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The Buddha said that friendship is the whole of holy life. To accomplish it, we need only overcome our fear of reaching out to one another.

Great little article about making the first move - in friendship. Making the first move is difficult for me. I want to be genuine and open, but I struggle hard with vulnerability, most particularly with other women. But in my heart, I know the reward outweighs the risk. I would rather keep reaching out and trying to connect - even with possible rejection - than live a life closed off and lonely. Because what kind of life is that?

So after I read this yesterday, I finally reached out to a gal I’ve been meaning to ask out on a friend date for about six months now and we made plans for lunch in a few weeks. We may deeply connect, we may not, but it’s worth finding out.

Hindi pala driver

*may kausap yung driver ng tricycle gamit isang kamay nya kaya mabagal kami tapos nainis yung isang pasahero*

p1 : ano ba naman yan kuya kanina ka pa may kausap hindi na kami nakauwi sa bagal ng tricycle mo.

*galit pa ang driver eh umabot na ng ilang minutes nabadtrip na yung pasahero na isa*

p2 : Ano ba yan?! Sana hindi ka nag tricycle driver sana nag-apply kang call center agent ka puro tawag lang alam mo!!!!


  • Anthony Fantano:*wakes up strapped to a chair in a dark warehouse* What the fuck, where am I?
  • Jigsaw:*rides out on his tricycle* Hello, Anthony. For years you have been reviewing music, deeming yourself the "internet's busiest music nerd", but the truth is that you know nothing about electronic music. You've never even been to England. Yet, you still judge it like you're an expert.
  • *psytrance starts playing*
  • Jigsaw:You have six minutes to correctly choose whether this track is full-on psytrance or soumisaundi psytrance. If you choose incorrectly or run out of time, you will be rendered permanently deaf by the power drills on each side of you head. Make your choice wisely. *tricycles back into the darkness*
  • Fantano:You're a fucking madman! This is IMPOSSIBLE!
Awakening is not a state but a process: an ethical way of life and commitment that enables human flourishing. As such, it is no longer the exclusive preserve of enlightened teachers or accomplished yogis. Likewise, nirvana—the stopping of craving—is not the goal of the path but its very source. For human flourishing first stirs in that clear, bright, empty space where neurotic self-centredness realizes that it has no ground at all to stand on. One is then freed to pour forth like sunlight.

Stephen Batchelor 

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review