"Captain Yoongi of the ship ‘The Forbidding Darkness’ at your service… Recently, I’ve been more commonly known as ‘that asshole pirate who keeps stealing other people’s gold’, but was their name on it? No. They snooze, they lose.” Yoongi smirked, removing his tricorn, holding it stiffly in his right hand. He bowed slightly.
     “Oh, we’re doing formal introductions now? I’m Tae- Captain Taehyung, I own the ship ‘The Assassin’s Descent’. Pleased to meet you.” Taehyung returned the courtesy of bowing towards the man in front of him.
     “What kind of name is ‘The Assassin’s Descent’ for a ship?” Yoongi placed his hat atop his head, before turning to look at Taehyung.
     “I think it’s better than ‘The Forbidding Darkness’.”


The Art Show: I Heart Carbuncles
(World of Wonder/ Channel 4, 2004)

Here’s Tom Dyckhoff (a whopping 12 years ago) guiding us through all that is brilliant about concrete and Brutalism and why it should be celebrated. Includes some great footage of the now demolished Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth and a rare look inside Brian Housdon’s extraordinary house in Hampstead. 

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Companions react to Sole patching up and kissing their injuries (because obviously kisses will help them heal faster)

thank you for a beautiful first ever prompt! honestly I’m really nervous about this and I’m not 100% pleased but hopefully it’s okay.

Hancock: in the heat of battle a raider’s bullet had just missed driving itself into Hancock’s skull, carving a bloody, red streak into the marred flesh of his left ear. In the hours following the gunfight the wound had proven too tender to continue wearing his tricorn hat, a fact that had left Hancock in a slump until late that evening when they found shelter in an abandoned house with enough cover for them to safely check their wounds and catch some shut eye before heading out again in the morning. When sole had finished carefully bandaging the wound they placed his hat in its rightful place atop his head and gave a rueful smile before leaning in to plant a gentle kiss against the bandage. Hancock, never one to miss an opportunity, turned his head to meet them face on, their lips catching and staying that way for quite some time.
Later, upon questioning Hancock simply replied;
“I was just getting my proper kiss better, doll. What could I have possibly achieved with a peck?”

Nick: Nick was well accustomed to gentle pecks better after particularly dangerous missions. He’d spent many days and nights holed up in his office with Elle as she tightened loosened screws and patching him up as best she could. What he wasn’t accustomed to was sole being the one to kiss him better. He jolted at the soft press of lips before chuckling, responding to their sheepish expression with a casual “thanks, kid”

MacCready: MacCready froze completely when he felt the press of lips against the shallow knife wound in his shoulder, a hot blush coloured his cheeks as sole pulled away apologising with a guilty look on their face and an apology on the tip of their tongue. MacCready cleared his throat feeling awkward, rubbing his neck as he stumbled over the words “A kiss better?”
He hadn’t experienced such intimacy since Lucy had died. Heck, it had taken a lot to get him to even agree to take off his shirt in order to clean the wound. It came as no surprise to him that he had clammed up in this situation no matter how much it may have frustrated him.
“A kiss better” they confirmed handing him his shirt. He ducked his chin to hide the small smile playing around his lips. The blush didn’t leave his cheeks until the next morning.

Dogmeat: *happy bork* *cuddles*

Strong: Strong had mistakenly assumed that sole was trying to eat him when he saw them advancing face first towards an open wound and with a deafening roar he launched them across the room. Upon clarification Strong was still confused but none the less accepted that he was in no danger of being consumed. Once that’d been cleared up he began yet another spiel about the strangeness of humans.

Deacon: despite feeling warm and fuzzy inside, Deacon is too much of a hardcore spy to let on that he really enjoys kisses better. To combat the nerves he prattles on about how he once healed a man’s broken leg with the magical properties of his saliva and how sole needs to up their kiss game. For the following weeks, upon every injury received, Deacon makes a point to outline the importance of kissing in the healing process.

Piper: After a particularly nasty run in with the pack of mongrels that circled Diamond City, Piper was left with several long bloodied gashes marring the length of her forearm. After lengthy hours of meticulously cleaning the wounds and administering stimpaks in her office, sole ran a gentle thumb over the raw skin. When she felt the lingering press of sole’s lips against the pale flesh of her arm, her delight manifested itself in the form of a bright blush and a choked, nervous chuckle. Sole looked up monitoring her reaction before they slowly sat up and leaned closer.

Cait: sole’s affection was met with a swift punch to the face. Their lips didn’t even make contact before Cait’s fist transformed their nose into a bloody mess. With a pained yell they fell backwards “what the bloody hell was that all about?” her growl was met with a muffled groan “you ask permission before you go tryin’ to get into a girls knickers” she continued as she turned on her heel and stomped away.
An hour later she helped sole reset their nose. Three days later she gave a short nod after a intense bar brawl when they asked the question; “may I?”

Curie: Curie was initially surprised when sole pressed a kiss to the bloodied skin of her palm. She had taken a particularly nasty stack out of a tree after climbing it in what turned out to be a futile attempt to catalogue the commonwealth’s new bird species. She had grazed both of her palms and had a shallow gash across her left knee. Curie could not for the life of her understand how a kiss had any effect on he speed at which her body performed the healing process. After inquiring sole laughed and threw an arm around her shoulders drawing her close and explaining it was a sign of affection left over from their time from before the war. Curie was still greatly confused by the concept but accepted, pleased that sole wished to express affection towards her.

X6-88: “That was inappropriate sir/ma'am. We should continue our mission”

Danse: it had taken a great deal of effort to coax Danse out of his power armour despite the fact that blood was dripping from the joint at the knee where a bomb fragment had lodged itself hours earlier. Sole had never seen Danse show any ounce of weakness but as they dug around in his leg in search of the shrapnel he tensed completely, sweat dripping from his brow as he gritted his teeth against whimpers and screams of agony until he’d eventually fallen unconscious. Hours later by the light of a fire Danse awoke slowly to the feeling of gentle fingers in his hair and the press of lips to his forehead, with a barely audible gasp his eyes flew open to see a small smile spread across Sole’s face as they watched the blush rise in his. “I-that’s not-” Danse was cut off by sole laughing softly, still stroking his hair they murmured softly “go back to sleep, Paladin. We can talk tomorrow”

Codsworth: sole kissed and lay gentle hand on a nasty dent left in the chrome of his body after a run in with some mirelurks. Codsworth gave a delicate sniff and an affectionate “thank you sir/mum” before picking himself up and drifting ahead of sole.

Preston: The general cut away Preston’s pants, they’d dragged him all the way back to Sanctuary after the laser of a synth’s rifle had hit him mid-thigh, rendering his leg useless. After sucking in a sharp breath at the sight of his singed flesh sole wasted no time in dosing him up on med-x and stimpaks, bandaging the wound before the skin began knitting itself back together. “How’re you feeling?” sole asked pressing a sweet, lingering kiss to his forehead. A dark blush stained his cheeks as he grinned up at them before replying
“Better, general. Much better.”

The story of Michigan state reps Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat is like something out of a Tea Party version of Romeo And Juliet. After falling madly in love (presumably over their shared love of tricorne hats), their star-crossed relationship was threatened by the lamestream media, which threatened to expose the fact that the two were banging each other while technically married to other people. Deciding that he couldn’t blame the whole thing on Obama, Courser did the next-best thing.

Courser’s plan was to paint himself as a Tea Party martyr by making it look like he was the target of a smear campaign, with the “rumors” of his affair being just the first salvo in the attack on his good name. Courser took aside one of his aides and told him to concoct an email that accused Courser of “male-on-male sex” and other unseemly acts.

When the aide (who began recording the bizarre conversation) refused to play Courser’s game, the state representative got angry and sent the email himself from an anonymous address.

The email was received by several GOP operatives who read all about how Courser was both a “gun-toting, Bible-thumping, cock-sucking freak” and a “bisexual porn-addicted sex deviant.” His logic was flawless: If he wasn’t in fact “fucking and screwing man-on-man” like the emails claimed, then surely his alleged trysts with Gamrat were equally a bunch of made-up nonsense.

6 Scandals ‘Managed’ By People That Sucked At Damage Control

In Stock - Blackbeard Pirate Hat 

It is not hard to imagine a fearsome pirate like Blackbeard favoring an ornate and decorative hat. After all, in the old world, even a hat could be viewed as a symbol of status. So display your wealth and power by wearing the Blackbeard Pirate Hat. This attractive and visually complex hat is made from soft, comfortable black material, and the hat is made in a classic tricorn shape that features the three distinctive points and upturned edges. The crown of the hat is decorated with a complex symbol made up of gold colored fabric that has been secured in place with brass fasteners, while the edges of the brim of the hat are decorated with large brass rivets. Striking a content medium between ornate and tough, the Blackbeard pirate Hat is the perfect hat for any pirate or swashbuckler who wants a hat that shows off power and status without compromising their simple personal style.

I Saw Hancock Crowd Surfing Today At A Rockfest

I’m not kidding. Today I went to a hard rock festival and while Megadeath was playing, I saw–no lie–a guy in a Tricorn hat and red hoodie crowd surfing. I’m like, “Yeah, you know what? Hancock would totally go to a rock festival. He’d be stoned out of his mind and he’d go and he’d have the best time of his life. And when the time came and the music moved him in the right way, he’d let the crowd just fucking pick him up and sweep him away because he’s such a free fucking spirit.” Hard Rock Hancock for president 2k16.

I have a new bard glamour and it’s FANTASTIC, you guys, I’m so happy! Special thanks to @orphieusffxiv and @imperialnuisance for helping me spam Halatali HM up to the first chest until the gloves finally dropped!

  • Dravanian tricorne of aiming
  • Coat of the lost thief
  • Darklight bracers of aiming (undyed)
  • Bard tights
  • Dodore boots (soot black)
  • Accessories are just whatever, I may do them later to match.
  • Elfin bow (not shown)

✖ || Sober or otherwise, it was far easier to fall asleep listening to the sounds of others.

   Head rolling against the back of a chair in the corner of the Third Rail, eyes closed, drink loosely in one hand, Hancock found himself drifting off to the noise of glasses clinking, overlapping chatter, and Mags occasional song. Once and a while he was interrupted by a citizen of Goodneighbor, drifters with no place else and an addiction damn near lethal, but for the most part, the past hour was him in and out of a doze.

   He opened his eyes when he heard the chatter soften just briefly, indicating someone had entered the bar. Tilting his head forward and pushing his tricorn back center on his head, the ghoul was quick to recognize and just as quick to acknowledge the wanderer that had been making waves across the Commonwealth.

   “Well, well, well,” he said once they were close enough to hear him, smile twisting the corners of his mouth. “Look what the cat dragged in. Still have that glassy look to ya too.”

Portsmouth lost one of the most important buildings in its history when its city council decided to take the populist move and demolish the Tricorn Centre in 2004. However, there are still some buildings worth seeing in the city. The estate that runs along Estella road and Grafton street is of a quality that rivals most London post war developments. The eastern elevation is the most striking, designed to block out the traffic noise from the busy M275.

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GWash: 4, 8, 13, 15


4. Best places to kiss on their body

excuSE YOU I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS KIND OF STUFF jk il y this is actually cool ???

George is the type of man who likes affectionate kisses; tops of hands, fingertips, cheeks, shoulders, foreheads, etc. Both giving and receiving. 

8. Bad memories/experiences

I think you mean the Braddock disaster of 1755 and the Forbes Expedition to capture Fort Duquesne. 

Also let’s not forget the death of his father and brothers/sisters :,))))))

And his mother died the same year he became President…there’s that little chestnut. 

13. What gets them flustered


Well, according to research, intelligence. Meaning, highly educated and able to work their way around/through social situations (bc homeboy here at the time he married Martha wasn’t very edjumacated.) Being good-looking isn’t a bad thing either, natch. 

15. What it takes to make them cry

Seeing Hamilton get married I me AN. 

   Seeing anyone he loves get hurt; he’s got an emotional side, and if you’re close to him, you’ll see it. (looking @ you ham & martha.)