tried and failed

I am playing a kitsune bard. It’s my first time playing a bard and have been a little frustrated with the class as much as I enjoy it. I am using a large crossbow (due to my ridiculously low strength).

Me and another player who is a human wizard end up getting caught off guard by a goblin with a bow. After one-shot ting the goblin with my crossbow (this is our first session at first level) a goblin dog comes at me, angry for killing it’s master.

I decided to drop my crossbow rather than taking the full turn to reload and pull out my mandolin, attempting to fascinate it. When my fascinate fails, the goblin dog then tries to bite me, also failing it’s attack roll.

I didn’t really want to drop my mandolin too to pick up my dagger.

Me (ooc):“Can I swing at it with my mandolin?”

This is our DMS first time DMing too.

DM: “uh yeah… but it would be an improvised weapon. You take -4.”

I decide to do it anyhow.

I manage to crit. Then confirm. Then one shot the goblin dog as well.

Dm: *facepalms.

Everyone else: *ROFL

This popped into my head the other day:

Age of Ultron party scene - new headcanon.

Clint sits next to Maria, for old time’s sake. He spins drumsticks, not arrows, because “they are a fucking weapon, Barton, and you are not spinning them next to me while you’ve been drinking.” Natasha has always been tasked with keeping The Big Guy with the Avengers, and he knows that even in the semi relaxed atmosphere, she will keep to her mission. He’ll find her later; they’ve managed this long.

Popcorn is thrown at Tony when he tries and fails to lift the hammer. It’s then continued to be thrown at the other Avengers - which they try to ignore or catch in their mouths. 

Bruce tried to lift the hammer, out of scientific curiosity. He doesn’t really expect to be able to lift it, if the mythology is to be believed.

Clint notices when the hammer moves for Steve; he tilts his head while scratching his temple, and Natasha slow blinks in acknowledgement.

Natasha turns down her opportunity flippantly, but he knows the history behind her remark. He turns down his in the same manner, telling them it’s a trick - like playing a carnival game. She knows the sentiment behind the words.

They boo at Thor when he declares them unworthy, silently agreeing. He can see hers in the tightness of her eyes; she sees his false smile. Then, they are too busy. Natasha has to protect her asset. Clint does what he can without having his bow and arrows - Maria - and they have to gameplan. They go to quarters to rest as much as they can. Clint goes through the ducts to Natasha’s room, as he’s done so many times before. 

There, they can check for injuries during the fire fight - a delayed check from their normal, but necessary. After they’ve done that, and cleaned themselves up, they collapse on the bed and wrap themselves in each other. 

As they lay tangled together, he says to her, “Who needs a giant hammer anyway? Then you can only use giant nails. Otherwise you’re knocking holes in the wall anytime you hang a picture.”

She laughs, as she is meant to, and kisses him. “Irresponsible,” she agrees. They lay quietly for a minute. She touches her forehead to his as they lay on the same pillow. “Someday.”


And they drift off to sleep, together, to keep the nightmares at bay. They need what little rest they can get until it’s time to fight once more, to work for the salvation they seek, to finally feel worthy.

don’t talk to me about how much kes dameron was made for fatherhood & family life because i will truly talk your head off.

The Argument (TOP Drabble)

Requested by anonymous

The aftermath of your first major arguement as a couple

The tears seemed unable to stop, no matter how much you tried to make them. You didn’t want to cry, but everything that’d just happened was too much for you to handle. That things would end up like this was not what you had expected, even though the night hadn’t started off in such a good place – with Seung Hyun having been annoyed even when he’d first gotten to your place.

The fact that the two of you would end up in your first major argument as a couple was still not what you had expected.

The stress and tiredness that he’d been battling had been something you’d tried to ignore, only to fail shortly after he’d walked through the door – your idiotic boss treating you like crap all week being the reason why. Harsh words had soon been exchanged and, eventually, those harsh words had been delivered to each other through loud voices that most likely got the attention of your neighbors.

It had all ended with him walking out the door and slamming it shut behind him, while you had retreated to the bedroom – where you still were, sat on the bed as the tears continued to fall. Close to an hour had gone by since the argument had ended and you found yourself wondering if Seung Hyun was coming back. Was he genuinely angry with you because of the argument? Should you call him? You didn’t want to fight…

The sound of the front door suddenly opening and closing interrupted your thoughts and, a few moments later, Seung Hyun appeared in the doorway - a guilty and hesitant look on his face. The two of you spent the next few moments after that doing nothing but looking at each other, without uttering a single word.

He was the first to move, making his way towards you where you sat on the bed. You watched him in silence, still not saying a word when he crouched down in front of you.

“Sorry…”, he soon mumbled, carefully and hesitantly grabbing your hand soon after – the hesitation telling you that he was unsure if you’d let him touch your or not, which you did, “… I didn’t want to yell at you like that… I’m so sorry, baby… Did I scare you?”

You bit your lip as the tears started to fall a little harder at hearing his question. A moment later you nodded you head, since having him raise his voice like that at you had scared you somewhat. At your response, the guilty look on his face grew.

“I’m so sorry, baby”, he repeated.

You lowered your eyes to your intertwined hands before speaking, “I’m sorry too… For yelling back at you”

“I don’t want to fight”, he said.

“Me neither”, you mumbled.

You pulled your eyes away from your hands and the two of you were soon enough looking at each other again – a small smile slowly growing on Seung Hyun’s face. He then surprised you by suddenly pulling you to him by your intertwined hands, resulting in him ending up sitting on the floor with you more or less straddling him. His arms were quick to wrap around your waist and you weren’t far behind with wrapping yours around his neck.

“I really am sorry, baby”, he said quietly after a few moments.

“Shut up”, you said in return, which earned you a chuckle from him in response.

Sooooo I tried and probably failed but oh well… yeah I tried.
I’m… not a fan of Ameripan. I see Kiku and Alfred as very food friends. But I saw with nyo!Japan and… I don’t know I kind of liked it ? I’m not sure x)
So well, I was searching for something but I saw a picture and thought “I’m going to make Ameripan for @katsuriya !” Yeah no reason.
And I tried colors cause she proposed (or asked I’m not sure) but seriously, you realize you’re not the only one who’s asked that do you ? I usually says that I know I can’t do it and I prefer my grey pencils you know ! Ah well…


I deployed the Lone Pistol Sniper on a mission. She did not succeed in the mission - I had to evac her with two HP remaining - but she succeeded in killing 80% of ADVENT’s forces. Not without some help, however. She caused two seperate friendly fire incidents. When a codex disabled her sniper rifle, she ran away. The psi explosion after it killed the ADVENT Officer that tried to get an overwatch shot on her, and sent an Archon into a battle frenzy. 

Later, after killing said Archon and fighting two codexes that kept cloning themselves, a lancer and a sectopod showed up. Sectopod misses and starts aiming its Giant Laser Cannon, when the lancer tried and failed to stab my sniper. After using Lightning Hands on another enemy, she promptly skedaddled, leaving the lancer to be obliterated by his own ally.

anonymous asked:

Hey you look great!! (Not that you weren't stunning before too) Do you have any advice for losing weight? I keep trying and failing these days, I just can't keep focus. How do you recommend getting started and sticking with it?

I use an app called MyFitnessPal and if you log in so many times in a row it creates a streak which will motivate you to keep logging every day. Honestly my advice is just to figure out why you want to lose weight and create a reasonable goal, as well as mini-goals to celebrate along the way. 

I tried and failed many time before this, and it seemed like forever until the weight loss actually became noticeable. My motivation was fashion and all the cute vintage clothes I wanted. Just remember to be kind to yourself and keep your goals reasonable, and remember that beauty is there in you no matter what the scale says.