tried new brushes

A bride to spring, a mate to night. 

(Tumblr messed up the quality, for a change, so I had to add the borders to post the full drawing, but please also click it for hd :D)

I want to know what she thinks we’re going to do with her.

Because I’m going to do something worse.

sketch that i worked on more than i thought? i saw this and i just lloved it wow

ill probably be doing more screencaps because im just,, not motivated recently


Link and Link by the fire

I had this idea in my mind since forever but now @lozarts is hosting a thing so I thought why not do it now :D

painting this was tons of fun :3

Comission info :)


Strickler as a competitive foil fencer(1)

(Based on this on storyboard&scene where Jim and him are fighting with cutlery.)

So let me tell you something about male fencers: As soon as you begin your warm-up, you have to -, by eternal law! - roll up your tee sleeves to your shoulders! Even if you got no muscles at all and your arms look like scrawny sticks: Roll them up!!

I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

I meant to finish this Ymir tribute like a week ago but my heart would not let me…  😢