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Ducktales 2017 Headcanon - The Triplets Part 2 - Huey.

1. Huey and Dewey are very close despite being polar opposites. Huey helps Dewey with his homework and helps him think things through when he gets to overexcited as well as being a wall for him to bounce ideas of. Dewey helps Huey not over-think things and helps him get his head out of books occasionally

2. Huey and Louie have a ‘brother hand-shake’ that they do whenever something goes there way. It’s usually Huey who starts it as he likes to celebrate the small things in life.

3. Huey loves reading, his favourite genre is ‘mysteries’ and fantasy.

4. The reason he always refers to the Woodchuck Junior Guide is because he doubts his own wit and quick-thinking (but not intelligence) if there’s a clear-cut plan that’s been tried and tested, Huey’s all for it.

5. Huey likes music, though not as much as Dewey does. Huey has a red I-Pod and on it he has a wide selection of classical music and a small selection of non-classical music. He has on there, Taylor Swift (which his brothers tease him about), Ed Sheeran, and the soundtracks to: Phantom of the Opera, Shrek The Musical + Les Mis.

6. Huey really likes art. He doesn’t understand it, but he likes it. He especially likes drawing, the problem is he can’t draw. He’s tried to teach himself, but just doesn’t have the gift for it and this is a real source of frustration for him.

7. He also can’t cook, which is a trait he shares with Dewey. Donald has banned them both from the kitchen after one memorable fathers day when he and Dewey tried to make Donald breakfast in bed and set the pan on fire. Donald had to throw it and the food it had in it into the sea. He was not impressed citing it ‘The least relaxing fathers day ever.’

8. He doesn’t understand Webby. And not just because she’s a girl, it’s because he’s science and logic and Webby is creativity and impulsivness personified. However he is making an effort to understand her and is impressed with her high level of wit and quick-thinking.

9. Although Huey is highly intelligent (straight A*’s in every subject except Gym, and that’s an A) he is quite forgetful and scatted-brained. If Donald askes him to do something he would agree to do it as 'Soon as he’s finished this one thing…’ and then forget to do it at all. Donald soon realised this and consequently made Huey do things NOW not later. However this still didn’t work because Huey would just, either rush it, wanting to get back to his project or go of on a tangent and forget what he was doing.
This is a constant source of frustration for Donald who suspects that Huey might be doing it deliberatly, Huey assertains he is 100% not doing it delieberatly and the battle continues.

10. Huey is highly protective of his brothers. If anyone should hurt them in anyway, shape or form Huey will be there to defend them ASAP. He’ll stick up for them in a variety of ways depending on the person and the situation. He’ll verbally smack the bully down, tell a teacher or rig something of the bully’s to explode in the bullys face. (Another handy thing the Woodchuck Junior Guide explains how to do). At one point he would have hit the bully, but he did that once and Donald got VERY VERY mad. Huey vowed never to do it again after that.


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Lena Luthor Appreciation week

Day 2: Favorite outfit/look 

I love everything about her in this episode, her dress, her hair, her make up. She’s always perfect but here she’s… idk, I’m too gay to function now.

I also spent an entire afternoon looking for a dress like this in every store I know. I didn’t find it.

“It didn't really matter to either whether they were the one swinging or pushing. As long as they were doing it with their friend.”

the girl, a gift, a blessing 🙏🏾 we celebrate her

I said the same thing last year but obviously things are ….. different…. but may she live long and healthy, among a few other things 🙄🤞🏾