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laughing my ass off because jack is the way i usually appear in pictures

i finished this! i didn’t exactly make the lines clean but i tried my best to not make them too sketchy- it’s lat e

background is the cristobal colon statue in barcelona!! picture i took

hope you like and stuff- i wanted to make a quirky picture of these dorks

just a few minutes until i watch steven universe tonight!! are you all hyped? /though i’m more hyped for monster reunion and alone at the sea

All The Commotion

A/N: Request about having a panic attack while attending Vidcon. I tried my best with this one but I don’t really know much about the event, sorry if there’s any errors x

Y/F/F = Your Favourite Food

The sun was shining and we were in California. I knew I should be buzzing with excitement - I’d never been to California or Vidcon - Dan and I had decided it would be a good experience for me and the fans to meet each other, as previously they’d only seen me in his videos. Part of me was excited to be there, but I couldn’t deny how tight my throat felt or how I felt like running in the other direction before we’d even entered the venue. 

Dan draped his arm across my shoulders, “Are you okay with all of this?” He asked me just as we were about to enter the doors to the venue. 

I nodded weakly. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin Dan’s enjoyment, this was a big day for him and many of his friends, like Phil, Louise and Tyler.

“Okay, tell me if you feel overwhelmed and we’ll take a break,” He said, smiling and kissing me on the forehead.

“Ah, I love you,”  I replied, not used to having people show much thought for my anxiety.

“I love you too,” He replied and we stood there for a moment, smiling at each other like goofs.

We entered the venue hand in hand and were instantly bombarded.  A group of four teenage girls came up to Dan screeching about how much they loved him, requesting photos and autographs. I smiled at them and they didn’t return the gesture. Dan wrapped his arm around my waist, “This is my girlfriend Y/N.” I smiled again and told them it was nice to meet them, and their responses were unenthusiastic to say the least. Dan gave me a reassuring look and we carried on our journey.

“Don’t take any of their actions personally, you’re lovely. A lot of them just can’t get over Phan,” Dan said, in a slightly mock tone.  

“I’m sure they’ll get used to me eventually. It’s not like I come between you and Phil right? I don’t see the problem.” I said, fiddling with my hair.
“No, you’re right, they will.” Dan replied, sounding certain.

We carried on walking and bumped into Louise, “Y/N!” She shouted, pulling me into a hug which I gladly returned. “You look gorgeous. Love the dress.” She said, chirpily.

“Thanks,” I replied, feeling happy to see a familiar face.

“Would either of you like a drink?” Dan asked, having to shout slightly so we could hear him over all the people.
We both asked for our usual drinks and Dan nodded, going to get them.

Louise sat down and I joined her. “So how’s it been so far?” She asked.

“Well I mean I’ve never been to Vidcon before but it seems-’’

’‘I mean with Dan,” She said softly.

'Oh,“ I replied and we laughed in unison.
’'It’s been really great so far, it was our one year anniversary on the 20th,” I replied and stared at the beautiful promise ring Dan had given me.

“Aww, you two are perfect for each other, don’t let any of his fans tell you otherwise.” She said and nodded, gesturing that Dan was returning.

“Here you go,” He said handing us our drinks and sitting beside me.

“We were just talking about you Dan,” Louise said smirking and sipping her drink.

“Ooh I know what you’ve been talking about,” Dan winked at me and I went bright red.

We all laughed, “It was pretty innocent conversation actually,” I smiled.

“Hmm, sure it was,” He grinned and I tried to hide my blush.


“I have to go on stage now, is everythig okay?” Dan asked, looking concerned.

“Yeah, I’ll see you soon,” I replied, kissing him. I knew the reality: I wasn’t fine, there were thousands of people and I couldn’t hear myself think over all the commotion. My throat felt tight and constricted, making me scared to even drink my water.

He returned my kiss and smiled at me. “I’ll text you as soon as I’m off stage,”

I sat down and tried to be a part of the crowd, but all I could hear was the girls behind me gossiping about Dan and I’s relationship. Of course they’ll break up soon. She’s only with him because he has money, I could feel a lump forming in my throat and felt the need to be invisible.
Knowing I’d reached my limit, I quietly left my seat and exited the room. A pang of guilt hit me as I realised I wouldn’t be seeing Dan on stage, but I couldn’t take it anymore; I needed a reprieve away from the madness.

 Failing miserably to keep my breathing solid I went in to the toilets and let myself have the meltdown I needed. Feeling flustered and stressed I splashed cold water on my face, blew my nose and grasped onto the sink as I tried to steady my breathing. What I really felt like doing was going back to the hotel room and laying face down on the pillow, not talking, not moving, just coming to terms with everything. A few deep breaths, I told myself before sipping my water.

I brushed my hair through and started to re-apply some makeup when I felt my phone buzz.

  “Can’t see you anywhere love?” Dan’s message read.

‘’Meet me outside the venue please x’’I replied

I set off outside and found Dan waiting for me by one of the trees. He saw me and instantly pulled me into his embrace.

“I know that was hard with all those people in there, sorry.” Dan said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“It’s okay, I’m glad I came today, even though it was hard.”

“Me too. It wouldn’t have felt right without you,” He replied, holding my face in his hands. 

“The evenings ours now, what would you like to do?” He asked, biting his lip.

“Hmm. Go back to the hotel and eat loads of Y/F/F,” I sighed happily.

“Sounds like a plan,” Dan smiled at me and called for a taxi back to the hotel.

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ezra miller barry allen with the prompt wow you are beautiful (saying this the first time he meets shy!reader) PRETTY PLS IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY

Note: I have watched the trailer for Justice League many times just so that I could get a hint of what Ezra’s Barry Allen would be like. If it’s off in any way, please forgive me. I tried my best.


It was another typical day for you. Laborious hours were spent at college that were mostly passed with the struggle of you attempting to stay awake. You knew that you needed your full six hours of sleep to be fully energized but the finals were coming up and you spent every waking second of your life in memorizing complex equations. You questioned yourself for what seemed like the hundredth time that day as to what in God’s name made you take up first year calculus that too with one of the most strictest professor’s made available in that damn building.

It was this thought mulling over in your head, that you walked down the busy avenue. There was a little drizzle going on, and the air around you was immensely cool. That, plus the music blasting in your ears, helped to calm you down a bit. You tried to remain in your head as best as you can and not notice all the loud noise that was being made by a group of locals, about a walk away. Part of you wanted to go up and check them out but the part that was too nervous in approaching new people won over.

Instead, you made your way into the local grocery store to pick up a few supplies. You took off your hood and gave a slight nod to the cashier. You picked up a basket and began to gather what you needed. Bread, cheese, a packet of toothpaste, some deodorant. The usual.

You were turning around a corner to head towards the back to grab a carton of milk, when you crashed hard into someone. The few moments in which you had to shut your eyes because of the pain was enough to tick you off. When you opened them, you were all but ready to scold the person before you.

Unfortunately, for him, he began on a mini rant of his own before you could even start.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I got distracted for just one second and I didn’t see you there. Which is funny considering I should have seen you coming from a mile away because wow you’re beautiful!” He babbled, making your eyebrows raise.

“Excuse me?” You asked for clarification.

You knew what he had said even in the great speed he was going at, but you still wanted to make sure that this was legit and not some random guy trying to make a pass at you.

“That was greatly inappropriate. I am so sorry. I’m just really off today, sick,” He pointed to his red nose as a way of explanation. “I should probably get out of your way and let you do your thing.” He said as he walked past you, down the aisle you came from. “Sorry, once again. Have a nice evening.”

You stared at his back as he left, totally taken aback by what had just happened. You chalked it up to one of those bizarre moments that simply happen with you, shook your head, and carried on.


Two weeks had passed since your last exam finished and you were laying down on the grass, underneath the direct sunlight. Your body was feeling infinitely warm but you loved it. It sure beat the chilly weather over any day.

You were about to drift into a deep sleep when you were awoken by a sharp thrust to the back of your head. Your face, namely your nose, impacted with the ground and sent a sharp pain shooting through your body. You scrunched up your nose that was seating a deep anger, and turned around to see your assailant. You squinted as the shadow-hidden figure materialized in the full sunlight.

“Hey, I’m sorry! It was a total accident. Didn’t mean to hit you at all.” He apologized with a huff. “If I could, I would have stopped it. Well, I could have but then that would have aroused suspicions and I would have to give a long list of explanations which frankly no one around here would understand completely. Which in retrospect would make my saving you, totally useless -”

“Why do I need saving?” You asked, interrupting his tirade.

“Well.. the soccer ball did just hit you..” He said hesitantly, bending down to squat beside you. “You sure it didn’t hit you too hard?” He had reached out a hand to touch your head, but you leaned back away from his touch. “Right,” He retracted his hand, “Sorry. Are you okay?”

You remained silent, not really liking him at the moment.

“Hello?” He waved his hand in front of your face as you dazed off.

“This is the second time you’ve hurt me because of your ignorance.” You stated. “I don’t appreciate it.”

“I completely understand, and I’m sorry. Once again, truly,” You looked over his shoulder to see a group of ten year old kids waiting around, watching you both silently.

Looking back at him, “Why are you playing with kids?” You eyed him down, wondering if he had any evil ideas in regards to them.

“I’m coaching them.” He answered with a grand smile.

You eyed him down once more. Judging from his clothes, he didn’t look like a coach.


“It’s true!”

“Step aside.” You said, nudging him aside so that you could get up. Turning around, you said, “Next time, if we ever do meet, do me a favor and try not to hurt me.”

You left as he began to give you an exasperated look.


You clapped as the best man finished giving his toast. Your friend had never looked more vibrant than she has today. Being with her significant other brought out a glow that you felt a tang envious of. But just a bit since you didn’t necessarily want to dampen her lively spirits.

You had left your table to attend to some of your other friends, when you got tackled. You let out a shout while you felt strong arms jerk you. You faced your assailant and your fury simmered down to a deep irritation and annoyance as it was once again, the one and only - Red.

Granted, that’s not his name, but it is a name that you had given him while you were walking back towards your home during your last encounter. Red was always prevalent on him. Whether it was his Rudolph-like nose, or his red and black checkered shirt, it was always shouting and screaming from everything else around him.

“Why am I not surprised?” You asked, sarcasm dripping your voice.

“Sorry?” He asked, shrinking into himself.

“What? No, long fumbling rants today.” You asked, crossing your arm.

“Not really. Unless you would like one. I have no problem in giving it to you. Frankly speaking, someone as gorgeous as you shouldn’t be denied anything they ask. Unless it’s murder or something equally law-forbidding. Then we have a problem and I might just have to arrest you.”

“And there he is.” You mumbled under your breath as he began.

“What’s that?” He asked, leaning in closer.

“Oh, I was just wondering, if it’s a habit of yours to meet everyone by attacking them or am I just special?”

“You’re very special. Don’t count yourself for less.”

Your mouth hung open. A blushing smile began to creep onto your lips as the thought of him flirting with you coming to mind.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“If it’s really obvious.. then does it still count? He asked, awkwardly.

“I think?” You answered with a question. Frankly, you had no idea how to flirt or if that’s what was even going on here.

“So why don’t we just skip this whole awkward discourse and get to the good stuff?”

Your eyebrows raised high at what he was implying.


With pursed lips and a thoughtful gaze, he offered, “A dance?”

“You can dance?” You asked incredulously.

Given the fact he almost toppled you over twice from very long distances, you weren’t really in the mood of trying out what he was capable of doing in close quarters.

Taking a sigh, he answered, “No, not really.”

Your head dropped a little as a teasing smile came to you.

“You just want to know me?” You suggested instead, peering through your eyelashes at him.

“That will be great.” He confessed with a huge relief.

“You don’t really know how to talk to people, do you?” You asked, looking at his jittery form.

“No, not really. I generally weird them out before they even get to know me.”

“Geez, I wonder why.” You said sarcastically.

“I think it’s my no-filter mind. Also the fact that I speak at a much faster rate than most people can comprehend and the people I associate myself with aren’t exactly the type I can bring up at dinner tables.” He offered, a bit too honestly. “Anyways, shall we?” He slight bowed down and extended his arm before you, showing you the way.

You rolled your eyes at his dramatics but found an amusing, yet gentle smile grace your lips. There was something really quirky about him, and some of the things he said went completely over your head. But he was bearable. Which quite frankly, said a lot about him compared to other people you’ve met.

“Just try not to kill me.” You joked, as you walked in his suggested way.

“I would stop time before I let that happen.” He commented.

When you looked at him, you saw an intensity that sent shivers down your spine. You still have doubts on what you saw, since it was just a flicker, but you wonder if you saw little sparks course through his eyes.

[160725] Instagram Hansol

+Thankful to my friend

Picture (it’s an essay a kid named Minjoon wrote for school):
Essay: I learnt how to follow the rhythm from ToppDogg’s Hansollie-hyung. I got excited, and I tried my best so I sweated a lot. It was very fun.
Teacher: Since you learnt from hyung, you will be able to dance to the rhythm well too, right, Minjoon?
Minjoon: Of course!

Trans: DoggOnTopp

love will remember ↝ kol mikaelson

description: you and your old lover, kol, are reunited after he’s been undaggered from his slumber.

requested by: anonymous.


notes: some of the dialogue belongs to the CW + Julie Plec. i really hope you like this, i tried my best to include the reader in it, but it wasn’t as easy as i’d thought.

Sitting at the dinner table calmly, you watched Elijah re-enter the room with a young blonde maid following after. She was holding a plate and wearing the same uniform as the others. Standing up in place, both you and Klaus looked at him skeptically. 

“Elijah…” the hybrid murmured in surprise as he stepped away from the younger Salvatore and towards the mini stairs where his elder brother was standing. “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“Where are your manners, brother?” Elijah retorted as he held his hands out in a gesturing motion. He stood there for a second, eyeing his brother and your own movements, before removing the towel that covered the tray that the young blonde waitress was carrying. “We forgot dessert.”

On the tray laid two silver daggers, which Klaus had used on his siblings to keep them in a deep slumber, when he was bored or sick of them, or even if they’d done something wrong like falling in love.You’d recognized it since Klaus daggered Kol in front of you. 

“What have you done?” Klaus questioned and growled narrowing his eyes and glaring at Elijah, clearly upset. He stood calmly, but it was clear from his voice that he was upset. You watched the two of them cautiously, as Damon stepped into the room and Stefan was free of Klaus’s grasp.

“What have you done?” Elijah countered as he stepped closer towards his younger brother, and off of the steps. “You see, I’ve learned not to trust your vulgar promises, Klaus. We’re doing this on my terms now.”

As he finished his sentence, there was a quick blur before Kol Mikaelson, the love of your life was standing in front of you. Klaus pulled back before raising his hands in defeat, while you watched Kol who hadn’t even acknowledged your presence.

“Kol.” the hybrid murmured softly. The younger Original smiled at the surprised hybrid, before he was surprised once again by his eldest and longest slumbering brother, Finn. “Finn, don’t.”

Grabbing one of the daggers, Finn shoved it in Klaus’s hand, causing the hybrid to groan in pain before retreating from his brother’s. Klaus made his way towards the other exit, before being stopped by Rebekah. 

“Rebekah!” he gasped in surprise with widened eyes, as she held another dagger in her hands. The blonde’s grip on the dagger tightened before she shoved it in his chest.

“This is for our mother.” she whispered angrily to him, with her teeth clenched and her jaw tight. Klaus groaned in pain, before backing away and being restrained by his younger brother, Kol.

Watching the love of your life fight with his elder brother, wasn’t how you’d hoped the evening would go, but you were left with no choice. Looking over at Elijah with pleading eyes, before he gave you a nod and you walked over towards Kol. 

Placing your soft hand on his forearm, you broke the young brunette from his thoughts, as he looked at you in shock. His eyes were wide with sadness, as your grip tightened.

“Kol; let’s get out of here. He isn’t worth it.” you murmured softly with pleading eyes. Kol looked at his older brother, Elijah, before letting go of his hybrid brother and taking your hand in his own.

The two of you walked out in silence, while you stayed close to him. Once you were out of the mansion, he let out a sigh of relief. His fingers went into your hair, as he played with it like he use to. “How long has it been this time?”

“100 years.” you answered avoiding his eyes, hesitantly. He flinched at those words before you gave him an assuring smile. “I will always wait for you; no matter how many years, Kol.”

anonymous asked:


• Kaden gives the sloppiest, biggest kisses. Sometimes they can get a little slobbery, but Corrin doesn’t mind and loves them anyway. 

• Early mornings are spent mutually grooming each other. Corrin can spend all day running a brush through Kaden’s tail, he can spend hours combing his fingers through Kaden’s hair, tickling behind his ears and hearing that laugh he loves so much. In return, Kaden loves getting up early to get the chance to brush Corrin’s hair. The first time Corrin accepted the request, needless to say, he was a little suprised when Kaden started licking him like a cat. 

• Although Corrin loves Kaden’s kisses, he’s rather fond of nose nuzzles. He often pulls Kaden in for one then surprises him with a quick, sweet kiss, then back to nose nuzzling. 

• Even though they wake up early often, the two can stay up all night in each other’s arms. On some nights, Kaden will take corrin out to the bet stargazing spots he can find, and then curl up next to him, letting Corrin hold his hand, using his other point out the constellations he can name, and make up ones for others he can’t. 

Letting Go

He didn’t write very often. When he did it was quality, but all very pretentious and seemingly unintentional. I tried my best to accept him. To look beyond the prideful outside that he curated so well. To let him see my vulnerability and my needs, too. The entire time I knew him there was only the past available to draw upon. Something about meeting me changed his direction. He appeared to slow down and pay more attention to his words. He seemed to write with fire and impact in the past but now, these months, he let go of something proud. Something he knew I was observing.

We are on opposite poles so lost from our connection, and his pen is ablaze again. I watch him from afar writing words that could heal if they weren’t so intended to hurt. With me off his radar he expresses his soul again. A crucial necessity that he buried for me, because of me, in me. The easiest part is committing that staying away is what he needs. The hardest part is accepting that he will never understand me.


Did you know I moonlight as an architect/interior decorator? Well, not very often because I have so much CC my game is really slow with all of it, so I don’t have the patience to do this very often… The house exterior and interior is based off one I found on a reality site a while ago, but the decor is my own. I have no idea how to take pictures like this, but I tried my best. I think I might do more decorating while my game is open!

I captioned the pictures in case you have no idea what you’re looking at. LOL

Playtime - Daddy Sam Drake x Reader

Hey Nony,
That was a bit difficult for me to write because I’d never envisioned Sam with a child but I tried my best. Sorry it took forever.
Again, English isn’t my first language.
Thanks for your idea, I had so much fun writing it.
PS: I actually have a friend who has a boy called Avery and I just love this name. But yeah, the whole Avery and pirates connection too.


Tittle: PlayTime 
Words: 680
Warning: None but be away from this story if you don’t like fluff

 It had never been one of your dreams to become a mother and you had never really expected it to happen but it did.
 After a year together, you told Sam you were pregnant and even though you had been hiding it for weeks for the fear of his reaction, he received the news so well you could swear you saw him crying of happiness.
 It was no surprised for you then when you arrived home from work and found Sam and Avery (Yeah, he had insisted on naming your son Avery) wearing pirate hats and playing with plastic swords.

“This ship is mine, now!” Avery shouted, pointing the fake sword at Sam
“I’m the captain of this ship and I won’t give up that easily! Prepare to fight!” Sam said

 You stood there watching them, they hadn’t noticed you yet so you kept quiet as their “fight” went on.

 “I throw you to the sharks!” Avery yelled, failing to pronounce the “Rs” like every other 3 year old does. 

 Avery jumped on Sam who was kneeling on the floor and he fell back with Avery on top of him.

“Oh no, you got me” Sam said
“Surrender, Captain Drake!!”  Avery said
“Okay, okay! I surrender!”  

 Avery looked up and finally saw you and he came running towards you.
“Mommy!! We are playing pirates!”
“I can see that, Avery…I see you just got your daddy’s ship” You picked him up and kissed his cheek
“In my defense, he’s the best pirate I’ve ever fought against” Sam walked to you and kissed you.

 Avery put his tiny hands on your heads and made you two stop kissing.

“Nooo” Avery said, he was jealous of you with Sam sometimes
“Okay…what do you wanna do?” You asked, sitting on the couch with him
“You are the pirate now” He put the hat on your head “Daddy will be the shark” “Alright, we can do that” You looked at Sam and he was laughing.

 The three of you played for a few more minutes, Avery would get tired of things very easily and he decided to throw you to the shark.

“You jump now!!” Avery said, pushing you
“Alright, alright! Bossy just like your father” you joked

 You pretended to jump into the sea and you lied on the floor, Sam pulled you to him slowly by the legs, lying on top of you and he pretended to be biting your neck.
 You were ticklish and you laughed so much you were almost crying. Avery ran to his bedroom to do whatever he felt like doing (he was always like that) and left you two on the floor, laughing like two idiots.

“You can stop now, you know? He gave up on this game” You finally said
“I’m playing my game now, babe” He started kissing your neck  

 You ran your fingers through his hair, you felt his lips on your skin and it made you shiver. Now that you had a kid and Sam constantly traveling with Sully, it was hard for you two to have some time alone and also, with Avery sleeping with you two at most nights, you had to do it whenever you were alone, which wasn’t the case that night.
 Sam kissed you with need but slowly and you kissed him back, your body responding to him immediately like it always did.

“I miss you. I miss this” You said, looking at him
“Me too, babe” He kissed you again “I’ll stay around longer this time”
“You better and by the way, I asked Elena to watch Avery tomorrow. I have plans for us” You said
“Do you?” He asked, that little smirk on his face as he knew what you meant
“Yeah and it involves that hat you were wearing” you said
“You liked that, huh?” He smiled “Your Captain Drake”
“Aye, aye Captain” you pulled him by his T-shirt

 You two were about to kiss again when Avery jumped on top of you and Sam looked at you, defeated.

“Tomorrow” He said