tried something new with the colouring


Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics

Because I honestly can’t get enough of Enjolras and Grantaire and colours
- The first time Enjolras meets him, he’s streaked all over in green. Grantaire is loud and he’s drunk and he’s disruptive and he doesn’t believe. Enjolras tries but he can’t manage to tear his eyes away from the emerald eyes shining with mirth. He decides he hates R’s eyes and the smears of green paint covering Grantaire, because it makes it so much more harder for him to look away.
- (It’s an hour later when Grantaire leaves and takes all the colours in the room out with him when he realizes he could never be able to hate something so beautiful as the green of Grantaire’s eyes)
- (Green: the colour of new beginnings)
- It’s two months later when Grantaire is drenched in red. They’re arguing with each other in a jail cell and there’s blood running down the side of his face and there’s blood on Grantaire’s lips and there’s R’s eyes alight with an anger he’s never seen before. Grantaire is covered in the colours of a rally gone wrong and the colours of the flashes of panic Enjolras felt when Grantaire took a rubber bullet for him. The guards heard the arguing (screaming) and they are coming, and they’re dragging R away, and he feels as if the emotion has been sucked out of the room with him and he’s left feeling defeated and empty.
- (Red: the colour of anger)
- Grantaire is dappled in the golden light of the sun when Enjolras thinks he might be in love. There’s a lazy smile on Grantaire’s face, and he’s basking in the luminescence of a Parisian sunset. He’s stretched out on the ground, and Enjolras’s hands have somehow threaded themselves in Grantaire’s curls over the past hour. The golden colours of easy conversation and the way Grantaire is beaming at him wash over him like a sea of happiness. All he can see is gold and Enjolras thinks he might be in love.
- (Gold: the colour of love, illumination)
- Grantaire’s bathed in the silver of the moonlight when Enjolras realizes he’s in love. The realization hits him when Grantaire’s lost in the throes of laughter, and the starlight weaves through Grantaire’s curls like a crown and the silver makes his already vivid eyes glow even brighter. Grantaire is illuminated in silver and Grantaire is ethereal when Enjolras realizes he’s in love.
- (Silver: he colour of unconditional love, hope)
- There’s flowers the colours of lavender and scarlet nestled in Grantaire’s hair when they first kiss (flowers courtesy of Jehan). Enjolras is in love and he holds on to the lavender colours of the moment, and the scarlet of Grantaire’s kiss. He sees lavender once again in the shy smile Grantaire gives him after they’re done, and Enjolras is entranced.
- (Lavender: the colour of equilibrium, affection and devotion. Scarlet: the colour of passion, love)
- Grantaire is drenched in colour and Enjolras finds that he can’t tear his eyes away.

Fanart for new favourite fic STARGAZER by @fahye. Read it and her companion fic GRAVITY; it’s an amazing Regency-style space AU of Yuri on Ice.  It filled my mind with images; I will be producing more null-grav dancing if I don’t hate my art too much.

I tried to echo her illustrator @inknose-art‘s wonderful luminous style; as I am hopeless at digital art especially colouring I feel like I failed miserably. But I couldn’t help making something for this beautiful work; I hope you guys like it anyway.

Constant as the stars above
Always know that you are loved
And my love shining in you
Will help you make your dreams come true
Will help your dreams come true

The lamb lies down and rests it's head
On it's mother's down in bed
Dolphin plays in the moonlight's glow
And butterfly dreams of a violet rose
Dreams of a violet rose

I'll cradle you in my arms tonight
A sun embraces the moonlight
The clouds will carry us off tonight
Our dreams will run deep like the sea
Our dreams will run deep like the sea

Constant as the stars above
Always know that you are loved
And my love shining in you
Will help you make your dreams come true
Will help your dreams come true

This is for @hypes-peak-academy, who left the prompt opened.

Hellohello! I am your very tardy secret santa for @xmas-usukexchange2016.Terribly sorry for the long wait! It took me a very long time to think of what to draw… (´;д;`) But I wanted to do something fluffy and happy for our two loveable dorks. 

I tried a new colouring style for this, it was really fun to do aha. I really hope you like it! Have a happy new year, sweetie!  ゛(*´ω`;;;pq  

new front cover for origins -a pearl story- !!

so smackjeeves did an update and now comics only show up if they have a sick cover in this exact file shape. i tried splicing something with existing art i’ve made for the comic, but nothing worked or felt right, so in the end i drew up something new instead.

normally i give this comic quite a dream-like, pretty pastel colours and vibrant patterns aesthetic but the latest stevenbomb (sorry, i caved) got me so excited about how abstract and dark homeworld is, so i wanted to give it more of a bold, stylised cover. i took inspiration from the front cover for ‘the bloody chamber’ by angela carter.

The Bretons

Bretons have a natural affinity for magic, and the political division of their homeland, High Rock, makes them natural spies or assassins.

New race card! Something weirds happened to my colours in photoshop, Managed to get them close to what I wanted, but idk.

[The Redguard] [The Altmer] [The Imperials] [The Dunmer] [The Falmer] [The Bosmer]

more adventures of hamilton in the mcu
  • He wakes up and the first word he hears is  wait! and his lips start to form the word burr? but then he sees the speaker: a woman with red hair wearing something obscenely, splendidly tight and he wonders if this is heaven and God is more of a tomcat that he suspected – but then he tries to move and pain flares down his spine, one greedy white jag, and he amends his original assessment: this is Hell, surely. “Pray tell,” he says, “where am I?” and the woman is joined by a sandy-haired man with some strange flesh-coloured apparatus curling around his ears. “New York,” says the man, “who’re you?” The man has a bow. The arrow is notched and aimed at Hamilton’s face. It is frightfully, laughably primitive – but then again the Indian braves have done much damage to westbound farmers with less and so Hamilton bites his tongue on some of his more hysterical questions and says, “My name is Alexander Hamilton. I’m at your service, sir.”
  • They tell him where he is. He does not believe them. They tell him when he is and he does not believe them – just a moment ago, just a moment ago, there was Burr, the gunshot, the smoke and the blood and I died I died I heard my heart lurch to a stop I saw God, the great beyond and –
  • They say a lot of words. There is a man in a slim black suit with obnoxious facial hair and he talks far too much and Hamilton is too quivery and out-of-place to understand the absurdity of such a condemnation (Hamilton says Tony Stark talks too much; in other news, a garden pond accuses the Atlantic of being overly wet.) He understands. He weeps. His children are dead, his grandchildren are dead. His legacy is –
    • there’s a musical, says Stark in a hush to Captain America (tall and blonde and how ridiculous, how perfectly absurd, this nation should not have saints or idols or – )
    • “A musical?” 
  • There is a musical. There are books and television and the internet – God help the modern world, Hamilton learns about the internet and the first thing he does is write a twenty five thousand word blog on why the memory of Jefferson is overrated and false. He gets Jarvis to proofread it. He gets Jarvis to stick it on the New York Times and there’s a mass panic about someone hacking into the website for the sole purpose of slagging off a long-dead Founding Father. Nick Fury explains about firewalls and internet security. Hamilton rants at him – the Avengers listen through the door, hear things like Sally Hemings and how would you feel if the worst person you knew was remembered a hero and the article is taken down but somehow, somehow Hamilton learns what a blog is. 
  • Things Hamilton loves about the modern world: twitter, blogging, Lin Manuel Miranda, swearing, loose sexual morality, Starbucks, minimal slavery (it still counts, he says hotly, in Africa and Asian it’s still there it isn’t gone yet – )
  • Yes he meets Lin Manuel Miranda. He rebukes him at length about inaccuracies. He thanks him. He sees his own play fifteen times and starts thinking about a sequel. 
  • Oh yes. There’s a sequel. 
  • Because the fact of the matter is this: Clinton’s corrupt and Sanders is well-meaning but doesn’t have the support and Trump is just…well. Hamilton breaks his nose and writes op-eds for every paper in the country declaring why he was right to do so. 
  • Look: American politics is a mess. And in comes the Founding Father Without A Father, the Bastard Son of a Whore and he says: so what did I miss?
  • And he claps his hands and grins and says I’m not throwing away my shot and the internet goes mad and the public goes mad and no one is saying he’ll win this election but the next one, oh the next one. Four years is an eternity in politics and Senator Hamilton has the one thing he needed most: more time. 

I’m back ٩(^ᴗ^)۶! Semester is finally over and I have time for fun stuff again (*≧∀≦*) (a lot of time actually since I’ll have only one course next semester before I’ll be working on my bachelor thesis next year - I really need some time to be creative and work freely on my own projects and I don’t have the time if I would rush into my bachelor). So, with all this free time I decided to post something every day from now on for the next few months. I hope I can manage it but let’s just hope for the best ʘ‿ʘ. On the pics you can see some recent looks I’ve tried in the last few weeks. My hair actually went from looking almost pink to purple and now finally white (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑. So happy with this new hair colour.

You can always tell from the eyes.