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Favorite Vegan Meals I’ve Eaten in the Boston Area 2017 (So Far)

1. Trident Bowl w/ Quinoa (Trident Booksellers and Cafe- Boston, MA)

2. Vegetable Pho (Pho Linh- Quincy, MA)

3. Vegan Mac and Cheese w/ Broccoli (The Friendly Toast- Cambridge, MA)

4. Veggie Burger and Fries w/ Kale Crush Smoothie (B Good- Boston, MA)

5. Vegan Nachos w/ Vegan Chicken  (The Friendly Toast- Cambridge, MA)

anonymous asked:

The people of Scotland will never vote to be independent now. Free movement of people and the euro are something you would certainly have to accept to stay/join in the EU which would result in a border between the UK and Scotland that would destroy thousands of businesses in Scotland that rely on being in the UK or selling to the rest of the UK. Add the fact the price of oil has gone down almost as fast as the pound. And the possibility of a Spain veto. Also, the Jungle may move to Scotland.

1) Have you seen the pound recently? Unless we’re able to negotiate an opt-out, I have no problem with using the Euro

2) We’d have to accept free movement of people? I see no problem with this whatsoever.

3) A border between EU and non-EU countries, you say? You mean like the ones that exist between, ooh, non-EU Norway and EU Sweden?

What a nice border! The SNP have said that the Scottish government wouldn’t put one up… so… I guess the ball is in the UK government’s court if they would implement one.

4) Destroy businesses that rely on being in the UK? The only business I can see it destroying is the Trident naval base. So long, nuclear weapons! Go to Dover and be docked there!

5) Oil is a volatile commodity, there’s no doubts about that. However, we’re lucky that we have vast natural resources here and have at least started to invest in green infrastructure. We’re the windiest country in Europe, it’s about time we harnessed this wind power and put it to good use.

6) Actually, Spain have not said that they would veto Scotland’s accession to the EU.

7) The jungle will move to Scotland? Well, jungle tends to thrive in warmer climates, so that would be quite something!

Shows how important Scotland is, we can all die in a radioactive maelstrom for all they care, just so long as we keep Trident. You’d have thought, given the inevitability of independence that some MPs from likely alternative Trident bases would be there, where are the Devonians? Where are the Cornish? Where is the Welsh liebore party? For Scotland though: Ian Murray is there (good for him, credit where it’s due), Carmichael doesn’t count, does anyone see Mundell?

Hey guys I need some cosplay help

Hey does anyone know where I could get a long trident pole base (like a wooden one or actually it would essentially just have to be long thing and round) I need one for my Meenah trident and it would be great if it could be someplace easily located rather off the internet, also it cannon be one of the wooden poles from Micheals because they are simply to short, any ideas to where I could go?

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Why doesn't pris have fins or webbed hands/feet? I don't mean her ears, I mean arm or leg fins. It's always bothered me. And where are her gills?

Well, when I first designed the character I needed a guy that had some pretty simple design mostly because this was back when I couldn’t draw humans/humanoids to save my life. So, yeah. I just gave her a trident and some shell based armor and BAM! Instant fish person. The design didn’t evolve that much through the years mostly because I just drew her for fun and the only “audience” that I had were the friends I draw with.

Tho’ I guess I should go on and redesign her a bit before I start on that comic thing. Maybe insensitive the whole fish aspect, I don’t know. I’m not there yet.

In the other hand I did found kind of fun. the idea that people can’t be able to tell she’s a “fish”. I don’t know, just make her angry every time someone calls her a goblin, a frog or someone with a really bad skin condition.

But since I’m here to please you (-snorts-). Here are the fins and gills you asked for.