tried a new colouring


March week 11 >> Always Choose Happy >> Beginning of week

I started off thinking, oh lets try minimal this week, so started off with just the left hand side day heading. Then added washi… then coloured some flowers … then yeah this happened :) tried something new with some weekly goals to keep me on track, as well as a tracker to see how I go. 

P.S. Being new to this studyblr community I never realised how beauiful and creative some planner spreads could be! So I totally went and bought some brush pens, cute sticky notes, plus other stationery that I totally *needed*. So watch this space and I’ll be posting how I go with the goodies.

i wanted to draw him for so long you have no idea

starring: @dantecain‘s Sylvan

okay but hear me out on this, okay. Keith couldn’t have been in the desert alone for that long, man. I have a whole headcannon figured out about how Keith has a pet/best friend desert iguana named Butter (short for Peanut Butter because of the colour) back on Earth. It’s just a soft side of him that no one sees and also the reason why he didn’t implode from loneliness. Talk to me about soft Keith with Butter and i will love you

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Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics

It’s been Wildstar Month over on Patreon.

Myym and Rhilyn strike again! The genuine and generous gentlebeings graced me yet again with another gift, reuniting Lovall at long last with his true love, the Little Lost Larvae.

Tried a new colouring technique for this one, and while it was much quicker than my usual method, I’m not happy with the results either. But I desperately need to find a new approach if I hope to produce more comics and maintain my sanity at the same time.


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Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Ronald picking on Sebastian || Requested by: feelthisbeatz

Wind in our sails!
The future is looking bright!
For us, that is.