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Stiles x Lydia / Stiles x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Reader has a panic attack, mentions of Stiles helping reader with nightmares, sad Stilinski sibling fluff, Mentions of Void Stiles talking to the reader, super sad and angsty

Part Two

“Hey sorry, my sister said she was sleeping over here and she forgot her pillow.” Stiles said as your friends mother answered the door.

“No they’re staying at Lydia Martin’s.” She frowned at Stiles who nodded slowly.


“Sorry I must have got mixed up, studying for exams and stuff so brains kind of muddled.” Stiles rambled.

“Oh it’s fine and tell your father I said hello.” She waved as he made his way down to the road and lent on the Jeep, dialling Lydia’s number.


“Hey Stiles what’s up?” Lydia hummed, he could hear the faint tapping of her laptop in the background.


“(Y/N)’s not at yours?” He asked nervously.


“No why?” Lydia paused. “She’s at a sleep over isn’t she?”


“Apparently not.” Stiles ran a nervous hand through his hair. “I have to go find her.”

“Well let me know what happens.” Lydia muttered.

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Comprehensive List Of Head Canons Proving Mat and Craig Should Also Be Your OTP:

- Carmensita wants to join soft ball because all the other girls are in it but another girl at school keeps bullying her about being artsy not sporty and saying she wouldn’t be able to do it. When Mat finds out he gets Craig to teach him all the rules of the game to prove that you don’t need to be sporty to know the game. Briar and Hazel become her personal defense squad. She makes them special bracelets. Craig let’s her design the new team logo. Mat bakes the team banana bread and soft ball themed cookies. They’re both really proud of how much confidence they’ve given her. Mat becomes a regular volunteer and chaperone for the soft ball team. Craig’s real glad to have a friendly face around to help spread out the flirting from the moms and gossip about them behind their back with.
- One evening when C is at a sleepover with Daisy and Mat is alone in the house all night he has a really hard time sleeping because he can’t stop thinking of his late wife. He ends up awake at a god awful hour and decides to go for a walk to clear his head before C gets home. He happens across Craig in the park doing full coreo to baby one more time. He is absolutely MORTIFIED because it’s 5:26am and no one else is supposed to be here and Mat can’t stop laughing while Craig goes beet red and tries to explain how he, Smashley, and MC learned the coreo for a thing at collage and he wanted to see if he could still do it and oh god why are you still laughing this is the most embarrassing day of my life. Mat finally calms down from laughing, pulls out his phone and breaks out the full coreo to Everybody. He can’t believe he actually just did that and they both swear to take this to their grave. He managed to laugh and forget about his grief for awhile though and so it’s worth it.
- They end up just sitting in the park and talking for hours because it’s 5:30, bro. what’s happening for you to be out of bed? You okay dude? They talk about his wife and Craig’s divorce and how they’re worried about their daughters and how much they admire the other as a parent and they talk so long Mat loses track of time and is late to pick up Carmensita. Craig heads back with him because Brian’s and Mat’s houses are just before his and he should probably be getting home to do some house work. They message each other later on dadbook saying how nice it was to just sit and talk and how they didn’t really realize how much they both needed it until now.
- Amanda sneaks embarrassing pictures of her father’s past to a BBQ to share with his LI and Mat sees this and tries to slyly snoop until the LI points out that Craig are in some of these and Mat’s like “alright now I’ve gotta see this up close”. Amanda is more than happy to share them with everyone interested. This is how Mat finds out that Craig was ALSO in that Ska band. There is absolutely no way Mat is letting either of them forget this now.
- Craig insists that Mat needs a diet that consists of more than coffee and insists upon making him a meal plan. (“Bro! Think of Carmensita!”) Mat agrees on the terms that he lets him make a jogging playlist of his favourite under appreciated music so that there’s someone else to push it on.
- He actually gets really into one of the bands and they come to the city just outside of town. MC insists that the both of them never take days off and they need to go see this band that neither of them shut up about, if for no one else’s sake the sake of all the rest of them who will never hear the end of it if they miss it.
- They plan on going and coming back the same night but the car breaks down and they get stuck. At first they’re both freaking out but Smashley’s got the girls and Carmensita’s having fun experimenting with some of Amanda’s old art equipment and they’re both still really jazzed about the show so they agree to figure it out in the morning and rent a cheap room in some seedy motel and enjoy their well needed break.
- That’s the night that Mat finds out about the shitty matching Garfield the Cat tattoos Craig and MC got one night when they were drunk in collage and talking about how they wished the weekend would never end. Mat admits to the fact that his sleeve tattoo miiigghhttt have started as a cover up of a shitty tattoo his friend gave him in high school.
- They may or may not get a little drunk and make out a little.
- Carmensita makes her dad a sort of scrap book picture story college of their lives together leading up to letting him know that if he’s ready to move on and start dating she’d be happy to see him happy.
- The whole page devoted to the fun they’ve had with the Cahn’s is not so subtle.
- Briar and Hazel have been calling him “dad’s boyfriend” for almost a month at this point.
- The girls keep coming up with ways to drive Craig to he coffee shop and Carmensita starts making excuses to get Mat to stay to practice.
- The girls are not at all subtle and not attempting to be subtle and so Mat and Craig become the next biggest will they won’t they on the cul-de-sac.
- Of course they do.

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Wow, what you're doing is being a complete ass. If you take off ever facial feature except for eyes, nose and mouth out of every anime character, NO, EVERY HUMAN, even then you wouldn't know the difference. Stop being an idiotic close minded person and think of HOW much he draws and how often he does it. Compare it to other anime, then let's talk.

If you take off every facial feature except for eyes, nose and mouth out of every anime character, NO, EVERY HUMAN, even then you wouldn’t know the difference.”

Oh hey, what’s this? An easily obtained handful of Oda’s awesome women who are very easily identifiable by nothing but their eyes, noses, and mouths.

But Take a look at Oda’s male cast, take a look at his female cast, and then tell me that he draws men with the same faces all the time, just like he does with so many of the women.

Some of Oda’s men do have similar faces—Luffy, Coby, Dellinger, and Sabo all have fairly similar faces. Zoro, Kohza, Shanks, and Smoker have fairly similar faces as well. BUT they are still easily distinguished by things like their different face scars. That’s one of the biggest differences between Oda’s character designs for men vs. women. Oda’s men get face tattoos, they get face scars (over 25 of Oda’s men have facial scars, while only 1 woman (Cindry the zombie) does), and they get crazy eyes, they get facial hair, they get weird noses and unique eyebrows and more. Even Oda’s most similar male characters still have things that make their faces distinct and unique.

The problem has never been that Oda draws EVERY woman the same. Oda has created a number of diverse and awesome women. The problem is that when he wants girls to be “pretty,” they wind up mostly looking like Nami with different hair, with no real facial differences between them than things like slightly puffier lips, or eyelashes on their bottom eyelids.


In my collage of the women’s faces in OP, I did go out of my way to choose only women who looked alike—but it wasn’t very hard to do, seeing as there were so many to choose from. Some people criticized it on the grounds that I avoided women like the ones pictured above, the ones with unique faces, but that was the entire point of the collage—to show the unreasonable number of women Oda’s made that are barely distinguishable from each other.

But the men’s collage had a different purpose; it’s meant to illustrate the numerous ways that Oda has to make his characters unique, everything from crazy eyes to hooked noses to broken noses to pointed teeth and more, including the massive range of different eyes that Oda makes for his male characters. I had to go out of my way to find men with similar faces, and then I had to go an extra mile to erase their scars and facial hair and tattoos, all things that help make Oda’s male characters unique, even when they do have more similar, more “normal” (and usually regarded as hotter) faces, such as Zoro’s, Smoker’s, and Shanks’. Hell, I even had to erase Ace’s freckles. Oda’s women don’t get to have cool scars or face tattoos, so that’s not a thing I had to worry about with their collage.

There are a huge variety of ways that Oda’s men are distinguished from each other, and no two are alike, yet for so many of the women the only thing that separates them is a different haircut. A lot of people don’t care about this sort of this, but it matters to me and other people too.

(And if you still want to tell me that I’m making a point about nothing here, please read my preemptive rebuttal here before gunning for me.)

Hey Guys

i decided I didnt feel like waiting so I went ahead to my other computer and posted the pics here. I had a great time at Momocon 2012 I look forward to future cons I decided I need to start living my life and not be dragged down by a simple word called life. I was MIA for a while because I wanted to make something GREAT for the most awesome person in the world Rob Paulsen. So that took up my time and of course the convention itself did too. Needless to say I had a great time I enjoyed spending it with all my friends especially @mimi-monday she did some real work for me even though her time there wasnt fulfilled she still said she enjoyed herself even though she was pissed about 80% of the time which I cant blame her on. But all in I had a BLAST I mean the only reason I came was for Rob himself and he was just so thrilled. I love that man I swear. Now I’m going to start getting back into the swing of things Bound Secrets will continue starting on saturday and if anything this convention made me more inspired be prepared all of you!!!!

I worked so hard on this….he loved it <3 (the ONLY one who drew him a picture)

How to get into Japanese shoegaze

Start with Paint in Watercolour’s “Velocity” and just move on to any of these other albums. Seriously, just throw a dart at the board. I’ll list my favorite track from the albums in parentheses

  • Clams - Clams (P-NUT BUTTER IRONY). Probably one of the coolest songs recorded within the last 20 or so years
  • Sugar Plant - Trance Mellow (Impure). I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys before
  • Cruyff in the Bedroom - Ukiyogunjou (Ukiyogunjou). The best
  • Cosmicdust - Snow Noise Assemblage (Sunday)
  • Coaltar of the Deepers - Robot EP (My Speedy Salah)
  • Kinoko Teikoku - either Eureka (National Highway Slope) or Long Goodbye EP (Paranoid Parade)
  • Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - Zero Comma, Iro Toridori no Sekai (Zero Comma, Iro Toridori no Sekai). One of my all time favorite opening tracks
  • My Dead Girlfriend - Ixtab (12gatsu, Poolside, Ukabu Shita). Tbh this entire album is a 10
  • Dive - Freeze Frame EP (listen to the whole fucking thing)
  • Nanocycle - Something Burning (Elliott Carnival). This is another one of my favorites. Don’t let the lame album art turn you off
  • Hartfield - True Color, True Lie (Girl Like You). If you just got out of a relationship, you’re welcome. Great dream pop that transcends the language barrier. I think this one’ll speak to any materialization of melancholy
  • Plastic Girl in Closet - Cocoro (Collage Flowers). Good god damn. I’d honestly tell you to save this one for last. This album is so refined. It’s pretty much perfect
  • Plastic Tree - Ammonite (either Thirteenth Friday or Duet). I think this album is pretty polarizing and tries a lot of different things. I really like it but I could understand the B-side being pretty uncomfortable
  • The Pillows - Fool on the Planet (the whole damn thing. If I had to pick two for this list, it’d be either Swanky Street or Carnival). I have a hard time calling this shoegaze even though they toy with a shit ton of fuzz and reverb. Regardless, this is one of Japan’s most important records IMO and you should probably listen to it if you haven’t already. PSA: you might recognize some of the tracks from Fooly Cooly. Shoutout to Kazuya Tsurumaki
  • Burrrn - Blaze Down His Way Like the Space Show (Coming Place)
  • Serial TV Drama - Ginger (Happy Packing and Ginger are great closers). Not shoegaze but I love to recommend this band. Check out this one and The Band Apart if the other albums are annoying you
  • Supercar - Highvision (Otogi Nation). Supercar and Hartfield are the best Japanese dream pop bands
  • Pasteboard - Glitter (Flipper)

I know I left out some staples like Luminous Orange, Tokyo Shoegazer and Pastel Blue but whatever. I doubt anyone’s gonna read this anyway


So I tried collaging/painting over the old pages in my grimoire.. and hated it (I’m such a perfectionist and I’m not even sorry).

The paper was always bloody awful anyway, so I unstitched the entire thing, found an old binder and placed that in there. Now I can add, rearrange and take out pages if I like.

I’m actually looking forward to writing in it now which is great ! Plus I can still use my collection of papers (and actually be able to write in ink without it bleeding through).

edit: not gonna lie, still didn’t feel it was right. I just haven’t been able to use this properly since I got it. I’ve ordered a new one, and since it’s arrived I feel way more connected to it than this old one. I’m probably going to use this for astrology or divination stuff - it won’t go to waste because it’s still useable and quite nice. 

So, I bought a doppler (Angelsound Fetal Heart Detector) and decided to have a little fun with it. This is my own heartbeat recorded and accidentally filmed onto the tiny little Q3HD Handy Video Recorder. I brought the Fetal Heart Detector to the studio and everyone was very curious to hear their own heartbeats. The results were fascinating! You can hear your own little unstoppable generator working full power on! Your inner sound. Something you never think of in ordinary casual life. Each heartbeat is so different, so unique. The fast and loud one, another is quiet and slow. Gurgling, arrhythmic,very crisp and melodious heartbeats. Then it gets better, everyone in the studio shares the heartbeats with each other. And here we are, standing close, looking into each others eyes and sharing our inner sounds. Something very sacred and intimate, something personal and unique. I could easily say that this little tiny heart-listening machine brought people together in seconds! The vibe of the group has changed. Its very uplifting. Somehow I consider this as a performance. We tried to manipulate the heartbeat sound by thinking of different things. Then we compared female’s and male’s heartbeat sounds. There is a slight difference. One person from the studio had a lot of erotic magazines for collage work and we even tried that. Males and females had to look at the pictures and while another person read out loud vulgar stories from the magazines. Funny enough female’s heart rate speeds up quickly than male’s. On this note a few people from the group suggested to record the heartbeats of masturbating people or people having sex and a few even wanted to volunteer for it. So people are very curious of what happens inside of us while those processes. And I think, aesthetically this would be a good way of documenting such activities.

Thinking to develop it into a full performance piece. 

Gabriel: Oooh boy, I’m going to have to dig for this one…Hmm, before the stabbing, Michael being bossy, and Raphael pouting. Hmm, I’m going to go with when Dad allowed us to design at least one animal that we could release into the world. We each tried to create the weirdest looking thing we could. I made the platypus.

Michael: I remember that. Yours hardly counted Gabriel because it was a collage of animals that father already had in mind. I made the Giraffe.

Raphael: The giraffe was a result of the lowest and dirtiest joke you ever made! I remember you vowed never to stoop so low again. I thanked father that you didn’t. I tried my hand at the angler fish.

Lucifer: You just wanted to have a sea animal that could light up! Naturally, I refused to make anything. I just added my own improvement to one of father’s less frightening animals and made it a monster. I gave geese teeth.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis! (July 28, 1929 - May 19, 1994)

One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness.”

Before I was diagnosed I new wanted I wanted to do with my life, I had my future planed out. Then I woke up one day and everything was different. Now I’m 19 and have no clue what I’m doing with my life. Don’t have a job. Don’t have a drivers license. Don’t have a hobby. Don’t have a plan for collage. Everything just seems so pointless now. Living seems so pointless. I can’t do anything. I know when you get sick you are supposed to forget about your old life and create a new one. But I don’t even know how to start. I’ve dropped my old dreams and hobbies and I’ve tried finding new ones but I’m not good at anything I’ve tried. The simple things I can do I’ve lost intrest in, because they can’t help me in the future so it’s all pointless.

Don’t Be Salty

For dude-its-bcn-hlls because she wanted a ‘punk!Sterek’ AU and also because she wrote me a nifty piece earlier and I can’t not be romantic back so THERE

Sometimes, Stiles questions his life choices.
 Like that one time he threw a Christmas tree out of a seventh floor window. Or the time he got drunk and told Erica he loved her. Or the time he asked Scott to find a dead body with him…
 But none of them, not even the small werewolf-sized elephant in the room, top this. Because the thing is, Stiles is talented. He’s spent three years at collage studying art, started his own tattoo business at the age of twenty one. He has work in galleries for fuck sake. And yet here he is, drawing, of all things, a panda.
 ‘But pandas are cute!’ Scott had tried to convince him earlier in the day. ‘You can even make it arty. You know, make it pink or something!?’
Stiles had nearly snapped his pencil in half.

So yeah, regretting life choices is starting to be something of a trend in his life.
 But he draws the panda. Because he’s a nice guy. And also because he’ll get an extra thirty dollars for it. No arguing with that logic.
 He’s just finishing the shading over one of the sickeningly large eyes when there’s a knock on his door. Considering it’s eight thirty on a Friday evening, Stiles assumes it’s not Isaac or Allison. Because they’re out. Which leaves one last broody asshat.
‘Come in,’ Stiles calls, not bothering to get up. He’s in sweatpants and his t-shirt from work, folded up on his bed. Granted he’s covered in pastel coloured paint, mainly pink, a little blue, but he doesn’t think that’ll eat away at his badass facade too dramatically.
The door opens slowly, swinging forward a little to reveal the usual ensemble of black, and… and Stiles has stopped breathing.
‘What the ever-loving fuck has happened to you?’ he yelps, dumping his sketchbook on the bed next to him. Paint splatters the sheets.
 It’s not the best response, he knows that. But when your usual two hundred pound mass of broody werewolf shows up at your door covered in leather and sporting… pink hair, it can be somewhat disarming.
 In Derek’s defence, he looks absolutely furious.
 ‘It’s for Erica’s party,’ he all but growls. He gestures at the leather. ‘She chose the outfits.’
 Internally, Stiles applauds Erica’s power. Externally, he just stares. ‘Did she also choose the pink hairspray, or was that a personal touch?’
 Derek could light fires with the hatred in his eyes.
 ‘Okay,’ Stiles backs up, sliding off the sheets and raising his arms to shoulder height, ‘okay so the hair thing was Erica too. Why does that bring you to my room?’
 ‘I can’t…’ Derek starts, waving a hand suggestively around his head. His cheeks are bright pink. ‘I can’t get the hair stuff… I can’t get it even.’
 Stiles almost laughs. Almost. He values his life too much to do it out loud. He notices the small can of hairspray in Derek’s other hand, the one not covered in a leather glove, and the dots connect. ‘Oh,’ he says slowly, gesturing at the can. ‘Oh, you want me to do it?’
 Derek, if possible, goes even pinker. His shoulders visibly sag as he starts to back out of the room. ‘It’s okay, you don’t have to. It was stupid to ask-‘
 ‘Woah, there Princess Bubblegum,’ Stiles interrupts, practically sprinting to stop Derek from leaving, ‘I didn’t mean it like that.’ He smiles up at Derek, and plucks the can from his hand, ignores the vicious look Derek’s giving him. Because despite what he might think, Stiles likes having Derek around. He’s the only one who really gets his work. Everyone acknowledges it, nods in interest, then gives up. Derek sits for hours watching him draw, actually asks him about things. He’s even got a few of Stiles’ designs inked on his arms; some swooping, erratic coloured ones that mean something more than anyone but the two of them will ever know. They’re mixed with other designs, other people’s work, but his are the ones that stand out. His are the ones Stiles traces with his eyes when Derek’s shirtless and making cereal in the morning. Or when they’re playing video games, and Stiles just happens to sit next to him on the couch. His eyes go straight to those stretching hours spent alone in his shop, tracing permanent lines of ink onto Derek’s phenomenal form.
 But that’s neither here nor there.

‘Now,’ he says, taking a step back. ‘Where do I start?’
  Derek, god bless his heart, actually has the grace to look grateful.
 ‘Maybe I should sit?’ he says, gesturing at the only place suitable; the bed.   Stiles smirks, bows and lets Derek pass.
 ‘Sit away.’
 ‘Don’t be a dork,’ Derek retorts.
 ‘You’re a dork,’ Stiles shoots back.
 And of course, that’s when Derek notices the sketchbook.
 ‘Bit different from your usual stuff,’ he says, picking it up and examining it. ‘Not that I don’t love Pandas,’ he adds, tracing the dry paint with the pad of his finger. ‘They’re cute.’
Stiles groans loud enough to make the earth shake. ‘Can you not,’ he whines, trying to snatch the book up. ‘It’s for one of Melissa’s friends. How the hell was I supposed to say no?’
 Derek snorts.
 Stiles glares. ‘What?’
 ‘Oh it’s nothing,’ Derek says, watching Stiles put the book down on the desk. ‘It’s just that, you call me a dork, but you’re the one drawing pandas for middle aged women.’
 ‘Didn’t anyone tell you it’s rude to assume a woman’s age,’ Stiles mutters darkly. He wholeheartedly regrets saying yes. But Melissa had asked, and to hell if he can say no to a McCall. ‘It’s just a quick one. I have some time.’
 ‘You’re ridiculous.’
 Stiles glares harder. ‘You wanna start this while I have this in my hand?’ He wiggles the can in Derek’s face. Instantly, Derek pales.
 ‘You’re right,’ he mutters, ‘sorry.’
 Stiles softens. ‘It’s cool.’ He moves until he’s on the bed behind Derek, tries not to wince at the massacre that is Derek’s hair. ‘Where do I start?’
 ‘I don’t know,’ Derek leans his chin on his knuckles. ‘Just… make it even, or… something.’
 ‘Such specific instructions,’ Stiles laughs, rolling his eyes. ‘You know if you’d have said that to me in the shop I would have put a bunny on your arm.’
 Derek shudders, turns slightly to look at him, ‘A bunny?’
 Stiles shrugs. ‘Bunnies are my speciality.’

Derek gets strangely quiet after that, so Stiles takes the opportunity to start spraying. Interestingly, it’s actually fun. Like, really fun. He might be a little too into it, if he’s honest. But whatever. Derek’s hot all the time, even with pink hair. Hold that thought, especially with pink hair.
 Stiles imagines the rest of Derek’s body hair miraculously turning pink, and wow, that was not where he thought this evening would go. But just imagining Derek’s chest hair bright pink, and his…
 The can goes a little further south than he envisioned, leaving half of Derek’s forehead a brilliant shade of hot pink. Derek looks less than pleased.
 ‘Oh my god, dude. I’m so sorry,’ Stiles blurts out, horrified. Before he can even think about what he’s doing, he’s dragging his pyjama bottoms from the floor and rubbing them on Derek’s face, the material covering enough that Derek can’t see how red Stiles is. Because he’s just made Derek Hale, Derek sexy eyes McHale’s face pink. Real good work, Stiles. Real good.
 He’s so engrossed in fixing his mistake, he doesn’t even notice when Derek gently lowers his hand, holding his wrist firmly enough to move it away.
 ‘Stiles,’ he says calmly, ‘it’s fine.’
 ‘No it’s not,’ Stiles says firmly, trying to regain control of his hand. ‘I’ve ruined your face.’
 ‘Like the rest of me isn’t already a state.’
 ‘But,’ Stiles starts, staring down at the now pink trousers in his hand, ‘the party. You’re gonna be late.’
 Derek laughs, rolls his eyes. ‘Erica won’t mind. She only wants me there to torment me.’
 ‘That’s not-‘
 Stiles starts to speak, but his train of thought gets lost in the corners of Derek’s mouth. Stiles hasn’t seen him smile in ages. He never realised how much he likes it.
 ‘That’s not what?’ Derek asks, leaning in a little closer. And wow, yes, that’s very close. Stiles can almost feel his breath on his face.
He doesn’t back away.
‘That’s not why you’re going,’ Stiles says, a little hoarsely. ‘She likes you. We all do.’  
 The look Derek gives him is so off-guard and earnest, Stiles actually wanders if eyes can kill. Because Derek’s hot, there’s no getting around that. But Derek, all soft features and raised eyebrows, is probably the most wonderful thing to happen since, well, anything. Stiles is pretty sure he could paint the lights in Derek’s eyes when he smiles a hundred times and still not be bored. He’s pretty sure he could fill galleries with the partition between his lips. He could kiss the stars every night and never want to come home.

‘It’s washable,’ Derek says.
 Stiles blinks. ‘What?’
 ‘The hairspray,’ Derek murmurs, finding Stiles’ eyes. ‘It’s washable.’
 Stiles suppresses a shiver, nods, then steps back, leaving the path to the doorway clear. He coughs once, rubs the back of his head with his hand. ‘Right, yes,’ he says, blinking again. ‘I’ll err, go get a towel, or-or something. Cool.’
 He bolts from the room and skids straight into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. At the sink, he braces his hands on the cool porcelain and closes his eyes, breathing deeply. He feels strangely undone, torn apart from the inside-out, the ghost of Derek’s breath still heating his cheeks.
 Trying for distraction, Stiles grabs a towel and sticks it under the tap, letting the water soak it through. He wrings it out, then takes another deep breath. He thinks he knows how the towel feels.
 The voice is so close and low in his ear, Stiles can’t physically stop himself from flailing, throwing his body around with just enough finesse to miss Derek’s face, which is, again, dangerously close to his own.
 ‘Derek?’ he starts, clutching his chest. ‘What the hell-?’
 But he doesn’t finish his sentence. In a move Stiles can only describe as inhumanly fast, Derek bends and locks his hands under Stiles’ ass, lifting him up to sit on the sink. He has no idea what’s happening, but manages to link his arms around Derek’s neck, opening his legs so Derek can fit between them.
 Stiles, the master of speech that he is, only gasps and says, with a nod to the sink. ’This can’t be safe.’
 Derek shrugs. ‘I’ll know if it starts to break.’
 Stiles glares, but there’s no heat behind it. ‘Of course you will.’
 Derek snorts, ‘Don’t be salty.’
 ‘I can’t believe that sentence just came out of your mouth.’
 They’re closer now, somehow, both rushing with adrenaline and electricity, static energy sparking between them. Stiles’ eyes find Derek’s lips, map them out, then move to his eyes, stay there for a while. It’s like every dream he’s ever had, except this time, it’s better. Because it’s here, and it’s now, and it’s Derek. He never thought those things would coincide. And yet here they are, millimetres apart, both wanting, wanting, wanting so much.
 ‘I can be young too you know,’ Derek breathes, smile cracking a hole in Stiles’ restraint. ‘I can say cool things.’
 And that’s Stiles done. He can’t help the laugh that comes out of him, and desperate and airy and warm.
 ‘God, you’re such a nerd,’ he says.
 Derek scowls. They’re so close Stiles can taste his words. ’You’re a nerd.’
 Stiles barely whispers when he replies, ‘Fight me.’

When they kiss, it’s not just lips and hands and tongue. No, it’s friction and fire and teeth and quiet moans pressed against the bathroom mirror. It’s Derek carrying him back to the bedroom when the sink starts to make ominous creaking noises. It’s them pressed together as Derek sucks bruises into his neck, tracing his tongue around the ink decorating his skin. It’s Stiles pulling Derek’s shirt over his head like his skin is the only thing that can cure him.
 Derek ends up being an hour late to the party.
 Stiles has an exceptionally hard time washing pink hairspray off his bedsheets.

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chess sounds so familiar but i completely forget who is chess what happened

looks like it’s story time. people who haven’t been following me since 2012, grab some popcorn

once upon a time in august 2012 i started getting strange, cryptic, anonymous messages and submissions related to chess, a musical about the cold war written by two former members of abba that i had never heard of. i’d get videos of performances, promotional photos, random questions about whether or not i liked the musical, that sort of thing. before long the person sending me these things made a blog, ilovethemusicalchess (given the pseudonym “chess” for short), and continued sending me things, like this oc pony

before long chess started professing their love for me and sending my friends messages asking how to get me to like them

chess’s mysterious persona and their obsession with me quickly became a running joke amongst friends. chess responded by getting more and more cryptic and ominous, replying to my posts with quotes from other musicals, asking me why i’d “abandoned” them, offering to take out those they perceived as my enemies, attempting to contact me through the fluttershyreplies inbox, and mentioning vague “plans” and their growing power

naturally, everyone wanted to know who chess was. they provided a lot of conflicting evidence pointing to a lot of my friends, none of whom were actually chess. people started pointing fingers. i started trying to mentally compile all of the evidence to narrow down my list of suspects. at one point or another at least five friends falsely claimed to be chess. and every time, chess would play along, pretending to actually be the person who came forward, only for me to realize that it was all a lie

it got weird. my friend grey made this

chess continued to send me brief messages about their love for me every couple days well into the beginning of 2013. at one point they deleted every post on their blog and start over with “hi, i like the musical chess :)”. at one point they changed their blog background to a collage of my friends’ icons. i kept playing along

more chess blogs started popping up. other “characters” in the story, like chess’s child, and also “just chess things,” a blog which consisted entirely of posts like this

once they submitted me this

i might aswell come clean robert
ever since i first saw you i have had an ache in my chest
at first i didnt know what it was, i tried to come close to you
after a while i sort of understood, i saw you reblogging creatures in….. love?
it was a strange sensation, we dont normally do things like these where i come from
you have brought me much joy
while my son may not understand i hope you will
if it is the last thing i do i will protect you and serve your happiness
// chess

eventually it turned into…like, a time travel story? where chess was my child from a post-apocalyptic future, or something. and they had traveled back in time in an attempt to get me to stop shipping fennetrent (fennekin and zoe trent, a classic ship) because it would somehow lead to the apocalypse

then all of a sudden, on april 22, 2013, chess just deleted. everyone was pretty sad–they had become such a regular presence around here, after all. they said they thought the joke had gotten creepy and deleted without revealing their true identity. they said they were a teenage girl but i mean it’s been three years and they could be identifying differently so i’m sticking to they/them

in the end, though, it turns out they really did love the musical chess


Here it is, every selfie that was taken for Inuvember this year! If you can’t see yourself, you might not have properly tagged the post “inuvemberselfies” (also note that I tried to keep it down to one selfie per person, so as to keep things fair as well as to have enough room to fit everyone). A big thank you to everyone who took selfies as well as to everyone who took part in any way!!!

We’re so so honored that you participated and enjoyed yourself just as much as we did! It’s been a super awesome month that we hope can be repeated in years to come!

Chapter 18

It had been three days since Luke’s arrest and with every channel you change on the TV there he was, His mugshot and his arrest video. He was done with the plan finally and it hurt you to know that he was probably terrified, Confused and angry with you. You wanted to hold him and tell him that he would be out soon and that  everything was going to be just fine, But one of the things about Luke that you weren’t so fond of was how long he could hold grudges.

Your parent left you and your older sister alone for the week as they went to visit your dad’s brother, Of course they wanted you and your sister to come along but you didn’t feel like sitting in some snotty rich bitches house for a week as your uncle and his wife talk about hoe your two older cousins have just graduated from fancy collages, They always tried their best to make our family look like shit compared to theirs. You’re just hoping like hell your dad doesn’t open his mouth about the shit that’s been going on for weeks with Luke, Or how you’re possibly going insane from the lack of sleep you’ve been getting, Plus all the drama that’s more dramatic then a teenage soap opera.

You were growing tired of just sitting in your room all day and you wanted to do something to take your mind off of things for a bit and take a break. You decided to go out and check out the bookstore near by, the one where ashton told you to meet him that day when Luke surprised you with a gift, You thought maybe reading a bit might distract your stressful thoughts, but that wasn’t going to work when you noticed ashton’s car parked on the side of the building and with your luck they spotted you. You began running, Not sure where you running off to but your legs were getting tired and you need to hide. You knew they were probably pissed off and you didn’t want to deal with there yelling or arguing over Luke, You ran down an empty alley and with you poor luck it was dead end and when you were about to turn around Ashton’s car pulled down the ally and stopped right in the middle and you thinking that it was possible, you tried climbing the wired fence behind you but your shoes were wet and you couldn’t grip the wires properly, You felt two pairs of hands grab your hoodie and as they pull you down you cut your hand.

“Ow! Fuck!” You yell as you look down at your bleeding hand

“Oh my god [Y/N] are you okay i didn’t mean for you to get hurt.” Ashton says as he holds the bottom of his shirt on your cut.

“It’s okay ash it just hurts a bit.” You say

“Yeah it looks like it.” he says with a worried look on his face

“Oh i think i have band aids in my car.” he adds as he looks at your hand.

“Ow!” You say when he touches it.

“Sorry! here let me go-” he starts to say

“GUYS!” Calum says with a mad tone.

“Sorry.” You and ash mumble at the same time.

“I’ll get you a band aid after they finish whining.” he whispers to you with a smile.

“GUYS!” Calum says once more.

“Sorry…” You mumble again

“Sorry mate.” Ashton says.

“Okay firstly i need to ask, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GET LUKE LOCKED UP?!” Calum yells.

“I didn’t….” You say quietly.


“Actually, No. I didn’t. Someone was sitting outside my window and when i went to go find out he ran like a some creepy stalker so i chased after him and when he went to go hide in Mrs. Cameron’s house he set off a silent alarm when he busted into the house which notified the police that someone broke in. So no i didn’t get him arrested he got himself arrested.” You explain.

“But you let the cops take him!” Mikey says.

“You were outside right? why didn’t you do anything?” You ask.

“Oh but that’s right you’d rather save your own ass then your best friend’s right?” You add.

“Or maybe if you did you’d be to scared of what he would do if he found out about your little kiss you gave me.” You say.

“Kiss? What kiss?” Ashton asks.

“LOOK  IT DOESN’T MATTER OKAY?! The one thing we should be worrying about is Luke.” Calum says.

“Oh! look another reason i shouldn’t help you guys, you worry about the wrong things, like luke being in jail when Vanna over here is getting beaten by her dad. I mean this is why this all started right? To get her dad locked up? yet you all are sitting here worrying about Luke.” You say

“ You guys worry about luke and i don’t. That’s another thing we don’t have in common besides the fact that we’re trying to fix two completely different  problems, You care more about getting Luke free from jail and i’m over here trying to get the real problem gone. like getting Vanna’s dad locked up and prove to people that you guys aren’t the bad guys. But if you don’t want my help, if you honestly think you can handle his on you own then go for it.” You say.

Everyone looked over at Vanna, surprised at what you had said about her father.

She looked down at the at ground, embarrassed with what you told them, You tried reaching for her to hug her but she just turned away and began walking off, Calum watched her walk off with a sad look on his face as if  he wanted to go after her, but they way he’s been treating her lately he was feeling guilty and ashamed of the hell he put her through, calling her names, tell her to leave him alone. He looked down at the ground.

“What’s the plan then?” Calum says breaking the silence.

“Get locked up.” You say

You guys stood in the alley way, You contacted the police and handed the phone to Mikey.

“Yes, Hi are you guys still looking for the friend’s of Lucas Hemmings’?” Mikey asks making his voice sound deeper than it actually was, trying to disguise his voice.

“Great i think i just saw that one with the weird hair leaving the library.” he says.

“Okay thank you.” He adds. He nodded his head at you and began running towards the library.

You dialed the number again and you handed the phone to Calum.

“HI. I want to report a sighting on that Hood kid, The one who is in hiding with that Luke person, Yeah i spotted him in the park earlier, i think he may still be there. Okay thanks a lot.” He says and he gave you the phone back as he run off towards the park.

Next was Ashton, You walked over with him towards his car and he got in the drivers seat, You dialed the number once more and handed him the phone.

“Police man? Yeah um.. That one cool guy, I think ids name is asher, or ashley, Or ashton… Ashton! Yes that’s his name i saw him driving earlier dropping off these other to guys earlier, I see his car, Its sitting in this alley a few streets from the park, Right next to that place where the sell books. Yeah the library.” He says as he winks at you and try so hard not to laugh.

“Thanks dude, i mean Mr. dude, Sir dude? No wait police man? Hello?… They hung up on me.” he says with a sad look on his face.

“I’ll see you later Ash.” You say as you give him a hug and smile.

“Later.” He says nervously and you began walking off.

“[Y/N] wait. Um…. Just in case this doesn’t work and i get stuck in jail, can you just look after my family once in awhile?” He asks with a sad smirk and you smiled and nodded, You waved and began jogging back towards your house, You put your hoodie over your head and and your sunglasses on your face, You could hear sirens everywhere an you ran faster to get home.

It was late and you were going through the plan in your head, All you had to do was run this town like it was your job, That means get as much attention on you as possible. You were going to prove that Luke wasn’t the bad one in this town and you were going to prove what an ignorant prick Mr. Hankins was. You were going to do everything it took to bring him down. It was now 2:00 Am and you grabbed your backpack from your closet, You began packing it with supplies you needed for the plan. You heard a knock at your door and you told the person to come in, You had your back facing the door and when your mom came in she told  you; you had a visiter, You turned around to see Josh standing there and you felt like your heart was going to jump out of your chest.

“Mrs.[Y/M/N can i talk to [Y/N] alone?” Josh asks and your mom gave him a nod and shut the door behind her as she left you and Josh alone together in your bedroom.

“Um…. I heard that your friends got arrested today.” he says

“Yeah.” You say as you turn back to your bag of supplie’s

“Are you going somewhere?” he asks as he stand beside you and looks at the things in your bag

“Yep.” You simply say as you zip it up, You noticed a duffle bag in his hands.

“Are you going somewhere as well?” You ask and he smiles and looks down at the bag.

“Um, No actually this is for you i thought you might need the things inside.” he says, You give him a confused look.

“I know you’re planning on getting my dad into a lot of trouble, I heard Vanna talking to Luke on the night he ran, My dad got into another fight with her earlier today and when i went to go check on her she was gone and i noticed a bag sticking out from under her bed and saw a gun in it, I got scared and wasn’t sure why my little sister had a gun under her bed so when i went to check it i found all of this,” He says as he walks to you bed and dumps the stuff on your bed, You saw the gun that Vanna told you she had buried, A bunch of pictures she said she set on fire and countless bottles of the pills she also said she burned, On top of that there was the files that Mr. Hankins was hiding about the women he slept with and many more. You smiled at Josh and he did the same,

“She kept all of it, She told me she got rid of it…” You say as you shuffle through at the things on your bed,

“I’m thinking she probably kept so when the right time approached she could use it against our dad.” He says

“Then why didn’t she just use it at anytime? She had multiple chances.” You say

“I think she was just waiting longer because it gave her more time to have with that Calum kid.” He says.

“Well why did you come to me, You could of just done it yourself.” You ask.

“Because she doesn’t know that i know. She probably thinks i would hate her for it or something but in all honesty if i had the amount of gut that she does i would do it, And i know my dad is ass and i’ve grown up seeing him do the things that he does, Hurting my family, My friends… Innocent people in this town. It’s not right and i know i’m supposed to be the protective older brother but my dad scares the hell of me, And i’m not as brave as My sister, Or you, Or the other guys so i’m really relying on you right now.” He explains.

“Well…. Everyone has tough brave side to them, But sometimes people are just too afraid, And if you’re up to it maybe you can help me and you can prove to people that you can stick up for something you want.” You say and smiles and nods his head.

“Okay.” He says and he helps you shove everything back into the duffle bag, You grab you backpack and he grabs the duffle bag, You both sneak out of your window and tiptoe to the front of your house, Getting into Josh’s car he instantly drives toward his dad office, He parked out front of the empty building and you both scoffed in unison a the huge picture of his dad’s face on the building, Josh reached into the bag and handed you a can of spray paint and a baseball bat, he grabs one for himself and you got out of the car and you both immediately began breaking the big windows in the front causing alarms to go off, When they were all smashed Josh climbed into the the building and began hitting everything in his sight, You took the paint and began writing not so nice things  on his face, Josh came back out and began laughing at your beautiful artwork, He then grabbed you arm and pulled to the car so you guys could leave before the cops showed up.

The next stop was to to destroy anything in your way, The more damage and alarms going off the faster cops woulf arrive and there was no doubt in your mind that >Mr. Hankins was going to show up as well.

It only took a couple posters of Mr.Hankins and some graffiti on almost every building Mr. Hankins owns until you heard the sirense getting close and closer, Josh smiled and gave you a high five as the both of you sat on the hood of a random car parked on the side of the street. The cars came to a screeching halt and and it seemed like the whole police force was there, They piled up inf ront of the cars and held up their guns, Pointing right at you and Josh.

“Are you crazy?! You’re pointing your guns at my son Your idiots!!!” Mr. Hankins yells

“Joshua come here right now!” He adds and Josh shakes his head.

Mr. Hankins’ face started turning red with embarrassment, He wasn’t used to people telling him no.

“Fine! Then go ahead officers shoot him, and that little bitch with him.” Mr. Hankins says.

“Wait, Aren’t you that girl that showed us where that Hemmings boy was hiding?” A cop says, You looked at him and remembered him from when you road with him to go look for luke.

“Yes sir and i would like to show you something.” You say.

“It’s in this duffle bag, if you don’t mind i would like to give it to you.” You add.

“Put your hands behind your head and turn your backs away from us and i’ll come over and look at it.” The cop says and you and Josh nod your heads as you turned around and did what the cop said.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” You whisper to Josh and and he nods his head.

The cop came over and stood next to the both of you as he slowly opened the bag, He began looking through it and kept shaking his head and sighing loudly with ever single item he looked at.

“Damn i knew your dad was mean but i didn’t know he was an evil bastard.” The cop says.

“There’s more sir.” You stated.

“Vanna, Josh’s sister hired my boyfriend, Luke to help her get her dad found out about all of his crimes, You see she get hurt by Mr. Hankins a lot and she was tired of it so she wanted him gone, For good. And my boyfriend and his friends were trying to help, You know the boys you arrested earlier today, You see, We aren’t the bad guys sir None of us are it’s all him.” You explain as you point to Vanna’s dad.

“We were just trying to save Vanna. And Luke, and ashton and Mikey and Cal…. You know me sir, I have never been in trouble before, Hell i get straight A’s, And if you don’t believe me i have a recording of the guy Mr. Hankins was getting drugs from, And you see that gun it’s not even registered.” You add.

“My dad isn’t a good guy Mister, We’re just trying to prove that to people, Not to mention he killed Roman smith, I saw him do it, He set the house on fire to make it look like a freak accident. I’m sure if you asked half the people in this town they would tell you all the crap my father has done to them.” Josh says, Lying about Romans death.

“Are you guys like teenage detective in training or…..” The cop says making you and Josh Laugh.

“I believe you guys, Trust me he hasn’t been the nicest with me, Not to mention he slept with my wife.” He says with a sad look on his face, You josh just stood there awkwardly, Not sure what to do.

“Okay you two stay put.” He says as he grabs the duffle bag and heads back over to the other cops.

“What? That’s it? You’re not gonna arrest them?!?!” Mr. Hankins asks.

“No. The only person getting arrested tonight is you.” The cop says as he hands his partner the bag, Mr. Hankins stand there in confusion with a panicked look on his face. The cop shoved him up against the car and grabbed his hands and cuffed them, Another cop gestured for you and Josh to come over to answer some questions, You leaned against the car answering the questions as Mr. Hankins passed by, He stopped and looked at you and Josh.

“Why son? Why would you do this?” He asks.

“I dunno ask your daughter, She’s the one who planned it.” Josh says and the look on Mr. Hankins’ face was priceless.

“Now who’s running the town?” You ask with a smirk and he glares at you as the cop shoves him toward the car.

Minutes later after the questioning The familiar Lady from the other questionings showed up.

“Okay first off i want to thank you all, Even Mr. Hemmmings and the other boys. What you guys did was very brave, something not even a grown adult in this town would do.” She say with a smile.

“I would like to let you both know that Mr. Hankins wil locked up for a very very long time and he’s also being transported to a different prison so he will no longer be residing in this town anymore. I would also like to tell you That Lucas hemmings, Michael Cliffor, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood with be released tomorrow morning free of any charges.” She says and the only thing you could do was hug her tight.

“Thank you Mrs…… I’m sorry i never got your name….” You say

“Mrs. Onica Hankins, My father’s Twin sister, And my aunt.” Josh says, Looked at him with wide eyes, How could someone so sweet be related to someone so evil?

“So i guess there really can be an evil twin and a good twin.” You say with a nervous laugh, Josh and Onica give you a smile.

The next morning you woke up bright and early to go pick up Luke with his parents, You looked into the mirror, Brushing your now light colored hair that you redyed last night, You were tired but also excited to see Luke and to have everything back to normal, You heard a knock on the door and you grabbed your things, You opened the door to Mrs. Hemming smiling, She gave you a hug and you walked to the car with her, The whole ride you were excited and a bit nervous, When you guys pulled up you saw Calum’s parents and sister, Mikey’s parents and Ashtons mom and siblings, They all had smiles on their faces which made you smile as well. You stood with everyone else and they hugged you and thanked you, It felt wrong though because you weren’t the one who started it all.

The front doors of the station opened and out came all four boys, Smiling as they walked over to their families, Luke ran over and hugged his mom and dad and then he turned to you.

“Mom dad can you give us a minute.” Luke asks and they nod as they walk off back to the car.

“I just want to say thanks for your help.” He says 

“So um.. Thanks.” He he adds. He still seemed angry at you and it made you feel bad.

“Luke! Let’s go Your brothers want to see you!” Lukes’s mom yells.

“I’m gonna walk [Y/N] home and i’ll meet you guys back at our place!” He says and his mom nods her head and they drive off.

“You don’t ha-” You begin.

“Yes. I do.” He says with a wink and you smiled and shook your head.

“Hey [Y/N]!” Calum yells as he runs over to you and Luke.

“Is Vanna here?” He asks and you shake your head.

“Calum!” His mom yells as she waves her hand, Gesturing for him to come back.

“I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow. You freaking spend time in jail and they expect you to go back to school. Pffft so fucking lame!” He groans., You and luke laugh and Calum runs back to his sister and his parents.

“Aw man my family isn’t home, I’m pretty sue my mom wanted to see you.” You say as you unlock the front door.

“Oh no.” He says plainly as he grabs your waist and picks you up, Caring you inside and up the stair to your bedroom. When you got there he lays you on the bed and you both begin kissing and before you knew it you both were undressed, Luke slid into you and started thrusting slowly , going deeper with every thrust, The room was filled with moans and loud breathing and once you came, So did luke, You both rode out your orgasms as Luke kissed you neck,

“I love you so fucking much.” He whispers as he kisses your cheek and then your lips.

“I love you too.” You whisper, He pulls out and falls next to you on the bed, You both laying there trying to catch your breaths. And both soon fall asleep in each others arms.

You woke up to a loud banging on your door and you and Luke start panicking, You checked the time on you phone and were shocked to know you and him slept all through yesterday evening and night, Meaning Luke hasn’t even been home.

“No need to Hide Luke mom and dad already know he’s in there.” Your sister says, Luke gets up and begins getting dressed and you slip a shirt on and you open the door.

“Mom wanted me to tell you that you guys are gonna be late for school.” She says as she takes bite of her cereal out of the bowl she was eating, it must be nice to be graduated from school already and skipping the whole college thing.

“What time is it?” You ask.

“It’s 10 minutes after 8, You have like 20 minutes to get to school.” She says as she takes another bite, turning around and walking off back to her bedroom.

You shut your door and you and Luke rush to get dressed, Once your both done you head down stairs where your parents are and you say good bye as you head to the door.

“Wait take something with you to eat!” Your mom yells, You and Luke run back to the kitchen and you guys grab two banana’s and you guys ran out of the kitchen.

“By the way Luke your mom was cool with you crashing here!” Your mom yells.

“Thanks Mrs. [Y/M/N]!” Luke says as he shuts the door behind us.

“Hey your forgetting something!” Your dad yells as he throws you his car keys, You thanked him and pulled out as fast as you could, Finally making it to school right as the bell was ringing, You and Luke ran right into the Class room and everyone was silent as they stared at you and Luke awkwardly and suddenly the whole class began clapping and whistling and patting you and him on the back as you walked to you seats, You sat down and the teacher quieted the class.

“Well Mr. Hemmings, Miss, [Y/L/N] welcome back.” He says with a smile.

It was finally lunch time and you and Luke met up with the other guys at your usual table, Every once in a while someone would come up and Welcoming you guys back or saying hi.

You sat there while the guys were talking and when you looked up you saw Vanna int he schools office.

“Hey, Guys look.” You say as you point over to vanna. Calum stood up and started walking her way and you all followed him.

“Vanna?” Calum says.

“Oh. Hi guys…” She says with a half hearted smile.

“I was going to stop by your guys’ houses today to thank you for what you did i should have just listened to you [Y/N].” She says.

“That’s okay Vanna i’m just glad you’re safe now.” You say with a smile.

“I was also going to say goodbye.” She adds.

“Goodbye? What do you mean Goodbye?” Calum asks.

“I’m leaving, That’s why i’m here. My mom and brother and i talked last night and we decided it would be better to move, To get away from the drama and the questions and media and stuff.” She says.

“Where are you moving to? And how long?” Calum says.

“Um….. Forever i guess until i can go live on my own…. And i’m not really supposed to tell anyone sorry.” She says.

“But… What about us?” Calum asks,You could see the hurt in his eyes and you and the other boys decided to give them some space, Mikey being the nosy one dragged you guys into an empty classroom right by them, You 4 stood in the door way just close enough to hear their conversation.

“What do you mean us?” Vanna asks.

“I mean, what about all the things we’ve been through together? You slept with me, Multipal times actually, not to mention all the shit i’ve done for you in the past couple of weeks. I thought you had feelings for me?” Calum asks.

“I do. But i’m not sure if you do. You sleep with people for fun calum, And i know that when we slept together it was just a one night stand to you. I know it didn’t mean anything to you Cal. And the only reason why you were helping was because you worried about Luke, You didn’t do it to help me, You didn’t to make sure your friend was going to be okay.” Vanna says.

“You’re really cool Calum, Every girl in this school wants you, And you could have anyone you wanted And i know you wouldn’t choose me and i’m okay with it because i just want you to be happy.” Vanna adds, You could here her voice shaking and she was sniffling and you knew she was trying not to cry.

“But what if i choose you.” Calum asks.

You could hear Vanna crying a bit and your heart felt like it was breaking.

“I wouldn’t choose me if i were you, I’m just a loser with daddy issues.” Vanna says.

“Please don’t leave Vanna.” Calums says.

“Misses Hankins the dean will see you now.” a lady says.

“I have to go, I have plane to catch after this meeting with the dean.” She say.

“Vanna Please!” He yells as she begins walking away. You could hear cal running, The four of you peeked your heads around the door to see what was happening, Calum dug into his pocket and pulled out a necklace, He held it up to her, The bell rang and vanna held her hand to her mouth as she began to sob and she just shook her head and walked away, Leaving Calum stood there alone dropping his arm to his side as he held the necklace. You guys walked up to Calum to check on him and as he turned around he was wiping tear from under his eye. You have never seen Calum cry or look as sad as he was right now.

“You okay mate?” Ashon asks and Calum shook his head and let out a chuckle.

“Why wouldn’t i be.. It just one love crazed girl that i don’t have to deal with anymore.” He says with a smile as he drops the necklace in a near by trash bin. Calum, Mikey and Ash began walking off and Luke stayed by you as you dug through the can, You grabbed the necklace and put it in your pocket, Keeping it safe for Calum.

It was four months later and you and the boys sat on a couch at a ‘beginning of the summer’ party that you and the guys decided to go to try and have some fun, You guys haven’t heard from Vanna or Josh since those last two days before they left, Calum’s been quiet, He’s barely been talking and this is the first party he’s been to in  months, He just sat there look at the floor as he occasionally took sips of his beer, Mikey did his best to cheer him up but it didn’t work, Luke tried mingling with people at the party but it just seemed boring to him, You were tired from all the work you had to make up and all the exams you had to do and it surprised you when you found out that you passed everything, Ashton was happy and smiley like he always is as he talks to some girl. After the crazy weeks you had helping Vanna, Being back at school and living your normal lives just seemed so boring. Luke came and sat back down next to you and let out a bored sigh.

“Hey Luke right?” Some guy says as he sits on the coffee table in front of you guys.

“Yeah whats up?” Luke says.

“I heard all the stuff you guys did for Vanna and i was wondering if you guys could help me out too?” He says, Luke looked at you and then back at the guy.

“Sure.” He says with a smirk

The End.