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The answer to my question to how to destroy the Sith is Obi-Wan Kenobi.


skydive headcanon: himup are in a unhealthy relationship

Himchan knows Jongup is unhinged; unpredictable. Dangerous. Sometimes he thinks maybe that’s what he reeled him in from the start—what got him caught in Jongup’s web—and it scares him. He tries desperately to remember a time when their kisses didn’t taste of blood and smoke, when Jongup’s eyes didn’t burn with something Himchan doesn’t know the name of, but fails.

There’s a knife caressing his throat, smeared with blood from the men lying dead on the floor. Jongup’s hot breath curls over Himchan’s lips, their noses brushing softly. Daehyun glances over. Youngjae doesn’t. In the corner Yongguk is burning his share of the money. Junhong makes it rain. Jongup wouldn’t care if the gang were watching them—probably wants them to. Himchan doesn’t. They all count on him to keep his boyfriend in check; trusts he’d never let him go too far.

Watching Jongup lower the knife and walk away, Himchan prays he won’t.

Imagine if the Grounders didn’t have contact lenses but the Skypeople did, so when Clarke discovered that Lexa was blind af she gave her some and at first Lexa would’ve been reluctant to put weird things in her eyes, but eventually she tried (and probably failed, because putting in contacts for the first time is shit) so then finally Clarke helped her put them in and the first thing Lexa saw clearly was Clarke and she was shook af.

do u ever remember that even has slept in isak’s bed for so long he doesn’t like his own bed anymore bc i do;

  • even and isak being apart for the first time monday afternoon when they get back home, alone, and it’s quiet. isak sits on his bed and its bigger than it used to be
    • even can’t sleep that night. all he think about is how isak smells, how warm he was under the covers, the feeling of having someone else there, having someone to wake up next to in the morning, how isak drools just a little bit and makes these adorable breathy sounds when he’s having an intense dream
    • he tries but fails and shows up to isak’s apartment at 21hrs with some lame excuse because he doesn’t want isak to tease him about how clingy the thought of not being able to sleep without him is.
  • he forces himself to sleep in his own room tuesday night because he can’t let this go too fast, he can’t fuck it up this time. he misses isak so badly even though he literally saw him hours ago and has been texting him ever since.
    • isak seems a bit off all afternoon on tuesday and eskild realizes its bc even isn’t there, he does his best not tease isak about being so in love but honestly????? he can’t resist. isak just rolls his eyes and denies it.
    • later he goes into eskild’s room and sighs loudly and flops onto the bed and complains “I JUST MISS HIM OK. being in relationship sucks …. i just want to see him again.”
    • eskild just pats his head and is like ‘oh, u sweet summer child, welcome to being in love, its terrible 99% of the time, get used to it my godson.’
  • now that even’s sleeping in his own bed again, he’s desperate to talk to isak. he misses isak’s laugh and they way that he looks at him and the way he kisses him, but at least texting makes him feel a little bit better.
    • he constantly scolds himself for becoming so infatuated so quickly.
  • isak can’t focus on anything, he just thinks of even. it’s consuming him and tbh??? it doesnt really get any better when even’s around.
  • even is out of control. boners in english class is just scratching the surface, he has indecent thoughts evERYWHERE and at the most inappropriate places.
  • both of them need just need to get it out of their systems ngl after two weeks of practically no contact, both of them are bit affection-starved.
  • being together just feels SO NICE, and being happy and affectionate is INCREDIBLE after so much nerves, and struggles, and heartbreak. 
    • they’ll be back to functioning normally without each other soon, but for now they’re both in love with being in love with each other and it feels like the most important things in their lives.
    • fuck school, fuck friends, fuck literally everything, i’m with him and he wants to be with me.
  • seeing each other before, after and during school are moments where they can breathe again. 
  • tuesday night is absolutely awful for the both of them and when he comes over on wednesday they both agree it was stupid and that even should stay here for at least the next million years.
  • speaking of wednesday night….
    • even trying to help isak with his physics paper but they just end up making out instead.
    • isak tries to cook for even and it doesn’t work out, and they just order a pizza instead.
    • long, long, make-out sessions where they just kiss softly again and again and even’s hands rest on isak’s hips beneath his shirt and isak whispers to him, and there’s one hand in his hair, and they fall asleep next to each other like that because they’re so fuckin relaxed. and being around each other just makes each of them Calm. 
    • isak swears he can only dream when even is next to him in the bed.
    • falling asleep at 7 pm and waking up at 2 am like “oh shit i’m hungry lets have a late night snack and kiss a little bit more and then go back to sleep”
  • i love them they’re falling in love with each other, they’re probably so nervous and anxious when they’re not around each other, can we just see them sleep together for 10 minutes bc i would enjoy every second of it.

Tina Goldstein is the most underappreciated character of the movie.

The girl lost her parents and she has been taking care of her sister for years.

She tried to have a career and not just settle for any job. What people have failed to notice, probably because the president is a woman, is that the number of women in higher positions and in the council was limited. They were settling for office work. Tina becoming an auror wouldn’t have been easy.

She was treated like trash at her job because stepping in when a teenage boy was being abused was considered a mistake.since it risked their exposure.

Saving Credence was among her happiest memories despite the negative effect it had for her own life.

She was sentenced to die and people she worked with everyday looked at her, smiled and showed no signs of regret as they were sending her to her death.

She tried so hard to show Newt that she did not want to harm him in anyway and was genuine towards him.

She believed in Credence and she was the only one who could really calm him because she was the only one who cared selflessly… not because he could be of use or because he was destructive.

in her scenes with Newt, especially the last ones, her smiles and the way she looked was just wonderful.


Being Married to Newt Would Involve...

A/N: I am the person who made this little drabble: Dating Newt Would Involve… so I thought, what if I made a being married to Newt one? I try to make it an any house reader but as a Slytherin, it’s kinda difficult. But I hope you guys enjoy this one! 

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  • You don’t have to worry about going home anymore since you live with Newt
  • He would probably wake up before you and give you little kisses on your nose and forehead if you’re facing him.
  • If your back was facing him, expect little kisses on your head and on your shoulders.


  • Newt loves your cooking. You learned at a young age so you could whip up a great meal. 
  • Newt tried to make a meal to be romantic but he fails. This causes you to teach him. 

~Living With Each Other

  • You both live in England and you both live in the wizard side however. 
  • Whenever you two go over to New York, you both sleep over at Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment. 

  • You both share the bed and this causes more cuddling. 

~Traveling Together

  • Newt took you everywhere you wanted to go and where he needed to be. 
  • You both would buy cute little souvenirs and put them around in your apartment. 

  • Newt would take pictures of you when you aren’t looking. 

~Late Nights

  • You love hearing him read to you. Your head would be on his chest and he would read his book to you. 

~Taking Care Of The Creatures

  • You would be the one to take care of them whenever Newt gets sick. 
  • You both would take care of the creatures together and act like cute little parents. 


  • Newt would be nervous af. 
  • Slow and passionate all the time but when you tease him, you bring out a little more confidant side of him if you know what I mean

~Morning After

  • Your head would be on his chest and his arms wrapped around you.
  • Your hands would run through Newt’s already messy hair as he slept.
  • If he woke up before you, he would rub little circles on your back and stare at your sleeping face. 

~How You Both Are With Children

  • You both are the best parents ever.
  • With Newt’s kindness and your (insert trait you have. I know you have one. Don’t act like you don’t have one) you both are the best parents a kid can ask for. 

  • You won’t let your child near the creatures until they were at least six months old.

  • Newt would honestly teach the kids about each creature when they’re older

  • You both cry when they got their Hogwarts letter.

A/N: I hope you guys liked that one cause I liked it. I am doing requests so if you have one, don’t be shy to make a request. I’d be more than happy to make on for you guys!

Zen is rEADY TO FIGHT NO ONE CAN HOLD HIM DOWN someone is going to catch These Fists ™ because you’re his damnit get away from my angel but he ends up just confronting the dude and telling him to back u p and nothing violent goes down thank god

Jumin is calm about it and just takes you and walks away but on the inside he is holding himself back from sending that man to a hospital he is 👌🏼👌🏼 this close

also will lowkey get that guy fired and make it hell for him to ever get a job again

Yoosung gets beat up because he tries to square df up and he has a black eye now poor baby he feels bad because he couldn’t protect you but then the guy gets arrested for assault so he’s chill about it but he’s still a small angry bean ready to fight ( and probably fail )

Seven and you look at each other then turn back to the dude and scream at the same time like a high pitched super loud scream and it scared the shit out of the dude and he’s out of there asap and you and Seven just high five it out for your diy cat-caller repellent but then the police get called because of that scream and you guys have to explain the situation and the police officer tells you to never do that again lmao

The chat that didn't happen
  • SNAPE: I've been thinking about the prophecy.
  • VOLDEMORT: Oh yes?
  • SNAPE: And I've been feeling pretty terrible about that kid.
  • VOLDEMORT: That kid..? Severus, are you perhaps referring to, 'The one who has the power to vanquish the Dark Lord'?
  • SNAPE: Yes! Him! How about you just, y'know, spare him?
  • VOLDEMORT: .......

seapanda02  asked:

So, I was looking at your Harry teacher AU (which is my absolute fave Headcanon/AU) and I was thinking... what about Professor Malfoy??? What if Draco taught at Hogwarts as well, either Charms (because he was always good at hexing people) or Potions (Snape took him under his wing). Imagine when he and Harry first started working there, they have respect for eachother, but still that small bit of rivalry. But then they slowly become friends, and even pull a few small pranks on the students.

Truth be told, I’m more of a Healer!Draco person, but occasionally I do enjoy scenario where they both are professors at Hogwarts. My favourite headcanon regarding it is that Draco tries really hard to be feared by his students, to gain Snape-like reputation, but fails spectacularly, much to Harry’s amusement. As to what subject he would teach, I’m inclined to either Potions or Astronomy. Although there’s this really good fic (which probably everyone has read already but eh) where he teaches Transfiguration.

Signs and their laugh

*soundless laugh while gasping and trying to contain stomach*: Aquarius, Aries, Pisces, Virgo

*laughs so hard they probably have abs from laughing*: Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, Leo

*tries to hide laugh but ultimately fails*: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer


                     man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
                                            give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.

                                                                                                 - oscar wilde. 


the signs as high school stereotypes
  • Aries: takes gym way too seriously
  • Taurus: art nerd that probably wears a hat every day
  • Gemini: goes to every party and starts all the rumors
  • Cancer: gets straight A's and wears grey a whole lot
  • Leo: literal queen/king of everything, probably rude
  • Virgo: that nerdy kid that gets shoved up against the lockers
  • Libra: that kid who tries to be Leo but fails
  • Scorpio: wears black and everyone thinks they're scary but actually has a heart of gold
  • Sagittarius: skips class and smokes but is still really nice
  • Capricorn: nerd with a god complex
  • Aquarius: pretentious hipster
  • Pisces: the person that the media thinks Taylor Swift is
Can't get to the wifi login page? Browse to!

Sometimes (all the time) when I connect to my office wifi network or a public hotspot I end up failing to retrieve the login page for one reason or another. Sometimes my browser’s auto-redirect tries to hit the internet for instruction on how to handle the new network and fail miserably.

By browsing to “” I just about always get redirected to the network’s login page. Since I’m not trying to hit something outside the network the redirect happens inmediately. Then I’m free to look at all the porn I need to!

Note that if you go to and it brings you to an insecure router control panel you probably don’t want to be on that public network.

Beat by Beat

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All 3 Barebone children are magical - only one became an obscurus. That’s okay- they can take care of their own.

Earliest memory Credence has is not really a memory. It’s a memory of a memory, wrapped up in the confusion and sadness of a little boy who tried to make sense of what had happened and failed at every turn.

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Okay but

I know the fandom is having a freak out but can we acknowledge that Yuri’s anxiety kept growing and he obviously was regretting his quad flip until JJ crashed and burned and he realised that taking a risk and failing is okay because you tried and he still made it into the final which is an accomplishment.

Which is why I think he decided to tell Victor his plans to retire.

Which is what he means he’s not breaking up they still have the rings on and appear calm and close going into the Free Skate. Also he says he’s going to lay their love bare.

Because Yuri gained clarity and confidence in his decisions thanks to Victor.

It’s going to be okay even if he doesn’t win…but he probably will and I will love it if he does.