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Prom Night (Grayson)

Summary: Your favorite song plays and no one will dance with you, that is until Grayson comes along.

Author’s note: I hope you enjoy this, it was so much fun to write! Happy reading! -K

*Grayson’s P.O.V*

I scanned the crowded room as I shoveled another brownie into my mouth. Everyone was a big blur as I tried to make out the bodies of my classmates as they danced across the ballroom. The lights flashed and the music echoed through the building as my group sat, unamused by it all. Suddenly, an out of breath Y/N made her way over, pulling up a seat as she bounced excitedly to the music. She looked beautiful with her hair pulled back into loose curls and the blue dress she wore fit her curves perfectly.

Y/N took a seat next to her best friend Emma, still not being able to wipe the huge smile off of her face. They began to converse loudly, giggling and singing to the song that was now playing. I smiled, I had talked to Y/N only a couple of times. From what I had gathered she loved to dance, I saw her time after time trying to coax Emma onto the dance floor but she wasn’t much for dancing and politely rejected Y/N every time.

A new slower song began to play and Y/N’s eyes lit up as she gasped, “Please dance with me Em, this song is my favorite.” She begged, pouting her bottom lip.

“I can’t dance Y/N, you know that.” She answered apologetically, sounding genuinely sorry.

Y/N turned, her eyes roaming the table of couples around us as her eyes found me.

“Grayson!” She yelled excitedly, hurrying around to my side of the table.

“What?” I mumbled with half a brownie hanging out of my mouth, eyes wide.

“Dance with me!” She grinned excitedly, as she began to walk backwards into the crowd again. The breath was knocked out of me at her request.

“I don’t know…” I trailed off, not sure. I had never actually slow danced with a girl before and glancing around at all the couples embracing each other made me begin to sweat with nerves.

“Come on Gray.” She twirled her dress and her right eye dropped in a wink. My mouth fell open and I became a robot as I pushed the brownie platter back and stood from my seat. My legs felt weak as I made my way across the dance floor to her, surprising myself by not tripping.

She wrapped her arms around my neck as mine found their way to her waist and we began to sway to the music.

“See, this isn’t so bad.” She spoke smiling slightly up at me.

“I guess.”  I smiled back at her, I had always thought Y/N was beautiful and I couldn’t believe she was dancing with me right now.

“I can never get Emma to dance with me.” She sounded sad and for some reason a pang went through my heart at that, I wanted her to be happy and to smile. I glanced back at our group to see all of them curiously watching us dance.

“I’ll dance with you, always.” My cheeks began to heat with my confession, I couldn’t believe I had said that outloud. I slowly looked down at her as she began to smile, a pink blush rose into her cheeks as she uttered a ‘thanks’ and placed her head onto my chest. I pulled us deeper into the crowd as we danced the night away.

She never danced alone again.

Let's make it work

This is firs fic I write. Please tell me what do you like and if you would like me to write more. I apologise for any mistakes because English is not my native language. I tried my best whit this

Part 1
L: I don’t know how I ended up here, my hands around man’s weist holding on to my life on a motorcycle. Light tingling on my neck makes me go stiff. It’s my soulmark forming there. I always thought this moment would be more romantic. Man is speeding up and his hair is tingling my face. His hair is long and black, the skin under that is pale and his new soulmark looks good against it. It’s small blue lion. Cute. It’s early autumn but his body heat is enough to keep me warm too. I try to get a little look of his face and I see part of very angry face. Then it hits me on face. How did I not recognise his stupid mullet right a way. “Keith!!!” I yell over wind around us and he starts to pull over.

K: This is disaster!! Why him? Tingling on my neck and Lance’s hands are distracting. Why did I have to kick that rock and get us in this situation. Well how was I supposed to know it would break that stupid window? I can feel Lance move behind me. “Keith!” he yells and I groan and pull over anyway. “Hey Lance. Long time no see”, I say when we stop. “What a hell man!!” he yells and gets off. “You wanted to stay there and get scolded?” I ask ignoring his blue eyes. “What?” he asks. “That man was like super mad back there”, I say and he just stands there. I lift my gace to see his face. 4 years have made him look so much more adult and that is doing things to my ever lasting crush.

L: There he is staring at me whit those almost purbles eyes of his. Something moves in my stomach and I feel the need to brake the silence. “So… You have soulmark. It’s… nice”, I say. He plinks. “Oh. What is it?” he asks. “You don’t know?” I laugh. “No. It just appeared there”, he says. “Oh…” I say and feel stupid. Of course he don’t know. “It’s a lion. Blue one” I say and a little blush appeared to Keith cheeks. “I have to go now. See you around man”, I say and run off.

K: I keep staring at Lance’s neck where tiny red lion was. “See yah”, I finally say when he is too far to hear me anymore. Lance McClain is my soulmate. Boy how is so straight that it hurts. How are we ever going to make that work. Do he even want to make it work?

Explaining the Rainbow

Summary: based on the above prompt from phanfic.  I added a bunch of Phil explaining colours to Dan and other fun stuff as well.

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff

Dan always joked about how much he wore the colour black.  He made sarcastic comments about how everything he owned seemed to be black and white.  Though that was a bit of an exaggeration, he did have some colorful things, he just had a reason for it all.  

Dan was colourblind. In the truest sense of the word as he couldn’t see any colour at all.  The world was an array of black, white, and grey.  A grey scale with only variations.

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character/ship aesthetic meme: silhouettevalentine requested: aqua

“try all you want, but you’ll never defeat a heart filled with light.”


06 ~ Someone you know •

Reoccurring disclaimer: I’m horrible at making people from real life in the Sims. HORRIBLE. I tried to make my best friend Rose (wearebelovedweareone) but I can’t do her justice. Her beauty cannot be captured~♥ I really love her gothic-esque aesthetic so I based this sim’s outfit on the kind of clothes I can picture my friend actually wearing IRL. Also - her hair is not accurate because it’s actually light blue but I don’t have any light blue/black ombre CC that looked better than this, so here we are! Rose, if you see this sim and think it’s ugly I’m sorryyy!!