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What are the best examples of excellently designed Parking Garage's yoCan you think of examples of you have seen/parked in/designed?

Best examples? I like my parking garages simple: organized in three 60 foot wide bays with the ramp in the middle. It works better than any other parking configuration in terms of circulation, organization and flexibility. Just for kicks, some interesting examples of parking garage architecture below!

1111 Lincoln Road Herzog & de Meuron

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Tricorn Shopping Centre, Portsmouth, UK, 1966 (Demolished 2004)

(Owen Luder Partnership)

I’m ringing in the new year here at FYB with a wonderful series of photographs documenting Rodney Gordon’s dearly-departed Tricorn Centre, demolished more than ten years ago. Back to regular posts next week.


The Art Show: I Heart Carbuncles
(World of Wonder/ Channel 4, 2004)

Here’s Tom Dyckhoff (a whopping 12 years ago) guiding us through all that is brilliant about concrete and Brutalism and why it should be celebrated. Includes some great footage of the now demolished Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth and a rare look inside Brian Housdon’s extraordinary house in Hampstead.