tried my best but eh

The Signs as Bo Burnham Songs

Aries: “Eat a Dick”

Taurus: “Country Song - Pandering”

Gemini: “Ironic”

Cancer: “Sad”

Leo: “#Deep”

Virgo: “Lower Your Expectations”

Libra: “Repeat Stuff”

Scorpio: “Left Brain, Right Brain”

Sagittarius: “From the Perspective of God”

Capricorn: “Can’t Handle This”

Aquarius: “Straight White Man”

Pisces: “We Think We Know You”

tried my best. is this accurate to anyone?
eh, whatever

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  • [ Gintoki as Joker ] [ Takasugi as Fox ] 

tried to mimic the P5 awesome all-out dramatic victory-pose (pfft) - not as awesome looking as those in the actual game but eh I tried my best - also did some edit to match the (Gintama)chara’s theme better; aside of the obvious outfit color change for both, I also changed the BG color for Gin’s, while for Taka’s, I changed the dragon in the BG to demon cause the Ki (鬼) in Kiheitai (鬼兵隊) lit. means ‘demon’.  =P

Cinnamon Roll Meme: Dead Men Edition

Looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you : Dexter Vex

Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a sinnamon roll : Erskine Ravel

Looks like they will kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll : Ghastly Bespoke

Looks like a sinnamon roll but is actually a cinnamon roll : Saracen Rue

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll : Larrikin

Looks like they will kill you and can actually kill you : Anton Shudder

Looks like a sinnamon roll and is actually a strange mix of cinnamon roll and sinnamon roll : Skulduggery Pleasant

Stale cinnamon roll, in this world too long, too cynical : Hopeless

Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a half-rotten, unpure cinnamon roll : Valkyrie Cain

finally got my tablet back in working fucking condition, just did this to get back into using my tablet.
mercy is my the cause and relief of my stress. i tried my best to replicate styles but eh?

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(honsetly don’t want to tag anyone directly except my friend. bc it’s my first time doing something like this and cuz i’m sensitive.)

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Tom Hiddleston {February 9, 1981}

“Actor. Prince Hal/ Henry V. Loki. Capt Nicholls. Fitzgerald. Freddie Page. Edward. Magnus. Oakley. Also: brother, son, friend, runner, dancer, prancer, loon.”

Wishing you an Happy Birthday, precious snowflake.

It’s not that you didn’t want a baby, but you didn’t really…want…one. You’d be fine with having one, but you’d be just as fine not having one, too. You’d tried to explain that to Calum over and over again, but your words never worked right and always came out all twisty and Calum would get mad because he wanted to have a kid (or two) with you; that’s all he wanted (besides marrying you, but that’s a whole different argument). You and he’d gotten in a pretty big argument about it, but you kind of stopped talking about it and never brought it up again.

Until now.

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No Day like a Snow Day (Bumbleby)

There were many, many, many words that could describe Blake Belladonna - but there was only one that could do the job all by itself.


Black as the key between the other piano keys. Black as the night. Black as ink on paper. Her hair was black, her clothes were black, and her name was, depending on translation, black. Her past was – take a random guess - black. She was shadows, and stalking, and grimness, and all in all, the view from inside of a book no one had yet figured out how to open.

Blake was black, through and through.

Which, of course, begged the question: how in the world was she managing to hide in the fresh-fallen white snow?

And for that matter, why had Yang let herself be talked into a snowball fight with Blake in the first place?

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Poppy from Dreamworks’ “Trolls.”

Saw the movie on November, and I really enjoyed it. ;) It was a cute movie with Shrek elements and great designs (clothes made in felt crafts, vivid colors on trolls). I really love Poppy - she’s optimistic and very determined. I always enjoy with happy-go-characters since Spongebob and Sailor Moon. ^w^

The background was…. EH. Oh well. At least I tried my best for using Photoshop. Enjoy.