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March week 11 >> Always Choose Happy >> Beginning of week

I started off thinking, oh lets try minimal this week, so started off with just the left hand side day heading. Then added washi… then coloured some flowers … then yeah this happened :) tried something new with some weekly goals to keep me on track, as well as a tracker to see how I go. 

P.S. Being new to this studyblr community I never realised how beauiful and creative some planner spreads could be! So I totally went and bought some brush pens, cute sticky notes, plus other stationery that I totally *needed*. So watch this space and I’ll be posting how I go with the goodies.

Translation “Er jeg sen?” (Am I late?) - 10.04 - 13:28

(None of dem by Robyn plays)

Sana’s phone goes off. The text from the app iBønn (iPrayer) reads: It’s time for Duhr.

Text from mom:
Join the theme night at the mosque on Friday, about women’s role in Islam.

Text from Sana: Is Jamilla coming?

Text from mom: Oh, Sana. Don’t think so.

Text from Sana: I’ll be there ❤️

Sana walking towards Even and Isak. Even’s laughing.

Isak: We have to celebrate.

Even: Yeah, I bought sparkling.

Isak: Sparkling?

Even: Isn’t that what one celebrates with?

Isak: I want beer.

Even (to Sana): So now you’re coming.

Sana: Am I late?

Isak: We’re done.

Sana: Noo, sorry I was …, the tram went in the wrong direction and-

Mahdi: Yeah, I’ve heard that one before..

Jonas: What?

Mahdi: The tram went in the wrong direction.

Jonas: You?? Huuuh.

Isak: Isn’t that what you do when-

Mahdi: Yeah, it’s what I do when I don’t wanna come to stuff.

Isak: But uh, you can join Even and me, and help us unpack?

Sana: That sounds like super fun, but I’m super busy. Are the girls upstairs?

Isak: Please.

Magnus: Sana, can you tell Vilde that I miss her? Already?

Mahdi: What’s up?

Magnus: No, you say to a girl that you miss them and they go like ‘Aww!’

Jonas: Nah, that’s not what they do.

Isak: Aww!

Even: Is it just like that with girls?

Isak: But you’re cute.

Magnus: Cuter than you two.

Even and Isak: Ooh! (inaudible)

The girls eating pizza.

Vilde: No, it’s something about that ocean blue colour that’s-

Chris: Ocean blue?

Vilde: Ocean.. 

Chris: Ocean blue or royal blue?

Noora: No, royal blue is like your sweater.

Vilde: No, it’s like Marbella Beach.

Noora: Marbella Beach! Have you been there a lot?

Sana: Hey.

The girls: Hey!

Sana: What’s up?

Eva: Noora’s gotten her room back!

Vilde: But what I was saying..

Eva: You want pizza?

Vilde: yesterday we tried out a new position..

Sana shakes her head.

Vilde: that we found online.

Eva: We’ve got beef, too.

Vilde: eh, which was that I sit on top of him, just like cow girl, but I reversed it, so it’s a reversed cow girl, so he sits…it’s a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, because I felt like it was him looking straight up…’cause his head is like..on…and if we did it right, eh, it was so insanely hot. It hit just…it hit, it hit the G-spot.

Chris: No. Isn’t the G-spot on the top side?

Vilde: No, I’ve heard the G-spot is in the ass.

Eva: isn’t that just boys?

Chris: Huh??

Vilde: It’s many who claim that you have several g-spots. But the thing is, I’ve never felt so hot with anyone before, I’ve never come so much as I do now when I’m with Magnus. It’s just like… I’m coming and coming and coming.

Sana: Do you have like NO boundaries? For what is okay to share?

Vilde: mwibth mwhat?

Sana: With you and Magnus’s sex life?

Vilde: I get that it’s hard for you to listen to since you can’t have sex, but-

Sana: I can have sex, Vilde. I just choose not to.

Vilde: Yeah, I’m just saying that uh.. it’s completely fine if you get sexually frustrated.

Sana: I’m not sexually frustrated. It’s not like I walk around thinking about boys and sex and feeling that I’m missing out on something.

*awkward silence*

Sana: I just mean should be something beautiful between you and Magnus. And not the whole world.

Noora:….anyone want some tea?

The girls: yeah! that would be..

Eva: Okay, I need to say something, but I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard that William’s gotten a new girl in London. 

Vilde: Huh?! Are you kidding?

Eva: Chris said so. Should I tell her?

Sana: Of course you have to tell her!

Eva: But shouldn’t William be the one to tell her?

Sana: Uh, yeah. But he obviously hasn’t.

Eva: But I don’t know for sure if it’s true. And sometimes I don’t get the deal with William and Noora, are they like…together? Or not?

Noora comes back with tea cups.

Noora: What’s up? What are you talking about?

Vilde: Uh, about anal sex. Magnus and I were thinking we’re maybe gonna try it. Have you tried?

Noora: No.

Vilde: You and William, you don’t..

Noora: Vilde. No.

Eva: Apropos William. How’s he doing?


Chris (off screen): Yeah. We’ve never really gotten the deal between you..if you’re together or..not…or..not..or?

Noora: It’s always gonna be me and William..



Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics

For those who say that "Humanz" sound nothing like Gorillaz

So, I decided to check to order the newest Gorillaz album “Humanz”, as I wasn’t able to preorder it. What immediately caught my eye was that the album, that came out just today, has only 3 stars. Wondering what was so bad already about the new album, I checked the reviews. What I saw made me angry beyond everything. Yes, there are 5 star reviews, loving the new songs. But there were also 1 star reviews and they all said basically the same thing - “This album sounds nothing like Gorillaz used to sound. Bring the old Gorillaz back!”

So, let me get this straight - you dislike this album because it sounds nothing like Gorillaz? Can you please describe to me how Gorillaz actually sound like? Because what I have heard of, the definition of Gorillaz is that they have no defined genre of music. Ironic, isn’t it? Please, name me three iconic Gorillaz songs. For me, it would be Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood and Melancholy Hill. And whoopty doo, they all sound like they were written by three different artists! One is soothing, other has a sick beat. The band, that is known for their freedom in genres are writing songs in an unusual to them, more modern sounding genre? WHAT?!?!?! THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS!!!!

Now listen, I’m gonna drop some truth on you - if you consider yourself a fan of ANYONE, and you do not support the changes that the artist chose, stop calling yourself a fan. It’s like taking an iPhone 7 and hating it because “Oh, it doesn’t feel like the good old iPhone 3, I mean, it changed so much, all these additional apps and functions, bring the good old iPhone back !!!!1!!” Change is good, ESPECIALLY AFTER 6 YEARS OF THE BAND’S HIATUS!!!! I would be surprised if the music sounded like “Demon Days” or even their first album “Gorillaz”.That would show, that they have run out of ideas and that they are AFRAID TO CHANGE. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett even did something that many creators, especially in animation rarely do - they age their characters, Noodle grew up from a tiny girl into a grown up woman, and Murdoc went from a nice brown coloured skin to pickle green. And the change in music style makes so much sense, giving the fact that the band was silent for 6 years. It shows, that the band is not stuck to the things that got tons of attention (like Feel Good Inc. or Melancholy Hill), and tries to replicate it, but rather tries out new stuff to make things interesting. For the love of Pazuzu, “White Light” from “Demon Days"album has like, what, 3 words in it? 4, if you count in “do do dodododo” that goes between the actual words. “El Mañana”, other great song, that sounds nothing like the upbeat “19-2000” from a previous album. Oh, “Hallelujah Money” has a weird tempo that sounds strange? What about “5/4”? See, they DO sound like the old Gorillaz!!!

I love the new songs. “Saturn Barz”, “We Got The Power”, “Apprentice” are so far my favourites (I’ve blasted “Apprentice” on repeat for around 6 good hours, when it came out), and I am positive that I will love the rest of the album too. And the name, “Humanz” actually makes sense, seeing how many artists have joined the Gorillaz and put their effort in this album. Some speculate, that the name, “Humanz” means that they are evolving from the “Gorillaz”, gorillas are turning into humans. Changing. Unlike the hipster “fans”, who sit on the band’s first album or “fans” who know the couple of the most famous songs and can’t remember the names of the members. But we, actual fans, who actually love anything Gorillaz related and who know these characters to the detail, these characters, who, although animated and brought to life by imagination, are more “human” than the famous artists you see everyday on the screen, singing songs that 20 writters have put together for them. None two songs of Gorillaz are alike. Not at all. That is why we love these colorful cartoons and the men behind them so much. And if you got the nerve to say that the new album sounds “nothing like Gorillaz”, then you don’t know, what Gorillaz sound like. You don’t know what Gorillaz are and what they stand for - creativity and love for music of any genre.

Pardon me my poor grammar - english is not my first language

ER JEG SEN? [AM I LATE?] Translation


MUM: Join the theme night in mosque on Friday, about the women’s role in Islam
SANA: Is Jamilla coming?
MUM: [reprimanding] Sana
MUM: I don’t think so
SANA I’m in ❤️

ISAK (BACKGROUND): We gotta celebrate
EVEN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. With sparkling drink
ISAK: Sparkling drink?
EVEN: Isn’t that how to celebrate?
ISAK: But I want beer, though. I want beer.

EVEN: Oh, now you’re here!
SANA: Am I late?
ISAK: We’re done
SANA: Oh nooo. Sorry, I messed up, I took the tram in the wrong direction, and…
MAHDI: Yeah, I’ve heard that one before
ISAK: Took the tram in the wrong direction?
MAHDI: Took the tram in the wrong direction
MAHDI: Yeah that’s what I use to do when I can’t be bothered to show up to stuff
ISAK: But, then you can come along with Even and I and help us unpack. That takes time.
SANA: That sounds like a lot of fun, but I’m super busy. Are the girls upstairs?
ISAK: Go ahead
MAGNUS: Sana, can you tell Vilde that I miss her. Already.
MAGNUS: What I meant is that you gotta tell them you miss them, so they go like “aww”
EVEN: It’s just like that with girls
ISAK: You are cute together
MAGNUS: Cuter than you two

VILDE: No, I prefer– No, there’s something with that ocean blue colour that’s
EVA: Ocean blue?
VILDE: Ocean blue
CHRIS: Is it like royal blue, or? Is it blue?
NOORA: No, royal blue is like that sweater–
VILDE: It’s like, Marbella Beach
EVA: Marbella Beach?
VILDE: Yeah, that’s how the beach looks in Marbella
NOORA: Have you been there a lot, or?
SANA: Halla!
SANA: What’s up?
EVA: Noora got her room back!
VILDE: But what I was saying was that, er,
EVA: Pizza?
VILDE (BACKGROUND): We tried a new position, which was-
EVA: We have one with beef as well
SANA: Thanks
VILDE: Which is like, I’m sitting on top of him, just like cow girl. But I reverse– it’s reverse cow girl. So then he sits– It’s a little bit uncomfortable at first, because I felt like he could se straight up– Because his head is, like, on – Well, if we did it right– And that was so incredibly good, because it hit something, that– it hit the g-spot.
CHRIS: No… isn’t the g-spot on the upper side?
VILDE: No, I’ve heard that the g-spot is in the anus
EVA: Isn’t that with boys?
CHRIS: What?
VILDE: There’s pretty many ways– you have multiple g-spots.
VILDE: But, anyway, the thing is, I have never had it that good with anyone before. I have never come as much as I do when I’m with Magnus. It’s just like I’m coming, and coming, and coming, and coming–
SANA: Do you have, like, no boundaries? For what is okay to share?
VILDE: How do you mean?
SANA: Do you really have to share every detail of you guys’ sex life?
VILDE: I get that it’s tough for you to listen to, since you can’t have sex
SANA: I CAN have sex, Vilde. I just choose not to have it.
VILDE: Yeah, I’m just saying that it’s okay if you get sexually frustrated.
SANA: I’m not sexually frustrated! It’s not like I walk around thinking a lot about boys and sex and… feel as if I’m missing out on something!
SANA: I just mean that sex should be something nice between you and Magnus… and not the whole world

NOORA: Would anyone like some tea?
NOORA: Then we’ll fix that right away

EVA: Okay… I gotta say something, but I don’t know for sure if it’s true, but I’ve heard that William has a new girlfriend in London
VILDE: What? Are you for real?
EVA: Chris said so. Should I tell her?
SANA: Of course you should tell her
EVA: But… shouldn’t William be the one to tell her?
SANA: Uh, yeah. But he clearly hasn’t done it.
EVA: But then, I don’t know for sure that it’s true. And I still don’t get the thing between William and Noora. Are they, like, together or not?

NOORA: What’s up? What are you talking about?
VILDE: Anal sex. Magnus and I were thinking of trying it.
VILDE: Have you tried it?
NOORA: … No.
VILDE: No, you and William, you didn’t–
EVA: Vilde!
EVA: Speaking of William, how is he doing?
Noora: …Fine
CHRIS: We have never really understood the deal… Like if you’re together, or… not, or… not, or?
NOORA: It’s always going to be me and William

anonymous asked:

headcanon where whenever Jack's stressed he paints Davey's nails..?

I support this so much!!!

  • It starts when Davey is watching a documentary for a class and Jack’s watching it with him but gets really bored. 
  • After he covers a sheet of paper with doodles, he tries to draw on Davey’s arm but it’s Sharpie and Davey is pretty worried it won’t wash off so he compromises and lets Jack draw on his nails instead
  • He likes them coloured black, he decides afterwards. So when Jack asks to do it again, he lets him
  • Jack’s number 1 way to deal with stress is focusing on something else so he starts to paint really intricate designs on Davey’s nails with tiny brushes and honestly each new painting takes Davey’s breath away
  • At first he takes the polish off before leaving the house but he hates rubbing off Jack’s hard work with acetone, so he starts to just leave the designs on
  • They get to the point when Davey automatically offers up his hand if he can tell Jack is stressed and Jack always kisses the back of it before reaching for his paints.
Proposal (5) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three, part four

30 Kisses For 30 Years - theaterkidlester

Summary: It’s Phil’s thirtieth birthday and Dan is determined to give him thirty kisses. Meanwhile, Phil’s been having domestic thoughts.

A Birthday to Remember - phananddragonsfics

Summary: It’s Phil’s 30th birthday, and instead of waking up to his celebratory pancakes, he finds Dan missing and instructions for what seems to be a scavenger hunt. What will be his surprise when he gets to the end?

Adventures Of A Black Velvet Box - daniactuallysnuffledthatpopcorn

Summary: Phil wants to propose to Dan in Japan.

A Festive Quest - outerspacehowlters

Summary: Phil has a plan. After their incredible 2016, he wants to make this the best Christmas he and Dan have ever had. And how does he plan to do that? By customising 24 different Christmas crackers, all hints leading up to a Christmas neither of them will ever forget.

Be The Phil To My Dan - extrememehowell

Summary: Dan proposes on stage at Vidcon, in front of the fans and fellow youtubers that didn’t even know they were together.

Dan and Phil versus the world (ao3) - realismandromance

Summary:  In an alternate universe (where Poe the cactus survived), Dan and Phil revisited Japan after TATINOF. Now they’re back in London, but something’s changed, leaving Dan tense and restless. Maybe they’ve been so busy selling Dan and Phil™ all these years that they’ve forgotten how to be themselves. Storytelling has a way of seeping into real life, but it only confounds things when you start to believe it.

Daniel James Lester - wilfullystrange

Summary: A big surprise.

Easter Surprise - isitcoldinhereisitjusthephan

Summary: A fluffy little thing about a ester egg hunt Dan has Planned for Phil.

Everlasting Moment - super-icy-phan

Summary: Phil plans to propose to Dan at the boncas and all the youtubers were in on it.

Gamos - snowbunnylester

Summary: Phil manages to get himself cursed by the God’s again, but this time he won’t tell Dan what he did wrong, and Dan’s left to figure it out for himself. Modern Day Greek Gods AU.

I Give My Whole Heart To You - crescendohowell

Summary: Phil is incredibly nervous to be proposing to Dan. It’s something he’s dreamed of for so long, he can’t help but ramble a bit as he asks Dan to marry him. But spending forever with Dan is something Phil is sure he isn’t afraid of.

Once I was 30 Years Old - outerspacehowlters

Summary: Phil’s 30th birthday brings a flood of growing up-related anxieties, much to his dismay. Dan, however, knows just how to fix it: by recreating the day they met, swapping out Manchester for London–and with a surprise Phil never sees coming.

Phil Lester: Marriage Proposal Expert (ao3) - Full_Moon_Lover

Summary: Or the five times Phil tried to propose and the one time Dan did.

sayyes.exe - queenofallcorgis

Summary: Dan isn’t pleased when Phil downloads a new .exe file on his computer for the gaming channel. It quickly becomes his favorite game. Proposal!fic

Sky Coloured Canvases - viiktorss

Summary: For Dan, the sky has always been his favourite thing to paint. The way it changes its colour throughout the day along clouds adorning its glory. Until he saw the sky in the man’s eyes.

The Notion of Us - princesslexi763

Summary: Five Times Phil wanted to propose, and the one time he actually succeeded.

Those Four Words - butterflyphil

Summary: “You absolute fucking prick.”

What dreams are made of - succubusphan

Summary: A surprise liveshow shows what the phandom always hoped to see but thought impossible.

You Can’t Say That Over Skype! (ao3) - notinclinedtomaturity

Summary: It’s late on a Saturday night and rather than relaxing with a bottle of wine and anime like we want to be doing, I’m sitting in from of my iMac in my room on skype with Phil, who is sequestered away in the office, working on our book on a shared google doc.“So I definitely think we should have a PINOF page. We can talk about how it’s our origin and kind of our legacy and everything and—oh hang on.” I disappear from the shot of the webcam and rummage through my bottom desk drawer. Finally, I lean back up into view and proudly hold up a wrinkled sheet of paper.Phil leans closer to his webcam. “What’s that?”I press the paper closer to the webcam to give Phil a better view. “It’s the list of questions we wrote for the original PINOF.”

YouTuber Whispers (ao3) - PastelPhanime

Summary: The day was October 19th, 2021. Dan and I were planning on going over to Joe’s house to film a giant edition of YouTuber Whispers with him, Louise, Connor, and Troye.

♔ A vow to protect you♔ [M]

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Pairing: JinxReader

Genre: Angst;Fluff;Smut

Sum: After being together for 3 years, Jin finally popped the question of marriage proposal. Planning and family gatherings has been occupying you for the last 3 months, but something have always bothered you. Jin seemed stressed and all you could do, is be by his side. The wedding is set before another BTS comeback, and he became more distant around you. Anxiety and self-conscious erupted your mind when he was gone, did he really want to get married?

Epilogue to Close  Fermata Guide

Word count: 3.7k

Triggers: Unprotected sex + Dom!Jin

A/N: I tried something new, I hope you like it. Please let me know, if it gave an effect or not.

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Quick tip. Ready?
One should aim to have 6-8 servings of veggies every single day, ideally in every colour of the rainbow.
When you get the chance, try switching up the old vegetable routine and adding something new into the mix! Ever tried bitter melon? Eggplant? How about turnip? The options are endless, so get creative!

@the-autumn-fox submitted: Hey Mama! I drew Armin a while ago and tried something new with my colour pencils (particularly the shadows). I’m not too sure on the shadows but I was wondering what you thought? I hope you’ve had a good day Mama!

Mama says: Damn that Jawline! I really like how the shadows turned out, but it’s usually better not to shade with black, but with a darker shade of the original color. Though i like how it turned out in the hair here. Keep it up!

one new message || luke hemmings

requested: no

word count: 1.6k+

synopsis: it’s ironic how a phone call is suppose to connect two people, and yet during one’s struggle and vulnerable state the only thing that person will constantly hear is the sound of the other’s answering machine.

a/n: this is my first attempt at like a PROPER angst piece. it’s probably fucken horrible but i’m gonna post it anyways! i purposely wrote it all in lowercase, so dont come after me about horrible punctuation. this is in luke’s pov.

credits to the gif owner.

masterlist // writing prompt list

“hi, this is y/n. sorry that I can’t come to the phone right now. leave me a message and i’ll give you a call back.”



swallowing down my pride, i slowly opened my mouth to try and say something but all that came out was the sound of my words bundling up and choking up upon my tongue. my throat so suddenly became dry and my entire speech that i had rehearsed over and over again for the past four hours immediately fleeted away from my brain the second i heard her voice message that i have grown so use to and so comforted by.

i am surprised that her inbox hasn’t filled up yet, especially since i have been leaving her messages almost frequently; as much as twice, three times a week. though… it use to be much worse. i would constantly call her and leave her a message twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. it was a toxic habit that i had to slowly break down to what it is now. i couldn’t help it. i needed to hear her voice. i craved hearing her name, hearing the sweet tone of her voice that has consumed my life form the second we met to this very moment. even if my only source of her vocal comfort was her damn answering machine.

does she ever listen to any of my messages? i wonder if she keeps them. i wonder if she listens to every single message and just keeps them for those moments where she feels alone and she feels as if she needs to hear my voice and hear me speak to her in order to feel warm and at home. or does she just glance at the growing number on her answering machine and mindlessly deleting them all at once without having any thought that within her eighty, ninety plus messages that i have left for her, someone important is actually trying to contact her.

i wouldn’t be offended if she called me back in frustration, telling me to back off or to leave her alone and to go away. i honestly wouldn’t blame her, especially if she had met someone new and they were spending time with each other and having a lovely time, only to be disturbed by me; an ex boyfriend who still can’t get the courage to end this chapter of his life. not just yet anyways. if she does call me back, it would be a miracle. it would actually make my day, just to hear her speak and hear more of the english language in her velvety silk sound than the twenty-five words that i have grown accustomed to.

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