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Hey. What if the Robins make up stories about Bruce to tell the Justice Leaguers? Dick: Oh yeah, one time Batman dressed up like a moose and rode a tricycle in order to bait a villain out of hiding. Jason: One time Batman got spooked and punched himself in the face. Tim: When Alfred was away Bruce tried serving us Medium-Rare chicken for dinner. ANd the JL believes them, so when they bring up the stories to Bruce he's just like WTF?

OMG YES! They all have goofy stories that they collaborate on and as a family agree to pretend are true. And the best thing is, some of the stories might have a little truth behind them like, “Yeah Bruce actually has a pink batsuit. He has one in every ROYGBIV Color actually.” 

A Rare Photo of Jim Henson Directing The Great Muppet Capers, Bicycle Scene. The end of the bicycle scene, where all the Muppets are shown riding together was actually done by putting all of the Muppet characters onto their bikes, then hooking them together. Brian Henson, on an oversized tricycle, was amongst those pulling the bikes.

  • 707: babe come over
  • MC: i can't my car only has three wheels
  • 707: do you have a tricycle
  • MC: you were supposed to say "but my parents aren't home"
  • 707: okay
  • 707: come over
  • MC: i can't my car only has three wheels
  • 707: what color is your tricycle
  • Grover: I hate being the third wheel.
  • Percy: Oh, please. You know, you’ve been the third wheel with me and Annabeth so long, I think of us as a tricycle.