagina and like to wear a dress or two

Hi, I’m a guy
A strong growing boy
And I am not going to bow down
Or hang my head
I am a guy
Whether you like it or not

about the boy sitting at the back of the class, 28th may, 4:12 am.

i was no one to you,
and you were no one to me
but then suddenly you became the reason i went to school every week

you walked in like you were born to be in chaos,
and from that moment i knew,
i would even go to hell and back for you

you had the kind of voice everyone wanted to listen to
so i found myself thinking
“oh, there’s no way he would be any good”

you would say you didn’t care,
and i would say you didn’t matter
but then you gave me your hoodie to make me feel better

and we would argue all the time
but you ended up with my hand between yours
somehow, it felt like a curse

i lighted up every time you took a step closer
for you shone brighter than the sun
and in the end i realised i couldn’t afford to burn

i don’t know if you’ll remember me next month or next year or next life
but i sure know one thing
icarus’ fall has never been so sweet