tried something a little different with this one too

Big Bang Reacts to Someone Hitting On You

Hey guys! So, I had a moment and a small amount of inspiration, so I figured I’d write another one for fun. (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE GIFS OR PICTURES, I SIMPLY FOUND THEM ON GOODLE!!)

Reaction: You go out to a club with all of the guys. Your date leaves you alone for a moment to go get you both drinks, but a guy comes up and tries to flirt with you.

1. TOP

     He would stay back and see how you react. If you look calm and like you’re handling the situation yourself, then he’ll stay out of it. The moment you look uncomfortable or angry, he would walk up to you and hand you your drink. His arm would wrap around your waist as he stared the guy dead in the eyes, his face expressionless. The guy would probably feel really uncomfortable and walk away.

     “Are you okay?” He asks quietly, kissing the top of your head.

2. Taeyang

     Taeyang would be subtle about it, asking G-Dragon to watch your drinks as he makes his way to you. He would wrap his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. He would ignore the guy, whispering in your ear as he sways with you gently to whatever music is playing. 

     If the guy confronts him, he would politely inform him that you are taken. He would not get angry unless the guy tried to put his hands on either him or you. Then he would handle the guy in a much less polite manner. 

     “This girl? Right here? Yeah, she’s my girlfriend. I would rather you leave her alone,” He gently pulls you back to where G-Dragon sits as G-Dragon silently laughs at the guys expression. (Like the little shit he is sometimes.)

3. G-Dragon

     G-Dragon would be instantly angry. He would walk up and pull you into a heated kiss, eyeing the guy the entire time. If he was still there, he would turn and glare at him. 

     “Don’t you know that my Jagi is much too pretty to talk to you? Save yourself the embarrassment and just leave,” His arm goes around your shoulders as he pulls you into another kiss.

4. Daesung (being the sweet little marshmallow we all know he is)

     Daesung would hang back and wait to see how you handle yourself. He would want to avoid confrontation at all costs. The second taht he saw that you were upset, he would walk up to you and take your hand. He would politely ask him to leave you alone. If the guy didn’t leave, one of the other guys would probably notice, most likely Seungri, and would stand a little ways behind both of you in case the guy tried to pull something. (He is literal sunshine, I don’t see him wanting to be too confrontational.)

     “Look, I’m just here to have a good time with my girlfriend, so I’d really prefer for you to leave us alone,” His words aren’t harsh, but his tone is firm. Seungri glares at the guy from over Daesung’s shoulder, probably intimidating the guy more than Daesung, causing the guy to walk away. 

5. Seungri

     Seungri would also be instantly angry. One of the biggest differences though, is that Seungri knows everyone. He would probably just call the owner of the club and have the guy escorted out. He would walk up to you and hold you close as he watched the guy being forced to leave. Seungri would smirk at him, causing you to give him a look. He just shrugged at you. 

     “What?” The only one allowed to mess with you like that is me,” he murmurs in your ear, pulling you tightly against him chest. 

I hope you guys enjoyed! It’s a little shorter than the last one, but I just randomly thought of it so I wrote it pretty fast.


Don’t use dove/drugstore soap!

I’ve been dealing with eczema for the last 13 years. Several doctors but through personal experiences and an amazing black dermatologist (who researched black skin diseases) gave me a few keys:

1) As gross as it sounds, don’t use washcloths on affected areas. Wash clothes are more for oily skin. It helps them get the additional oils off.It took me a minute to get used to but it’s helped tremendously! Just lather the bar for the affected areas.

2) Use nature oil-based cleansers. Stay away from drugstore soaps. Sounds gross but soaps are bases. For that extremely sensitive area, it is in irritant.

3) You see those clear washing powders? Made for you. Fragrance is your worse enemy. Especially on clothes you have to wear all day.

4) Use an oil-based all natural cleanser. Organic stores (i.e. Whole Foods) will give you the best options. I adopted a tea tree and sea buckthorn mixture AND IT HAS SAVED ME!

5) You are further irritating yourself when you use cheap lotions. For excema, cheap lotion is the worse. You have to treat eczema as a condition. I think of my lotion cost as prescription. The most effective I’ve found is Vanicream. It is $16 a month but the relief from darker scars and itching all day is super worth it. It does have chemicals (not all natural as I prefer) BUT ifs free of dyes, lanolin, fragrance, parabens and formaldehyde. I tried using shea butter but it didn’t make a major difference. Coconut oil is too light. Castor oil is up next for me!

6) My doctor recommended an allergen test. I’ve scheduled one. Heard great things about it for people with the condition.

7) Thanks to the awesome queen, Hey Fran Hey, i started oil pulling every morning. Something to get used to but I noticed a great difference in it!

8) Eat Vegetables! SUPER IMPORTANT! When I made my lifestyle change, this made a major difference.

Guys, PLEASE BOOST! It pains me to see little babies in the store and mothers so confused! It’s winter time, the worst time for the condition as we don’t have our savior of Vitamin D from the sun!

i’ve always had this small headcanon-like thought

after mahiru passes, kuro obviously lives on since he’s immortal. of course the death has an effect on him, but in tons of different ways

one specific change is he starts collecting bells. mostly portable ones rather than big ones with handles and fancy designs, but he’s open to any kind, as long as it reminds him of mahiru.
however he keeps his original contract bell with him at all times, in his pocket or around his neck. he tries his hardest to keep it clean and rust-less, too

just. bells becomes something super important to kuro. it used to be just a simple little contract item, but after they established such a strong bond it was so important and significant to him.

trail. | jungkook

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member: jungkook / jeon jungkook x fem!reader
genre: fluff / barely any angst; (suggested) boy next door!au
word count: 872
prompt: “i’m serious, my eyes surely say ‘i like you’.” + summer vibes!

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There’s a quiet lulling to the world dipped in blue he found himself padding along in, cream colored sandals following closely behind another pair along the normally white boardwalk, now dyed a soft baby blue by the dulled evening. The ocean is but a faint strip of navy painted above the sandy shoreline, and teasing currents of humid air brush against his loose t-shirt, as if teasingly tugging at it and pulling him a little more forward, a little nearer to the girl in front of him.

He tries his best to fight them, shaking the clumps of chocolate brown hair that intrude his view and cling onto his face aside with a furrow of his brows and keeping his pace steady, following each space between the perfectly fitted boards. There’s something in him, however, that feels a little different - maybe it’s because the noisy chirping of those crickets he tried to imitate earlier made her laugh a little and shake her head at his nonsense. He wants her to turn back around again, to give him that tiny quirk of her pretty lips and let him see how her eyes glow in the dim atmosphere like the fireflies that were beginning to awake, one by one.

It’s that dumb feeling again, the one where he can’t seem to stop looking at her back like a lovesick puppy because he’s too afraid to do so when her eyes meet his. 

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I found a diary while I was out hiking in New Hampshire. I have to admit, I’m thoroughly creeped out by what was written inside.

by reddit user iia/ tumblr user unsettlingstories

The diary was from a while ago; 21 years, according to the dates. It was sealed really well in plastic wrap and stuffed in a watertight bag. If I hadn’t hit the thing with my shovel when digging a hole to take a dump, I never would’ve found it. I wish that would’ve been the case because I can’t stop thinking about the stuff I read. I’m only going to share the fucked up parts, but all I’m leaving out is the lady talking about how she and her husband were spending the month camping and having a good time. There, I just saved you 5 pages. Here’s where it got weird:

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anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do a blurb about Harry being a new dad and they want to have a romantic night together after the baby is born but they end up being too tired for anything, but then they end up having hot, spontaneous sex the next day or something? I would love that! You're v talented, btw. <3

Your wish, my command! It’s… I dunno if it’s a blurb, per se, but I hope it delivers. I tried something a little different, so let’s see! ;) x.

012. Silence

Everything’s in place. It’s been just over three months since his son was born, and they’ve been three trying, beautiful, sleepless, blissful months.

Three trying, beautiful, sleepless, blissful, sexless months.

Not that either one of you were even able to miss it much with a mouth that demanded to be fed when it wasn’t demanding to be heard.

But you’d been given the all clear a few weeks ago and when you’d told him… Harry remembered how long it had been since he’d had an orgasm that wasn’t rubbed out hastily in the shower with his lips pressed together to stifle moans of your name on the mornings where he really ragingly does want you but he’s too tired and you’re not quite ready and there’s a baby who demands his breakfast.

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badasspolkadots  asked:

Another prompt (because I like giving them to you and you told me you liked them): Dave has a hickey. And all the boys are shocked and super confused cause, ya know, it's Dave. Basically there is just mass debate and confusion as to how their little butterfly wound up with those marks. (Bonus if it's Jack who put it there) (extra bonus if Race somehow wins money off this situation)

Not sure it’s exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)

Davey flinched when Blink prodded hard at the side of the neck.

“Hey, Davey, what’s this?” he asked, poking it again.

The ache that the Blink was eliciting with his vaguely violent stabbing had Davey turning white with fear. He clapped his hand over his neck, a red flush slowly creeping up his neck and across his cheeks. He’d forgotten that he’d let Jack kiss his neck, and that he hadn’t stopped him when he’d started sucking bruises. At the time it had felt like a great idea, but now he was regretting it entirely.

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Different Worlds

Ricky horror x reader


You and Ricky sat on the couch, his warm, tatted arms wrapped around your sniffling frame. You give a sneeze, your tissue barely able there in time, and whimper unhappily.

You had the worst cold imaginable.

You’d had it for a few days now, this roaring head cold that nothing was helping.

You especially hated the fact you were sick the one week he was on break from touring with the band. It seemed almost cruel for the first time in weeks that you got to see each other without a crowded tour bus or screaming fans, you were sick and you could barely be around each other.

Well, you shouldn’t be around each other.

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This is the most tragic character I have ever come across. He is the definition of a victim of circumstance. And we see in season six him reach the point where he can take no more. He can see no way of him ever being happy and been thrown out of Downton is the final push. Thomas barrows downfall was unbearable to watch. He hated himself enough to do what he did. Thomas is a character forced to live in a society where he is perceived as a vile “foul” creature. The real show as to how far he has fallen comes when he tried to castrate himself. Not long before that he was telling Carson how he was not fouls just different but for him to do something like try to “fix” himself he mustn’t have believed that anymore. He falls further and further into a hole of self hatred until it becomes too much for him and he slits his wrists. How did he change so fast personally I think the answer is not having Jimmy around anymore but whatever it was doesn’t matter. What matters is how this shows how easy it is for someone to have one little idea planted in their head and their opinion of themselves forever changed. Thomas Barrow was my favourite character on Downton from the outset and his fall from grace only made me more invested in his tragic and heartbreaking story. Like Jimmy my wish for Thomas was always that he found some kind of happiness in the end but when I think back on my misplaced hope in hindsight that was never going to happen. Simply because someone like Thomas is not allowed to be happy in the world he lives in. So when he realised this and his last shred of hope vanished he saw only one way out of all his pain and suffering and anger. And to be honest I don’t blame him for it in the slightest. Maybe George could have been that little light in the darkness for him but it was never enough it will never be enough. And that makes me really really sad for him it truly does. Thomas Barrow is a brilliant character and will always be one of my favourite not just on Downton but in everything I just wish his story could have a happier ending but again in hindsight that was never possible no matter how much I wish it was.

First of four five Koopa trades! My half for “venomchimera888” on dA - instead of trading pre-existing designs we worked off of the same design prompt to come up with something fun. venom suggested Satan- / Hell-Bowser; how could I say ‘no’? Got a little too into it, it hardly looks like Bowser at all! Took some inspiration from Eliphas Levi’s rendition of Baphomet and Gustav Dore’s interpretation of Alighieri’s Lucifer.

Tried making this while using a slightly different method than ususal - hoping to up my working speed. One sitting.

weaknessforgallantry asked: “I think I love you.”


She very nearly chokes, fingers freezing around her mug of coffee as she considers the statement. It wasn’t like she was BOTHERED by it, she wasn’t – although, she hadn’t heard it in …. awhile. A few years, at least. Not like that. The last time anyone had said it like that, she’d been nineteen and very confused about the state of things. It’s different now, at least, in some ways. Although not any less confusing.

Definitely different than the half-committed steps they’d BEEN taking so far. And she feels a little bad, honestly, blinking at him owlishly from behind her mug as she tries to come up with something adequate to say. Because ‘do you really mean that?’ doesn’t seem right. And ‘I love you too’ seems like too much of a step, somehow. The kind of step you take when you’re comfortable missing one, and tumbling down a set of stairs with rough abandon.

Fuck, now she’s overthought it and she can’t tell if he’s KIDDING. He wouldn’t. Would he? Probably not. Eyebrows furrow as she debates for a moment, sucking a breath in and frowning at him from behind her cup. “ – does that mean we’re like …. actually in a legit relationship, or?”

He’s holding a bowl of pancake batter in one hand, ladle in the other. Behind him, the pan is heating on the stove. They haven’t discussed their feelings, or what they are to each other, or even if they’re exclusive even once during this whole… mess… and that was definitely a mistake because she looks completely floored and then very worried.

It had been hard to say, but he couldn’t take standing in her kitchen in his boxers making pancakes without saying it for even a second longer.

“If you want that,” Remy says, looking her over carefully. He can’t really tell – how she feels about it. If she wants that. She might not. “I mean, I ain’t saying it to push you into anyt’ing you don’t want, chere, I jus’ thought you should know.”

In The Dark
In The Dark

Here’s another song I wrote for the “Save Chloe” ending of Life is Strange. This time I tried something different in terms of music direction and focused on Max’s guilt.

I know something you don’t
Keeping it under so you stay afloat
Tidal waves threaten the mast
You pull on the ropes but its gone too fast
Where did your chances go
You can try harder but you’re sinking the boat
say goodbye to the ocean blue
You hold out your hand, but you’re losing her too

Choose the path less taken
to find your way
The secrets, the choices you’re making
Tossed into the fray
You little girl
You’re thrown to a world
Fed to the sharks
Who’s friend and who’s foe
no one really knows
When you’re in the dark

Bodies swept to the shore
Looking them over you’re crying ‘no more’
Tick tock, you’ve reach the end
Was it all worth it for the life of a friend
Can you hear all the sounds
From the ghosts of the people who can’t leave these grounds
Here now, the debt has been paid
Cleaning your hands from the mess that you made

Choose the path less taken
to find your way
The secrets, the choices you’re making
Tossed into the fray
You little girl
You’re thrown to a world
Fed to the sharks
Who’s friend and who’s foe
no one really knows
When you’re in the dark

Simon Snow ;; Carry On

slowly but surely i’m getting better at this whole… digital art thing… i think…

Camp Stilinski (Part 1)

Originally posted by lovemusiclifexx

Summary: Camps aren’t your fave, but your crush Stiles Stilinski was going on this one with you! Will this be your chance to finally get close to him? Find out in this two-part Teen Wolf imagine! 

You’ve always hated school camps; being forced to share an old cabin with people that you hate, the excruciatingly cold temperatures at night, and the inability to wash any of your clothes. This year, however, would be different. Your crush,  Stiles Stilinski, would be on this camp. Even though he probably doesn’t even know you exist., he’s still there, and it’s a great opportunity to get to know him better. Well, more like him getting to know you better,,, you’ve done your fair share of stalking. ;) 

Today was the day you and the other thirty kids in your class were heading off to camp. You first had to endure seven hours on a hot,and cramped bus,listening to drop kicks singing about different sounds on the bus, and informing you about just how many bottles of milk were still left on the wall. Ugh, here we go…. 

You took your seat on the bus (near the fun, rowdy people but not too close, and far away from the teachers to eat your family pack of M&Ms) and prepared yourself for whichever weirdo was about to sit next to you for seven hours straight. You put your earphones in and shut the world out, until you felt a sudden weight on the seat next to you. You opened your eyes, and to your extreme surprise (and delight) saw Stiles sitting next to you. 

“Hey, mind if I sit?”

“Oh, uh, not at all!” Wow, could you sound any more excited? You slapped yourself internally. 

About an hour went by and nothing much had happened. Stiles playfully stole some of your M&Ms, but that was about it. You were beginning to doze off. Every time you tried however, you began to get a mild concussion from the vibrations of he bus window. Stiles could obviously tell you were frustrated, and lay his hand next to yours, creating an almost comforting touch. You ended up falling asleep sitting completely upright. (or so you thought) 

You woke up and felt surprisingly comfortable. Where were you? You looked around without moving and saw nothing but the Stiles’ legs and hands, which were clutched around his phone. Oh. My. God, you’re on Stile. You feel his shoulder tense as he realises you’re awake.

“(y/n)?” Stiles said in a soft voice. “Are you awake?” 

You sat up pretending to be more tired than you were. Real smooth (y/n).

“Oh, you didn’t have to get up, I was just checking if you were awake.”

“Oh, yea, I am.” 

DUH! Of course you are! What are you? Miss “stating the obvious?” ‘Hi! I’m (y/n). I point out things that people could inevitably work out on their own!’ You yet again slapped yourself internally. Oh yea, crap you’re talking to Stiles.

“So, did you have a nice sleep?” Stiles is so cute OMG! 

“Oh, yea, sorry about that..” 

“Haha, don’t be. I’m glad my shoulder was put to good use!” You smirked.

“So, how far away are we?”

Stiles looked out the window. “Not too far. I can see the water so we must be close.” (The camp you were staying at was on the beach.)

Once you finally arrived, everyone grabbed their backpacks and began piling off the bus. Being the, well you, that you are, you couldn’t go one day without publicly humiliating yourself. As you were reaching for your bag in the overhead locker, you somehow managed to slip off the step and fall face first onto the hard metal corner of the aisle. The whole bus erupted with laughter and your face became a deep shade of crimson. Tears began to fill your eyes. 

“Oh my god (y/n)! Are you alright?!” Stiles knelt down on the floor next to you and put his arm around your waist. He helped you to your feet and sat you on the seat whilst letting everyone exit the bus.

“Are you ok?” Stiles sounded very worried.

“Yeah. I think I’m fine.” You stood up and attempted to reach your bag again before Stiles grabbed you from behind. 

“Why don’t you let me get that?” You smiled as he reached over you and retrieved your backpack. 

“Thanks Stiles.”

“Haha, no problem.”

As you stepped off the bus, you had a little slip walking down the stairs. By little, I mean you tumbled down the stairs and landed in Stiles’ arms. 

“Holy crap, (y/n)! You seriously need a full time body guard! Are you okay?” 

You began to laugh. “Yea, I’m fine. I’m so sorry”

“ Nah nah, all good, I don’t exactly mind a gorgeous girl constantly falling on me.” Stiles winked. Oh my gosh he’s so fricken cute. Your legs went numb and your stomach felt like you were at the top of a roller coaster, about to drop 20 metres and then do a loop-to-loop. 

You and Stiles walked walked and talked all the way to the cabins you were staying at, then sat down and waited to be allocated rooms. You listened to all but two cabins being called, as you and Stiles were sorted into them. Right.  Next. Door. EEEEK! As you walked over to your room, you noticed Stiles was staring at you. You smiled and looked down at the ground. When you reached your cabin, you shotgunned a room, alone (yay!), and unpacked your things. After all, this was a seven day camp, so you may as well get comfortable. There were three rooms in your cabin, plus a lounge, dining table, kitchen and bathroom. In room one, there were two bunk beds. In room two there was a bunk bed with a single on the top and a queen on the bottom. Room three (your room) was relatively secluded and had one queen bed. Anyways, you walked out into the kitchen and grabbed some cookies from the cupboard. You weren’t too sure who brought them, but you knew you were STARVING after that bus ride. At that moment, you heard a loud crash coming from your room. As you ran into your room to see what the fuss was about, the door slammed closed behind you and a strong pair of arms surrounded your waist….

HEYYYY! Sorry this one was rather long, (it’s not over yet btw) but I’m going to post part two on Tuesday so make sure to check that one out! I hope you liked this one! Tried something a little different to the usual. Oh also, WOOHOO first Teen Wolf post!! Don’t forget, requests are open, so feel free to message us any time with things you want us to write about! Have a great night! 



Jhené Aiko sat down with Into The Gloss

“I just did a DNA kit from, and basically, I’m pretty mixed-up. My mom is half-Japanese, but her mother is mixed [race], too. And my dad—both of his parents are mixed. So we found out that it’s, at least with my DNA, I’m 28% Asian, 33% African, and 34% European. But it’s a little different for each of my siblings. No one in my family, my cousins or anything, really look the same. My grandmother was Japanese and my mom told us that she would wash her face with rice water, and something in the rice water helped her skin stay young. I haven’t tried it yet, but I always think of that. And my dad has a lot of Native American blood, supposedly, so he uses a lot of oils. His skin is very moisturized all the time. He’s in his 70s and everyone thinks he’s in his 40s or 50s. So I think your background can really affect what you use on your body.

Honestly, I only got serious about skincare about three years ago. Before that, the cycle would be, I’d have a pimple and I’d need to get rid of it now. So I would just pick at it and then put toothpaste on it and do stuff like that. I thought I was serious about it because I wanted it to be off of my face. But then I started realizing it’s a process—you have to be disciplined with washing your face every night and day, and you have to eat right. Having to take pictures and stuff like that reminds you how important it is to be consistent. I wouldn’t get serious about being consistent until like two days before I had to do a photoshoot or something, and my skin would not look great. But that’s not how it works! You’ve been going to sleep with makeup on all week, doing stuff like that, and now you expect to put on a mask and the next day you’re going to look flawless…? Like, no. So I’ve been learning that I have to actually care about my skincare.

So, my skin is combination, and it really always depends on what my diet is and if I’m travelling a lot or if I’m getting enough sleep. So I literally have two drawers full of things that I go back and forth with. Circ-Cell ABO Face Rejuvenation Serum is something that was introduced to me by an esthetician in New York—I’ve really noticed it improving my skin. It supposedly—and I believe them—has more oxygen than human blood. I use that after I wash my face with a SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel with the Clarisonic and tone with the SkinCeuticals LHA Solution. Sometimes I’ll layer on Rodial Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum that really does lift. I also just got a NuFace that sends microcurrents into the skin—it works! I get my facials at Equinox with the stronger version, but this one you can slightly feel, too. So you run it along your jaw, under your eye, and then your forehead.

In the morning, I use Rodial Glamtox Cleansing Balm. At first I was using this cleanser with the Clarisonic too, but then my aesthetician told me that for the daytime, you don’t want to stimulate your skin too much because it’s going to react to all the stuff you do in a day. So I wash without it, tone, and then I do this Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Gel, which keeps you matte, since I can get, like, real oily in the sun. And then once a week, I use the Eminence Organics Eight Greens Phyto Masque and Stone Crop Masque. And this is really good for hormonal breakouts. When I’m PMS-ing, I do this mask.

My mom went to Hawaii for college, all four years. And she would always tell us about her sunspots. She’s like, ‘This is what happens when you lay out in the sun and try to get brown.’ And I didn’t listen for a long time, because I was a kid, and I was like, what do you know, Mom, who’s lived 30 years longer than me…? But as I got older, I started realizing that my skin was drying out, because as a teenager I would put tanning oil on and lay out for hours, and in LA especially, that’s what you do in the summertime! So once I started seeing the signs of premature aging, I was like, oh, okay. I still like the nice little tan glow, but I definitely can tell once I’ve gotten past the point of burning—it’s like, this doesn’t feel good now. That stuck with me, because she did warn us.

I don’t go out a lot, but when I do go out, I love makeup—my own makeup. And I want to make sure I have all the tools I need. I’m always asking makeup artists I work with, ‘What kind of brush is that? What kind of lipstick is that?’ The first time I went on tour, I was 14 years old. I couldn’t take a makeup artist with me, so I sat down with the makeup artist I had been seeing, and she showed me step-by-step-by-step the basics of makeup. My sister also had Kevyn Aucoin’s book and I would study the art of it. Now, I’m very picky about my makeup because I’ve been doing it myself for so long.

My eyebrows have always been really thick, and in the ‘90s, my sisters would dye theirs a lighter brown and make them pencil thin. And I just remember trying to do that myself. I had a unibrow, so I took a razor and shaved a little in elementary school. Now I wish I had those full eyebrows so I didn’t have to fill them in here and there. My daughter has beautiful eyebrows—they’re just like mine when I was younger. Thick. And I always tell her, don’t touch them! I have to use my Anastasia Brow Wiz because I used to overpluck, so I have spaces where it just doesn’t grow anymore. So I’ll just look crazy if I don’t fill in those spots. I literally have like three of these Brow Wiz’ on me at any given time.

Every morning, I put on the Eminence Organics Sun Defense Minerals in Calendula Spice. I’ll use Peaches and Cream depending on if it’s summer or winter, or I’ll mix them sometimes. It evens out your skin tone and it protects you from the sun, and that’s pretty much what I need every day. For lips, I like just a regular balm. Right now I have a Burt’s Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm. So it has like a slight color, but for the most part, I don’t like a lot of gloss. I like to put mascara just on the corner to give my eyes a wing sort of effect. My bottom lashes are as long as my top lashes, so I can’t put a lot on or it’ll just look like spiders. But I do like mascara and I learned how to apply it awhile ago…One time I got my makeup done, and the makeup artist layered on so much mascara that it looked like I had on false eyelashes.

If I’m really doing my makeup, I’ll use Nars Sheer Glow Foundation—it feels like lotion on your face, but it gives really good coverage. I don’t use too much—it’s sheer anyway—because I like my skin to breathe. Then I like to use the Laura Mercier Contour Kit. It comes with little cards that tell you where to use each section, but I don’t really need them anymore. I like it personally for me, because it matches my skin tone really well. And it’s got a light consistency, too. I feel like a lot of the time people use really thick things to do contour but this is very, very light. Also, Kevyn Aucoin’s concealer! I just have a tester of it, because one day I was in Barneys, and I was like, "This looks like it would be really good and really creamy!” And they gave me a really big sample, and it’s lasted me for a long time. That’s what I use at a photoshoot—it’s too glamorous for every day.

I also really like the OCC line because it’s all vegan. A couple years ago, I went vegan for six months because I hadn’t been feeling well and ended up in the hospital. Changing my diet like that made me feel like I had so much more energy. But it’s a lot of work to live like that. At one point, I was going to a place that’s really far from my house to get all-vegan everything. One day I went and got everything I would need—makeup, all of that, and then when I ran out, I thought, am I going to really do this every month? My goal is to totally be completely vegan and only use vegan products, but I’m human and I have to work on it daily.

When I’m traveling, I like the bath because at the end of the day I want to come to the hotel room and soak. Also I’m usually doing interviews and photoshoots all day so I like to get my makeup done and then sit in the bath and still have that glow before I take it off. Especially if I have my hair styled, I don’t want to put a shower cap over it or get it wet. But when I’m home, I like to take showers. Especially since my daughter likes taking baths, she’s usually hogging up the bath anyway. I love all of Dr. Bronner’s soaps, but the lavender is my favorite one. Sometimes I even wash my face with that when I’m in the shower. I’ll just like do a tiny bit in my hands and then rinse off whatever happened when I was asleep, sweat or whatever. And then I use Nutiva Coconut Oil all over my body. But you have to be careful that you don’t put on your clothes right away because you will have coconut streaks all on your clothes. I tell myself that all the time, but I always am impatient and I put on leggings and then there’s coconut everywhere. But I really like how it treats my skin, and there’s a slight scent, but it’s good.

I am in the natural days of my life right now. My hair’s naturally very curly, but sometimes I like it slicked back. I don’t have to do anything but just take a brush to it to get a look like this. I’ve been going between curly, and French braids, and then slick with a bun. But for each of those styles, I don’t have to put heat on my hair. And the real goal is to not even have to brush my hair because it does something weird to my curl pattern. The DevaCurl line is what I’ve been using. The No-Poo is sulfate-free and it doesn’t suds up, so it helps you keep your natural oils and your curls really nice. And it’s something that I use even if I’m not going to wear my hair out and curly. And then the DevaCurl SuperCream is what I use when I’m wearing my hair out and curly—I comb that through wet hair with my fingers to hold all the curls together and help with frizz and humidity.

The Nature’s Answer Sambucus Black Elderberry Extract Spray is something I found while I was on tour and now I use it daily. It’s just good for your immune system—you spray it directly into the back of your throat, which is good for me because I’m a singer. And then I love Tom’s deodorant and toothpaste. The toothpaste is fluoride-free, and the deodorant is aluminum-free. Those things are bad for you! So I like Tom’s.

When I go out, I like Chanel Coco because I really like how it smells when it wears off. I’ll spray a jacket with it and the next day, it smells perfect. Then there’s this little gem called Essential Faith. I only know two places that have it. One is on Abbot Kinney near Venice Beach. And it’s such a subtle thing that mixes well with any type of actual perfume. It’s one of those scents that will mix with my smell and I’ll get a whiff of it that’s just the best. Because you know, sometimes you can get a perfume that you thought smelled good…but when you wear it, it’s different. My friend and I bought the same perfume once—we were in the store like, “This smells good, let’s both get a bottle!” And it smells so much better on her. On me it just smelled like an old lady. I had to give her my new bottle! It was clearly her fragrance.“

—as told to ITG

Lifeline ; Chapter One

A new chapter series is starting… What in the world am I doing…. But, without further adieu, here is the very first chapter of ‘Lifeline’! When BTS meets a Doctorly AU……

One |


Bright lights, being shaken around, and feeling the inability to move wasn’t the best way to wake up. Your eyes were now squinted thanks to the all too bright lighting of wherever the hell you were, a small pounding in the back of your head. Were you hungover? God, no. Even being hungover wouldn’t leave you in this amount of pain.

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Boyfriend Material

anonymous prompted: CC prompt? “Hey you, what are these clothes made of?” “What?” “Boyfriend material.” CrissColfer Alternative Meeting AU. 3.8K [AO3]

Darren throws back the dregs of his scotch on the rocks in one gulp before sidling up to the bar to order another double. He needs at least one more fortifying dose of alcohol for courage before he has the balls to go through with his plan.

Darren’s usually not reliant for alcohol when it comes to social lubrication. As Joey, Lauren, and all his college friends love pointing out to him, he’s basically missing the shame gene, especially when it comes to approaching cute guys in bars. You name a cheesy pick up line or clumsy introduction technique, Darren’s tried it at least once. (Yes, even the Naked Man. Don’t ask.)

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Hi guys! So I had the Idea for this yesterday when I saw this video and I added a prompt suggestion on it..but I don’t think any one did it so i took a crack at it myself.. this kind of seductive sexy stuff is not my forte so I hope its okay..and i’m definitely open to suggestions to add or change it for it to be perfect..let me know what you think :) Set in 2013 because of the song

also I shortened the song a bit


Open Mic Night

It was open mic night again at the pub, which usually consists of horrible top 40 covers, but everyone went because Archie really enjoyed it. Although, he decided to sit out tonight because he just wanted to watch. The gang was in full swing as usual, sweetly bickering back and forth over something stupid Chop said Rae replying with a witty remark. Everyone was in their usual mood, except Finn. He wasn’t talking as much, normally no one would really notice because he doesn’t talk all that much anyway, but tonight was unusual; he sat there slowly sipping his pint and chewing on his nails.

The way he walked into the pub though people would have thought he was on a mission, he came strutting into the pub, wearing dark gray fitted jeans, a black shirt with three buttons undone at the top, his hands stuffed in his leather jacket and black boots, when Rae saw him she sputtered the beer she had been sipping on, luckily she still had the glass to her lips or someone might have heard her whisper “jesus”.

Finn sat down next to Rae and was greeted by the rest of the gang, Rae tried her best not to stare too much at him for fear of giving herself away, she was always aroused by him but tonight was something different, that tingling feeling she normally gets was radiating through her entire body and it took everything in her will power not to place her hand in the one place she had been aching to touch since they started their secret mode of communication.

Chop had distracted her long enough for her to calm down a little bit, but her heart was still racing, pure lust running through her veins. Finn had excused himself to the bathroom and Rae let out a hard breath, that boy would be the fucking death of her, she picked up a beer mat and fanned herself a little.

“Bit hot Raemundo?” Chop said smirking at her

“Ya, shouldn’t have worn my long sleeve” she answered not daring to look Chop in the eye

She was hot alright but it wasn’t because of clothing, well not her clothing at least.

It had been a few minutes and Finn still hadn’t returned, Chloe had then leaned forward across the table to whisper to Rae, as the others were unfortunately engaged in listening to Archie ramble.

“hey, Rae what’s wrong”? Chloe asked furrowing her eyebrows

Rae smiled thinking about Finn

“can you believe Finn, how he’s dressed tonight?” Chloe smiled raising her eyebrows

“ya I know I’m going to need a fucking bib soon” Rae said laughing awkwardly

“I wonder wh..” Chloe stopped talking

She looked at Rae, Rae’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped

Chloe turned to see what she was staring at, it was Finn.

Rae would never know what Chloe was about to say all her thoughts were lost when she saw Finn take the stage with his guitar.

Rae looked around the pub and she was sure all the girls had knickers just as damp as hers right now. Finn was tuning his guitar and readjusted his stool, all while biting his lush lower lip, he then looked up at Rae, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, Finn had went from being quiet all night to confident sexy rock god in what seemed like 2 seconds flat.

He looked up at the crowd through his lashes and smiled shyly knowing full well what he was doing to all the girls, that sexy smug bastard; only his eyes were locked on Rae.

He started to strum his guitar and smirked once more and winked at Rae before he began to sing. Rae swallowed thickly as her eyes bore into Finn.

Have you got color in your cheeks’
Do you ever get the feeling that you can’t shift the tide
That sticks around like something’s in your teeth

Finn eyes were on Rae, his hold on her so strong that she was sure this is what eye fucking was, chills went up and down her spine heat pooling in her stomach as she watched him lick his lips.

And some aces up your sleeve
I had no idea that you’re in deep
I dreamt about you near me every night this week
How many secrets can you keep’
‘Cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow
When I play it on repeat
Until I fall asleep
Spilling drinks on my on my settee

He was staring so intently at Rae she was sure she was about to cum right then and there, the way his mouth moved, his lips so close to the mic brushing against it ever so lightly, she could only dream of what those lips would feel like pressed against her aching body. The way his foot tapped in time, her heart was racing, she could hear the beat pounding in her ears, as she drank him in. 

Do I wanna know?
If this feeling flows both ways
Sad to see you go
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay
Baby we both know
That the nights were mainly made for saying
things that you can’t say tomorrow day

Rae was sure the air grew thicker and hotter around her, she was becoming increasingly flustered, there was no hiding it, her and Finn yet to break eye contact, his eyes intensifying with lust while he sang seductively into the mic, his voice low yet soft, smirking sexily at her.

Crawlin’ back to you.

Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?
‘Cause I always do
Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through

Crawling back to you

So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart’s still open and
if so I wanna know what time it shuts
Simmer down and pucker up
I’m sorry to interrupt it’s just I’m constantly
on the cusp of trying to kiss you
I don’t know if you feel the same as I do
But we could be together, if you wanted to

That was it, all it took, next stop gushington central, she let out a stuttered moan unbelieving of what Finn was singing. She tried to contain herself as much as she could but she began to squirm and shift in her seat, Finn and his damn sexiness, making her all hot and bothered. 

Do I wanna know?
If this feeling flows both ways
Sad to see you go
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay
Baby we both know
That the nights were mainly made for saying
things that you can’t say tomorrow day

Crawling back to you

Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?
‘Cause I always do cause I always do
Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through

Crawling back to you,

At the last strum of his guitar, Rae had been successfully eye fucked by Finn. She excused herself to the bathroom before Finn had left the stage. She was in the bathroom splashing cold water on her face, dampening a cloth to hold to the back of her neck. If thats what being eye fucked was she could only imagine what being with Finn would really be like, but was he really singing to her or had she made it all up in her head. She stood there for a few more moments collecting herself before heading back.

As she made her way out of the bathroom she saw Finn being patted on the back and talking to the gang, she leaned against to wall and figured best to take a few more seconds; she was looking down at her feet taking in deep breaths.

“Rae..are you okay” it was Finn

She did her best to collect herself “never better..” she said smiled shyly looking up at Finn

He smirked at her his eyes turning dark with desire; he took a step closer to Rae, resting his right hand on her shoulder a moment before slowly caressing it down her arm interlocking their fingers. He put his left hand on the wall behind Rae and leaned in close to her; Rae shuddering with pleasure at the feel of him being so close.

He whispered “that song was about you Rae..”

Rae let out a small gasp as his lips brushed the rim of her ear as he spoke

“I need you Rae..I’ve liked you for so long.. I want you so badly..I can’t think straight” he whispered his lips so close to her ear she was sure she felt his tongue, he then moved slowly down to her neck dragging his lips painfully light across her soft skin.

Rae squeezed their interlocked hands and she could feel Finn smile into her, he moved and softly kissed her forehead, then slowly drug his lips down her face teasing her, until finally pressing his lips against hers. Rae found herself running her tongue along Finns lips he happily parted them, their tongues slowly yet eagerly massaging against one another.

Rae ran her free hand slowly up the front of his chest before sliding her hand under his shirt and around his waist coming in contact with his warm rock hard body; she could feel Finn smile into their kiss as he brought down the hand that was supporting him, and moved it excruciatingly slow up and down Rae’s side before moving it to her lower back pushing them closer together.

Rae letting out a small moan and Finn reciprocating, after what felt like an eternity the two parted panting, resting against each other’s foreheads smiling shyly at each other. Finn kissed Rae on the top of the nose and she smiled scrunching up her face at him, and he let out a small chuckle.

Rae broke the silence “so what now?” she whispered

Finn smiled and pecked her on the lips “how about we get out of here” he said gazing into her eyes. Rae shook her head yes and pecked Finn once more before he pulled her toward the back entrance, the two giggling as they snuck away.


song: Do I wanna know by the Arctic Monkeys

NEWT - Mine

Requests :

hi! can you write an imagine where newt and y/n have been together for a while and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her so he proposes… p.s all fluff, no smut pls

hi can you please write a newt imagine where him and y/n have been dating for three months and he wants to do something special for her and all the gladers help him to prepare. No smut though, just fluff. thankyou xx

(So, I thought these two requests worked very well with each other and I decided two kill two birds with stone, metaphorically. I hope this is alright!) 


“Teresa, Teresa!” Newt huffed, running to Teresa who was at the Gardens. “Did you get the flowers ready?”

“Yes, I’ve got them ready,” Teresa smiled. “You need to calm down! It’s all gonna turn out fine, trust me.”

“Okay, alright,” Newt agreed, but panicking again no less than two seconds later.

“Oh, right! Hold on, I need to check if Alby’s got the candles!” Newt ran off mid-sentence and Teresa could only stand there and shake her head.

“Alby! Were you able to get the candles?” Newt asked as Alby was packing supplies away in the Homestead.

“They’re right there, Newt,” Alby directed Newt’s gaze to a small box placed below Newt’s hammock. Seeing the box, Newt heaved a sigh of relief and then smiled to himself as visions of how he wanted tonight to be like flooded his head,

“Newt, man, lemme just tell ‘ya somethin’,” Alby began. “Everything’s going to be just fine, you need to breathe.”

“I know, it’s just that I want this to be- wait, does Minho know what time he’s supposed to bring her back? What if he brings her back from the maze too early and we’re not ready? What if-“

“Newt!” Alby snapped, then chuckled. “Minho knows, alright? Minho never forgets.”

“Yes, right,” Newt brought a hand up to his chin, stroking it in deep thought. “Hmm, what else do I need to check..”

“Nothing more, Newt. Nothing more. Gally’s got the firewood, Thomas and Teresa’s got the flowers and the flower petals and I’ve already asked Chuck to help trim the grass at where you had originally asked,” Alby explained.

“That does seem to about everything,” Newt replied.

“It is everything. And it’s still long before dark, we’ve got plenty of time. Now calm down, go and clean up, this is what you’ve been waiting for,” Alby smiled then patted Newt’s back as he left the Homestead to give Newt some time alone to think.

He sat on his hammock and started gently rocking it while keeping his feet on the ground. Newt started looking back – to the day when you first arrived, to the night when you fell asleep in his arms and his world made sense for the first time, when you’d hug or kiss him out of the blue, how you were always the best part of his day, the way it’s you whom he sees the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, the sleepless nights that you’d spent looking at the stars to playing outside whenever it stormed.

Everything. He smiled at how proud he was for having memorized you better than the back of his hand. There was no other perfect time to do it other than tonight. He reached for the pocket on the strap across his chest and opened it, grinning at the feeling of the cold metal greeting his fingers and relieved that it was still in there.


“Hey guys, the runners are back!” Chuck yelled, standing near the maze doors which was about to close any minute.

“Hiya, Chuck,” you panted as you slowed down to a jog and ruffled his curly locks, making him grin.

“Hey, (Y/N), you can go ahead and hit the showers first,” Minho smiled.

“Woah, now that is new,” you laughed. Minho usually argued with you that he should hit the showers first and you let him win most of the time because you had no strength to argue back. Sometimes it was even an automatic thing – he’d hit the showers, you would go see Newt who would usually be waiting by the maze doors.

That reminded you of something. Newt wasn’t by the maze doors tonight. You shook the feeling off, telling yourself that he was probably just helping out with dinner. You turned to look at the fire and in the fading light of the day, wisps of smoke were gently billowing from the firewood, making you wonder why the fire looked like it had only just been extinguished.

“(Y/N),” Minho’s voice interrupted your thoughts. “I said you could go hit the showers first.”

“Right, sorry, was thinking,” you replied.

You looked around The Glade. The place seemed awfully quiet and it was making you feel uneasy. Usually, dinner would only be starting now and Gladers would usually be tumultuously loud as they waited for food. But there was none of that tonight, you thought. Had something happened? The Glade usually had a strict timings and schedules but the difference in that tonight was making your stomach lurch.

You made your way to the Homestead to grab a towel and the clothes that you would be changing into. There was no one in there too. Totally empty. You were getting very suspicious but tried to think nothing more of it, half-heartedly convincing yourself that everyone else was just busy with their own business.

Glancing around and seeing very little activity and almost no noise, you made your way to the showers. You couldn’t deny that you were nervous. Very nervous in fact. Your senses were heightened and you were just about ready to take someone’s ass down if anyone ever decides to attack you.

You took a shower and changed into a light pink long-sleeved top with old and worn-out jeans. You left the showers after putting your shoes back on and cradling your dirty clothes in one hand, you tried to untangle your hair with the other.

You turned the corner so you could go back to the Homestead then grab some dinner. You stopped in your tracks when you saw a small candle on the ground, stepping back. “What on earth,” you whispered. You looked just a little ahead and another candle was lit and on the ground, just about ten steps from where you stood. Then you caught glimpse of another candle and another candle and you didn’t realize yourself following the trail. You were curious and a little afraid at the silence and the glow of the candles as the sky had completely darkened. But in the back of your mind, you couldn’t help but feel in your guts that this was for you and someone very, very special was behind all of it.

You looked up and an overwhelming glow filled your eyes. In the middle of the Glade, was more candles, in the shape of a heart and you continued walking towards it. This was the only light that filled the Glade and the usual torches around the huts and the towers were extinguished.  A small fire burned in the middle of it and with your vision slightly improved, you saw no grass on the ground inside the heart outline. You saw red, yellow, pink and white petals of different shapes. You stood frozen just a few steps away.

What perhaps was the best part and what confirmed your suspicions was Newt, standing right next to the fire, holding flowers with its stalks tied together with twine. He caught your eye and smiled, the orange glow of the candles and the fire making him look so ethereal. You ran and jumped into his arms as your heart leapt out of your chest.

“What do you think?” he grinned, pulling you close by your waist as he handed you the flowers.

“Newt, I-I don’t know what to say,” you stammered, tears beginning to fill your eyes.

“I do,” Newt smiled.

He cupped your cheeks with his hands and took a deep breath.

“(Y/N),” he began. “Darling, I love you. I love you so bloody much. When you arrived, you brought meaning back into my life when I thought I’d lost all hope of being happy. You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me, (Y/N). In your eyes, I see stars and in your every being I see the universe. And I..”

“Yeah?” you whispered, crying by now and you melted at the touch of Newt’s thumb swiping your tears away.

“Be mine. Truly mine for the rest of the time in this world we’ll live in,” he whispered as he leaned his forehead against yours.

He fished out a clean metal ring with yours and his initials engraved on it. You smiled and held out your hand for him to slip it on. It was a perfect fit.

“Where did you get this?” you asked as you held out your hand, admiring it in the glow of the light.

“I made it,” he smiled. “The builders helped. Do you like it?”

“I love it,” you breathed as you crushed yourself into his chest and wrapped your arms around his neck. Newt held your waist and lifted you off the ground.

“Newt, thank you,” you sighed, your voice muffled.

Your heart was bursting and you were flying.

“So I take it the answer is a yes?” Newt cheekily asked, pulling away.

“With all my heart, it’s a yes.”

His lips, curved into a smile, came crashing down on yours, desperate yet gentle and you kissed back.

All of a sudden, the torches in the hut and towers were lit up and you saw a glimpse of the runners with torches.

“HE DID IT!” Chuck’s voice exclaimed.

Gladers came pouring out from the med jacks’ huts, from the Slammers, from behind bushes and trees. The tumultuous cheering made you laugh and you leaned in to place another soft kiss on Newt’s lips who was beaming, and in return he kissed your forehead.

“Are we invited to the wedding?” Winston yelled over the sound of laughing and merriment.

“Do I have a choice?” Newt joked, earning laughs and louder cheers from everyone. 

You were ready to do this, absolutely ready.