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Spencer Reid x reader
Criminal Minds
Word count: 1,689

We were on a case in Arizona and it was really warm. So warm I had my blouse unbuttoned as much as it could go without being unsuitable for work. The case we were working on was about a serial killer, he would break into women’s homes, rape them then strangle them. 

I wasn’t the only one feeling the warmth, out of the corner of my eye I could see Reid pull his shirt out of his pants, unbutton the top few buttons and loosen his tie, he proceeds to roll his sleeves up and I bite my lip. He pushes his fringe out of his way and I nearly cut into my lip from biting it so hard. His eyes flicker up to me for a second and he smirks putting the case file down, he strides over to me keeping his eyes locked on mine. He looks around for a second checking nobody can see us then pulls down on my lip, he gathers a tricle of escaped blood on his finger and I sigh nervously. He brings his thumb to his own lip suckling on it for a second and I gulp but in a flash he’s gone, sitting back in his seat looking at the case file he once abandoned. 

“Tease” I grit under my breath. 
“what?” he says innocently looking up. I send him a death glare and he smirks, raising his eyebrows. 
“you guys find anything?” Hotch says walking into the room followed by the rest of the team. I shake my head.
“nope, we we’re a bit … distracted” I say glancing at Reid through my lashes and he smirks again. 
“by what” Rossi asks confused as the place was basically a ghost town. Reids about to reply when I jump in before him.
“The heat” I shout over Reid. The others wince a little and Reid tries to hide his smile but I can also see the disappointment in his eyes. The entire mood changes. Reid and I have been dating for a while now but every time he brings up mentioning it to the team, I say no then we have a big argument. I always blame it on the fact that employees aren’t allowed to be romantically linked but honestly I couldn’t give a damn about that, I know Hotch wouldn’t write us up for it because other than being our boss, hes our friend. I guess it’s just the fact that when we tell people, they’re involved. I want to stay in my own little bubble with Spencer, geeking out on TV shows in his sweaters with take out on the couch and falling asleep in his arms. 

We all get back to work in silence. 
“guys, they were each stalked for a couple months weren’t they? he sent them letters? what if he thinks they were in a relationship and they rejected him, they wouldn’t go public” Morgan asks putting his idea in the open. 

“hmm, wonder what that’s like” Reid mumbles. The team look confused but they brush it off. 
“so he just thought he and his ‘girlfriend’ were in love?” JJ asks. 
“me too” Reid mutters again and I shift uncomfortably. 
“So when they didn’t tell their family, close friends, or reply to them he broke in and murdered them? that’s a big escalation” Prentiss exclaims. 
“so is telling someone you love them, but it doesn’t stop one from doing it” Reid grits and stands up from the table leaving the room. 
“Reid” I shout after him. 
“what’s his deal?” JJ questions. I shrug. 

We catch the unsub when he tries to sneak into another womans home, her fiance was home and attacked him. They called the police and he was put in jail. 

I enter the jet and sit in a place, I wait for Reid to sit opposite my as he usually does and we talk about the case, then anything else. But he doesn’t, he sits alone, the entire opposite end of the plane. I slouch and instead JJ and Prentiss sit opposite me. They look at me like a mother would look at their teenage child. 

“you’re close with Reid, what’s up with him?” They ask me excitedly. I shrug and look away, discreetly wiping away a few tears. 
“I don’t know” I spit. The two profilers notice your action and tone of voice but decide not to comment. 
“you coming out for drinks as soon as we get back? It’ll only be 10:30pm?” Emily asks softly and I sniffle. 
“erm, no, I think I’m starting to get a bit ill, not used to the hot weather I guess” I let out a strangled giggle. “you guys have fun though” I mumble. They nod and smile at me sympathetically obviously seeing through my facade. “guys I’m fine” I snort and they smile wider this time. 
“you know, we need to find you a boyfriend” JJ suggests and I perk up at her odd suggestion. 
“why?” I stutter. 
“because you can’t wait for pretty boy all your life” Prentiss says after a minute of exchanged glances between them. I’m shocked and I can’t reply. 
“we know” JJ confirms for me.
“how?” I sigh. 
“You constantly make googly eyes at eachother, you have a hickey on your chest showing through your shirt, and maybe the fact that we’re your friends? how can we miss that you’re in love” JJ explains hitting me on the leg. 
“in love?” I squeak. They nod. 
“you haven’t realised, you are both head over heels in love with eachother? seriously? You guys are like horny teenagers, we’re lucky he’s not over here flirting” Emily laughs. I look down and play with my fingers. 
“he’s not speaking to me” I say with tears in my eyes. Emily jumps out of her seat to come sit next to me, discreetly hugging me. 
“he’s angry that I keep saying we can’t tell you guys.” I fumble with my fingers. “I just don’t want to ruin our little bubble, when we tell people it’s ruined and it’s everyones business then you know?” I say looking up at them. 
“I was the same with will remember? now look at us, we have children, married, we’re happy.” JJ exclaims. I nod and look out the window, just as we come to a stop. I hadn’t even noticed we were landing. Everyone drives back to the bureau in silence. Luckily I end up in a car with Emily, JJ and Morgan.

When we enter we all split off, Hotch to his office, same as Rossi and I drag Reid into the round table room much to his dismay mumbling that he’s ‘tired’, I look at JJ and Emily as I close the door and they hold their thumbs up to me enthusiastically. I roll my eyes and I see Morgan smirk at me, I wink at him. When I turn around I see Reid sitting in a chair like a stroppy teen. 
“I just want to go home, to bed, alone” Reid says and I try to pretend that it doesn’t hurt me. 
“just shut up and listen please” I plead and he purses his lips then nods looking at me boredly. “You are the most frustrating person I’ve ever met, you leave you’re clothes EVERYWHERE, you chew your pen lids and it drives me crazy, you have a tendency to talk in your sleep and you curl you’re cold toes onto my warm ones. You know basically everything and it get’s a bit exhausting sometimes but you are the sweetest man ever, you hold doors open for me and give me massages and buy me food, you wait until I fall asleep when I have a nightmare and you give the best cuddles, you are the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and If I’m being honest the best sex too” I blush looking away from him. As I was speaking I had moved over to where he was sitting and stood right in front of him.  “what I’m trying to say is I’m in love with you, and I know you love me to, and I’m really sorry I kept us a secret I just wanted to be the only one that knew all that about you,” I say out of breath, he stares up at me for a second before in a swift motion he grips onto my hips and pulls me onto his lap so I’m straddling his. He pulls my lips to his in a heated motion, he grips onto my butt and I grip his neck. 
“I love you too” He mumbles onto my lips. 
“woooooh” we hear and stop kissing, I turn around and see Prentiss, JJ, Morgan and Garcia. 
“get it pretty boy” Morgan teases. I blush and hop off of Spencers lap. 
“how did you guys know?” Reid says rubbing the back of his neck. They all grin and look at Garcia. 
“we hacked into the cameras and watched the entire thing” Garcia says trying to contain her laughter at our crimson cheeks. 
“everything?” I squeak. 
“enough to know pretty boy is getting some” Morgan laughs clapping Reid on the back and Spencer smiles awkwardly. He looks at them all with a smile for a second. 
“Then you won’t mind if I do this then” Spencer says and quickly picks me up. I giggle and lean down to give him a quick kiss on the lips. I hold his cheeks and put my forehead on his. 
“this is too cute” Garcia squeals and takes a picture. I start laughing and stand back on my feet. I grab Spencers hand and drag him out of the fairly empty BAU. 

“use protection” we hear Rossi shout behind us obviously noticing the commotion the room next door. I laugh loudly as well as Reid. We get in the elevator and he brings his lips to mine again. 
“I really do love you” he sighs. 
“I love you to idiot” I sigh back. 
“actually i’m proven to be a genius-” I cut him off with a kiss. “shh” I whisper, laughing.