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Headcanon – after the events of Infinity War and / or GotG 3, Nebula shows up more frequently, helping the Guardians out now and then.

Problem being that they are supposed to be nice people, at least in the eyes of those that they save, and Nebula is not really good at the whole acting as a hero. She’s not even very good at acting nicely.

So when she tries to talk normally, let’s say, to a child, and it comes out in her usual harsh way (less death threats in it, though, which is a plus) she notices the child’s expression and hesitates, remembering what Gamora, Kraglin and Peter have tried to tell her.

And she glimpses over to the Guardians and, with some reluctance, asks, “Not… good?”

“Eh,” Kraglin makes a vague gesture, expression somewhere between smiling helplessly and grimacing. “Yer… almost there, really”

“Some more practice, and you will be a pro,” Peter assures her, grinning when she glares at him. She’s never exactly sure when this guy is being serious and when he isn’t – the latter being like almost all the time.

“Sister,” Nebula gets pulled from her thoughts when Gamora, very carefully, hovers a hand over her shoulder, not touching, but there. Gamora is smiling. “Try again. You’re getting better each time.”


She doesn’t like having to try something so many times. Trying means that she has made mistakes and has to start over again, and mistakes were punished with pain, in the past.

But here… it’s different. Sometimes someone laughs (Drax) when she messes up, but shuts up when everyone glares at him (“Dude!”). Kraglin is awkward, sometimes, but actually helps. Peter may joke, but his advice is good, as grudgingly as she has to say that. And Gamora… is her sister. She has a sister again.

And she is not going to shrink away from a simple challenge like this.

So Nebula takes a deep breath and tries again.

anonymous asked:

How do I play with my cat properly? Your blog has made me appreciate my cats so much, I just wanna know ways I can get closer to them :0

Aww yay!! <3 I’m happy you’re finding extra joy in your feline friends! 

All cats play a little bit differently, but there are some tried and true favorites: 

Cats naturally enjoy games that mimic hunting, so games where they chase toys like play mice or feathered bobbles are especially satisfying. The feather-on-a-stick is a cheap and easy toy you can find at any pet store (don’t use ‘found feathers’ as they may not be sanitary and in most places are not legal). You can find very expensive toys out there but honestly your cat is not picky: anything that catches their eye and makes them think “prey!” is going to get their play wheels turning! 

Laser pointers are another great way to get your cats active and playing! However, I’ll add a caveat to that: after play with a laser pointer, give your cats something “real” to capture, like a toy or a treat, because many cats find the experience of chasing the red dot frustrating because they never ‘win.’ 

The “blanket” game is fun too: use a blanket or sheet (or really any expanse of cloth) and entice your kitty to chase your hand beneath it. Take care with this one, though, as the kitty will not realize it is your hand and may come in with teeth and claws bared. They won’t mean to hurt you but they can, so if your kitty tends toward rough play, a glove might be a good precaution. (Similarly, if you like to ‘play rough’ with your kitty and let them attack your hand, be prepared to bleed a little; don’t get mad at kitty for being kitty! If you want to avoid cuts and scratches, it’s best to stick with toys).

Toys with catnip are also great for some cats. Not all cats like or care about catnip, but some really enjoy the extra stimulation. 

Speaking of extra stimulation: toys that reward are fantastic for kitties! You can find many ‘puzzle’ toys out there that hold treats, and the kitties have to figure out how to get them out by batting the toy around. This will make the play extra rewarding for them. 

The main thing is to make sure your cat is in the mood to play, and if you offer a treat or toy and they turn it down, don’t press the issue. Cats have moods just like people, and trying to insist they play when they maybe just wanna chill isn’t the best approach to take. But when they get that light in their eyes or start zooming around the house, you can bet they’re ready to burn some energy and will likely be very receptive to your involvement in the fun!