tried to do some different colorings


Remake of the cupcake series I did three months ago \ owo /
Changed some flavors & tried to take extra time for proper coloring, details, etc. so I won’t cringe anymore like I do when I see the original version T-T
The RFA want to do Jaehee a favor and start working at her cafe. She then creates special Cupcakes based on their personality and everytime someone orders one of their cupcakes, they have to serve you personally, sort of like a maid cafe. (bring some time lol)

Saeran: Ice Cream filled Mint Chocolate Cupcakes + happy tomato version
Zen: Rosewater Cupcakes
Yoosung: Marshmallow Cupcakes
Seven: White / Dark Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes - as requested or randomly chosen, he acts differently towards the customer based on the chocolate (like the Valentine’s DLC). 
V: Cinnamon Cupcakes
Jumin: Dark Chocolate Cupcakes - very bitter (not like Seven’s dark chocolate), cause apparently he doesn’t like sweets + I think it suits him
Jaehee: Coffee Cupcakes
Vanderwood: Secret Menu Cupcakes - I don’t even know

I really wanna draw comics based on this, so many cute moments haha



Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖

“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”

Au Ra aging - long post!

Running around on the Azim Steppe I’ve been thinking about the older and younger Au Ra that you can see and decided to do a compilation/comparison chart of sorts that can be used as reference for fanart etc.

I’ve tried to approximate the appearance with the character creation, but some might be a little off since it was difficult with the colors in different lightning.


This first set was the first one I noticed and I included the Xaela lady as well since she has less facial scales, but is clearly older that the player character.
The older ones have longer horns and more scales on their faces/necks, but I couldn’t see any obvious difference in tail length.

Again, horns become longer and more scales on face/neck area. The children have tiny tiny tails <3

This one was the most difficult since the child’s horn shape doesn’t really look like any of the available horns. The shape is too different to the rounder/oval horns and they seem to be growing down/backwards, so I’m guessing this is the match.


I’m unsure about the child here, but compared to the adult horns I think that this is the most likely match.The face scales does not match however, but it seems like theres only two models for the children’s faces (girl and boy).
Male horns seem to get thicker and have more swirly patterns with age, but lose some of its shape. More facial scales with age.

Longer horns/tail.

Longer horns and more facial scales.


Wanted to do a Style-Challenge for a long time now and here it is!

I drew Arthur Kirkland/aph England in the styles of my friends and of some other artists I admire! (I hope it’s okay for everyone owo)

I tried my very best to imitate their beautiful art styles:

1) @captainjellyroll

2) @mi-chan4649

3) @flowermochii

4) @stephyhime

5) @raincoffeetea

6) @pen-tanic

7) @usuccc

8) @lily-clare

9) @ennui160

10) Hetalia Anime (first few seasons)

11) Hetalia Anime (World Twinkle)

12) @glassparty (my style)

This challenge was really fun and I think I learned a lot while doing these: It was interesting to color and draw in different ways! ^^ should I make more?

I did say I was gonna draw class 1a kids in stuff I own didn’t I? todoroki is the only one i have finished with colors so far cus im biased but other sketches will be done soon!

this was supposed to be clothing practice but my wardrobe is so very plain lmao

tfw you’re trying to show your pal some cool star charts and he falls asleep on your dome

the colors are kinda weird bc i tried to do blue highlights but idk, i gotta practice different colored lighting more i guess

8.13.17 // 2:30pm //guide to school organization

this one was requested by @boglarkat-studyblr, @catharticstudying and @nevermindigotnothin, so i hope you find this useful! i’ve definitely tried a bunch of different organization methods over my years of schooling, so i know a fair bit about it. this post will include my current organizational system and also some other ones i’ve tried/thought of and their pros and cons. hopefully there’s something in here for everyone! xoxo, m

ps. you do not have to be impeccably organized to be successful. studyblr kind of perpetuates this “i need to have everything planned perfectly and color coded and filed away in this super neat system”. not everybody works that way and not everybody needs that in order to achieve their goals. find what works for you.

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Tricks to coloring grey scale art

I wanted to recolor something but didn’t want to do it manually (I’m lazy…I know…but hey its cool) so here are two ways I learned to recolor grey scale art

1. Gradient Maps

In Photoshop, go to Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map

Here, you can apply preset gradients to your pieces by selecting them in the drop down.

(There are some rather interesting choices, as you can see from the random one I selected)

By clicking the gradient bar itself, you can edit the gradient you have selected, create a new one, or load in other presets.  Just make sure the gradient type is Solid and not Noise, it won’t let you edit the colors if it is set to Noise.  This method is helpful if you’re doing a palette challenge.

Here’s some of the results I got messing around with it:

2. Prisma

Prisma is amazing. Its and app, I thiiink it’s originally made to edit instagram picures, but it can do a lot more than that

You select a picture in the app, and from there you can select and test out different styles on it.  Some work better on certain works than others do, experiment a bunch. Each one takes a couple minutes to load, but its worth it

Here’s some of the styles I liked:

I’m sure you could combine both of these methods, but I haven’t tried that yet. Could be interesting

Now go forth and color your art!

anonymous asked:

so cool to see that requests are open again! ^^ how do you feel about writing a doctor MC who helped RFA before she joins RFA ? Your writing is so beautiful and full of great references, I love you <3

Well, I don’t know much about diagnoses and I have almost zero medical knowledge ( I dropped Grey’s Anatomy, so I can’t even rely on that, lol) so maybe this isn’t very accurate, I did my best from what my grandpa used to tell me about some cases he saw when he was a doctor (especially about the relation between viagra and heart diseases) and I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense.

Hope you like this ^^

RFA has an appointment with doctor MC


  • He strained a muscle in his back during work out.
  • Since he has that monster healing, he didn’t mind the pain too much and just let it there to heal itself.
  • But boy… the director wasn’t happy as Zen wasn’t being able to give 100%in his performances. 
  • So he basically forced Zen to go to the doctor, otherwise…  bye bye role.So Zen was there basically forced, and he wasn’t happy.
  • “So… Mr.Ryu, what’s going on?” “Honestly, nothing. Can you just give me a doctor’s letter proving that I’m okay to work?” you smile in confusion, usually people want doctor’s letters to prove they’re not okay to work.
  • “Well, uhm… I noticed you’re not sitting straight, are you in pain?” “A little, but… I’m fine. I have a healing monster, so my back will be okay in a few days.”
  • “In your back? Oh… Mr. Ryu, you realize that you could have a problem in one of your vertebrae if I don’t take a look at it, right?” “Lady, don’t worry too much, I’m… okay.” He winces trying to adjust his position in the chair.
  • “How long are you in pain?” “Two, three days.” “Hum… not that monster to me. Please, let me take a look at it, if it is something more serious, you could have serious problems in your spine, and you wouldn’t be able to perform anymore.”
  • Oh… he didn’t mention his job, how do you know he’s a performer? Are you a fan? He can’t help feeling a little smug imagining this serious lady fangirling like most of his fans do, it would be… adorable.
  • “Take off your shirt and lay there so I can examine, please?” Oh… he’s feeling a little shy, which is… a first. But he obeys, remembering you’re a professional, after all.
  • “Here?” “Lower, next to my…” don’t say butt, don’t say ass! “Just… lower.” Oh god… is it wrong that he’s almost shivering to your careful touch? What’s wrong with him?
  • “Hum… it seems to me is just a common distension. I will prescript some pain killers, but I strongly recommend some rest and try not to overstrain yourself, okay? And… I would also recommend to go easy on the smoking and drinking, it can really affect your throat, and you wouldn’t be able to sing. So… take care, Zen.”
  • Zen leaves the room smirking. You are a fan, aren’t you? Well, he’ll do his best to follow medical orders, he wouldn’t want to disappoint a fan…


  • He wasn’t being able to curl his fingers
  • And he wouldn’t mind this too much if it wasn’t affecting his performance on playing LOLOL.
  • So he went to the doctor his mother recommended, telling she was a remarkable young lady that treated her problems in her neck
  • So there he was, feeling like a kid for having to ask his mom for this appointment, and his hands were hurting.
  •  “Mr. Kim, what can I do for you?” “I’m not being able to move my hands normally.”
  •  “How long are you like this?” “A few weeks.” “And why did you just come to the doctor now, Mr. Kim?” he’s feeling so adult being called like that…
  •  “I… didn’t know any doctor, so my mom…” Ugh, he didn’t want you to know he’s here because of his mother. “I thought it wasn’t that bad, I… I’m sorry.“
  • “I’m not judging you, don’t worry. I just need to know how long your problem persists so I can make a more accurate diagnosis. I’m sure you’ll do the same when you’ll become a vet.” He smiles, but… how do you know he’s studying to be a vet?
  • Oh… his mother was definitely bragging again about her son going to college to become a vet, she would do that from time to time, how embarrassing!
  • “So, give me your hands, let’s examine it.” He offers his hands, and can’t help blushing when you take them and start squeezing lightly his knuckles.
  • “Does it hurt here?” “Yes, a little.” “What about… here?” you touch next to his thumbs, making him yelp. Ugh… he feels so ridiculous about it.
  • “It looks to me you have tendinitis, caused by some repetitive strain with your fingers. Do you type a lot?” “I… I do.”
  • “I see. Well, I will refer you to an orthopedist, since it’s not my field, but I would recommend a wristlet for now. Try to take breaks on writing your essays, okay? I know college can be hard, but don’t strain yourself.” You smile in reassurance, making him feel even worse. Ugh… he’s like this because of gaming, not because he’s writing essays for college. “And say hello to your mother.”
  • But he will do his best to follow your advice, he knows his mother will tell you all about him again. Well, at least she tried to put him in a good light telling he is a dedicated student. And he’s happy that you believed…


  • She wasn’t feeling very well, it was something in her stomach, probably.
  • But she couldn’t go to the doctor, no! She was so busy!
  • It had come to a point Jumin had to tell her to go, otherwise she wouldn’t be productive in work. Yes, that was basically his reason for it.
  • And she was so nauseous, but maybe because she was just worried about all the work waiting for her when she left the hospital.
  • “Miss Kang, what’s going on?” “I’ve been throwing up and feeling sick for a few days, not being able to sleep well, doctor.”
  • “Have you already done some drugstore pregnancy test?” “OH MY GOD! NO! I… there’s no way I could be pregnant!” She blushes, but tries to recompose herself.
  • “I see, have you eaten anything different these past days?” “No, just my usual take outs.”
  • “You eat take out every day?” “Pretty much, yes.” You curl your lip while you make some notes. “These foods usually have artificial coloring and preservatives, it’s a lot of industrialized food that can do real harm if you eat it every day, Ms. Kang.”
  • “I know, it’s just my working schedule is… a mess, and most of the times I don’t have time to eat a proper meal.” She tries to read what you’re writing down, and feels ridiculous when you catch her and smile.
  • After a few exams, you hand her a paper. “I’m giving you a medical leave for three days so you can eat properly and your body can recharge, but I insist you should try a more balanced meal. You should see this nutritionist, she’s a great friend of mine and she plans diets for people who don’t have much time, she’s been helping me a lot with this, actually.”
  • Oh… so you do understand her, she was so sure you were taking notes of how she was neglecting her own health, but… you were just planning on giving her a medical absence.
  • Which… she wasn’t sure if she should use, since it would affect her productivity, who knows? Three days is time enough for Jumin to hire a new assistant if he wanted.
  • So… back to work it is, but at least she could see the nutritionist you recommended when she had some time to spare? You looked pretty good, maybe she would too if she saw your friend.


  • The hospital called him, his father was not okay.
  • He made Driver Kim run, what if it was a heart attack? A stroke?
  • Though it didn’t really show, he was extremely worried.
  • And the fact that the Hans’ doctor was abroad in a congress, so he was under care of this new doctor who wasn’t familiar with his family health’s history, made things even worse
  • “You must be his son, nice to meet you.” You looked so young! And Jumin was trying not to be prejudiced, but… you were probably very inexperienced…
  • “Do you have his medical records with you?” “I do, he’s hypertensive, had to operate his vesicle two years ago and has some tendency to gout, correct?” Oh…? You knew what you were doing, huh?
  • “But… I don’t think his current condition has anything to do with these. Well, he’s hypertensive and his joints are swelling, which I thought it could be the gout my colleague took some notes about on his last appointment. But I thinks it’s something else.”
  • “What is it?” “Hum… he refused to answer me, and I don’t know if you would know , but… does your father make use of medication for erectile dysfunction? Viagra or cialis?” Oh god… “Not that I’m aware of.”
  • “Well, I’ve seem similar symptoms with patients who took more than one pill in a short amount of time, which causes palpitations and the swelling joints.”
  •  You allowed him to see his father while he was resting. “Are you proud of yourself, father?” “Don’t scold me, you’re my son.” “If you don’t tell the doctor about the Viagra, I will.”
  • You enter the room. “Are you feeling better, Mr. Han?” “So much better now that you’re here.” Oh… that’s why… he’s dazzled by the doctor. Jumin rolls his eyes remembering all the times his father said the exact same line to some nurses, who would giggle embarassedly. But not you, you keep a straight face.
  • “So… ready to tell me if you made use of some medication? Maybe an unnecessary extra dose?” his father kept silent. “He uses Viagra.” Jumin speaks.
  •  “I see, well, every medication has side effects, Viagra and Cialis can be dangerous for some people with heart diseases, especially if you take more than one dose in short time breaks. So, please be careful from now on.”
  • “I’ll make sure to keep an eye on him from now on.” “Well, this is a very intimate thing, but… it’s good to know you’re there for your father, Mr. Han. Make sure to rest a little more, okay?” “Anything for you, dear.” No reaction from you, you’re definitely a professional, huh?
  • “I can’t believe you were flirting with the doctor, father.” More because you weren’t like the women his father usually flirts with. Professional, polite, charming… wait, what?


  • He got shot on his shoulder, and though it just grazed, the wound still looked pretty bad
  • The agency pays a lot of money to the doctors don’t shower them with questions and just prescript pills or whatever
  • But this new doctor apparently didn’t get the memo.
  • Because you asked a lot of questions while treating the wound
  •  “How did this happen?” “I didn’t see it, so I can’t tell.” Well, it was true, he didn’t see the shooter, he just dodged thanks to the GPS indicating their position.
  • “I need more details so I can fill the papers that you’ll take to the forensic examination, and…” “Oh, no need for that, doc, I’m not doing one.”
  • “What do you mean? You’re not reporting this? You were the victim of a crime.” Oh god… you look so worried, and you’re doing so much more than you obligation…
  • “Nah, I’m cool. Don’t worry, doc.” “But… what if the shooter is still looking for you?”
  • “Doc, I don’t know what they told you, but please be careful with the questions you ask. It’s a bullet, it grazed, that’s all you need to know.”
  • “But what if it has entered? I would have to operate you without knowing anything?” “You… would. I’m sorry, that’s how it works.” He tries to keep it cool and ignore the shivers he’s feeling from your touch in his shoulder and for how close you are.
  • “What is wrong with these people?” you mutter when you turn around to make some notes on his medical file. Oh… you don’t know all the details, but you probably know that the agency sent him
  • “So… agent…” “Call me Luciel.” What is he doing? Ugh… “Mr. Luciel, I recommend you take some rest and maybe go check a psychiatrist, being shot can bring a lot of emotional trauma. And… I took a look at your check up exams and your electrolytes are high, so go easy on the food with sodium like chips and beverage like soda. Please, be careful, okay?”
  • Well, he knew you were just trying to do your job, but you looked really concerned. You were so sweet and caring for being so worried with a filthy agent like him. He belongs among these people you mentioned, so there is something wrong with him, but someone so innocent and so willing to do what’s right wouldn’t know anything about this.

Supply Recommendations for Graphic Design Students

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something like this… so bear with me! It was requested by an anon that’s entering a university as a Graphic Design major, so here are some supplies I recommend and why! (I may do a spoken and visual extended version as a video, so let me know what you guys think!)

(disclaimer: this is my opinion and I haven’t tried everything in the world, so if you have your own recommendations definitely reblog and say so in your caption! I’d love to check out your favorite supplies!)

Categories include:

  • Day-to-day supplies
  • The Big One$
  • Projects
  • Some Fun and Fancy Stuff


Sharpie pens and markers

  • Cheap-ish
  • Reliable
  • You can find them basically anywhere
  • Great for black and white abstractions/sketches with different marker thicknesses
  • They also have pretty colors for note-taking!

X-Acto Knife

  • Cuts in a straight line
  • Replaceable blades
  • In most art and office stores and even in places like Walmart
  • If you cut something sticky and ruin your blade, just replace it!
  • Goes with a ruler to cut in a straight line

Masking Tape

  • Holds things down without ripping it
  • Keeps prints rolled up
  • Keep one with you or at home

USB Drive

  • Always have a USB drive ready for use!
  • Turn in files, take files to the printer, or even just taking files to a different machine to work on is always a possibility. 
  • If you make it a habit to keep it on you, then you won’t forget it on the days that really matter.

Noise canceling headphones (or at least ear buds)

  • Rowdy classmate ignorer
  • Helps blast music in your ears to help you focus
  • Marshmallow buds that go in your ears works best for this

A drink that makes you happy

  • That morning coffee before a 9AM studio 3-hour class, or that water bottle during an afternoon session can really help you out. 
  • Helps keep you going!
  • I know it sounds small, but your mood definitely affects your productivity!

A sketchbook (any kind will do!)

  • Literally, can by any paper quality, based on what you usually draw with or sketch with (like to use marker? Either have an extra page behind it or get marker paper)
  • Any price, any color, any size (try to aim for letter-size/A4)
  • Make sure it fits with what you usually carry around (backpacks can hold a 9″x12″, but purses would carry a Moleskine size or smaller)
  • Have 15 minutes before English starts and you thought of something? Take out that handy dandy sketchbook! Bored in said English class? Handy dandy sketchbook strikes again!

Notebook for notes

  • More than just for typical note taking!
  • Good for recording feedback
  • Track any last-minute changes to projects or deadlines
  • To-do lists will help understand what’s due next class and not get super anxious!

Metal cork-backed ruler

  • A great companion for that X-Acto knife!
  • Cork back helps not slide around
  • Metal means you can’t accidentally carve off the edge (like you would a plastic or wooden ruler)
  • Found in most art stores and can get pricey for bigger ones, but if you take care of it then it’ll last forever
  • Make sure to get at least two sizes (a longer one for trimming cover sheets for 16″x20″ mounts and a smaller one-foot ruler for trimming business cards and smaller things like that)

Post-it notes

  • Great for making notes on things that you don’t want to directly mark. 
  • Good for just keeping in mind anything you don’t want to forget (especially if you stick them to your laptop, they’ll be hard to miss).

Prisma Markers

  • These art markers are my personal favorite. 
  • You’ll hear all kinds of brands, preferences, and prices. 
  • Copics are nice and are very aesthetic, but they’re also about $7-$8 per marker. Concept markers from Jerry’s Artarama are very cheap at about $2 per marker, but the colors on their caps are sometimes misleading, and Prisma Markers are a happy medium at about $4 - $5 per marker. 
  • They’re at most art stores 
  • For me, they’re a happy medium price-wise and I like working with them. (Concept markers maybe I’d get the black because it’s cheaper)

Binder clips

  • Keep sketches and randomly sized and trimmed papers together
  • I prefer binder clips over paper clips because they can hold more and group things nicely
  • You can also hang things with these if you want on a thumbtack

Hair Ties

  • Keeps hair out of the way when creating mock-ups that include glue and X-acto knives
  • Rolls things up
  • Groups things up (markers and other utensils)
  • Cheap and effective!
  • Rubber bands are a little meaner, especially to hair or trying to get them off a long paper roll.

Circle Tool

  • Basically, something that makes perfect circles. 
  • This can either be a circle template, a compass, or some other device that you find that makes different sized circles. 
  • You can go cheap on these

The Toolbox

  • All these little things that I keep mentioning to bring with you need to be contained somewhere
  • I like putting what I’m using for a current project in a toolbox and bringing that to school.
  • I suggest going with something that’ll fit in a backpack or that you don’t mind carrying around.
  • Really only carry it if you think you’ll need it.
  • You can carry a smaller version of typical tools (pens, pencils, markers, scissors, x-acto, etc.) and leave the rest at home, too.

The Baggage

  • Not the emotional kind, but the one that carries all of these crazy supplies I’m recommending. 
  • In university, you don’t have all of your graphic design classes in one day (I would hope), so having a typical backpack works fine for the smaller supplies. 
  • If a project is due the next day and you’re planning to work at the school and you need to bring everything, then I highly suggest a rolling backpack!
  • Don’t kill your back!! Messenger bags only work if you’re not bringing much, otherwise, do a backpack (or a rolling one).



  • Almost all graphic designers will tell you to use a Mac, but of course, not all graphic designers can afford one.
  • If you can afford a Mac, I’d recommend it.
  • If you can’t afford a Mac, go with a cheaper alternative, but not TOO cheap. It still needs to last 4 years and run all of your programs.
  • Wait until you actually need to buy one (that way you can get the latest models or earlier models at cheaper prices).

External Hard Drives (BACK EVERYTHING UP!)

  • I would even say have at least two (current semester and archive(s))
  • You never know when previously mentioned laptop may die, malfunction, or wipe everything.
  • Keep a back-up for sending to competitions, putting in portfolios, and just for safe keeping.
  • KEEP IT ORGANIZED. You need to know what you have and don’t have so you don’t “double save” something in two separate folders.

A decent phone with decent camera quality

  • Nowadays most people do have this phone already on them, but if you’re one of the low-budget phone holders, then I highly suggest to get a higher quality phone.
  • Picture taking for process photos can actually be done with a phone camera if it’s good enough, you can just fix things up in photoshop. 
  • Having a decent phone will let you also use helpful and productive apps such as camscanner, schedule makers, and Adobe apps
  • Raising your mood with a higher quality of life will help raise productivity!
  • If you can’t open snapchat without it force closing then you miss out on your friend’s lives or whenever they get an update on a project and you don’t. Social media can honestly be helpful sometimes as people post their process online!

Drawing tablet

  • Wacom works well enough for me!
  • You don’t have to go super expensive with all the bells and whistles for this… you just need something that draws.
  • These can get a little pricey (mine being at $90 and I got one step-up from the cheapest one at the time)
  • You don’t absolutely need a tablet, but it is very handy.
  • If you don’t do illustration often I would not recommend it.
  • You can also hold off on getting a tablet and just hand-draw something, scan it, and fix it in whatever program (or vectorize/image trace in illustrator and mess with it that way)


Tracing paper

  • Helps trace things when abstracting
  • Covers mounted work with a protective sheet
  • I prefer the rolls, but they’re way more expensive than the 9″x12″ pad (maybe not per foot, but it’s initially more expensive)

Spray mount/Adhesive spray

  • One way to stick two things together
  • You need a lot of space and throw away paper under what you’re spraying
  • You’ll definitely get all of it everywhere (which is good if you want to make sure corners don’t stick up on a mounted piece, but it’s bad if your garage floor is suddenly sticky)

Liquid cement

  • Another way to stick things together and is a little more forgiving. 
  • Elmer’s brand is the one that I have, and basically, if you mess up or “over-glue” something, you can rub the excess off (like you would the typical white Elmer’s glue).
  • When you’ve rubbed it off, it basically becomes those little gray things that erasers produce that you can just brush away. 
  • It comes with a designated brush attached to the lid on the inside (super convenient) and it’s easy to apply and store (smaller bottle than the adhesive spray can).

Portfolio case

  • For when you’re carrying larger pieces from one place to another (such as a mounted piece or a large editorial) like turning in your final presentation of your project.
  • You can get a big fancy one if you really want to, but at least get the bare minimum to carry something from one place to another without it getting folded or wet. (especially you commuters/bus-riders)


The big paper cutter

  • Even I don’t have this one, but whenever I use the one at school or at FedEx it makes trimming things down so much easier! 
  • You line it up, you drag the blade across, and then you’ve got a perfectly straight line. 
  • Again, if you can afford the money and space for it I recommend it, but my school provides one for us.
  • It’s kind of one of those things that you don’t NEED if you have an X-acto knife, but it speeds things up a bit

High-quality camera

  • Similar to the phone concept… taking nice photos of your work is always a plus. 
  • The camera I would reserve for mock-up photos for submitting pieces or getting photography for an editorial work. 
  • Someone in your class ought to have one that you can borrow (and maybe even the program will offer one to borrow), but it’s always good to have your own things.
  • Also, being able to stage your own photos instead of photoshopping mock-up templates always feels more authentic and looks better in a portfolio. (you’re not the only one looking up Photoshop mock-up templates in the design world)

Light table

  • You can either buy one or make one (easier than you think)
  • Very helpful when you’re tracing! 
  • This is the most useful when you’re doing abstractions or you’re trying to refine hand-drawn ideas. 
  • You can make one with a shadow-box frame and some LED lights. 
  • Again, not necessary since programs might actually have some at school that you can borrow.

A second monitor

  • Web design!
  • Programs like Brackets do live-preview, so when you code the changes apply immediately to a chrome preview window, so seeing the changes as you code is helpful! 
  • Putting up inspiration or just other documents to keep in mind on the other screen makes things easier to work with.

Fancy keyboard with custom keys

  • This one was actually a recommendation from my boyfriend (who is a tech geek). 
  • Basically, there are keyboards that you can map shortcuts to specific keys on the keyboard. 
  • There are some shortcut keys that you’ll use a million times in a project and if you feel that a function key being assigned to it would be easier instead, and you have money to splurge, this is the keyboard to go with! 
  • This is totally unnecessary, but could be lots of fun and helpful!

iPad and Apple pen

  • Digitally drawing on a tablet with a stylus can be good for digital note taking or just drawing in general (as an alternative to the drawing tablet). 
  • My professor uses his for sketch notes (which is always fun) and sometimes I see people doing illustrations straight into the tablet or just concepts. 
  • Sketching concepts digitally allows you to put down ideas quickly, but also be able to save them without having to worry about scanning or taking pictures of the drawings. 
  • Another splurge option that obviously has other uses than this, but is completely unnecessary.

MORE Prisma Markers

  • Remember when I said Prisma Markers before?
  • You really only need a basic color set and maybe a gray set. Any more than that then you’re falling into a fun and fancy category for supplies. 
  • They’re not the cheapest things in the world, but using markers definitely brings your sketches up a level versus pencil or black and white sketches.
  • It’s also good for making preliminary color schemes and other illustrations. 
  • Have several blacks because those are usually the first marker to go dry.

That’s all I got! I hope that helped and I’m sorry it was so long, I tried to condense… but I’ll make a visual/audio version that might be easier to digest!

Austin Nights

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: 2700

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly.

Warnings: Language

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

Again, this is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


You had initially moved to Austin for college. You were so thrilled when you learned you were accepted into The University of Texas. Your parents, not so much, they thought it was a smarter choice to stay in state to save on money. But your wild heart couldn’t be contained craving adventure and independence.

Your internship paved a way to a job opportunity so after graduation you decided to stick around. You landed a position of a school guidance counselor and loved working with the kids. Some of your college roommates stayed around too. Angie had become your best friend. As much as you were shy and reserved, Angie was outgoing and contagiously bubbly. She was very much a ‘Keep Austin Weird’ type with a different color hair dye every month. She satisfied your adventurous side, always finding new and crazy things to do or get involved with.

Today her hair could best be described as an emerald green. In the living room of your apartment you found her lying on her back with her feet up against the wall scanning her phone to find some type of trouble to get into. Afterall it was a Friday night. You tried to sneak to the kitchen without her noticing and wash your dishes but she started to bombard you with plans and ideas.

“Let’s go get a tattoo!” She exclaimed.

“I’m still recovering from the last one, there’s only so many more spots I can get one before the kids start noticing.” You tried to reason.

“Ah, they don’t mind, the professional world is changing anyways.” She rationed.

“Remember when we streaked my hair blue, and the principal freaked out, my profession is taking a while to catch up.” You stated joining her in the living room on the couch flipping through a Bon Appetit magazine.

“Hmm, what about a rattlesnake cock fight?” She suggested scrolling through facebook with a grin on her face.

“Even I know you are joking on that one.” You denied her wish of you going into a panic or starting a lecture on the topic.

“What if we go to the graffiti park?” You suggested trying to satisfy her need to do something outrageous but still stay within your comfort zone. “I have a new idea I want to try out.”

“Ugh, we were just there last week.” She moaned. “Hey this looks kinda fun!”

“What?” You hesitantly asked.

“This guy I used to know from class has a party out by Hippie Hollow.” She said excitedly.

“Listen, the last thing I am doing is going to some nude beach…” You started.

“No, it’s not actually at the beach, kinda in the woods around there.” Angie explained.

You sighed but gave in “Fine,” knowing she would go anyways. You wanted to keep an eye on her and make sure she would get home safely.

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Art trade with @spectrumelf!!

This trade was a full scale style-swap featuring our faves, Mettaton for her and Undyne for me.
This was prolly one of the most difficult trades I’ve done up to this point, because I was attempting to draw in an art style wildly different than my own. But it was a HECK of a lot of fun.
I think the most fun thing about doing this style swap trade is that there were SEVERAL styles of Mettaton to choose from, and it was really fun to pick a few and try them out. There were also a few different looks for Undyne, but I chose the one that was the funniest to draw.
Aaaand I had some extra corner space so I drew Blooky too.

@spectrumelf, I hope you like this as much as I liked drawing it!! I had a LOT of fun.
Thank you for trading with me!!!✨

(these SPECTACULAR pieces are what I got in return!! Go check them out!! Right now!! Seriously!! They are AMAZING!!)

skaterkid! Vernon

for @baby-baby-boo : “Can I get a skaterkid!vernon au? Skater kid as in skateboarder, I’ve always kinda seen Vernon as someone who’d like skateboarding for some reason😂”

admin seri: i actually had a lot of fun waiting this ahh, i rlly hope you like it

  • that person that goes to the grocery store with a skate board in one hand and chips in the other 
  • most pride possession is the skateboard he got signed by some famous skater 
  • lots of graphic t-shirts
  • has that squad of other skater kids at the skate park that always meet and hang out at a certain time of day and occupy an entire picnic table
  • lots of baggy hoodies
  • would skate around a person while he was talking to them instead of just getting off his board and standing
  • probably has some weird piercing somewhere
  • listens to music while skating 
  • and even tho he’s really good, 
  • he’ll occasionally bump into something 
  • and with the way his imagination wanders off, 
  • everyone’s scared he’ll skate into the middle of the road and,,, 
  • anyways, 
  • used to skateboard to school and get detention for bring his board to class 
  • his mom bought him all that safety stuff and now he has to skate board away from the house with his mom yelling from behind 
  • and his sister thinks he’s totally so cool 
  • but their mom wont let her skate because she’s to young and might get hurt etc 
  • but her birthday’s coming up and like the sweet bro he is, 
  • convinces his mom to let him buy her a board 
  • and so you work at a hipster type store with lots of skateboard equipment 
  • this sweet lady always comes in and asks you about skateboarding stuff 
  • apparently her son loves to board 
  • and your like cool and explain all the stuff to her 
  • then she mentions to you one day her son will come in soon 
  • and so your ready 
  • but your totally NOT ready for this cute boy to come in looking fly asf with his wind blown hair 
  • to not seem like a creep, you look away and stare off into space 
  • and vernon walks in cluelessly like where the skateboard stuff at all i see are neon colors 
  • he just turns his head trying to find skateboards 
  • then his eyes falls on you and he’s speechless 
  • because maybe you weren’t the prettiest girl in the world but you were the most attractive to him 
  • decked out in in your your uniform with headphones hanging around your neck 
  • nodding your head to the beat of the song playing through out the store 
  • but he was way to shy to go up and actually talk to you, let alone try to instigate some date? 
  • so he walks over to the skateboards and tries to concentrate on his sister’s gift 
  • but as a worker you were required to go up to each customer 
  • “hi do you need help with anything?“ 
  • he turns to you and smiles friendly, reaching up to rub his neck 
  • "yeah um, my little sister wants a board so do you think you could help me pick a design?" 
  • and your grin might of made his heart beat a little faster than normal
  • "yeah of course! so what colors does she like?" 
  • you both make small talk, just about the different blue, purple, and pink boards 
  • and so maybe when you guys make eye contact you both stared long enough for it to become awkward 
  • but it wasn't 
  • and after 10 minutes, your checking out the board you both choose together 
  • your lowkey trying to muster up the courage to maybe make a move 
  • when are you ever gonna be this interested in a guy again 
  • so when your handing him the bag, your heart kinda sinks, 
  • like are you really gonna this guy go 
  • but you dont know he’s thinking the exact same thing 
  • you watch as he reaches up to rub his neck and go for it 
  • "so um do you think-" 
  • "hey so can i-" 
  • both of you stop the words you both tried so hard to muster up and laugh 
  • you can kind of read the signs so 
  • "do you want to hang out some time?" 
  • you ignore the feeling up your cheeks heating up 
  • he full on grins, and shifts around the skateboard in his hand 
  • "like a date?" 
  • "a date" 
  • your sure your cheeks are a brighter red than the cheeks of a clown 
  • and he does this little flip with his hair, to try and ignore his own ears turning red 
  • "then i should get your number right?" 
  • you both bring out your phones, laughing when the both of you have to unplug your headphones 
  • after exchanging numbers, you say 
  • "so i’ll see you soon then?" 
  • he nods, smiling brightly 
  • "tomorrow maybe?" 
  • you nod, simply smiling 
  • with your heart about to explode from your chest 
  • "i’ll text you" 
  • he walks out the door, puts his board down, and skates away 
  • not without giving you one last grin of course 
  • and the next day 
  • you two have the cutest skate park date humanly possible

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~ admin seri

Do you remember “The Hourglass Game“? 🐙🌷❤ She’s from my Spilled Milk exhibition back in 2013! 😄 I wanted to share her for this weeks #throwbackthursday! 😊 I wanted to try something different than my usual color palettes and compositions, so I went outside the box with this one! 🎨🖌 The outcome was my first attempt and breaking down the girl’s figure. I wanted to portray a certain mood so I used deeper colors in the background and tried some slash-like dripping effects! 🖤❤️ It was really fun to try something opposite of what I would normally make! 😆 She serves as a reminder to push myself to try new things while painting because you never know what the outcome may be! 😉💖 I even made her one of the images you can choose in my new Custom Print Shop on! 😁 I have over 50 images you can choose as well as what paper type and size! 😀Whatever choices you want, I’ll make it and send it to you! 💌💕 Please check it out ☺ and make sure have a great morning cuties!

Teddy Lupin’s hair was always Bubblegum Pink

From the first time Teddy ever saw a color photo of his mom, he’d kept it that way.
For the first couple of months after that, his whole head looked like he’d stuck it in a cotton candy machine. Some people tried to say something about it (mostly muggles who couldn’t believe someone would let their seven year old do that with their hair), Harry and Ginny ‘politely’ ignored them.
Even after he started experimenting with different colors to find something he liked and that felt like him, there was always some part of his hair (roots, tips, one whole half of his head, or even just a single little strip somewhere only really he knew about) that stayed bright pink in his mother’s memory.

(McGonagall nearly broke down in tears his seventh year when Teddy walked in sporting light brown hair. The only way you could tell it wasn’t Remus was the random bits of pink streaked everywhere.)


i did a quick little demonstration livestream of how i’ve been coloring my painted b&w pieces recently! i uploaded and captioned the results. i’ve tried a bunch of different methods from a ton of different artists, but after a bunch of experimenting, i discovered a pretty fast and easy way to do it that i absolutely love! thought i’d share!