Prompt: None, this one’s just for fun.

Word Count: 1,102

Author’s Note: The way I’ve decied to portray Russian is this: short words and phrases I will do in cryillic and larger phrases and sentence I will do in italicized English. I do not speak Russian, so I’m very limited with what I’m able to do with this language.

Cyrillic Key:  Любовь - Lyubov - (my) love,  Да - Da - Yes

               "How am I looking?“ you asked as Bones finished his scan and put his tricorder on the counter beside your exam table.

               "You’ll live,” he grunted. “You’re lucky.”

               "Will there be any permanent damage?“

               "No, why? Are you feeling anything you’re not telling me?” he looked at you with a raised eyebrow.

               "No, I just don’t want anything jumping out at me, or out of me, in the next few days. I want to be able to return to work.“

               "Yeah, well, I’m gonna say you’re taking the next two days off anyway. Just in case anything does ‘jump out.’ Now get outta here, if I see you in sickbay without an appointment , I’ll kick your ass,” he crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his chin to his chest so that he was looking up at you.

               "Not even for -“


               "But -“


               You nodded and pulled your blue shirt back over your head.

               "Well, I suppose I’ll see you in two days then.“

               "Good,” he relaxed his stance. “In all honesty, though, please come see me if you start oozing again.”

               "Will do, boss.“

               "Don’t call me that.”

               You grinned at him and slid off the exam table. Bones held out a hand for you. You took it and let your feet press against the floor as gently as you could manage.

               The pneumatic doors to the sickbay swished open for you and you stepped into the hallway. Ensign Chekov leaned against the wall next to the door with his ankles crossed and his arms folded air-tight against his chest. His head snapped up as you appeared in the doorway.

               "Vhat did he say?“ he pushed off from the wall and took both your hands in his.

               "I’ll live. There shouldn’t be any lasting damage. I’m lucky.”

               Chekov sighed heavily and pressed his forehead to yours for a moment.

               "Let’s go back, I want to lie down,“ you said, squeezing his bicep before sliding your hand down the length of his arm to take his hand. He fell into a ginger pace beside you as you took gentle, slow steps down the hall.

               The discomfort in your stomach flared with each step. Not three days ago, Bones had withdrawn a rebar spike from your abdomen. You were assigned to an away team as the medical officer. The situation planet-side went south quickly and a bomb went off in the embassy building you were visiting. Luckily, you were the most injured of your team and the others had been able to stabilize your wound and extract you from the wreckage before beaming up. Bones was able to patch you back up, but even in three days the tissue replicator couldn’t fix that much damage completely.

               The doors to your quarters swished open and Chekov led you inside.

               "Do you vant ze bed or ze chair?”

               "The bed, I think,“ you grimaced at the tenderness as you bent at the hips to sit on the mattress.

               "Vhat can I bring you?”


               He nodded and stepped to your kitchenette to make your tea.

               You laughed softly.

               "I could get used to full service.”

               Chekov didn’t respond.

               "Pasha?“ You slid your elbows towards your waist and bore down, pushing your back up from the bed. “What’s wrong? Любовь?”

               Your tea cup rang gently against the stainless steel counter top. Chekov pressed the heels of his palms on the silver surface and hung his head, the curls disappearing below his shoulders.

               You tried to sit up higher but your injury tugged you back down.


               He turned around and walked around the bed. He knelt on the floor and laid his chest on the mattress, folding his left arm under his chin and placing his right hand on the top of yours.

               "Are you sure that you’re alright?” he asked, his voice just above a whisper. His eyes wouldn’t meet yours, but hovered on your jawline.

               "I’ll be fine. Dr McCoy said I could be back at work in two days.“

               He nodded and ran his thumb over the back of your hand, back and forth.

               ” Любовь, please… tell me what you’re thinking?“

               His body rose and fell with a deep breath.

               "I can’t stop sinking… about vhat vould have happened if…”

               "You can’t think like that.“

               "But I am!” he popped up from the bed and sat back on his heels. He planted his hands on his thighs and looked down at you with wide eyes, his jaw set with his mouth open, searching for any explanation.

               ”Pasha, I’m here. With you. I’m fine, I’m alive,“ you let your body sink back down onto the mattress and slowly you turned yourself over onto your side. His shoulders sank. When he got excited or upset it was sometimes hard for him to articulate himself in English. Speaking Russian with him helped to bring him back down. You reached out for his hand.

               He took it, and licked his lips.

               ”I know you’re alive, but I can’t help but think about what… I wouldn’t be able to live.“

               You smiled. “I’m sure you’d find a way.”

               "But I don’t vant to!“

               You pushed yourself up so you could sit, dangling your legs off the side of the bed. Chekov looked up at you, his eyes glassy and his mouth still searching for words.

               "Y/N… I don’t want to live without you,” he reached up to cup your cheek.

               "You don’t have to, I’m right here.“

               He sighed in frustration. Looking down at his lap again, he took a deep breath and turned his face up to you.

               "I don’t vant to live without you. I don’t have anything to give you… but still,” he reached out with his free hand and laced his fingers tightly in yours. “I need to ask… Vill you marry me?”

               You blinked at him.

               "Pasha, are you sure?“

               "Да. I need you.”

               You tilted your head down so your foreheads touched. His eyes locked on yours, pupils dilated. He was holding his breath, although his jaw was slack.

               ”Of course I will marry you,“ you whispered.

               You felt his body relax beneath your head. He pulled your hands up and pressed them to his lips for a long time. Listening to his breathing even out, you knew he was trying to calm himself down. He wasn’t the best at expressing his feelings in words, but he felt so profoundly.

               He tipped his head up to capture your lips before standing and arranging the pillows so you could sit back at an angle against the wall to drink your tea.

Everyone’s always looking at their tricorders these days.

Okay, so most people call them smartphones.  And this item, called the Node,

works with the Android to function as a gyroscope, thermometer, magnetometer, accelerometer, humidity meter, altimeter and barometer.  While NASA has already produced a small gas sensor chip

that plugs right into the iPhone’s dock.  But now someone has gone and taken it a step farther by creating an affordable spectrometer which reads a reflected beam of light to determine the molecular makeup of the object it shines upon.  The small hand-held device works with — what else? — your iPhone.

Tricorders have arrived.  Roddenberry’s guess as to when they would appear was just off by a couple of centuries.

This is a functional, Star Trek-style Tricorder designed by Peter Jansen. It’s a self-contained portable sensor. It has GPS, and it can measure ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, magnetic fields, surface temperatures, colors, ambient light level, ambient polarization, acceleration, direction and distance (ultrasonically). This the the Mark I version, and you can build it yourself.

There’s also a Mark II version that’s faster, more powerful, and has more sensors, and like the Mark I, you can build it yourself.


We agree with Amy Ratcliffe of Nerd Approved when she says, "After lightsabers, the items I found to be the coolest in the sci-fi genre were Tricorders. The Star Trek gadgets were practical, solved a heck of a lot of problems, and they looked cool. While there have been many replicas, someone has finally built a working version. It’s not a precise duplicate of what you see in the series, but the spirit is the same. This functional, Star Trek-style Tricorder was designed by Peter Jansen.“

And we think it’s awesome!

The most basic description is that the Tricorder is a self-contained portable sensor. It has GPS, and it can measure ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, magnetic fields, surface temperatures, colors, ambient light level, ambient polarization, acceleration, direction and distance (ultrasonically).

The second photo show the Mark 2 version (a work in progress—runs on Linux). If you visit Nerd Approved you’ll find a video showing how it works.

The Tricorder is an open source project, so you can learn how to build your own at The Tricorder Project. However, Jansen claims that a version could be mass-produced somewhere down the line.

[via Nerd Approved]
New 'tricorder' technology might be able to 'hear' tumors growing

A new technology has promise to safely find buried plastic explosives and maybe even spot fast-growing tumors. The technique involves the clever interplay of microwaves and ultrasound to develop a detector like the Star Trek tricorder.

When Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy needs to diagnose an ill member of the Starship Enterprise, he simply points his tricorder device at their body and it identifies their malady without probing or prodding. Similarly, when Capt. Kirk beams down to an alien world, his tricorder quickly analyzes if the atmosphere is safe to breathe.

Now Stanford electrical engineers have taken the latest step toward developing such a device through experiments detailed in Applied Physics Letters and presented at the International Ultrasonics Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan.

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