I got a “Portable Photo Studio”, or a Light Box, from my brother for my birthday. Safe to say is that I love it. No more cursing cloudy days and the lack of natural light!

  • Hancock finding a sphinx cat out in the Commonwealth
  • Hancock immediately going up to it being like “poor little guy, you out here all alone?”
  • Hancock reaching out to pet the kitty and it purrs up at him
  • Hancock turning to Sole looking really happy like “hey I think he likes me”
  • The kitten nuzzles Hancock’s leg and it’s all over 
  • Not missing a beat Hancock picks it up and stuffs it in his jacket, the little head sticking out where his shirt is unbuttoned
  • He just says “I’m keeping him” and Sole just shruggs and goes with it and they keep walking
  • Hancock names him Quincy
  • Hancock making a very small tricorn hat so they can match
  • Hancock doing a side-by-side comparison for sole
  • Sole either laughing their head off or rolling their eyes as Quincy swats the little tricorn off his head
  • Hancock intends to make a full matching outfit when he finds all the supplies
  • When he goes to travel with Sole he gets down on one knee and scratches behind his ears and whispers to him “You’re in charge of Goodneighbor while I’m gone, ya hear? Just don’t throw any huge parties while I’m gone… I’d hate to miss out on all the chems”

ramencerberus asked:

Companions react to Sole giving them plush animals as a gift. It's their way of saying thank you for being so good to them!

Danse: “This was not neccasary but thank you soldier” he doesn’t act surprised but he’s super happy! When Sole walks in on him sleeping the teddy is sitting on his bedside table facing the bed, he has his BOS tags around its neck, it also has a little outfit that looks just like power armour!

MacCready: “Wow Duncan use to have one of these, this reminds me of him, thank you, this…this really means a lot to me” he gives Sole a big hug, he keeps the teddy tucked in his pocket!

Hancock: Sole gives him a teddy that’s wearing a little tricorner hat they made and there’s a little American flag tied around its belly, Hancocks face lights up “And I thought you were the cutest thing in the comment wealth, sorry to tell ya but this little guy just took your place” Sole laughs and Hancock gives them a kiss on the forehead, you can often see him walking around good neighbour with the teddy safely tucked under his flag around his waist.

Deacon: Sole gives him a teddy wearing a mailman outfit and also gives him extra costumes for it, it’s also got little sunglasses just like his! He doesn’t say anything about it, he just smiles and laughs and gives sole a big bear hug, he doesn’t like to bring it places with him in awe he loses it so he keeps it on his pillow, tucked up in the covers!

Nick: Sole gives him a teddy dressed in a little trench coat and a Fedora, it has golden yellow eyes just like Nick, he thanks Sole and gives them a hug, the teddy sits beside him on his desk while he works, every time he looks at it it makes him smile.

Piper: It’s got a little cap that says press on it! “Aww blue it’s so cute thank you!” She gives Sole a big hug and a kiss on the cheek , the teddy sits on top of the news press every day! It’s Publik Occurrences newest Mascot..

Cait: it’s got a Four leaf clover stitch on its belly! “Well aren’t I the lucky girl” she gives Sole a steamy kiss, you’ll never see her doing it but she likes to hug it every night before she goes to sleep.

Preston: Aww it’s wearing a Little Minutemen outfit! It even has a matching hat! “Thank you Babe, this is perfect” he gives Sole a hug, the teddy sits beside his Laser musket while he sleeps, keeping watch.

Strong: “Strong not understand, why human give strong teddy?” Sole explains they’re giving it to him as a thank you for protecting them, he doesn’t really say anything else but he always has it tied to his waist.

Curie: It’s wearing a little lab coat, how adorable! “It is So fluffy and warm” she never goes anywhere without it, constantly hugging it!

Dogmeat: It’s got little goggles and a bandana just like him, he’s so excited when Sole gives him it, you’ll always find him running around with it or resting his head on it while he sleeps, he doesn’t let anyone besides Sole touch it

Maxson: It’s wearing a little BOS uniform and a jacket that looks just like his! It’s got the BOS symbol on the back of the jacket “Thank you Knight” he doesn’t say much else, Sole worries he doesn’t like it, later when they go to ask him something they find him asleep in his quarters, tucked under his arm is the teddy and his face is nuzzled into it, Maxson has the cutest dopey smile on his face while he sleeps, he doesn’t look like big scary Elder Maxson, he looks like 20 year old innocent Arthur.

Hamilton LIVE Details! (1/20/16 Matinee)

Act Two: Part 3/3

Act One Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2]
Act Two Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]


  • we’ve seen the video but ill do some small notes anyways
  • when she tossed all letters in the bucket at the end she almost missed the bucket and they almost slid out, other than that it’s all the same. at the end of the song she blows out the candle and walks off stage and everyone is like NOOOOOOO

Blow Us All Away

  • when i head the whistling i audibly said “no!” because i knew even though i was prepared i was not ready
  • he comes out at the front of a line of college grads all wearing tricorne hats. 
  • also the ball of absolute genuine charisma that is anthony ramos is unreal i cant even begin to describe
  • he walks with the typical swagger of a teenager its very cute, like sorta strutting and snapping his fingers 
  • he walks over to two girls standing at front stage right and flirts hardcore with them and they faun over him its great omg
  • he struts over to mid stage left and there is a play going on behind him. like, two characters standing in a big rectangular spotlight to represent the stage, and ensemble members sitting in chairs facing the ‘stage’ watching the show
  • one actor is about to kill the other in the show when phillip walks in and yells “george!” george is up on the balcony and like leans forward for “shut up, im tryina watch this show!” and the altercation continues from there
  • eaker cups his hands around his mouth when he says “your father’s a scoundrel, and so it seems are you”
  • philiip is so determined at “see you on the dueling ground!” he like sorta puts his foot down as he says it
  • he and ham talk at center stage, and turn to the audience for ‘everything is legal in NJ’
  • ham brings him the two pistols from a cupboard at stage left
  • phillip is so nervous from this point on and you can see it. he hands even shake as he raises his pistol to the sky

Stay Alive (Reprise)

  • he slumps over and they carry him to a table 
  • alexander rushes out, and phillip is lying on the table (slowly spinning on the turntable to the front of the stage), holding his hip and then looking at his hands and trying to lean forward to look at the wound
  • the “stay aliveeeeeee” in the background as hamilton is talking to the doctor is so much more distressed sounding at the show than it is in the soundtrack goD
  • also the repeated “i know, i know” hits right on the heartbeat during the song and i didnt realize that until i saw the show live and iT WAS SO UPSETTING
  • ham runs out to phillip and kneels behind the table, resting one hand on his chest and holding the back of his head with the other. lin was starting to cry a bit at this scene
  • at the second “i was aiming for the sky” phillip tries to sit up a bit and then spasms in pain and alex sort of jumps a bit and is like “save your strength and stay aliiiveee” and itS REALLY FUCKING SAD
  • eliza runs out and is in a hysterical panic
  • she kneels down next to hamilton and takes philips hand 
  • when phillip passes, hamilton puts his hand over eliza’s and eliza pulls away from him, so he just kinda settles for resting his hand on phillip’s chest
  • when phillip dies and alex rests his head down on the table, eliza screams. her scream turns into a sob and it was so emotional and at this point almost everyone in the theatre is crying

It’s Quiet Uptown

  • this was the absolute worST LET ME JUST TELL YOU
  • they all turntable around to the left, so now they’re all in the rear stage right (?) corner and angelica comes out, stage right as the song is beginning, angelica starts her line
  • as this is happening, phillip stands from the table (which is in the center rear of the stage) and walks slowly out the rear exit. but i cannot tell you how slowly he was walking, such light, drawn out steps. like he wasnt ready to go, and didnt want to go, and it’s such a tragically beautiful subtly 
  • alex walks to center stage and is singing, but lin is legitimately crying and it is just so hard to listen to 
  • the man two seats over from me handed the lady next to me a handkerchief and she is hysterical
  • after “can you imagineeee…?” eliza walks to center stage and is standing beside hamilton on his right (audience’s left). she doesnt even look at him or acknowledge him, she is stone-faced looking out at the audience. almost numb looking. it’s awful
  • at “look at where we are, look at where we started” i literally started full-body wracking sobbing. that’s the line that absolutely decimates me when i listen to it on the soundtrack, but it’s an entirely different story when you see it live. the acting in this scene is the most compelling acting i’ve ever seen on broadway, i cant begin to tell you how emotional it was
  • his voice breaks on “what we’ve lost” and again on “i know who i married”, and then again on his “look around, look around, eliza”
  • as lin is delivering his whole bit to eliza, she still isnt looking at him
  • after angelica’s bit, eliza still doesnt look at him, she just puts out her hand out slowly and alex looks down at it, and takes her hand right before she says “it’s quiet uptown…” 
  • she rests her head on his shoulder and and they stare out at the stage for “forgiveness…” and i s2g the whole audience is sobbing it was actually the worst 
  • during the ‘forgiveness…’ bit, lin closes his eyes and makes the most anguished, sad looking face ive ever seen and it breaks you heart again
  • she takes his arm and they walk off stage together 
  • i have never cried harder at a movie/song/musical/anything in my life im not kidding

The Election of 1800

  • the crowd is trying to hard to recover during the 2 seconds of music before ‘the election of 1800′ and then jeff comes out for ‘can we get back to politics?’ and the audience laughs and when mads comes out he’s dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief and his voice breaks big-time on ‘please?’ its great
  • he only pulls himself together just in time for ‘he’s very attractive in the north’
  • jeff like turns and rolls his eyes at ‘at least they know i know where france is’ its great
  • the harmonies on the second round of ‘it might be nice, it might be niiice” were sO FUCKING ON POINT 
  • when burr comes out he’s strutting and bouncing around just like jefferson. it was probably one of my favorite burr moments because him imitating jefferson’s swagger is so indicative of his change as a character and i love it
  • he’s handing pamphlets to all the ensemble members all around the stage
  • as all the ensemble members say their bits about the candidates, theyre standing in a line across the stage, each member delivering a line and and then the next person to their right (audience left) delivers their line, and so on and so on. burr is like creeping around behind them trying to listen in 
  • burr fist-pumps at ‘like you can grab a beer with him’
  • hamilton walks out from stage left and is walking in front of the line of ensemble members, who are all holding pamphlets and trying to get his attention as he’s singing ‘it’s quiet uptown’
  • ham and burr finally meet at center stage and burr is so clearly exhausted but trying to stay upbeat and positive and smiley and its great
  • ham is almost forcing a smile when he’s talking to burr, but his face fucking drops at ‘i learned that from you’ and i was like OH NO
  • ham walks up the stairs and is standing at top center balcony as they’re doing “its a tie, its up to the delegates”. burr walks stage right (audience left) and stands at the front of the stage, spotlight on him. jefferson does the same at stage left
  • ham is doing his little bit from the balcony, burr is staring right up at the rear mezz with the most determined hopeful look (like, right at me omfg) and as ham says “but if you were to ask me who i’d promote” jefferson kinda turns out and his body language reads as though he were to say ‘what’s the point ive already lost this battle’ 
  • then on ‘jefferson has my vote’ tjeff lights up and looks so surprised, and burr’s face just drops. he doesnt move an inch, he keeps on staring right at me, the most pained, betrayed look on his face. i shook my head slightly at him, and he shook it slightly back at me in disbelief. 
  • jefferson is like almost freaking out at ‘well ill be damned’ and turns to madison like ‘can you fucking believe this?’
  • jeff is such an ass and everyone feels so bad for burr its the worst

Your Obedient Servant

  • burr’s demeanor does a total 180 and he looks so full of pent-up rage and delivers his lines so aggressively and im just like no pls
  • burr is writing his letter and has it delivered to hamilton, who is sitting at his desk and writes his own response back to him. he hands his letter(s) to the ensemble member who delivers them to burr
  • on each line of “hey, I have not been shy/I am just a guy in the public eye/tryin’ to do my best for our republic/I don’t wanna fight/but I won’t apologize for doing what’s right,” the ensemble member hands burr a new sheet of paper and so burr is stuck holding like 15 sheet letters from hamilton by the end of his first bit and he’s like “what the actual fuck?” and looks so overwhelmed its great 
  • during ‘i have the honor to be, your obedient servant, a dot ham” the ensemble members brings him the last sheet of paper flapping her wings like a butterfly lol
  • then it’s so agressive by the end and im like no

Best of Wives, Best of Women

  • this song BREAKS ME so i heard the first note and broke down again 
  • eliza walks out from the back of the stage, and ham is sitting in a chair at front stage left with his glasses on, writing a bit on his little tablet. 
  • its sad and eliza stands behind him and sort of holds him and hugs him from behind and iM SOBBING
  • then ‘hey! best of wives, and best of women’ and the lady next to me starts crying too 

The World Was Wide Enough

  • (i accidentally just wrote ‘the worst’ instead of ‘the world’ and that p much sums it up)
  • we start sorta the same was as ‘10 duel commandments’ but its a lot slower and more dramatic and just sad looking and im like n o 
  • ‘in the same spot my/your son died, is that why…?’ was so beautiful and heartbreaking because phillip appears in all white behind ham right as he turns and sees him and he walks forward to hug him but phillip disappears back slowly like BYE
  • right as they hit ‘10′ everything freezes and lin start’s the spoken word bit. the only things moving are hamilton, and the bullet, slowly toward him
  • during lin’s spoken word bit, the ensemble members are reprising some choreography from hamilton’s songs throughout the show. like, slower, more somber looking dances taken straight from ‘my shot’ and some other songs its absolutely beautiful and captivating and surreal
  • ‘my mother’s on the other side’ his mother appears again in all white, as does washington and laurens and phillip when he mentions them
  • he aims his pistol at the sky WAIT!! is delivered with such anguish it was awful
  • when the bullet hits him, he slumps over, but doenst fall to the ground. he just stands there slumped over on the turntable, and two ensemble members sit beside him, making rowing motions as the turntable spins and they row him away. him not falling to the ground at this scene is think is so fucking profound and such incredible symbolism and it’ll probably get it’s own post
  • burr is crying at ‘i walk toward him but i am ushered away’ it’S SO SAD 
  • he sounds so somber and depressed and empty on the next two lines, then so delicate like he’s trying to hold back tears for ‘i hear wailing in the streets’ 
  • angelica comes out and she and eliza are with hamilton as he dies
  • he walks to front center stage for ‘death doesnt discriminate” and is staring out to the crowd as he goes through his lines
  • when he gets to “when alexander aimed at the sky, he may have been the first one to die, but im the one who paid for it” his voice breaks and a single tear rolls down his cheek and it waS SO FUCKING AWFUL
  • he pauses for a minute to take a break before practically whispering ‘i survived, but i paid for it”
  • the audience gasped at that line, too
  • ‘the world was wide enough for both hamilton and me’ the lady next to me and i both started to cry hysterically again
  • as that song ends and burr walks off to the side, no one claps or cheers or anything because everyone is in such a state of shock and agony that we cant even react or anything
  • i dont even really have much more to say other than that it was really intense and sad and seeing it live is a completely different experience to hearing it on the soundtrack

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

  • washington walks slowly to center stage for his first line 
  • jeff is up on the balcony for his line, and i think madison was, too
  • on ‘elizaaaaaa’ i cried and most of the crowd does, too
  • she slowly walks forward to the front of the stage
  • ‘i live another 50 years” the woman behind gapsed and another one went “ooh” and covered her mouth
  • laurens, mullian, and lafayette are behind her in white for ‘i interview every soldier who fought by your side” “she tells our story” and it’s so emotional 
  • every “time” is more and more powerful as the song progresses and again it’s one of those things that only hits you full-fledged when you experience it live and in-person
  • she looks out at the crowd and sort of bounces up for “oh! can i show you what im proudest of?”
  • “the orphanage” THE PAIN
  • ‘i established the first private orphanage in new york city’ is delivered so delicately, almost in a whisper. it is the most beautifully delivered line of the entire show in my opinion
  • ‘in there eyes i see you, alexander” the lady behind me, the one who had been laughing the whole time, cries 
  • ‘oh, i cant wait to see you again, it’s only a matter of–” “timeeee” at that line, alexander slowly walks out and stand behind her. on “time” he puts his hand on her shoulder 
  • she gasps at the end of the show as she looks out at the audience and it’s so beautiful and profound and i SOB AGAIN
  • like, i certainly interpreted that bit as eliza wondering if they’ll tell his story, if they’ll remember his legacy, and then looking out and seeing the huge crowd that is here to watch his story unfold and gasping because she is so surprised and moved by it. GOD.

Even for as much as I’ve written, I can’t begin to describe what it’s like to see it live. It was poignant, life-changing, and unforgettable. It was the single-most important production I have ever seen. I cannot wait to see it again. 

P.S. I cried as I wrote this one.

Act One Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2
Act Two Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

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