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TimeT → DiE comic by 繁衣

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I realized afterwards that this one was written in Simplified Chinese and had to get my parents to help out, weeps (there will undoubtedly be translation mistakes since I can’t read Simplified ahaha). The small text underneath in brackets are translation notes, whereas the text in brackets in the same line as unbracketed text were there in the original. The original comic also had changes in font size and sentences without punctuation, so I tried my best to represent all that in the translation.

I tried to cut the comic so that it is easy to read on Tumblr, but if you are having difficulty still, I’d recommend reading this on my blog. I hope that this makes sense and that you enjoy the comic~.

Scribbled Smiles

marinovannyeogurchiki mentioned the lack of DenBela, so I figured I’d give it a go to cheer you up!
Hope you recover soon! 
(borrowed some of kingofscandinavia‘s headcanons for this too. shhhh ily)


Denmark sighed inaudibly and scribbled something down.

‘Don’t you like my artwork?’

'No’ Belarus mouthed, and shook her head with a frown. 


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anonymous asked:

biRDFLASH #8 (also, could they be like season 1 age? please and thank you)

of course anon! ft. artist!wally because i love that headcanon.

Valentine’s Day, everyone’s favorite – or, more like M’gann’s favorite. She squealed in joy when they calendar hit February first, and insisted they should all do something together.

“It’s a day to show our friends that we appreaciate them, too, right?”

And they all, even Kaldur, had tried to avoid doing anything, but after M’gann’s eyes started to tear Conner agreed to participate. If Superboy was helping out, everyone else damn would too.

That was how Wally and Dick ended up with the job of making decorations for the cave.

“I know we said we’d use strawberry and taffy pinks, but what if we added punch, bubblegum, ballet slipper and magenta too?” Wally asked, much to Dick’s pleasure, with a serious demeanor.

Dick smirked at the red head, “Go wild buddy.”

It wasn’t until then that Wally looked up from his current work in progress – what was he even doing anyway? – with a confused look on his face. Why was Dick being sarcastic about color variety and…



Dick cackled in response and let Wally play-punch him in the arm.

“I’m sorry – I just – this is just so good – ” He said between laughs.

Wally rolled his eyes and went back to adding glitter to what probably was a card for M’gann. Or any other of the multiple girls he drooled over at school.

“Yeah. I like art-crafts, so what?”

Dick chuckled and went back picking out colored papers for their crafts.

“Nothing dude. You’re just such a science nerd sometimes it’s so easy forget you’re an art nerd too.”

Wally grinned cheekily, still looking down to his card, before adding his signature to it. Dick tried to sneak a look, now curious, but Wally closed it before he could read anything.

“I’m taking that as a compliment,” he replied. Then he proceeded to stick his hand in front of Dick, holding the card, “also, happy bro-day.”

Dick raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked at the card in Wally’s hand. He reached for it without question and opened it. Nothing too fancy, just a pretty font in glitter that read: “happy bromine day”.

Dick guffawed and fist-bumped Wally before each went back to their tasks.


This is a post concerning the problems user arthurcharles (who has now changed his url to redmohawkkid, most likely in fear that my friends and i would attempt to call him out).

Warning: this post is a huge trigger for sexual harassment, transphobia (mostly in the form of misgendering), bi-erasure, ace-erasure, and ableism. If I’m missing any other triggers, feel free to message me.

This is a long message and I’ll probably make a post that sums up all the bad things he’s done. I apologize to mobile users.

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tattoos. muke clemmings.

*gurl this be my edit do not steal this shizzle*

Title: Tattoos.

Ship: Muke Clemmings (Luke Hemmings/Michael Clifford)

280 Words.

Summary: punk!Michael takes his boyfriend nerd!Luke with him to get his new tattoo, a tattoo dedicated to Luke.

Luke smiled as he looked down at Michael, “Does it hurt?” He spoke loudly so his voice was heard over the buzz of the tattoo machine.

“A little.” The lilac-haired boy sighed as the artist marked his skin with cursive font.

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5sos Prefernce: She Looks So Perfect [requested]

Requested by lastons-babe

If I showed up with a plane ticket
And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it

You’d been dating Ashton for just over a year now. He’d only just come back from tour and was spending a lot of time in the studio with the boys. You hated how little time you had with him but you never complained once. You didn’t want him to feel guilt for doing something he loved so much. However Ashton knew how you felt but was busy planning a little surprise of his own. It took him a while to get everything organised and to find free time with the both of you but he knew it would be worth it. You were currently laying on the couch in your living room watching tv. Ashton wasn’t supposed to be home for at least a few hours so it was a surprise to hear him walk through the door.
“Hey babe, why are you home so early?” You asked with a smile. Ashton walked over and knelt down in front of you capturing his lips in yours. You smiled into the kiss as butterflies erupted in your stomach, even after a year of dating Ashton still had the same effect on you.
“I want you to know how much you mean to me. I love you Y/N. You’re my world and I want to take care of you and protect you and start a family with you. I want the world to know that you are mine and I am yours.” He spoke softly in front of you. You blushed at his words and bit your lip trying to hold back the wild smile growing on your face.
“Y/N,” He murmured your name and you met his gaze still smiling.
“Will you marry me?” He asked. Your eyes widened and you looked down to see Ashton holding up a beautiful diamond ring. Tears gathered in your eyes as you stared at it then back at him. You squealed grabbing his face and kissing him hard. He chuckled pulling away slipping the ring on your finger.
“I’m guessing that’s a yes then.” He said with an amused smile. Wiping the tears of happiness from your eyes you grinned up at your boyfr- Fiance.
“I also have a plane ticket. I thought we could go celebrate in Italy?” He suggested holding up a small piece of paper. You squealed again in excitement wrapping your arms around his neck crashing your lips down onto his. Ashton chuckled into the kiss as he then pulled away peppering his face with kisses still squealing with excitement. Ashton smiled at you and you bit your lip. You’d always hoped to spend the rest of your life with this boy and now it was actually happening. Staring at him you couldn’t help feel joyful, he was yours and soon the entire world would know it.

I made a mixtape straight out of ‘94
I’ve got your ripped skinny jeans lying on the floor

You laughed hysterically along with Ashton at something Michael said about your boyfriend. The two of them were bickering and it was both hilarious and adorable. You knew the fans watching would love this. You were all doing a twitcam for the fans, the boys decided to come round your house since you weren’t feeling well. You were a little embarrassed at your messy room, your favourite skinny jeans thrown on the floor along with a bra that to your horror Michael found and started wearing. You were wearing an old t-shirt of Calum’s that you loved to sleep in. The boys were currently talking about the most romantic thing they’ve done for girls. Mixtapes came up in the topic and you smiled leaning into Calum’s side.
“I never had a mixtape made for me.” You mumbled absentmindedly. The boys looked at you surprised. Calum asked you why and you shrugged.
“I don’t know, I’d always wanted one though. To be honest I’d even be happy with a guy just writing down a list of his favorite songs then just giving it to me.” You said honestly with a smile. The boys shrugged before switching the topic entirely. Calum excused himself and left the room. You frowned a little wondering where he was going but Luke and Michael fighting over your bra caught your attention.
“Guys for the love of god cut it out,” You said to them. Ashton was too busy laughing to help and you narrowed your eyes at the large 6ft boys.
“I’ll tell Liz.” You warned. Luke’s eyes snapped to yours and widened before letting go of your bra entirely. You chuckled even as Michael cheered to himself about winning the battle of the bra. Ashton kicked him and he fell off the bed resulting in you erupting in a fit of giggles. God the fans must be loving this.
“Here.” A deep voice said next to you. You smiled noticing Calum sitting back down next to you opening his arms out. You snuggled into his side looking down at the sheet of paper he handed to you.
“It’s no mixtape but uh…” Calum trailed off blushing lightly. You beamed up at him giving him a light kiss on the lips before pulling away. Your eyes scanned the list of songs he’d suggested and you bit your lip. Some of them you’d already heard but there were others that you hadn’t. It touched you at how sweet the gesture was, it might not seem like much to others but to you it meant a lot. The small but simple gesture reminded you of why you fell in love with him in the first place.

If you don’t swim, you’ll drown
But don’t move, honey

“Luke don’t leave me here.” You whined pouting as Luke laughed. Your feet struggled to touch the bottom of the pool as your boyfriend Luke stood, the water barely touching his shoulders. He always found it cute how you were so much shorter then him. The rest of the boys had left to go shopping leaving you and Luke alone today.
“If you don’t swim you’ll drown.” He pointed out as you tried swimming on the spot. You weren’t the strongest swimmer and you pouted at him when you almost went underwater for a second time. Luke chuckled shaking his head moving over to you.
“Alright fine, don’t move honey.” He smirked as he picked you up in his arms holding you effortlessly. Wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around the back of his neck you pouted up at him.
“Meanie.” You grumbled as your boyfriend simply laughed. Luke kissed your temple affectionately.
“You love me really.” He smirked. You didn’t respond and looked away pretending to be mad at him. Luke whined and you bit your lip trying to hold back the laugh, you found it funny when he thought he’d upset you because he’d get all worked up about it.
“Y/N.” Luke groaned as he leant down to kiss you. You turned your head so he caught your cheek and he huffed impatiently. Suddenly you were dropped from his arms into the water making you go under completely. When you emerged you hit Luke lightly on the chest trying to hold onto his arms so that you didn’t sink.
“You’re horrible.” You mumbled but couldn’t wipe the smirk from your face. Luke laughed pulling your body closer to his. You tilted your face finally allowing his lips to meet yours sighing into the kiss.

Your lipstick stain is a work of art
I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart

You held his hand as the two of you walked down the street toward the tattoo parlor. You felt nervous even though it wasn’t you getting the tattoo. Your boyfriend Michael chuckled at your expression as he opened the door for you making you roll your eyes. You’d never admit it but you loved the teasing between the two of you. Michael spoke to the heavily tattooed receptionist who lead him to a chair. You sat down on a stool next to him holding onto his hand. Your boyfriend winked at you and you smirked noticing your lipstick stain on his shirt from this morning’s antics.
“Are you sure about this, Mikey what if-” Your boyfriend cut you off and you sighed kissing his knuckles lightly.
“Y/N, you mean everything to me. I want to prove not just to you but to everyone that I am in this relationship for the long haul. I want them all to know that someday I plan on marrying you and starting a family of our own. I want the world to know I’m yours.” He whispered the last part. You beamed leaning over giving him a deep kiss before pulling away. Your heart grew excited at his words. You’d been dating for around nine months but for you two it was still early days. Michael was sick of the rumors spiraling around about him cheating on you, it hurt him that people would write such lies. You never believed him because you loved and trusted him, but it still hurt Michael. He couldn’t help feel insecure, he was terrified you’d eventually believe the rumors and leave him.
“I want the name Y/N spelt here in a heart in the most cheesiest font you’ve got.” Your boyfriend grinned at the tattoo artist. The large tattooist glanced over at you and nodded handing him a booklet.
“Here baby you chose for me, it’s your name.” Michael motioned for you to come closer. You chuckled as the two of you flicked through the booklet. Glancing up at your boyfriend you couldn’t stop the small smile crawling up onto your lips even if your tried. You felt so moved by the his actions, no boyfriend had ever showed you this kind of love and commitment before. You were lucky to call him yours.